May 29, 2008

MAY 29TH 2008

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Aggressive Dogs
"Dizzy Life" 7" flexi - More, 1985, Japan, (More-2) - $30
1st flexi by this well known band from Kyushu. Powerful metallic punk with a slight HC touch. Released on the same label that put out the records by State Children, A.T.-Det and Headless.

Anti-Cimex "Raw Live '84~86" CD - Hardcore Horror, 2005, Sweden, Peruvian import, New/Unplayed - $8

Armagedom "Apogeu Da Insanidade..." CD - Helvetet, 2005, Brazil, w/ Bonus live tracks, Digipack package, Sealed - $7

Armed Revolution "10-Tracks E.P." 7" EP - Dan-Doh/Chaos of Destruction, 1999(?), "Limited Edition 1000" printed, (Dan-Doh 028/C.O.D. 004) - $25
Unknown project band by Kawakami(Disclose) and Otto(Forca Macabra/Selfish/Kuolema). Ultra fucking raw, out of control and fucked up noisecore mixed with Scandi HC/Crust. Insane distorted vocals. Split release by Dan-Doh and Kawakami's old label Chaos Of Destruction Records.

Ataque Frontal "S/T" 7" EP - Burrito, 2006, Peru, Official reissue of the '87 classic w/ bonus track, Large insert, New/Unplayed - $3

Balzac "Neat Neat Neat/The End Of Century" 7" flexi - Phalanx, 1999, Japan, Ltd U.S. Fiendish Club sleeve, New/Unplayed - $7

Balzac "13 Ghost/Psycho In 308" 3" CD - Evilegend, 2001, Ltd Fiendish Club freebie mini CD, New/Unplayed - $7

Balzac "Out Of The Blue" Picture 7" EP - G-Force/DiwPhalanx, 2003, Japan, 2308 pressed, Stickered black sleeve, New/Unplayed - $10

Baws "Like Let's Have A Ball!" 7" flexi - ADK, 1984, Japan, Clear red flexi, Prod. by Tam from The Stalin/G-Zet/ADK, (ADK-11S) - $120

Besthöven "Just Another Warsong" 7" EP - Cries of Pain/Plague Bearer, 2003, Brazil, Insert, Out of print - $4

Besthöven "Hear Bombs, See Blood, Feel War" CD - Speedstate, 2006, Brazil, 1st press w/ ltd buttons, Digipack package, 2 folded inserts, Obi - $10
Japanese release. Early discography '95~97, incl. the rare demo tapes, various comp tracks and 1st EP.

Beyond Description "Acts of Sheer Madness" LP - Farewell, 2000, Japan, Printed inner bag, Flyer, New/Unplayed - $8

Blanquisme "Get Out, Killerrrr..." 7" EP - Truth, 1989, Japan - $35
Powerful, fast and rockin' traditional Japcore with a slight metallic touch. Totally obscure and unknown, but a pretty good band that's worth checking out. Self-released by the band and it's probably their only release.

Blood "Bloodless Revolution" 7" EP - MCR, 1983, Japan, 1000 pressed, (EX-/VG+), (MCR-B-001) - $55
Very first and rare release by MCR Company, under the name of MCR Records. Blood is an ultra obscure band from Kyoto circa '81~83. This is their only release ever and has the 6 tracks recorded in '81. Very raw, primitive and hard sounding '80s Japanese style punk. Pretty rockin' stuff that might appeal to fans of the bands like The Stalin, Typhus, The Star Club etc.

Bloodthirsty Butchers "Karasu/Mother Fucker/Mizu" 7" EP - Skin Pop, 1991, Japan - $15
Hard to find 1st EP from their punk-era circa '88~92. From Sapporo city, with ex-Chikushou singer and bassist. Loud and strong Japanese punk rock.

Blüdwülf "Full Metal Warrior" 7" EP - Battlecore, 2005, US, 333 pressed, Insert, Hand #'d sleeve, New/Unplayed - $35

Böhm "S/T" 8" flexi - Line, 1984, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Line-001) - $10
Early Japanese darkwave/KBD-ish wavey punk. This is the first release of Line Records that also put out some good Punk/HC flexi's by Rose Rose flexi, P.C.G. and New Walls.

Boredoms "Onanie Bomb Meets The Sex Pistols"(a.k.a. "Osorezan no Stooges Kyo") LP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12025) - $150
Insanely rare and hard to find, original 1st LP on Japanese label Selfish Records! Both vinyls and sleeve are in superb condition. A true Boredoms/Eye Yamatsuka rarity.

COO(Contradict Of Outcast) "Contradict of Outcast" LP
- Self, 1997, Japan, Poster sleeve - $28
1st LP by this unknown anarcho HC band from Kyushu. Crass Records style?! Kings World did their 2nd album.

C.O.P.(Corruption Of Peace) "Confusion" LP - T.P.C. (Tokyo Punks Club), 1986, Japan, Insert, (TPC-1001) - $40
All the members except the singer are ex-GAS(!!). Ripping fast Japcore with excellent guitar riffs! The singer later played a guitar in SIC. Great LP. 16 tracks. They were on the "Pusmort Sampler" comp with Ghoul, Outo and S.O.B. Note: Insert has a clear scotch tape on the left side.

Casbah "Infinite Pain" Demo Tape - Self, 1987, Japan, Original!!, Fold-out lyrics insert - $35

Cobra "Wrong Way " 7" EP - AA, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (AA-020) - $12

Cobra "Oi Oi Oi" CD - Japanese Bondage, 199?, Japan - $10
Old boot reissue of their 2nd album. Originally released in the late '80s. Contains re-recorded version of the classic AA Records era early tunes plus exclusive tracks.

Colectivo Caotico "Chupando Sangre... Para La Gente Pobre!!" 7" EP - Illy Jocker, 1993, Mexico, 1000 pressed, (IJR-001) - $25
Cool Mexican punk rock. Catchy, speedy and melodic. I'd recommend this to fans of Asta Kask or Colera. Illy Jocker is one of the label that did the "Mexicopilacion" reissue.

Colt Turkey "Christmas Sucks!" 7" EP - Crucial Response, 1990, Holland, (CRR 011), New/Unplayed - $7
Post-Larm project band. Colt Turkey went onto become Manliftingbanner. Lightning fast Dutch hardcore with funny lyrics. Check it out if you like Larm.

Crack The Marian "Rock'n'Roll Pearl Harbor"(Kaizokuban) CD - Virgin Cat, 1994, Japan, Rare self-released ltd CD - $18
Super catchy punk rock from Kyushu. Kings World style meets old U.K. punk. During the mid/late '80s, this band used to play gigs with the other Kyushu bands like The Swankys, No Cut, Last Child, Lydia Cats, Spunky Boys etc.

Curtainrail "Fast & First" 7" EP - Nat, 1996, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (NAT-005) - $7

Curtainrail "To Be With You" LP - Coalition, 1998, Japan,
Ltd white vinyl, Poster, New/Unplayed - $7
Ultra-fast intense Japanese fastcore/power-violence.
16 tracks of insane thrashing madness.

D.O.F. "Bad Ass Ultra Man!!" 7" EP - Bigstone, 1989, Japan, (BSR-002) - $25
U.S. '80s influenced Japanese hardcore. Recommended for fans of SIC, F.V.K., Dread Yankees, Scumbag etc. Self-released 11 track EP. Gudon, SIC, Rose Rose, T.D.F., Genoa are listed on the thanks list.

Deformed "Sacrifice!!" 7" EP - Boston Tea Party, 1983, UK, Clear red vinyl, Poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (Hø Hø 8) - $40
Legendary early U.K. 666 punks. Pre-Cress!! Amebix influenced, dark and metallic crust punk. It's the same that was on the "Bullshit Detector" Vol.2 comp. Their very rare and sought after 1st EP on Boston Tea Party label from Denmark, now known for their great HC releases like the "Noget Pa Dansk" comp EP and the "Lorteland" comp tape. Unplayed old stock copy!

Deformed "Sacrifice!!" 7" EP - Boston Tea Party, 1983, UK, Clear red vinyl, Poster sleeve, (NM/VG+), (Hø Hø 8) - $35
Note: The sleeve has a 3" mark from peeling of a tape at the bottom part and a few tiny thumbtack holes, otherwise in EX- condition. Doesn't really look that bad at all.

Desperate Children "Chaos/Fuck Day/I Love Punk" 7" flexi
- Joy Riders, 1986, Japan - $58
AWESOME noisy and chaotic sounding punk from Kyushu. Yep, another unknown but killer '80s Kyushu punk band here. Not exactly in the "typical" noise-core style that came out of this area, but I'd highly recommend this to fans of early Swankys, Gai, Gess, No Cut, Chaos CH or early Disorder. You know the drill.

Dilenma "S/T" 7" EP - Armored Brain, 1995, Japan, (ABR-002EP) - $45
Fucking amazing metallic Japcore!!!!!! A short-lived band from Osaka. If you're into the bands in similar metallic style like Ghoul, Demolition, Rapes, GISM, Zouo, Mobs, Deep Throat etc., then you'd love this EP for sure. Dilenma plays much faster than any of these bands! Awesome fast metallic riffs, powerful gruff vocals and solid tunes. Cool artwork/packaging as well. Perfect! Self-released by the band. Too bad this is the only record they've ever done. It wasn't well distibuted and sold mainly at their shows. Quite rare and hard to come by. ex-Freedom singer is listed on the special thanks list.(Interesting...)

Dirge "Lifeforce" Demo Tape - Self, 1987, US, Original, Handwritten sticker label - $20

Dirge "Matrix" 7" EP - Heat Blast Productions, 1989, US, 500 pressed, Hand numbered sleeve(# 96), (HB 001) - $20
Lesser known band from NJ. Fast '80s style hardcore with a bit of crossover touch. Self-released by the band.

Discharge "Punk and Destroy" LP - VAP, 1984, UK, Rare orig. Japan only release, (EX/VG, bottom seam split) - $30

Discocks, The "Class of '94" 7" EP - Knock Out, 1995, Japan, Long out of print, (KOEP 030) - $5
Great snotty and hard drivin' punk rock. Featuring an early D.S.B. member. The Discocks had an EP out on Overthrow.

Dread Yankees "Killer" 7" flexi - Adventure Family/Luv, 1989, Japan, Label mailorder flyer, (LUV-I) - $12
Very cool, fast and melodic U.S. style hardcore with the F.V.K. singer. Recommended for fans of SIC or F.V.K.

Explosion Sack "What's Joke!?" 7" EP - Shot & Shout, 2000, Japan, 600 pressed, Insert, Label flyer, New/Unplayed - $8
Great Japanese hardcore punk in the early '80s LA or SF hardcore with a touch of the early/mid '80s U.K. hardcore.

Extinct Government "Wankers" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1996, Japan, Insert, (Overthrow-017) - $28
Their 1st EP with an early line-up feat. ex-Lip Cream/The Comes bassist Minoru. Great straight-forward Japcore.

Força Macabra "Força Sinistra" 7" flexi - Thrash, 2001, Finland, Ltd Japan tour clear flexi w/ sleeve, Insert - $5
Incl. cover songs by the Brazilian HC legends Ratos De Porao and Skarnio, plus two original songs.

Friction "Crazy Dream" 7" EP - Pass/SS Recordings, 2001, Japan, Oversized 9" sleeve, Thick clear outer sleeve, Pass Records flyer, Liner notes insert, (PAS-1003) - $30
Ltd official re-issue of Friction's legendary 1st EP, originally released on Pass Records in 1979. One of the very first and most important bands in Japanese punk history. Friction was also the main band out of the whole Tokyo Rockers movement among with Lizard, Mirrors, Mr.Kite, Boys Boys etc. Very nice packaging.

Frigöra "Live '95" LP - Hämndkänsla, 199?, Japan, Very few copies pressed and rare, Semi-official release by an ex-band member, New/Unplayed, (HÄMND 002) - $50

Gai "Damnation"(Gai 2) Demo Tape - Violent Party, 1984, Japan, 1st or one of the early edition w/ black cassette and clear case, Red sleeve, Ultra-rare original demo!! - $55

Gas "Reincarnation" LP - Captain, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CAP-0014-L) - $50

Gastunk "Heartful Melody Four Islands Tour '86" Book - Love/Music Vision, 1986, Japan, Full color covers - $40
Glossy tour book contains tons of awesome early live photos. Only sold during their tour. VERY fucking rare.

Gazime "Rock'n'Roll Suicide" 7" EP - Scat Pistol, 1995, Japan, "Intense Trad Core" band logo sticker - $10

Gendou Missile "Attarimeeyo" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, (NRR-E012) - $38
Awesome hard drivin' Japanese punk with gruff vocals! Fucking great band, great EP. Cool yakuza-ish lyrics as well. This is probably the least known Hold Up/Noise Room release. Max from Ghoul is listed on the Special Thanks list.

Gil "To Us Conflict Is Not Important" 7" EP - Self, 1988, Japan, Double-sided 6-panel poster sleeve, LP size folded insert, Rare - (Trade or Offer)
This is much, much better and sounds way more HC than their 1st flexi. Can't believe it's the same band... What you get here is 120% raging late '80s Selfish Records style Japcore!! Really powerful stuff.

Girls "Punky High School Love/Cat's Eye" 7" EP - Philips/Nippon Phonogram, 1977, Japan - $48
Very first all-girl Japanese punk rock band. Kinda like the late '70s KBD sounding, mid-tempo and a bit wavey punk rock. All the members are in a crazy outfit on the front sleeve photo! This is their extremely rare 2nd EP.

Glycerin "... From The Depth" 8" EP - AA, 1987, Japan, Insert, Mailorder flyer, New/Unplayed, (AA-021) - $15
Obscure '80s band that was on the ADK Omnibus Vol.2 EP.
On this 8" EP, they play cool ADK style but more uptempo punk with solid and slightly metallic guitar.

Go "Ez to Say/Independence" 7" EP - Self, 1994, Japan, 400 pressed, Never issued w/ PS, Plain white sleeve - $10
This is the Japanese band, not Go! from the U.S. Very energetic and tuneful melodic punk rock. Good stuff.

Gorilla Angreb "Long Island" 7" EP - Spild AF Vinyl, 2005, Denmark, 1000 pressed, Original press, Insert, New/Unplayed, (SAV #2) - $10

Gudon "Hikashibou" 7" EP - Kagai Mousou, 1986, Japan, (Kagai Mousou 003) - $48
Classic 2nd EP on their own Kagai Mousou label. Contains some of Gudon's best earlier tunes like "Stoic Violence" etc.

HCP(Hard Core Poznan) "Anti Drugs" 7" EP - International Hardcore Movement/Resistance Prod., 1989, Poland, 1000 pressed, Hand numbered poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RIP 027) - $28
Fucking killer band!!! Pre-Apatia. Definitely one of my favorite '80s Polish HC records. Ultra-raw, noisy and brutal HC with intensely distorted guitar like early Brazilian or Finnish bands. This EP should appeal not only to Polish HC fans, but also to those who dig any Scandinavian, Italian, South American and Japanese HC/Crust as well!! Man, this is seriously some powerful ripping shit!! Released on a Swiss label. Unplayed old stock copy of this rare obscure EP.

Häväistys "Demo & Live" CD-R - Reset Not Equal Zero, 2005, Japan/Finland - $5
Jap/Fin mixed members from Conclude, Forca Macabra, Selfish, Rytmihairio etc. Raw metallic crust-core. Contains the 1st demo and live from 2001. They've had a split EP with Effigy on Whisper In Darkness in 2002.

Headache "S/T" 8" flexi - Hangontan, 1984, Japan - $35
Solid and metallic '80s Japanese style HC/Punk with that gruff vocals. 6 tracks incl. "Pleasure of Death", "We Must Rebel", "Viva La Headache" etc. P.S. Crazy front cover artwork, but the drummer's outfit looks even crazier...

Headache "S/T" 8" flexi - Hangontan, 1984, Japan, New/Unplayed - $40

Headless "S/T" 7" flexi, More, 1984, Japan, (More-1) - $48
The first and pretty rare release by More Records from Kyushu. This label also did the State Children flexi, Aggressive Dogs flexi and A.T.-Det EP. Violent sounding metallic Japcore with strong gruff vocals. All the members were 16/17 yrs old! For fans of the bands in similar style like LSD, GISM, Ghoul, Kuro, Gasmask or Mobs. Morikawa from Kuro is listed on the thanks list. Note: The top side part of the flexi is bent or warped. Plays fine without any skips, however you hear some popping noise on the B-side.

Hell Riser "S/T" 7" EP - Beat Crazy, 1988, Japan - $18
Produced by Shinoyan from The Continental Kids(ex-SS)

Human Error "Total Error"(Suck My Dick Show 7" Series #13) - 7" EP, XXX, 1998, Japan, New/Unplayed - $8
Metallic and fast Japanese hardcore with a grind touch. Sick vocals as well. Released on the same label that did the Gauze 4th LP.

Humpty Dumpty, The "Death To Appearances" 7" EP - Human, 1995, Japan, Clear vinyl, Insert, Large sticker, (Human 3) - $40
Hard to find 1st EP by this awesome metallic Japanese HC/Crust band with a Constricted member. One of my favorite '90s~current bands from Japan. Highly influenced by the '80s Scandinavian and U.K. metallic HC ala The Varukers. Fucking great record.

Iconoclast "Demo//Live" Demo Tape - Icons Of Crust, 1993, Japan, "Ltd 200 Copies" on the sleeve, (ICON-T-01) - $20

Ignorance "S/T" 7" EP - Dewa, 2002, Japan, (DR-008) - $5
Fast, aggressive and dark crusty HC w/ distorted guitar, plus good male/female dual vocals. Released on AGE's Dewa Records.

Insect Powder "Rip Van Win-Kle" 7" flexi - Chicken Shit, 1985, Japan, (VG+/EX-), (CS-3) - $38
Greeeeeaaaaaat!!!! Another fine obscure '80s band from Sendai city, where a bunch of good bands like Disarray, Sekinin Tenka, Rebel, Bitousha, Lance Lot, Dead Person were from. Speedy, tight and metallic Japcore with really awesome drivin' guitar that stands out. Good gruff vocals, ofcourse. Their songs also got some very catchy parts as well. Totally original style. I definitely wouldn't sell it if I didn't have an extra one! Rare release on Disarray's Chicken Shit Records. Note: The flexi is in VG+ condition, makes some popping noise on the B-side. But plays allright without any skips!

Judgement "No Reason Why" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, Insert, (HG-071) - $45

Junk Schizo "Crime of Existence" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, 6-panel poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (AA-010) - $25

Kenzi "Bravo Johnny wa konyamo Happy End" LP - City Rocker, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CR-00N) - $30
It's one of the rarest City Rocker and Kenzi releases that usually sells for $200+ in Japan. This copy has a scratch and skips at the beginning of the first track, so I'm pricing it low.(Got an upgraded copy for myself, finally...) Super catchy, fast paced and very energetic in-your-face Japanese punk. It's a killer 1st LP!!(They also had an EP out on Hold Up/Noise Room Records.) One of Japan's longest-running premier punk bands among with The Star Club, Cobra, Laughin' Nose etc. They later changed the name to Kenzi & The Trips. The bassist used to be in Sekinin Tenka, Bitousha, G-Zet/Bloodberry and now plays in Dessert and Kenzi & The Trips.

Kenzi "Yatsu wo mark shiro!" 12" - Trip Roll, 1986, Japan, Self-released orig. press, Insert, (TR-003) - $15

Kenzi & The Trips "Bravo Johnny wa konyamo Happy" 7" flexi - Více/Crown, 1987, Japan, Promo freebie - $8

Kenzi & The Trips "Diana" 7" EP, Více/Crown, 1987, Japan, Insert - $8

Kuro "Who The Helpless" 8" EP - Blue Jug, 1984, Japan, Original, Insert, (BJR-001) - $110

Knucklehead "Mushikera no jikan" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Bonus sticker - New/Unplayed, (HG-103) - $5

Kyojinbyo "Black Current Hard Coar" 7" flexi - Museum, 1987, Japan, Stamped and numbered sleeve(# 879) - $45
This 1st flexi fucking kills!!! 12 tracks of speedy, chaotic and violent raw Japcore. One of my all-time '80s Japcore favorites. Note: The flexi has a bent at the bottom left part but plays fine without skipping at all, and the sleeve is also in VG or VG+

Lascivious "Requiem to Che Guevara" 7" flexi - Akiraxtoy, 1986, Japan, Clear red flexi, (AXT-01) - $70
Mega obscure rarity here. There are shit loads of good unknown '80s bands from the country side of Japan that did just one flexi on their own label and broke up, like this band. From their music style, it's not hard to figure they had a big influence from the bands like The Stalin, Kikeiji, Sekinin Tenka etc. Hard-hitting dark ADK style punk with a slight metallic HC touch. This flexi is only known to a very few obsessive collectors even in Japan. Nearly impossible to find!

Less Haze "Break The Law" 7" EP - Skull, 1991, Japan,
(Skull 01) - $15
Straight-forward fast Japcore in the similar style as DonDon, Systematic Death and the Selfish Records era Outo.

Liberate "The Proof of Survival Here It Is..." 12" - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (BSR-023) - $25
Top-notch Japcore, featuring ex-Acid and Macrofarge singer.

Lovezhe "Crazy Sheet" 7" flexi - Telephon Club, 1987, Japan, Clear red flexi, New/Unplayed, (T.C.R.-001) - $45
This is some really good straight-forward fast Japcore that reminds me a lot of the late '80s Selfish Records stuff. Short, fast and furious!! Well worth checking it out. Their only release besides a few tracks on the late '80s comp tape "Suck My Dick!" with Crow, SDS, Acid, Cruck, Asbestos etc.

Magnets, The "Plunk Boy" 7" EP - Office Para, 1988, Japan, Insert, (R-020) - $35
Featuring a super drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima, who later played in G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastard!, Scamp etc. It was his first band back in the mid/late '80s, when he was wearing a cool handmade Gauze t-shirt in the front sleeve pic. Really good, fast, aggressive and hard-hitting '80s Japanese style punk with driving' guitar! One of my all-time favorite bands since '87. This EP seriously rips hard. Original 1st press on Tokyo based Office Para label, with a lyrics insert and glossier sleeve.(I believe that the Vivid Sound label reissue didn't come with one...)

Majestic Four "Demo EP" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 1999, Japan, 1000 pressed - Recorded in '96, New/Unplayed - $3

Mental Disease "Sometimes Like Flowers" LP - MCR, 1999, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, New/Unplayed, Out of print, (MCR-138) - $15
Nausea influenced noisy and metallic Japanese crust-core with great male/female dual vocals! From Nagoya city. Nausea meets Doom!?

Mess "Get Into A Mess" 7" flexi - King's World, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (KK 002) - $28
Straight-forward, fast traditional Japcore from Kyushu,
ala Lip Cream, Gauze or Outo. Early Kings World release! This is the first release by Mess and is waaaaay better than the later EP on Selfish and LP on Bloodsucker Records. Excellent flexi!!!!!

Middle Rocker, The "Crazy Hear...!" 8" flexi - Club The Star, 1985, Japan, (CSR 1002) - $35
Hard sounding killer '80s obscure Japanese punk with a bit of dark ADK feel. Very powerful and energetic tunes. Great unknown band! With the titles like "Dead Life", "Rebel Without A Cause" and "hell Ward", you know what to expect. Rare unknown release on The Star Club's label.

Mobs "Gypsy On Journey" 7" EP - Advance, 1986, Japan, Insert, (AVR-002) - $25
Self-released 3rd EP by this legendary early HC band from Osaka. Sounds more metallic than their earlier stuff on AA and Hold Up Records, but still much faster and more powerful sounding than the later LP. Think of their 2nd EP mixed with some early/mid Gastunk and Poison Arts style. Nice metallic guitar solos. Not many people even talk about the late Mobs stuff, but I dig this EP a lot.

Nailed Down "Perth Wolfpack" CD - Power It Up, 2005, Australia, Bonus live video media track - $3

Neuroottiset Pelimannit "S/T" 7" EP - Assel/SFU, 2006, Finland, 500 pressed, Label flyer, New/Unplayed - $10
Totally killer '80s Propaganda era classic Finnish HC style. One of the best current bands from Finalnd. All their EP's were sold out fast.

New Walls "S/T" 8" flexi - Line, 1984, Japan, New/Unplayed - (Line-002) - $30
Like the harder version of Nickey & The Warriors. Great rickin' hard punk rock with really cool female volcals! Feat. ex-members of P.C.G. and Headless. The vocal style reminds me of Chitose from The Comes. Rare obscure release on Line Records that also did the Rose Rose flexi, P.C.G. flexi etc. Unknown band, but I totally dig it.

New Walls "S/T" 8" flexi - Line, 1984, Japan, (M-/NM+), (Line-002) - $28

Nickey & The Warriors "Dreams" LP - Captain, 1987, Japan, (M/VG+), (CAP-0058-L) - $25
Catchy as hell, female fronted Japanese punk rock. Featuring ex-members of The Stalin, Baws etc. Great band. One of my favorite '80s bands from Japan for sure. Note: 2 tiny pin holes at the top part of the sleeve, otherwise EX

Ningen Hormone "S/T" 7" flexi - Joker, 1985, Japan, Clear red flexi, (JRR-002) - $38
On the same label that also did the Kyoaku Kyojindan and Barigade flexi's. Joker Records is pre-Satsugai Enka Vinyl. Ningen Hormone is like a chaotic, rawer and "crappier" lo-fi version of The Stalin and some of those ADK bands. I remember that's how it was described in an old Japanese zine review. Think of Flipper playing the ADK style punk like Aburadako, Kikeiji etc. 6 tracks of fast, rough and obnoxious as hell hardcore punk. Crazy ass lyrics, too.

No Class "Broken Message" 7" EP - Tune, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve - $40
Very obscure '80s Japcore with great metallic guitar. They remind me a bit of early Lip Cream, Outo, Gauze and the late '80s Selfish Records stuff. Their only release and has 6 tracks with the titles like "Dead Alive", "Core", "No More War" etc. Good band.

Noise Distraction "Agitate Power" 7" flexi - Self, 1990, Japan, New/Unplayed, (ND-001) - $30
Ultra-fast and ripping traditional Japcore with evry sharp guitar! Top-notch release by this amazing, however sadly unknown band. If they've had any releases on Selfish Records, I bet tons of Japcore fans would have been going nuts for them. They put out an LP on Vinyl Japan a little after this flexi as well as a few tracks on an old MCR comp that I can't remember the title of.

Non Fiktion Noiz "¡Contaminación Mundial!" 7" EP - SouthKore, 2004, US, 500 pressed, Insert, Long out of print, (SK 001) - $5
Awesome raging pissed-off hardcore from Chicago, in the vein of Los Crudos and Sin Orden. Brutal shit.

Nurse "Nurse II" 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, (ADK-13E) - $70
Produced by Tam from ADK Records/G-Zet/The Stalin.
Rare 2nd EP with Tatsu(Gastunk/ex-Dead Cops) on guitar and Euro(The Execute) on drums. The same female singer and bassist from the 1st flexi on Incest Records, which was a great label ran by a Sha-London/Sex Imagination Drugs singer, that also put out the S.I.D., Sha-London and Paruo flexi's. While it's not as great as the 1st flexi, it's still a very good EP. One of my favorite ADK releases.

Outo-Syojodan "Yokkyufuman no shirayukihime..." 7" flexi
- Satsugai Enka Vinyl, 1988, Japan, (VG/EX-) - $30
Violent and chaotic sounding speedy Japcore.(The last track with female vocals sounds kinda like The Comes...). This band reminds me of Kyojinbyo. It's the first record release of this long-running cult label ran by Crazy SKB from Kyoaku Kyojindan/Headwasher. Note: The flexi is in VG condition and has some small dents like many other old flexi's do, but plays perfectly without any skips.

Outrage "S/T" 12" - Pile Driver, 1987, Japan, 3000 pressed, (PD-001) - $35
Highly influenced by early Metallica. 100% pure old school thrash metal. Self-released 1st 12" by one of the premier Japanese thrash metal bands. Great stuff!

P.C.G.(Poisonous Cross Gibbet) "Last Sheet" 7" flexi - Line, 1984, Japan, (VG/VG+, plays fine), (Line-003) - $35
2nd flexi on Line Records that also put out the first Rose Rose flexi etc. 6 tracks incl. a killer tune "Violent Army". Great metallic raw HC/Punk! Morishita from Overthrow wrote a good review about this band sometime in the '90s.

P.O.W.(Punk On Wave) Vol.1 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan, Paperback format, Full-color covers, 90 pages - $60
Edited and published by Sakevi from G.I.S.M. and Charmy from Laughin' Mose/AA Rec. Glossy full-page color and B&W photos of Ghoul, Aburadako, Outo, Laughin' Nose, Lip Cream, Kyahh, Samhain and Psychic TV. Articles/interviews of G.I.S.M., Cobra etc. Lots of cool live photos, artworks and ads for Skelton, Jisatsu, Hold Up Records, Lip Cream "Kill The IBM" tape, as well as full-page ads for AA and ADK Records saying that the Gauze LP is out and the Typhus LP is planned to be released. The back cover has the large live photo of The Stalin. Insanely rare gem.

P.O.W.(Punk On Wave) Vol.2 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan, Paperback format, Full-color covers, 113 pages - $60
Edited and published by Sakevi from G.I.S.M. and Charmy from Laughin' Mose/AA Rec. Glossy full-page color and B&W photos of G.I.S.M., Lip Cream, Cobra, Auto-Mod, Willard, Chaos UK, Wretched, Disorder etc. The G.I.S.M. part is two full-pages and has killer live photos of Sakevi. The photos, interviews and articles of Gauze, Hanatarash, Willard, Chaos UK, AA Rec., U.K. HC etc. The ads for AA, KPP Rec., Ghoul EP/Hold Up Rec., Last Bomb, and tons more cool stuff in this issue. There's even a two full-page odd artwork by Sakevi. Written mostly in Japanese, ofcourse. Fucking amazing underground punk mag!!! Rare as hell....
Note: The back cover has a bottom part cut out.

P.O.W.(Performance Of War) Vol.3 - Magazine, P.O.W., 1985, Japan, Paperback format, Full-color covers, 106 pages - $70
Special Sakevi issue. This ultra-rare, awesome mag was edited and published by Sakevi from G.I.S.M. Lots of insane pics, interviews and articles about topics like death, war, execution etc. Written in both Japanese and English. John Duncan was a co-editer for this issue, and most of the main contents were translated into English. There's also a rare full-page ad for the G.I.S.M. VHS release with a large live pic of Sakevi, Lip Cream ad, Hanatarash live photos, full-page Selfish Records ad and cool artworks. Very professionally done underground mag with glossy covers. Extremely rare!

Pest "Rock City Baby" 7" EP - Blood Sucker/Rebelabel, 1998, Japan, New/Unplayed, (BSR-044/REB-012-7) - $5

Piss, The "Gun Fury" 7" flexi - Self, 1987, Japan - $12
Melodic and snotty U.K. influenced punk rock with rockin' guitar that reminds me of the Kings World bands from Kyushu and the late Swankys. 4 tracks.

Pogo, The "S/T" 7" flexi - Self, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (BDB-006) - $25
The Pogo played really cool, fast and super catchy, yet aggressive Japanese style punk rock. Totally unknown outside of Japan, but they got pretty big after releasing the 12"s on Captain Records in the late '80s. Their 1st flexi after appearing on the RBF comp LP w/ Rose Rose, Sister Ray(ex-Kikeiji), The Zolge etc.

Poison "Hot Rod" 7" EP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Insert - $40
Chelsea from Deathside/The Execute/Paintbox on guitar. Great metallic Japcore. The first band by one of the best Japcore guitarists. Later changed the name to Poison Arts.

Poison Arts "Kick Rock" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 198?, Japan, Freebie w/ pocket sleeve - $25
Re-recorded version of the killer title track tune from the classic 1st LP on Selfish Rec. Much faster and better than the original version!

Raw Noise "S/T" 7" EP - Raw Noise Rec., 1990, UK, (RAW 001) - $30
Rare self-released EP by this E.N.T. side project band. Brutal metallic raw crust-core like Doom, E.N.T., Hiatus, Abraham Cross, Anti Authorize, S.D.S. etc.

Razors Edge "Thrash March" 7" EP - Booz, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Original Japanese press on clear red vinyl w/ red sleeve, (Booz-003) - $25

Re Zist "Shelter Skelter" 7" flexi - Half Alive, 1986, Japan, (HAR-001) - $48
Great metallic HC/Punk! Rare 1st flexi by one of my favorite '80s Japanese bands. All the releases on Half Alive Records are good!

Re Zist "Mother of Pearl" 7" EP - Half Alive, 1987, Japan, (HAR-004) - $38
Yes, this actually exists. Quite unknown 2nd EP by Re Zist.(The last Half Alive release?). All the other Half Alive stuff like the flexi's by Jyudensouchi, Gazize and Re Zist are rare, but this EP seems that even harder to come by. They play good ADK style dark and solid punk on this EP.

Real "S/T"(Real 2) 7" flexi, Real Office, 1982, Japan, Stamped and numbered sleeve(# 830) - $35
2 tracks on side A and 1 track feat. the guest guitarist from Contemporaine on side B.

Real "Real 3" 7" EP - Real Office, 1983, Japan, 500 pressed, Stamped and numbered pink inner sleeve(# 486) - $40

Real "Real 4/Kids" 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, (ADK-20E) - $68
Produced by Tam from ADK Records/G-Zet/The Stalin.
Probably one of the most overlooked, yet hardest to find ADK releases. Never seen it for sale elsewhere outside of Japan. I like all Real releases, but this one and the 8" on Ducasse label are their best in my opinion. Totally awesome, solid and hard sounding punk with sharp guitar. If you dig the bands like The Stalin, Molugu, Rebel, Kikeiji etc., then you'll like this EP.

Real "Ai no kakera" 7" flexi - Real Office, 1987, Japan, 12-page booklet - $35
Their self-released 6th 7". All the 3 tracks are very good, especially the title track stands out. It's a great punk tune.

Revolucion X "Politica y Esparcimiento" 7" EP - Lengua Armada/Alarma, 1996, Mexico, Insert, Screened and stickered cardboard sleeve, (Lengua 7/Alarma 003) - $18

Rise Above "Beat It" 7" EP - Punk Etc, 1989, Belgium, Insert, (PETC 19) - $8
Early '80s U.S. style fast and tight sXe hardcore from Belgium. Released on the well known Punk Etc Records.

S.D.S.(Societic Death Slaughter) "Digital Evil In Your Life" 10" - Chelsea, 1999, Japan, Insert, (Chelsea-0000) - (Trade or Offer)
Their last release. Limited pressing on their own label. One of the hardest to find S.D.S. records for sure.

Sadist, The "Onapet" 7" flexi - MCR, 1986, Japan, 1000 pressed, Clear red flexi, Early MCR release, (MCR-009) - $25
Great ADK style, solid and hard punk that sounds very similar to The Stalin, Kikeiji or Aburadako.

Sedicion "Extintos" LP - Self, 198?, Mexico, Original 1st press w/ white sleeve - (Trade or Offer)
Note: The sleeve is in poor condition with wears and white-ish stains at the left side and top part. The vinyl is in EX- condition, plays perfectly. It's for sale since I finally managed to get a better copy.

Severed Head Of State "Black Blood World" 7" EP - Malarie, 2000, US, Czech release, Insert, New/Unplayed - $7

Sex Complex Class "Geninfumei" 7" flexi - M. Sound, 1985, Japan, (VG/VG+) - $25
Fast and solid sounding, awesome HC/Punk that sounds very similar to The Stalin, Typhus, Rebel, Kikeiji or Molugu!! You won't be dissaponted if you like ADK stuff. Highly recommended. Self-released 1st flexi. The 2nd flexi was on MCR from '86. Note: The flexi has some small dents, but plays fine without any skips.

Sink "Sad But True" 7" EP - MCR, 1994, Japan, 800 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-076) - $5
Noisy, pissed-off and crusty Japanese HC with all female members. Cool sleeve artwork.

Skunk "S/T" 7" EP - Blurred, 2000, Japan, 500 pressed, New/Unplayed, (Blurred-24) - $7
Intensely fast power-violence from Tokyo. According to the label site, only 500 copies of this EP were pressed.

Slang, The "Promo Demo 1995" Demo Tape - Infernal, 1995, Japan, Stamped and numbered blue sleeve(# 141), (IRCT-001) - $7

Slang, The "Hard Core Lives" 7" EP - Mad Preacher/Mad Beat, 1997, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed - $5
Long out of print 1st EP that was released on Finnish label by Otto from Selfish. Sapporo city traditional Japcore.

Slang, The "10th Anniversary 1988~1998"(Early Demos) LP - Straight Up, 1997, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed - $17
Early demo materials from when The Slang was still playing raging traditional Japcore. Great heavy HC tunes with gruff vocals. Very similar to those Burning Spirits style bands from Tokyo. This LP was limited release and is a bit hard to find now.

Slight Slappers "Change" 7" EP - MCR, 1997, Japan, Insert, (MCR-108) - $7

Slowmotions, The "Dial wo mawase!" CD - HG Fact, 2005, Japan, Obi, (HG-189) - $7
Contains their first four EP's plus an unreleased song. Featuring ex and current members from Acid, Liberate, Evance, Order, Sticks In Throat, Blaze, Hat Trickers and more. The singer Kuro from Liberate/Acid does vocals on the early tracks, which I personally like much better than the later ones. All the original EP's were limited to 700 each and sold out fast. Loud and rockin' Japanese punk rock. Cool band, but the label dude is a total dickhead.

Snuff "Not Listening" 7" EP - Workers Playtime, 1989, UK, Insert, (Play 008) - $5

Sodom "S/T" 7" EP - Telegraph/Wechselbalg, 1985, Japan, Oversized sleeve, (WT-705) - $30
Their 1st EP after the classic "St.Requiem" cassette and the ADK Omnibus tracks. Insane mix of avante-garde, noise, darkwave(ala The Birthday Party) and even Punk/HC. Really essential stuff.

Sore Throat "Never Mind The Napalm, Here's Sore Throat" CD - ????, 200?, UK, Peruvian import, New/Unplayed - $18
Classic U.K. crust/noisecore/grindcore album from '89.

Spit Out(Coward + Gasmask) "Dowheeeee" One-sided 7" EP - M@frog, 1996, Japan, 300 pressed, New/Unplayed - $48
Studio-only project band by ex-singer and bassist of Coward, and two ex-Gasmask members. Fucking killer high-speed drivin' raw hardcore/punk that doesn't sound like any other bands! '80s Japanese punk plus their own unique style. Can't really describe how awesome this EP is. Reminds me just a little bit of Typhus or early The Stalin, but Spit Out played much, much faster!! This record got a good review in MRR(1997). Self-released by the band's own label. Very, very rare and hard to find. Rarely seen for sale even in Japan due to the poor distibution at the time of release. Totally excellent EP!!!!!

Spunky Boys "Spunk Age" 12" - Kings World, 1989, Japan, (KK 00X) - $40
The Swankys/Last Child influenced last '80s Kings World style Kyushu punk! But Spunky Boys played their songs harder than The Swankys. Catchy tunes with very powerful vocals, not snotty like many Kyushu bands from this era. They used to play gigs with local bands like The Swankys, Last Child, No Cut, Lydia Cats etc. from the mid to late '80s. Their second release after releasing the 7" in '86. I think this is the very first 12" record that Kings World has ever released. Includes 6 tracks. All great but especially the last song "Prisoner" really stands out. It's a killer punk tune. Very rare. Never seen it for sale outside of Japan.

Stalin, The "Allergy/No Fun" 7" - Climax/Tokuma, 1982, Japan, Incl. a non-LP track, (CMA-2033) - $30

Star Club, The "Anoko ni hitomebore" 7" flexi - Club The Star, 1984, Japan, (Club The Star 005) - $65
Mega-rare gig freebie only flexi!! This is probably one of the hardest to find and most sought after S.C. releases of all. Contains a killer, fast and hard drivin' punk title track tune which was actually the very first song that was ever written by them right after the band was formed, however has never been officially recorded 'til '84.(Except the live ver.) Although this track isn't available on any of their other records, it's one of the most well known and loved tunes to their older fans. The flexi was given away free to fans only at one show at Loft in '84.(Says "Not For Sale" on it.) Some online resources say that it was the first flexi to be given away through their fan club in the late '80s, but that's not true.
Note: The flexi has a few tiny dents but plays perfectly. It's nothing major.

State "No Illusions" 7" EP - Reagan Era HC, 199?, US, Insert - $5
Originally released in 1983.

Still "Real Time" 7" EP - Strawberry, 1985, Japan, Photo card insert, Thick clear outer sleeve, New/Unplayed - $20
Produced by Tsunematsu Masatoshi from Friction and E.D.P.S. Melodic darkwave with good female vocals. Featuring a Jagatara member. Reminds me of the British 4AD stuff. The singer was also a guest member for Tsunematsu's solo project LP.

Suicide "Warning for the World Punks" 7" EP - Bizarre, 1984, Japan, (Bizarre Record 002) - $38
The Stalin and ADK influenced obscure Japanese punk. Great punkish tunes with dark melody. Their 2nd EP.

Suicide "Celebration" 7" EP - Captain, 1985, Japan, (CAP-0003-E) - $22

Swankys, The "Rock'n'Roll History Fuck Off!!" 7" flexi - Kings World, 1986, Japan, (VG/EX-), (KK 001) - $48
It's actually their 2nd 7". The "Best Of 2" EP on City Rocker came out several months after this one. Very first Kings World release. Note: The flexi has a few small dents like many old flexi's do, but plays perfectly without skipping at all.(Not even a popping noise) Not a major damage.

Tetsu Arrey "Force" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, White vinyl, (HG-063) - $25
Ltd white vinyl issue of this classic 1st EP by the original Burning Spirits style Japcore band from Tokyo.

305, The(The Three-O-Five) "S/T" 8" flexi - Beat Time, 1984, Japan, New/Unplayed, (A-305) - $15
Catchy and melodic fun punk rock with sharp and trashy rockin' guitar riffs. From Sendai city. Some of the members went onto form Kenzi and The Pogo in Tokyo.

Tomorrow "Nuovo Punto Di Partenza" CD - Answer, 1999, Japan, 7" size booklet sleeve, (ANS-020) - $5

Tranquilizer "S/T" 7" flexi - Tranquilizer Rec., 1984(?), Japan, (NM-/No Sleeve!), (Tranquilizer Record-001) - BID
Here's another one, but without the sleeve... Don't know what to price this one, so I'll just take bids.

Trash "Tora matsuri ondo" 7" EP - Taiyo, 1986, Japan, Glossy full-color poster sleeve, Comic book insert - $28
It was Masami's first band before Ghoul. Simple and catchy rockin' punk rock. Guest chorus by Masami, Jaja from Lip Cream, Baki from Gastunk etc.

United "Destroy Metal" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, Orig. 1st press on black vinyl w/ poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NRR-E003) - $28
1st EP from their pre-thrash metal era. Very HC influenced Japanese metal. It's like a perfect mix of old school speed metal and Gastunk/Ghoul/Poison/Mobs sound. No wonder this was released on Hold Up/Noise Room. United was also on the legendary Hold Up Omnibus comp LP. Max from Ghoul and Trash are listed on the Special Thanks list. If you dig that metal sound on the G.I.S.M. "M.A.N." LP, you probably will enjoy this as well.

United "Beast Dominate" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, Insert, Orig. 1st press on black vinyl w/ full color sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NRR-E010) - $28
Unlike the 1st EP, what you get here is pure raging fast thrash metal. Check it out if you like Casbah, Jurassic Jade, Outrage, Shellshock etc.

Upstab "w/ Report" 7" EP - Way Back When/Even Worse, 2006, US, Dutch import, Insert, New/Unplayed - $4

Väärinkäsitys "S/T" 7" EP - Self, 2002, Finland, 300 pressed, Hand numbered poster sleeve(# 208) - $20
Very limited self-released 1st EP. Killer '80s Propaganda era Finnish HC ala Kaaos, Mellakka, Rattus, Riistetyt etc. This one is pretty hard to come by. 13 tracks. They also have a great LP out on Putrid Filth Conspiracy Records.

Violent Pain "Feel For New Age" 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 1100 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-093) - $5

Vryker "Mugen Houei" 7" EP - Discrete, 1996 , 500 pressed, (DIS-014) - $35
Burning Spirits style traditional metallic Japcore in the vein of Death Side, Crude, Tetsu Arrey, Forward or Accomplice. Another great band from Shizuoka city, with influences from the local classics like So What, Rustler, Deadless Muss etc.

Worms' Meat "Trust Ownself and Burn Bright" 7" EP - Kappa, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Sticker, (KPR-011) - $30
Blazing traditional metallic Japcore like Nightmare, Cruck or Judgement. Rare 1st EP before the "Four Stupid Brains" EP/CD.

Yōran "Love Bitterness" 7" EP - Night Gallery, 1985, Japan, (Night-003) - $3
Fucking lame ass weird new wave crap. This guy was actually the original Laughin' Nose guitarist from their early noise-core era. Yoran had another EP out in '81, which sounds way better than this, on the legendary first Osaka punk label called Unbalance Records.

Youth Brigade "Sink With California" 7" EP - AA/B.Y.O., 1984, US, 1000 pressed, Insert, Japanese press, (AA 012) - $45
Super-rare and unique Japan-only release on AA Records. The B-side track is "Who Can You Believe In?". Comes with a 7" format ltd repro insert from the "Sound & Fury" LP.(Only some copies came with one, not all of them.)

Z "Violence Action" 7" flexi - Self, 1986, Japan, 500 pressed, Clear red flexi, Rare!, (Z Record-002) - (Trade or Offer)
Intensely raw, primitive and chaotic noise-core, but more in the vein of early Gudon, Tranquilizer or State Children than Gai or Confuse. Crazy shit. The band name is pronounced "Zétto" in Japanese.

Zolge, The "My Guest Crisis" 7" flexi - Hanoi Punk, 1986, Japan, Logo stamped die-cut white sleeve, (HANOI-Z) - $28
Fucking awesome hard punk tune like their "Crisis My Guest" LP on Dogma. '84 recording. Rare self-released flexi that was originally sold only at their shows.

Zone "The First Blow Is Half The Battle" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, (HG-068) - $22
Ripping traditional Shizuoka city Japcore like Nightmare, Judgement or Warhead! ex-Griffin FZ. Both early Zone EP's are awesome and are way better than the later LP/CD.

+++ SPLIT +++

Benitsubaki / Mentality Society "Hardcore Clash Out" 2 x 7" EP - Dynamite Rock, 1990, Poster sleeve, Insert, (DR-001) - $35
Here's a rare obscure one from the early '90s. Both bands played traditional straight-forward Japcore. Mentality Society is good but kind of generic Japcore. Benitsubaki much better. In that powerful Burning Spirits style. They had another EP out also on their own Dynamite Rock label.

Coward / Gasmask - LP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (Crust War 017) - $55

Curtainrail / JBA(John Browns Army) 7" EP - Gloom, 2000, Japan/US, New/Unplayed, (Gloom-008) - $4
Crazy Jap manic thrashing madness with distorted vocals and brutal fast hardcore from NY. ex-Devoid Of Faith.

D.O.N.D.O.N. / Scraps "Cry of Soul" 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan/France, 1500 pressed, (MCR-022) - $25

Disfuse / Power Of Idea - 7" EP - Japankore, 1995, US/Japan, 300 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert - $30
Dropdead members' project band Vs. Japanese political crust. Confuse rip-off sleeve artwork and logo. Includes a Crow cover by Disfuse and a Dropdead cover by Power Of Idea.

Edge-Ucate / Deliver Me - 7" EP - Disgruntled, 199?, US, Rare ltd mailorder version of 100 copies w/ handmade die-cut sleeve and numbered inner sleeve, Insert, (DR 008) - $10
Edge-Ucate = ex-Charles Bronson. Released on the Bronson member's old local Disgruntled label.

Egofix / Plutonium - 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1996, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Dan-Doh 004) - $8
The only vinyl release by Egofix from Osaka. Ultra-brutal and heavy grindcore ala Asuck or early Napalm Death. Their band name was taken from a S.O.B. song. The members went onto form Ferocious X, Jellyroll Rockheads and World. Plutonium plays political thrash HC. Totally pissed-off and chaotic.

Envy / This Machine Kills - 7" EP - HG Fact, 2000, Japan/US, Insert, Tour flyer, Label catalog, (HG-118) - $20

Exhale / Diallo - 7" EP - Cries Of Pain, 2003, Japan/US, Ltd version of 100 copies w/ screened and hand numbered sleeve(# 083), Insert, Label flyer and sticker - $20
Exhale plays blazing traditional Burning Spirits style Japcore like Death Side, Crude, Judgement etc. Dark and heavy crust by Diallo.

Extinct Government / Hazard "Punk Addict" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, Poster sleeve, (Overthrow-011) - $38
The first vinyl release by both bands. Great powerful Japcore. Extinct Government features the early bassist Minoru(ex-Lip Cream & The Comes) from Colored Rice Men.

Fact / Disgusting Lies - 7" EP - MCR, 1990, Japan/Poland, 1000 pressed, Insert, New/Unplayed, (MCR-136) - $5

Fearless / L.O.V.E.(Land Of Valuable Earth) - 7" EP - Self, 1998, Japan, Insert, (EVLVE-001) - $5
Fearless plays cool all-female catchy and fast punk rock with driving guitar. L.O.V.E. is female fronted punk with a HC touch.

Gudon / Warhead Junk "Blood Sucking Freaks" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1990, Japan, (BSR-004) - $48
Warhead Junk is also a great Japcore band with two ex-Gudon members and a member from Insane Youth/Forward. Awesome split EP. Early Bloodsucker label release. According to the label website this split was released in 1990 and not 1991.

Hellnation / Sink - 7" EP - Sound Pollution, 1997, US/Japan, Purple marbled vinyl, New/Unplayed, (POLLUTE 036) - $4
Sink plays noisy, pissed-off and crusty Japanese hardcore with all female members. Their last record. You already know Hellnation...

Juntess / Doctor and the Crippens "Until This Sky Will Be Parted" 7" EP - MCR, 1991, Japan/UK, (MCR-047) - $10
Juntess!!! Criminally underrated metallic Japcore from the late '80s~early '90s! Fine split release with this '80s UK anarcho HC band Doctor & The Crippens.

Macrofarge / Euthanasia - 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan/Finland, 1000 pressed, (MCR-024) - $35
The Macrofarge side is so fucking good! They were one of the earliest Japanese crust-core bands that have the members from Acid and Liberate. Highly influenced by Doom and Sore Throat. If you're into classic U.K. crust or Japanese bands like Abraham Cross, S.D.S. or Anti Authorize, the you'll love Macrofarge. Too bad this is the only record they've ever released!

Macrofarge / Euthanasia - 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan/Finland, 1000 pressed, (EX+/VG), (MCR-024) - $30
Note: The back sleeve has a few tears that partly obscured the Macrofarge logo.

Mad Butcher / Brainstorm - 7" EP - Keloid, 1998, Japan, 1st press of 700, Stamped and numbered sleeve + inner sleeve(# 0246), Label flyer, (K-03) - $7
Mad Butcher plays ultra-fast angry HC like early S.O.B. with some great heavy and slow breakdowns. Brainstorm is more simple sounding fast and raw HC. It's on the same label that also did the Shikabane/Agathocles split.

Majestic Four / SMOL - 7" EP - MCR, 1997, Japan/Sweden, 1000 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-110) - $4

Masacre 68 / Histeria - 7" EP - PPR, 1989(?), Mexico, 1200 pressed, Original, Recorded in '86/87, (PPR 010) - $45

New Roteeka / Loo's Halloween - 7" flexi - AA, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (AA-PR-002) - $25
Rare promo-only freebie flexi. Perhaps the most obscure AA Records release ever. Both bands play fast, catchy and totally Japanese style punk! Great split.

No Side / Out Cold "3 Trax Hated True Sounds" 7" EP - Devour, 1999, Japan/US, New/Unplayed, (Devour 14) - $7
3 tracks by each band. Out Cold is Boston hardcore. No Side rules. Perfect mix of traditional fast Japcore and the '80s U.S. style manic thrash hardcore.

Omega Cinco / Point Of Few "Error Fatal" 7" EP - Ozono Kids, 2002, Spain/Holland, Clear vinyl, Insert - $2
Harsh, intense and noisy thrash hardcore from both bands.

Raid / Sugar - 7" EP - Discrete, 1998, Japan, (DIS-022) - $35
Top-notch, killer split release by these two traditional Burning Spirits style Japcore from Shizuoka city, done exactly in the tradition of old Shizuoka bands like So What, Rustler, Deadless Muss, Innocents etc. Both bands sound very similar to Death Side as well. This EP is a bit hard to find. Sugar's only release, Raid also has an album out on Discrete. They have two ex-members of Swindle Bitch, the band that released a split EP with So What.

Rövsvett / Raped Teenagers - 7" EP - Chickenbrain(CBR), 1989, Sweden, (CBR 109) - $25

Slang / 25 Ta Life "Never Tear Us Apart" 7" EP - Japan Overseas, 1999, Japan/US, Insert, New/Unplayed - $8

Swat / Sawaki Kazumi "Marudo" 7" flexi - Hinokyu Ongaku Shuppan, 1983, Japan, New/Unplayed - $25
Swat is kinda like The Stalin or Typhus style fast punk, with female vocals. One of their songs sounds a bit ADK-ish. Two tracks by Swat, with titles like "Death Boy" and "Roudousha-kaikyu"(The Proletariat). Sawaki Kazumi is from the old band called Hinokyu, who had the 7" out on City Rocker in '84. It's his project band playing some weird ass punk on this split.


ADK Omnibus Vol.2 / Neo Punk Disorderly - 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, Insert, (ADK 08E) - $120
Molugu / Gasatsu ~Crime Fighter~ / Glycerin / Gabell

A Japanese Oi! Punk Compilation Vol.1 - 7" EP - ????, 1992, Japan, 300 pressed, Hand numbered label(# 263), Rare old boot - $28
Cobra / Baws / Cockney Cocks / Angry Ducks

Apathy = Self Destruction - 7" EP - F.F.T., 1999, Japan, Large poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (F.F.T.-017) - $10
Result / Order / Tomorrow / Isolation - Great early Order material with an original singer from their awesome 1st EP on Overthrow Records.

Attack is the Best Defence - 8" flexi - F.E.I., 1988, Japan, (FEI-9024) - $30
Crisis Kill / Clod / Less Haze / Deep Throat - Late '80s Japcore comp. Pretty unknown and rare one to find. It's on the same label that put out The S.C.U.M. flexi and a few other good Punk/HC and metal records. Crisis Kill guitarist later played in Rocky & The Sweden. Note: The back sleeve is in VG condition.

Bondage Maniac Vol.3 - Tape - Bondage Maniac/Slaver Office, 1992, Japan, Fold-out sleeve - $20
Condemned / Despair / The Slang / Blind Justice / Nouka-Suitai / Back Rush / Warsaw / MxDxS / The Blownue / Headcase / Hot Milk - Rare tracks by Condemned, an early Osaka crust with Jacky from Famtid/Crust War. Despair and Condemned are also on the "Final Noise Attack" comp EP.

Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil(Hold Up Omnibus) - LP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, Insert, Obi - $55
Ghoul / Lip Cream / War Painted City Indian / United / Casbah / Saver Tiger

Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil(Hold Up Omnibus) - CD - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1988, Japan, Folded insert - $25
Ghoul / Lip Cream / War Painted City Indian / United / Casbah / Saver Tiger - Very rare original Hold Up released CD from '88 !! The LP was released in '86.

Dokumentti Todellisuudesta - LP - SHJ, 1988, Int'l, Large booklet(ULO zine #29) w/ band infos and lyrics - $20
Fuck Geez(Jap) / Powerage(S.Africa) / Perestroika(Fin) / Screaming Foetus(S.Africa) / Euthanasia(Fin) / Mafia(Fin) / Sabotaasi(Fin) / AKK(Fin) / Son Of Happy(Canada) / Troublemakers(Swe)

Don't Enforce Your Values On Me!(MCR Comp Flexi Vol.3) - 7" flexi - MCR, 1988, Japan/Germany, 1000 pressed, (MCR-014) - $15
SIC / Fuck Geez / Spermbirds / Pestilence - Early MCR comp. 2 bands each from Japan and Germany.

Fledgeling Punx(Nouzui Omnibus Vol.1) - 7" EP - Nouzui, 1987, Japan, Poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NR-001E) - $35
Re Zist / Gazize / Sword / Weedy Eggs - Awesome obscure Japcore comp by the DonDon singer's old label. Re Zist and Gazize are known for their great flexi's on Half Alive Records. Sword and Gazize are also on the "Shodoku Gig" LP on Selfish Records.

Game Of Death(Slice Omnibus Vol.2) - LP - Slice, 1989, Japan, Insert - $55
Death Side / Ghoul / Poison Arts / Final Bombs - Contains 4~5 tracks by each band. The whole LP rips hard!

It's All Been Said Before... - 7" EP - ????, 1992(?), Int'l, 10-page booklet sleeve - $20
Googol Plex(Jap) / Brain Death(Jap) / BGK(Holand) / Urban Waste(U.S.) / State(U.S.) / Absolution(U.S.) / Wretched(Italy) / Chumbawamba(U.K.) - Amazing old unknown boot with crazy selection of the bands. It's in the "Killed By Hardcore" vein. Can't seem to find any infos about this record...

Kyoto City HardCore! - 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan, 1000 pressed, (MCR-021) - $15
Deep Throat / Evening Glow / Subnormal Fear - Deep Throat plays the G.I.S.M., Zouo, Ghoul, Rapes style metallic Japcore!

Must Get To The Power Of The Defence For.... - 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan, 1000 pressed, (MCR-020) - $38
S.D.S. / Atrocity Exhibition(C.F.D.L.) / Nausea - Very early and possibly the first S.D.S. material. A.E. is pre-C.F.D.L. Nausea was also one of the earliest Japanese crust bands. Brutal metallic crust like S.D.S., Abraham Cross, Doom, Sore Throat etc.

No Bullshit Vol.1 - 7" EP - No Way, 2006, Int'l, Insert, Out of print, New/Unplayed, (NW-03) - $7
Career Suicide(Canada) / Direct Control(Canada) / Government Warning(Canada) / Bad Dirty Hate(Japan) / Strung Up(U.S.)

Patrick(Hang 'Em High) - 7" EP - Bloodberry, 1999, Japan, 500 pressed, Poster sleeve - $25
Crow / Defuse / Disgusting Void / Slub Judge - Defuse is the Confuse style distorted noise-core w/ female vocals!

Pinch and Ouch!(The Whole Story of Kyushu Punks) - LP - KPP, 1985, Japan, Insert, (KPP-001) - $70
Gai / Kuro / Gess / Aggressive Dogs / No Cut / Gedon - Classic '80s Kyushu HC comp. Produced by Hide from Kuro. Very first release of Kuro's KPP label that also put put The Swankys, No Cut, A.Dogs EP's etc. Contains the awesome Gai version of the songs that were later played by The Swankys. An absolutely excellent comp.

Renkinjutsu(Alchemy Noise Omnibus) - LP - Alchemy, 1985, Japan, Very Rare!, (ARLP-009) - $120
Sakevi / The Hanatarashi (Hanatarash) / Hijokaidan with John Duncan / High-Rise / Null (Zeni Geva) - Infamous solo noise project by Sakevi from G.I.S.M.(I believe this track was used in his "Geotropism" film from '84), Jojo Hiroshige/Duncan collaboration and... Eye Yamatsuka's legendary Hanatarash! The Japan avant/noise all-stars. Craaaaazy shit!

Voice - LP - Japan Recs., 1987, Japan, Insert, Obi - $30
The Stalin / Aburadako / The Star Club / Laughin' Nose / Inu / Allergy / Lizard / Boowy / Zelda / Accidents / E.D.P.S.(post-Friction)

Yokosuka City Hard Core!! - 7" flexi - MCR, 1991, Japan, 1500 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-039) - $20
Pile Driver / F.V.K. / Craze Crow / Battle Attacker - Some of the finest Japcore bands out of Yokosuka where Mad Conflux was also from. Pile Driver has never released anything beside several comp's.