October 19, 2010

OCT 19TH 2010 (PART 1 : A~M)

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A~M +++

AGE "Exploding Insanity" 12" - P.A.S., 1999, Japan, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (P.A.S.-A) - $35

Acid Reflux "S/T" 7" EP - No Way, 2007, US, Ltd. mailorder-only edition of 300 copies on clear yellow vinyl(out of 1000 total), 1st press w/ pink sleeve, Insert, New/Unplayed, (NW-12) - $5
Early '80s U.S. styled, fast hardcore from Albany, NY. Featuring a Limp Wrist member.

Acrostix "S/T" Demo Tape - Self, 2002, Japan, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 302), (No Cat. #) - $25

Adenoid "Outo-Roman" 7" EP - Beat House, 1987, Japan, (NOID 001) - $35
Man, this is a fucking great record, however I would NOT recommend this if you're into just HC. This is actually the same Adenoid that appeared on the insanely rare "Ningen Omnibus" flexi with Kyojinbyou and two more local bands from Chiba city. On the flexi, they've had a Kyojinbyou guitarist but I don't think he's on the recording of this EP. It came out later in the same year as the flexi, however with a different line-up and sound. What you get on this EP is some quality Japanese gothic-punk stuff. I guess this fits in the goth/darkwave genre, but the songs are somewhat punkish in that ADK Records punk vein. Think of '80s goth/darkwave mixed with the style of the bands like Aburadako(especially), Kikeiji, Masturbation, Sekintenka, Aka etc. There's absolutely no infos about this band are available, but I just know they are from Chiba and one of the members went onto form the band called Mother Goose who was quite well known in Japan in the late '80s. Adenoid also appeared on the "All The Children Are Insane" compilation LP, under the alternate name of Doroebisu, with Mother Goose, Chu-Doku, Theatre Brook etc. An excellent LP, by the way.

Ai "Arming Rebellion With The Sounds Of Hearts" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, (BSR-038) - $35
Oi! The name of this band is "Ai" and not "A.I."!!!!

Agony(ex-Agoni) "The First Defiance" LP - Under One Flag/Combat, 1988, Sweden, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (88561-8229-1) - $10

Armed Revolution "10-Tracks E.P." 7" EP - Chaos of Destruction/Dan-Doh, 1999(?), 1000 pressed, New/Unplayed, (C.O.D. 004/Dan-Doh 028) - $25
Unknown side-project band by Kawakami(Disclose) and Otto(Forca Macabra/Selfish/Kuolema). Ultra fucking raw, totally out-of-control and fucked up noisecore mixed with Scandinavian style HC/Crust. Insane distorted vocals. Split release by Kawakami's old label Chaos Of Destruction and Dan-Doh Records. The sleeve says "Limited Edition 1000".

Assfort "Egoist Guidance" VHS - Flying High, 2001, Japan, Promo-only, (No Cat. #) - $7

Battlescard "Absolute Mayhem" Demo Tape - Self, 2007, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $7

Bayonet "2nd Demo 21/9-1983" 7" EP - Boot, 200?, Finland, (No Cat. #) - $8

Bayonettes, The "S/T" Demo CD-R - Self, 2004, Canada, (No Cat. #) - $7

Beardsley "Image File" 7" EP - Halloween Label, 1986, Japan, Booklet sleeve, (HLW-XX3) - $10
Female fronted, speedy punk rock with a great tuneful melody. Catchy, melodic yet strong tunes. Definitely a very cool band to check out if you dig good melodic(but not poppy) Japanese punk from the '80s.

Beyond Description "More Power To Your Elbow" 7" EP - Desperate Attempt, 1992, Japan, Insert, (D.A.R. #007) - $17
The very first release by this Japanese crust band that's been putting out tons of records. This one is pretty hard to find nowadays.

Blue Hearts, The "Hito Ni Yasashiku" 7" EP - Juggler, 1987, Japan, Orig. 1st press, No barcode, (YGSS-58) - $25
This is the original '87 pressing, not the '02 reissue. The self-released 1st EP that the legendary Blue Hearts put out before they got on a major label, when they were still playing at the small clubs like Loft or Jam in Tokyo. A few years even before that, The Blue Hearts were playing gigs with the bands like Ghoul, The Trash, New Roteeka etc. One of their late well-known song "Boku no Migite"("My Right Hand") is about the Ghoul singer Masami, written right after his death. The singer was very close friends with Masami, and The Blue Hearts played Masami's tribute show at the Antiknock club in '92. The band got already huge at that time and was often playing at some of the biggest concert halls in Japan. The true legend of Japanese punk rock!

Bugeyed "Monsters Rule My World" LP - Words Of Warning(W.O.W), 198?, UK, Insert, (WOW LP25) - $20
Crazy-ass heavy noise punk played by the members from Doom, Sore Throat, Police Bastard, Warfear etc. Can't seem to find much infos on this band, but I heard they were active in the late '80s to early '90s and the singer and guitarist should be from Doom and/or Sore Throat.

Burst Head "Egoista/War Is Tragedy" Demo CD-R - Self, 2009, Japan, Ltd. to 25 copies, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 3/25), (No Cat. #) - $5
Ultra-fast, noisy and raw thrash HC from Okinawa(!!), Japan. Check it out if you're into the similar bands like Tantrum, S.O.B., Lärm, Rapt, Ruido De Rabia, Psycho Sin etc. Yep, "Burst Head" is The Stalin's song title.

C.F.D.L.(Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life) "Live Bootleg" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1992, Japan, 700 pressed, (Overthrow-004) - $28
This is the official release, not a bootleg! "Official Bootleg"?!?! WTF?!

C.O.S.A.(Pre-Effigy/Reality Crisis) "Strategic" 7" EP - Self, 199?, Japan, Insert, (LM-2704) - $30
This EP was actually self-released by the band and MCR just did a distribution. No actual MCR catalog number stated anywhere on this release and also it's not listed on the label discography page either. Effigy started under the name of C.O.S.A.(Cache Of Strategic Arms) with some later Reality Crisis members as well. Dark, metallic, and raging Japanese style crustcore. Awesome 6-track EP. Some of the songs are from their demos. Very hard to come by nowadays. The ex-C.O.S.A. and Effigy guys now play in a new band called Axewield.

CTR Kuruizaki Thunder Road "Kuruizaki Attack!!" 7" EP - HG Fact, 2004, Japan, 1000 pressed, (HG-186) - $10
Wild and noisy hardcore punk from Sapporo-city. ex-Knucklehead and The Slang.

Cobra "Wrong Way " 7" EP - AA, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (AA-020) - $10

Coma "In A Coma...." 7" EP - ADK, 1985, Japan, 1500 pressed, New/Unplayed, (ADK-25E) - $28
ex-Kikeiji and Phaidia members. Produced, engineered & released by Tam from The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Records. Unplayed old stock copy.

Comes, The "Power Never Die" 12" - Captain/Dear, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CAP-0033-M/DR-001) - $45

Complete Exclude "Many Answer" 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-096) - $7

Conclusion "Wasuresarareta Kioku No Zangai" 7" EP - HG Fact, 2003, Japan, (HG-168) - $8
Traditional Japanese style HC meets U.K./Scandinavian dark metallic crust. Their 1st EP. They also have another EP out on Overthrow Records.

Crow "Kontonshin" 7" EP - Crow, 1998, Japan, 800 pressed, Poster sleeve, (Crow-02) - $45

Crudity "The Total End" 7" EP - Boot, 1997, Sweden, 1st press of 300 on black vinyl w/ slick sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $18
Classic Swedish HC. Their awesome 12-track demo from 1985 put to vinyl.

Crust War Vol.5 - Zine - Crust War, Japan, 1998, Japan, 30 pages, (No Cat. #) - $30
Frigöra, Shitlickers, Life, Amebix, Japan Underground HC Attack(AGE, Framtid, Dislike, Lasting Noise Attack, The Last Survivors, Ability etc.), Crust War release ad.(Dislike tape), Chaos Of Destruction ad., Live photo collection(Disclose, Gloom, Frigöra etc.), E.N.T. '90 Japan tour full-page photo etc. Lots of crusty live pics, artworks, old flyer reprints, interviews and reviews.

D.O.F. "Bad Ass Ultra Man!!" 7" EP - Bigstone, 1989, Japan, (BSR-002) - $8
U.S. '80s influenced Japanese hardcore. Recommended for fans of SiC, F.V.K., Dread Yankees, Scumbag etc. Self-released 11 track EP. Gudon, SiC, Rose Rose, T.D.F., Genoa are listed on the thanks list.

D.S.B. "Wings Continue To Strive With Unchanged Mind" LP - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, Heavy gatefold sleeve, (BSR-030) - $38

DxSxUx "Faster Than You Will Ever Live To Be" Demo Tape - Self, 199?, Denmark, Pro-copied cassette, (No Cat. #) - $8
The title says it all. Ultra-fast, raging and angry as fuck, thrash hardcore from Denmark. For fans of Amdi Petersens Arme, Vitamin X, Incontrollados, DS-13, E.T.A., Lokum, Punch In The Face, Septic Death, Siege, Heresy, Larm etc. Fucking intense shit.

Deadless Muss "I Will..." 7" EP - D.I.S.(Dirty Informal Section), 1985, Japan, Poster sleeve, Insert, (D.I.S.-003) - (Trade or Offer)

Descontrolados "S/T" CD - Latin Core/Resistencia, 200?, Ecuador, (LCR 006) - $5
Official discography CD by the first Ecuadorian punk band formed in '86. Contains the '88 demo and the "Piedad" EP.

Dessert "World Of Fantasy" 7" EP - Ranch, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Clear & clear pink mixed vinyl, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 461/1000), Insert & flyer, New/Unplayed/Unopened, (Ranch-01/SEL-One) - $28
The singer Ryuji used to be in the legendary bands Disarray, Bitousha and also this great obscure band Mino 5 with Chelsea(Deathside/Paintbox) and Katsuta(Tetsu-Arrey). The other Dessert members were/are in Sekinin-Tenka, Bloodberry(ex-G-Zet), Idiot Idolaters, Laughin' Nose, The Pogo, Kenzi & The Trips etc. As you can imagine from their background, these guys sure know what they're doing and you know what to expect from Dessert. 120% Burning Spirits style traditional metallic Japcore ala Death Side, Judgement, Crude, Nightmare, Warhead, Forward etc. Awesome throaty vocals as well. They did a great Disarray cover on the other release. This 4-track EP is a totally heavy-hitting smasher. The vinyl looks amazing, too. It's on a clear vinyl with some clear pink parts mixed. Comes in a glossy perforated package/sleeve(unopened).

Dessert "Soul Searching" Picture LP - Ranch, 1999(?), Japan, Clear PVC sleeve, Cardstock insert, (Ranch-03/SEL-Six) - $45

Disclose "Crime" Demo Tape - Self, 1992, Japan, Orig. 1st demo!!!!!!, (No Cat. #) - (Trade or Offer)
169% original!! According to the release info in the "Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1" CD booklet, less than 100 copies of this demo were made. I'd prefer trading this one.

Disclose "Visions Of War" 7" EP - Distortion, 1996, Japan, Black vinyl, (DISTEP 25) - $22

Disclose "4 Track E.P." 7" EP - Overthrow, 1997, Japan, (Overthrow-020) - $28

Disrupt "Millions Die For Money Making" 7" EP - Boot, 1998, US, (No Cat. #) - $8
Originally released as the demo in '88. Old Swedish boot.

Disturb "For The Live" 7" EP - Discrete, 199?, Japan, 500 pressed, (DIS-015) - $18

Doku-Buta(Poison Pig) "Go! Go! People" 7" flexi - Self, 1985, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $35
Think of a cross between Aburadako, Kikeiji, and The Stalin. If you like these bands, you'll love Doku-Buta! Another unknown but awesome ADK/The Stalin worshipped hard punk here. They even stole part of The Stalin lyrics and used it in one of their songs called "Egoist". The band bio printed on the sleeve says Doku-Buta is ex-Byogentai. I wonder if it's the same Byogentai that the L.S.D. singer was in!? Includes 7 tracks. Very rare!! Here's a review taken from an old MRR issue: "Translating as "Poison Pig," I expected a bit more weirdness than supplied, but this slab of plastic contains some neat tracks. They can do thrash, punk, proto-punk -- all with verve and gnarly-ass vocals and guitar. Reminds me a bit of early PERE UBU." ----- (Pere Ubu?! WTF...?)

Doom "Doomed From The Start-The Demo's Album" LP - Discipline/Vinyl Japan, 1992, UK, Japanese release, Gatefold sleeve, (DISCLP 5) - $38
Long out of print, Japan-only release. Compiles their three early demos from '87 and '88(incl. "War Is Big Business" 1st demo), plus live in Italy '89.

End, The (Pre-Blüdwülf) "Natural Paths To Extinction" 7" EP - Anarchrist, 2000, US, Clear vinyl, Insert, (ANAR-0002) - $20
A long out of print EP by The End from NY. According to the official Bludwulf Facebook page, The End had some members who later went on to form Bludwulf. Reverand Sinn on vocals for sure. Not sure how many copies of this EP were pressed, but probably not that many and it's quite hard to find nowadays. Here's what their Facebook page says: "Bludwulf is a punk thrash band from Rochester NY. The band was founded in 2003 by members of now defunct Rochester crust band The End".

Esperanza Viva "Inside Of People's Head" Demo Tape - Jugueto Disco, 2005, Japan, w/ Patch, (JxDx 001) - $6

Execute, The "Criminal Flowers" 7" EP - 1984, Hit Parade, Japan, (HIT 1) - $75

Exterminate "Find Out" 7" EP - MCR, 2003, Japan, 1100 pressed, Clear red vinyl, (MCR-180) - $8
Ripping Japcore from the Nagoya area. Featuring some of the Reality Crisis and Hazard members.

Extinct Government "No Justice" LP w/ "So What..." One-sided 7" EP - Overthrow, 1998, Japan, w/ Ltd. mailorder-only EP, Insert, (Overthrow-021/Overthrow-Not For Sale) - $45
Their 1st LP with an early line-up including Minoru(ex-Lip Cream/The Comes) on bass. Comes with a rare one-sided EP(w/ picture sleeve) with an exclusive/unreleased track.

Eyesore "S/T" Tape - Hardcore Survives, 2008, Japan, Ltd. to 300, 1st edition w/ red obi, Pro-copied, (Tape-003) - $8

Face Of Change "1990 Demo" 2 x 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2000, Japan, Ltd. clear vinyl edition of 200(out of 1200 total), Insert, New/Unplayed, (625 #55) - $10
'80s U.S. styled, high-energy hardcore from Sapporo-city circa '88~'90. Their obscure 1st 10-track demo put to vinyls.

Fairfuck "S/T" 7" EP - Kick N' Punch, 1999, Norway, Logo stickered sleeve, Insert, mini poster & stamped inner sleeve, (KNP 01) - $20
Kick ass Norwegian hardcore! This 7" was later reissued by Underestimated Records in the U.S., with a different photo on the front sleeve, but this one is the original pressing and is the first release by the now defunct label Kick N' Punch Records from Denmark.

Final Bloodbath "S/T" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, Clear vinyl, (Paank-010) - $25

Framtid "8 Track EP" 7" EP - Crust War, 1999, Japan, Orig. 1st press, (Crust War-008) - $65

Frigöra "Dance Of The Plague-Bearer" LP - Overthrow, 1998, Japan, (Overthrow-022) - $85

G.I.S.M. "M.A.N."(Military Affairs Neurotic) LP - Beast Arts/T.P.C., 1987, Japan, Clear purple vinyl, Screen-printed clear PVC outer sleeve, LP-size clear sticker insert/sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $250
Very nice copy. No side splits or damages on the printed PVC sleeve.

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, 2nd press w/ slipcase package, (LUV-514) - $75

Gaizi "Gakon-Fumetsu"(My Immortal Soul) 7" EP - Self, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, (No Cat. #) - $55

Gas "Sweet Emotion" 12" - Jisatsu Label, 1985, Japan, w/ Newsletter insert, (GL-007E) - $45
This one might be a little harder to find than their 2nd flexi and the split 8". Comes with a mailorder-only "Jisatsu Label Tsuushin(newsletter)" insert. Featuring Tatsu on guitars! One of the best Japanese Punk/HC guitarists who also played in Gastunk, Dead Cops, Nurse etc. Does anybody know that he actually played the guitars on all of the songs on the first Ghoul EP? Max didn't.

Gas "Reincarnation" LP - Captain, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CAP-0014-L) - $42
This LP was originally planned to be released as their 1st full length. However the band broke up before they finished recording the whole thing and it ended up being a compilation of the tracks from the split 8" with Nikudan('84, Jisatsu), "Sweet Emtion" 12"('85, Jisatsu) and the 4 new songs recorded just for this LP in '85. These 4 exclusive tracks are NOT included on the "1982-1986" discography LP/CD. Liner notes written by Narumi herself.

Gastunk "S/T" 7" EP - Dogma, 1985, Japan, 1000 pressed, (DOG-7) - $115
Here's the first, the rarest and possibly the best Gastunk records of all. Both vinyl and sleeve are in great condition. Released only 3 months after the singer Baki joined the band in November '84 shortly after he left The Execute~Lip Cream. Contains the 3 exclusive tracks that's available ONLY on this EP. You get to hear the really awesome original version of their killer early tunes "Devil" and "Sex". Re-recorded version of these 2 songs are included on the "To Fans" tour-freebie EP('86), however, sound quite different from the original version on this 1st EP. Another track "Shout" is a very special one. This song was played live in Gastunk's very early days when the original singer Yutaka was still in the band, and they stopped playing it shortly after Baki joined and the EP was released. So, obviously there's no other Gastunk releases that you can hear this song on. No different version of the same song exist either. A great song though, by the way. As many of the fans know, this 1st EP have never been reissued or included on any of Gastunk's other releases in any formats, not even on the "Early Singles" CD, "Heartful Melody"(Best Of) CD or the "Gastunk Box 1983-1988" box set. For those who wonder why, it's a true fact that the dude(copyrights owner) from Dogma/City Rocker Records, who also was a Doll magazine publisher, is a fucked-up weirdo that he hardly ever allow the bands to reissue or use their own recorded materials, except for a very few including the "Detestation" LP(ah... ofcourse, I guess...) and the "Dead Song" LP. As for The Comes LP and The Clay EP that finally got reissued on CD's recently, well, a lot of people were shocked to find out they actually got officially reissued after all those years. If anybody ever wondered why the fuck some classics like The Swankys 1st LP or this Gastunk EP aren't getting repressed, now you know why. Also, like how Gauze sings, "Thrash silly magazine! D-O-L-L!!!" in one of their songs, you may as well get some ideas of what it might be all about...

Gastunk "Dead Song" LP - Love, 1985/86, Japan, Insert, (SEX69-000) - $38

Gastunk "Dead Song" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1988, Japan, Freebie w/ pocket picture sleeve, (E-8339S) - $10
Originally came with the "Street Fighting Men" magazine. Contains the exclusive re-recorded(and excellent!) version of their amazing, early classic tune "Dead Song". This is their very last recording right before breaking up in '88.

Gastunk "Gastunk Box 1983-1988" 2 x CD Box Set - Love, 1988/91, Japan, Hard carton box package, Booklet, (Love Records GT-001~002) - $40
Originally released as the limited vinyl + VHS box set that was sold only at their last show in '88. This is the super-rare double CD set reissue in a hard carton box package(the same style of the box package that the GISM SoniCrime 1st press CD came in), and is actually even harder to find than the original vinyl box set. Contains the "Mr. Gazime" EP, "Geronimo" EP, "To Fans" EP, "Three Sex X'mas" 3 x EP + flexi set, and "The Vanishing Signs" 12". Contains 21 songs in total. Very nice.

Gayrilla Biscuits "Hung Queens Can Suck It" 7" EP - Buddyhead, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Pink vinyl, (Buddyhead 19) - $8

Greed, The "No Mercy" 7" flexi - Sky Bandit, 1985, Japan, (SK-9100) - $35
This is an awesome flexi. Another super obscure '80s Japanese punk band that mostlikely did only one flexi and dissapeared. Although I absolutely know nothing about this band, I must say that "No Mercy" is a quality speed punk tune with very solid guitar and super catchy choruses. Melodic yet powerful as fuck. The vocals are versy strong too and totally matche their hard driving fast punk sound. No wimpy pop punk crap here. Reminds me a bit of some of the songs off The Stalin "Mushi" LP, except the ctachy chorus part is nothing like it. The only thing that sucks about this flexi is that there's only one song on it. After hearing it, you definitely will wish to hear more from this band like I did. But unfortunately I have no clue if they've released anything else or at least appeared on any compilations. Not only I can't seem to find any infos about this band, this flexi itself isn't something I see often at all. This is the only second copy I've obtained in Japan. The back sleeve has an ad for their "Hard Ride A Nasty Punk Vol.1" show at Antiknock in Tokyo printed on it and apparently Aggressive Dogs also played this show.

Griffin FZ "Retaliation" 7" flexi - Self, 1989, Japan, (Otoko-001) - $65
Pre-Zone!! Obscure Shizuoka-city Japcore band. This flexi is extremely rare and hard to come by. The only ever release by them besides a great '87 split demo with Exdead. Heavy-hitting, speedy and metallic Japcore in the tradition of those other great '80s Shizuoka-city bands ala Deadless Muss, So What, Rustler, Innocents, Mental etc.

Gudon "Hikashibou" 7" EP - Kagai-Mousou, 1986, Japan, (Kagai-Mousou 003) - $48

Guillotine Terror "No God" 7" EP - Battle Planning, 1991, Japan, Insert, (BP 91-01) - $15

HCP(Hard Core Poznan) "Anti Drugs" 7" EP - Resistance Productions/International Hardcore Movement, 1989, Poland, 1000 pressed, Hand #'d poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RIP 027) - $20
Fucking killer band!!! Pre-Apatia. Definitely one of my favorite '80s Polish HC records. Ultra-raw, noisy and brutal HC with intensely distorted guitar like early Brazilian or Finnish bands. This should appeal not only to Polish HC fans, but also to those who dig any Scandinavian, Italian, Brazilian and Japanese HC/Crust as well!! Man, this is seriously some powerful ripping shit!! Released on a Swiss label. Unplayed old stock copy of this rare obscure EP.

Hakuchi "Gods Disturb" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1993, Japan, Insert, (Overthrow-006) - $45
Top-notch dark metallic crust from Niigata. Great EP by this pre-AGE band. One of the eariest Japanese crust bands. Hakuchi also had a split LP with Disclose. This is the hard to find, early release by Overthrow Records.

Heartwork "S/T" 7" EP - Dewa/Cadmium Sick, 2002, Japan, (DR-007) - $3
Split release by AGE's Dewa Records and a Boston-based label. (A review taken from some blog) Debut EP by Niigata’s HEARTWORK, a record that turned many heads among North American punks. It’s a shame, then, that now Dewa alone have delivered the band’s sophomore EP, a ripping three-song set that deserves every bit as much attention as its predecessor. HEARTWORK’s music hasn’t changed a bit— quick, driving blasts of purist hardcore punk that recall classical US (Negative Approach, Minor Threat), Japanese (Lip Cream, Systematic Death) and even some early UK bands. The pace is set by a consistent galloping beat, fortified by prominent bass, accompanied by shouted vocals and all driven along by a non-stop buzzsaw guitar that occasionally leaps into tasteful leads but never loses the essential momentum.

Hellhammer "Triumph Of Death" CD - No label, 199?, Switzerland, Slipcase package, (No Cat. #) - $12
Contains the "Triumph Of Death" demo '83(13 tracks) plus 4 bonus tracks off the "Death Fiend" demo '83.

Homostupids "The Glow" 7" EP - My Mind's Eye, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on pink marbled vinyl, New/Unplayed, (MME 003) - $8
Lo-fi primitive hardcore from Cleveland, feat. the singer Steve from 9 Shocks Terror.

Iconoclast "Who Does The Freedom and Equality Exist For?" 7" EP - Iconoclast/Blurred, 1995, Japan, Insert, (ICON-R-01/Blurred Records-03) - $35

Inu "Meshi Kuuna!" LP - Japan Rec./Tokuma, 1981, Japan, Obi & insert, (JAL-4) - $85
Early Japanese punk masterpiece! The only ever original studio album by this legendary band, featuring the now Akutagawa Literary Award-winning author Kō Machida(Kou Machida). He was Inu's singer under the name of Machida Machizo. Inu was formed in 1978 and broke up in 1981 shortly after the album release. Machida also appeared in the cult cyberpunk film classic "Burst City", with The Stalin, The Roosters etc.

Judgement "Haunt In The Dark" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1997, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (HG-085) - $45

Junk Schizo "Crime of Existence" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, Poster sleeve, (AA-010) - $20

Kenzi "Crazy Summer Tour '86" 7" flexi & Poster booklet - Trip Roll, 1986, Japan, (TRR-002) - $20
This set was available only during their first tour. The flexi comes in a slick, fold-out color poster booklet. The title track "Crazy Summer" is a great speedy and hard driving punk tune. Self-released on the band's own Trip Roll Records. They also had a killer 1st LP(super rare) out on City Rocker and the EP out on Hold Up/Noise Room Records. Featuring the members from Bradbury(G-Zet), Sekinin-Tenka, Bitousha, The Pogo, Dessert etc.

Ki-Ga Ki-Ga Ki-Kyo "S/T" 7" flexi - Lucky Strike/Ing,o!, 1984, Japan, (ING-003) - $17
The Stalin + Inu + P-Model! The unknown studio-only project band by Michiro Endo and Jun Inui from The Stalin, and the members from Inu and P-Model. Produced by Michiro.

King Goblin "S/T" Demo Tape, Self, 2003, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $8
Japanese underground doom/sludge/stoner. Check it out if you like Corrupted, Boris, Church Of Misery, Isis, Sleep etc.

Kyaah(キャ→) "S/T" 7" EP - R.B.F., 1984, Japan, Glossy envelope-style sleeve, Insert, (RBF-202) - $55
Rare!! This is their 1st EP that's much harder to find than the 2nd EP on AA Records, with the original singer who left the band shortly after this release. Killer all-girl Japanese punk!!

Kyaah(キャ→) "Slapdash" 7" EP - AA, 1985, Japan, Die-cut glossy sleeve, Insert & sticker, (AA-011) - $40
Great 2nd EP by one of the most well known all-female punk bands in Japan. Their later releases sound poppier and aren't that exciting but the first two EP's are awesome! What you get on this EP is speedy and high-energy punk that's similar to the Nurse flexi, Typhus '80 demo(w/ female vox), or Chu-Doku flexi. Guest chorus by the members from Lip Cream, Bloodberry, and Laughin' Nose. Kyaah used to play gigs often with Nurse, Gas and The Comes. The interesting thing is that when they changed the singer prior to this EP release, Chitose(The Comes) was gonna join the band however it never happened(too bad!). Complete copy with an insert and a red sticker which is actually part of the sleeve design(a sticker appears thru the die-cut window).

L.S.D. "Destroy" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 2nd press w/ different sleeve artwork, (ADK-07S) - $90

L.S.D. "Jast Last" 7" EP - LSD Record Company, 1986, Japan, (LP-0523) - $110

Laughin' Nose "Get The Glory/I Can't Trust A Woman" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, (AA-PR 001) - $45

Laughin' Nose "Never Trust Women" 12" - AA, 1985, Insert, (AA-014) - $40
Their 2nd 12" on AA Records. Has some of the old L.N. songs that I love like "No War", "Teenager", "Never Trust Women" etc. So, I personally like this one better than the "Pussy For Sale" LP. But, both are good though.

Laughin' Nose "When The Laughin' Nose Go Marchin' Inn!" 7" flexi - AA, 1985, Japan, Promo-only/freebie, New/Unplayed, (No Cat. #) - $25
One of the most well known crazy events ever occured in Japanese punk history: Laughin' Nose announced the "flexi giveaway" held near the Shinjuku train station and the 1200 punks showed up. To avoid the panic and troubles from the cops, the singer had to lead everybody to the Loft where they played 2 shows the same night and the flexi's were given away there instead. This incident later became the legend. What's offered here is one of those actual flexi's given away that time. Contains a great catchy punk rock tune and a cool ass sleeve artwork, too. Unplayed old stock copy!

Laughin' Nose "S/T" LP - VAP, 1985, Japan, Insert, (30177-28) - $15
Note: Small part of the right bottom corner of the sleeve is cut off. There's a also weird unknown mark(?) around the right top corner.

Less Haze "Break The Law" 7" EP - Skull, 1991, Japan, (Skull-01) - $8
Straight-forward fast Japcore in the similar style as DonDon, Gil, Outo and some of the late '80s Selfish Records stuff. Self-released 1st EP.

Liberate "Worth Of Living" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1994, Japan, Sleeve artwork misprinted sideways(1st press), Insert, (BSR-015) - $9
The 1st EP by this Japcore band featuring ex-Acid and Macrofarge. He was also an early singer of The Slowmotions. Long out-of-print, early Blood Sucker Records release.

Liberate "Worth Of Living" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1994, Japan, Insert, (EX+/VG), (BSR-015) - $7

Loods, The "Stop Fuckin' Around!" LP - R.B.F./Balcony, 1985, Japan, Ltd. 1st press w/ flexi(autographed sleeve), Printed inner-bag sleeve, Photo booklet, New/Unplayed, (RBF-301/Girls-2) - $20
Pure '80s Japanese style, straight-forward and hard-edged punk rock. Their discography CD was recently released on Inundow. Unplayed old stock copy.

Maniac "Killing For Pleasure" 7" EP - Rentaracket, 1984, UK, Booklet, (RKT 1) - $35
Metal-Punk Maniac! Pre-Anathema(from the Motorhate comp.) For fans of Onslaught, Sacrilege, War Wound etc.

Merrygoround "No War/Go To Hell" 7" flexi - Merry, 1986, Japan, Clear red flexi, (Merryru-002) - $18

Molugu "Romance" 7" flexi - Self, 1984, Japan, Insert, (PLM-042) - $68
One of the very few non-ADK Records releases that was produced and engineered by Tam(The Stalin/Typhus/G-Zet/ADK), among the other records including the Masturbation flexi, Sodom cassette, and New Roteeka flexi. Very rare and great flexi by this obscure band from the "ADK Omnibus Vol.2" EP. Awesome Japanese HC here. 7 tracks of dark, metallic, and aggressive as hell HC that sounds comparable to The Execute, Gas, Ziga, Rebel, LSD, or Bitousha. Brilliant.... fucking brilliant!

Motor-Vation, The "Not For Sale" 7" flexi - Self, 1987, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $7
'80s Japanese styled punk rock ala The Star Club etc. Completely unknown band...

Mass Genocide "S/T" 7" EP - Blurred, 1998, Japan, Clear blue vinyl, (Blurred-019) - $5

Maus "If I Find An Alien, I Follow Him And Beat Him Up!" 7" EP - Kings World, 1997, Japan, 1000 pressed, (KWSP-003) - $17
The only ever record release by one of Watch(ex-Gai/Swankys)'s post-Swankys bands playing cowpunk!!(his other bands being Space Invaders, F.B.I./Future Blast Israel, Disco Disco etc.) Yes, I guess the music genre wise it's considered what people call cowpunk. Remember The Dead Milkmen from the '80s?! "Punk Rock Girl"?! Well, who wouldn't remember such a hilarious punk rock song/music video. Ok, about this unknown band Maus, think of Watch doing the vocals for The Dead Milkmen, with The Swankys style snotty vocal style. I mean the vocal style you hear on this EP sounds just like The Swankys, and the music is very similar to The Dead Milkmen's(that particular vocal style matches the tunes so much, actually!) I first bought my own copy of this EP when it came out back in '97 without even knowing what they sound like, just because it was Watch's new band(and ofcourse loved the title, too). When I first listened to it, I was like "Holy shit, The Dead Milkmen!" and liked the whole EP a lot. Not so hard to imagine Watch getting into cowpunk at some point after The Swankys broke up, since knowing he's been always into comical/humorous/joke-ish punk rock. I wouldn't recommend this one unless you like The Dead Milkmen or cowpunk style in general(or at least Watch's vocal style). But if you do, this is the perfect record to check out. You really don't see this EP for sale often nowadays in Japan or elsewhere. This is the first used copy I've seen there in the past 15 years or so. Also, not so many Swankys fans outside of the Kyushu area know this band or record even existed.
They did play a few shows, but only locally. Oh, and not to forget to mention that according to an old KWR ad, Maus also had another ex-Swankys member. I think either Loods or TV, can't remember well coz I always get confused by those odd nicknames of the Kyushu punk bands' members.

Murder Maniacs "Black Punk" 7" EP - Yasuo/Battle Striker, 198?, Japan, 500 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 368), (Battle Striker 001 #1) - $8

OCT 19TH 2010 (PART 2 : N~Z)

N~Z +++

Narcosis "S/T" CD - Self, 2000, Peru, (No Cat. #) - $10
Early obscure Peruvian HC/Punk circa '85. One of the first Peruvian HC bands among some others like Ataque Frontal(Guerrilla Urbana), Leusemia, Autopsia(pre-Gx3) etc. Contains the "Primera Dosis" 18-track demo tape('85) and various unreleased live/studio stuff including the Sociedad Anónima(pre-Narcosis) material as well. Ultra-raw and primitive sounding HC/Punk that's comparable to Lixomania, early Cólera, Gx3 etc. I don't think this CD is available anywhere in the U.S. It's probably out of print, too.

Nikudan "S/T" 7" flexi - Lucky Strike/Ing,o!, 1983, Japan, (ING-003) - $25
Produced by Michiro Endo(The Stalin). The Stalin meets ADK Records styled '80s Japanese punk ala Kikeiji, Aka, Aburadako or Masturbation. This is their 1st flexi(3 tracks) that was originally issued with Michiro's infamous Ing,o! zine. The first track "Seppuku" is a fast-pased, solid punk tune that reminds me a lot of The Stalin songs from the "Stop Jap" or "Mushi" albums. Insanely complicated Aburadako-like lyrics that make absolutely no sense to me. Nikudan also had the split 8" with Gas. I've been looking for the "Proletariat-Sports" 8" EP by this band...!

No Evacuations "Silence Of War..." 7" EP - Self, 2004, Japan, 500 pressed, (NOEVA-01) - $20

No Lip "S/T" 7" EP - T.P.C.(Tokyo Punks Club), 1986, Japan, Insert, (TPC-1103) - $17
ADK Records styled, dark and fast-pased metallic punk! Roger from Dead Cops/SiC was in this band. Appeared on various foreign and domestic comp's. Released on the same label that also put out the Corruption Of Peace LP, Masami(Ghoul) EP, Warriors EP etc. Thought I'd waste a bit of my time again and go on writing some interesting(?) episode regarding this lesser-known Tokyo-based label(with a criminally embarrassing name...) coz probably not so many people know about it. This label was ran by a dude from the legendary punk shop called "Jim's Inn" and Sakevi's Beast Arts was originally part of T.P.C. Records(they used the same contact address) The "M.A.N." LP was planned to be released on T.P.C., however it ended up being the first Beast Arts release as Sakevi decided to establish his own label in the last minutes, although the LP was already advertised in the T.P.C. release ads.

No Value "2002/6/8 @ Cymbaline" Tape - Bad Smell(a.k.a. New Smell), 2003, Japan, Ltd. to 200 copies, w/ Sticker, (No Cat. #) - $10

Order "Saru" 7" EP - HG Fact, 2007, Japan, 1500 pressed, (HG-213) - $15

Outo "Shoujiki Mono Wa Bakawo Miru" LP - Selfish, 1987, Japan, Original, Insert, (BEL-12017/PLATE-02) - $65
Both the vinyl and sleeve are in a superb condition like new, even still has the original outer poly sleeve from 23 years ago. You won't find a better copy than this. The original Selfish Records pressing of this classic LP. I guess it was actually the split release by Selfish and S.O.B.'s Low-Brow Records, as the center labels have both catalog numbers. "PLATE-01" was the S.O.B. "Leave Me Alone" 7"/12".

Outo "No Way Out" 7" EP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, Insert, (AMI-7033) - $35

P.C.G.(Poisonous Cross Gibbet) "Last Sheet" 7" flexi - Line, 1984, Japan, (Line-003) - $28

Paintbox "Honou / Sabaku" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Insert, (EX-/VG), (HG-101) - $25

Para-Phrase "Su-De-Ni!?" 7" Flexi - Beat Generation, 1981, Japan, Clear blue flexi, (Ino 1-ban) - $35
Total Friction worship!!!!!! Reminds me of Speed, too!! I don't have much infos about this unknown early Japanese punk band, but according to the "Punk Tengoku" guide book(by Doll), they were from Sapporo city. Quite rare to see this style of bands from that area in the early '80s. Great raw primitive punk rock with a sharp edge. I'd totally recommend this to anyone who likes Friction, Mirrors, Speed, Lizard or the other Tokyo Rockers related bands from that era.

Poison Arts "Kick Rock" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1989, Japan, Freebie, Photocopied sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $10
Re-recorded version of their killer title track tune from the classic 1st LP on Selfish Records. Much faster and better than the original version! Sounds really awesome. This track is exclusive to this flexi and can't be heard elsewhere, not even on the official discography double CD. Please note that the sleeve is a photocopy.

Pretty "Neo Damaging Noise III" CD - Fuck The System, 2006, Japan, Obi, (FSR-003) - $10

Rabid "Total Chaotic Attack" Tape - E.A.S.T. Peace, 2001, Japan, Ltd. to 500 copies, Pro-copied blue cassette, (EPCA-001) - $25
'80s Swedish HC style ala S.O.D., Disarm, Absurd meets distorted Kyushu noisecore!!! The only release ever(and it's very rare) by this killer short-lived band from Kyushu. Wish they've released at least one record! Noisy and chaotic HC attack like the title says, cool artwork and excellent production. Perfect!!!

Rancid Cocks "Chikushou" 7" EP - Dan-Doh/Think Twice, 1997, Japan, Insert, (Dan-Doh 010/T.T.-02) - $17
The first and only EP by Rancid Cocks from Kyushu. Traditional metallic Japcore, totally wild and raging band like Lip Cream, Bastard, Nightmare, Tetsu-Arrey or Crück!

Real "Real 4" 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, 2 x booklet, (ADK-20E) - $35
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Records). I like most of the Real releases, but this 7" and the 8" on Ducasse label are their best in my opinion. Solid and hard sounding punk with sharp guitar. Probably one of the most overlooked, yet harder to find ADK releases. Never seen it for sale elsewhere outside of Japan. Real was one of the very few ultra-political activist bands in Japan among the others with the similiar political stances(anti-emperor, anti-war, animal rights) like Theze, The Ballad, Nué, HDW, Hellnation etc. I remember some of them getting arrested in the chaos of the riot when the Showa Emperor died(X-day) in '89. This copy comes with the two East Asia Anti-Japanese Armed Front booklet inserts(not all copies came with them).

Reality Crisis "Deformed Society" 7" EP - MCR, 1999, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-141) - $35
Long out of print 1st EP by one of the best current Japanese crust bands. For some reason this one is a bit tough to find.

Refuse "Control Noise" Tape - Damaging Noise, 2003, Japan, Pro-copied cassette, (Damaging Noise Records-001) - $17
The sleeve has a cool Gai "Extermination" rip-off artwork.

Result "Love//Hope" LP - Scruffy Krust, 1999, Japan, 900 pressed on black, Insert & 14-page glossy booklet, (No Cat. #) - $85
The first and only full-length LP by this amazing Japanese crustcore band featuring the singer from C.F.D.L. and the guitarist from Muga. Self-released on their own label Scruffy Krust Records. Very, very rare and hard to find nowadays. This LP is so fucking great and is definitely much better than their earlier EP. One of the best '90s Japanese crust releases in my opinion. Dark, metallic, and dramatic Japanese crustcore at it's best. Nice silver "grim reaper" artwork printed on a black textured paper sleeve.

Robbing The Cradle "Blue Note/Echoes" 7" EP - Battle Company, 198?, Japan, New/Unplayed, (FEI-8032S) - $9
Self-released 1st EP by this obscure KBD-style, wavey and rockin' punk rock band from Kyushu. They've done a few LP's after this EP. ex-Sheena & The Rokkets!

Rustler, The "S/T" 7" flexi - D.I.S., 1988, Japan, Insert, (D.I.S.-005) - $25
One of the best Shizuoka city Japcore bands among with So What, Innocents, Deadless Muss, Griffin FZ(pre-Zone), Mental etc. Rustler had a split EP with So What. Very rare 1st flexi on Deadless Muss' D.I.S. label. 10 tracks!!
Note: Unfortunately, the flexi is bent and skips once or twice during the song. Arm pitch adjustment might help on some turntable, but I can't guarantee and thus priced low(selling it for my cost). Too bad I didn't check it well when I got it. The sleeve and insert are in very nice shape, perfect for upgrading your copy though.

S.D.S.(Societic Death Slaughter) "Scum System Kill" 7" EP - Mangrove, 1996, Japan, Green marbled vinyl, Insert, (ROOT-009) - $25

S.D.S.(Societic Death Slaughter) "Ameber" 12" - MCR, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-100) - $40

S.D.S.(Societic Death Slaughter) "Live In Automatic Country" Tape - E.A.S.T. Peace, 1999(?), Japan, Pro-copied cassette, (Sore Core MT002) - $25

2nd Degree "S/T" 7" EP - Self, 2004, Japan, 500 pressed, (No Cat. #) - $7
The Bristles, The Last Survivors, Persevere, '82 U.K.(No Future/Riot City) styled Japanese HC/Punk. Their 2nd EP and CD are out on HG Fucked.

Shoichi Miyazawa "Kiristo Wa Umagoya De Umareta" 7" flexi - Political, 1981, Japan, (MIG-2502) - $85
Mega-rare release on the legendary Political Records by Michiro Endo(The Stalin). This one is actually much rarer than any of the other Political releases(The Stalin & Typhus), however it's quite unknown and obscure comparing to the others such as the "Trash" LP or Typhus flexi. For the serious, die-hard collector of Japanese punk or The Stalin. Produced by Michiro and he also plays a guitar and drums on this flexi.

So What "Murder" 7" EP - Selfish/Dynamite, 1991, Japan, Insert, (EX-/VG), (AMI-7043/DON DON-009) - $38
Legendary Shizuoka-city Japcore! Produced by Minoru from Lip Cream. Split release by Selfish Records and Lip Cream's Dynamite label. This is one of the very few last Selfish releases that rarerly pop up for sale, like the Gauze 3rd LP('91), Death Side/Chaos UK split CD('93), Death Side 2nd LP('91), Assfort CD('91), Acid 2nd LP('91) etc. While most of their releases before '90 were pressed in the large quantity of a few thousand each or more, the later ones that came out a little before the label ended were pressed in the much smaller quantity and probably no represses either. Anyways, this last So What EP is awesome and is much better than their split with The Rustler in my opinion. 6 tracks of blazing Burning Spirits style, top-notch quality Japcore at it's best. Can't believe this was their last release though. The whole EP rules! They should have done a full-length LP with this last lineup before breaking up....!!!!

Sorto "1984-1986" 7" EP - Power It Up, 1992/2003, Finland, 500 pressed, Ltd. edition w/ orig. '92 sleeve & blank center labels, Insert & label postcard, (P.I.U. #6) - $7

Stalin, The "Stop Jap" LP - Climax/Tokuma, 1982, Japan, 2nd press, Orig. sticker on sleeve, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (CMC-2505S) - $38
This is the rare 2nd press on black vinyl that's harder to find than the red vinyl 1st press copies which seem to be more common.

Stalin, The "Allergy/No Fun" 7" EP - Climax/Tokuma, 1982, Japan, (CMA-2033) - $25
The killer classic tunes on this EP. Includes a B-side track that's not on the LP's.

Stalin, The "Go Go Stalin" 12" - Climax/Tokuma, 1983, Japan, Obi, (CMC-1) - $25

Stalin, The "Dendou Kokeshi/Tempura Rock" 7" flexi - Ing,o!/Lucky Strike, 1984, Japan, (ING-004) - $30

Stalin, The "Fish Inn" LP - B.Q., 1984, Japan, Original, Promo flyer & insert, (BQL-1) - $40
This copy comes with a super-rare promo flyer(original!). The flyer has a live photo, tour dates, B.Q. Records phone number and the LP release/Ing,o! zine infos. This is the original pressing on Michiro's B.Q. label, not the '86 reissue on J.A.P./Japan Records which is the remix version with extra guitars, bass and keyboard added by Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock etc. This B.Q. original recording and the remix version sound very different. The "Fish Inn" remix LP was the very first Japanese record Bill Laswell has ever produced. He's an well-known producer who has also worked with Motorhead, Ramones, Iggy Pop, P.I.L., Bob Marley, Mick Jaguar, Yoko Ono, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc. I personally enjoy listening to both versions, however most of the Japanese fans say that the additional instruments and over-remix work ruined the original sound. Also, the B.Q. issue has a completely different sleeve artwork than the reissue. Only the ltd. mailorder copies came with a flexi and that one is much harder to come by.

Stalin, The "Stalinism" 12" - Independent/B.Q., 1987, Japan, Insert, (Independent 009ML) - $30
Official collection of their early classics. Compiles the "Dendou-Kokeshi" 1st flexi(Political, 1980), "Stalinism" EP(Political, '81), "Vacuum" mailorder-only bonus flexi for the "Fish Inn" LP(B.Q., '84), "Chicken Farm Chicken" off the "Welcome To 1984" comp LP(MRR, '84).
Note: There's a light, but visible scratch on Side A that does not affect playing.

(Stalin, The) Ing,o! No.4 - Zine & The Stalin 7" flexi - Political Project, 1984, Japan, A4 size, 31 pages, (ING-004) - $75
Mega-rare infamous zine published by The Stalin singer Michiro Endo and his Political Project(Records). Complete with the "Dendou Kokeshi/Tempura Rock" flexi!!! The flexi has a picture sleeve insert. This is "The Stalin Special" issue w/ photos, centerfold poster, interview, "Vietnam Legend" full-page ad, MRR reprint etc. Very rare to find The Stalin photo(centerfold poster) with their early '84 line-up incl. Michiro, Jun Bleed(The Willard), Teruya Ogata and Jun Inui. Perhaps this is the only one ever appeared in the zine. Large A4 size, thick pages.

(Stalin, The) Michiro, Get The Help! "Help!(Take 2)" 7" flexi - B.Q./GNP(Grotesque New Pop), 1985, Japan, Promo-only/freebie, Clear red flexi, (SPS-2) - $10

(Stalin, The) Michiro, Get The Help! "Odyssey 1985 Sex" 7" EP - GNP(Grotesque New Pop), 1985, (K07S-10052) - $20
Post-The Stalin project band under the name of "Michiro, Get The Help!" with Masayuki Ono(Allergy/The Stalin) and Jun Shimoyama(The Roosters). The 12" version of this single isn't so hard to find, however this lesser-known 7" version is pretty rare. Would be a nice addition to The Stalin/Michiro Endo collection. The front cover artwork was done by a cult Japanese comic artist Suehiro Maruo, who also did The Stalin "Mushi" picture LP artwork. GNP was the newly established label by Michiro.

(Stalin, The) Michiro Endo "Hasan" LP - GNP(Grotesque New Pop), 1985, Japan, Insert & obi, (K28A 742) - $15
Post-The Stalin solo project band(The Gay-Nou Brothes) of Michiro with Jun Shimoyama from The Roosters(Burst City!) etc. The first full-length release under the concept of what he called "Grotesque New Pop", an essential mix of punk/new wave/post-punk, plus the usual Michiro craziness. A year after the several GNP releases, he formed the new bands Video-Stalin and Paranoia Star. While Video-Stalin was around for about two years and very active, as far as I know Paranoia Star played only a few gigs and released one LP which contains a few re-recorded early tunes of The Stalin.

Star Club, The "Anoko Ni Hitomebore" 7" flexi - Club The Star, 1984, Japan, Gig freebie, (The Star Club No.7/CSR 005) - $35
Mega-rare gig freebie-only flexi! One of the hardest to find and most sought-after S.C. releases of all. Contains a killer, fast and hard drivin' punk title track tune which was actually the very first song that was ever written by them right after the band was formed, however has never been officially recorded until 1984(Except the live version of this song appeared on the "Go To Hell" acetate 7" that they've pressed less than 5 copies in 1977.) Although this studio track isn't available on any of their other records, it's one of the most well known and loved S.C. tunes to their older fans. The flexi was given away free to fans only at one show at Loft in 1984(Says "Not For Sale" printed on it). Some online resources say that it was the first flexi to be given away through their "Cosa Nostra" fan club(existed '85~'90), but that's surely incorrect.

State, The "No Illusions Reunion" Tape - Take 'Em Up, 2003, US, Hand-written on chrome tape, (Take 'Em Up #1) - $5
Official limited tape-only release containing the '03 reunuion show(at the State Control Record Shop) by this classic MI hardcore band. Excellent sound. Includes a Discharge cover song "State Control".

Stupids "Leave Your Mark"(a.k.a. "Untitled") 7" EP - Vinyl Solution, 1987, UK, Ltd. mailorder-only EP, Clear red vinyl, Orig. clear sticker on stamped plain die-cut sleeve, Stamped blank labels, (VS-3) - $35
This is a very rare, special 5-track EP that was only available through mailorder from the label. It's sometimes called the "Untitled" EP. Not sure of the exact pressing info, but only a couple of hundred copies were pressed as I heard. Not all copies have the sleeve and center labels stamped. This copy does.

Swankys, The "Very Best Of Part 2" 7" EP - Dogma, 1986, Japan, (DOG-15) - $78

Swankys, The "Foolish" 7" EP - Kings World, 1987, Japan, Orig. sticker on blue die-cut sleeve, (KK 002) - $28

Swankys, The "Last Punk Show"(+ Studio Trax) LP - Kings World, 1996, Japan, 800 pressed, Obi, (KWLP-7001) - $65
Contains their '89 last show at Loft, Tokyo on Side A(33 RPM) and the two previously unreleased studio demo tracks "Fucker" and "Pop Rocker" on Side B(45 RPM) as bonus tracks. The "Last Punk Show" was originally a cassette-only release on Kings World from '89. This is the official vinyl issue and is limited to only 800 copies like the Gai "Damaging Noise" ltd. 12". Cool sleeve artwork. This one is pretty rare to find. Would be a nice addition to any Swankys/Gai/Kyushu punk collection.

Tetsu-Arrey "S/T" CD - S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet, 1991, Japan, Obi, (SS-011) - $55

Tetsu-Arrey "Tetsu-Arrey II" LP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Heavy gatefold sleeve, Poster insert & obi, (HG-100) - $45

305, The(The Three-O-Five) "S/T" 8" flexi - Beat Time, 1984, Japan, New/Unplayed, (A-305) - $7
Catchy, melodic and fun punk rock with sharp and trashy rockin' guitar riffs. Completely unknown band here. Some of the members went onto form The Pogo and Kenzi.

324 "Soulwinter" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1999, Japan, (HG-104) - $17

Total Fury "Committed To The Core" 7" EP - Youth Attack, 2002, Japan, Ltd. US tour press, White blank labels w/ large center hole, (YA #16) - $7

Tranquilizer "The Massacre of St. Bartholomew" 7" flexi - Self, 1986, Japan, (Tranquilizer Record-002) - $110

Tsunematsu Masatoshi "S/T" 12" - Pass, 1981, Japan, Insert, (PAS-4002) - $20
ex-Friction and E.D.P.S.!! Rare original 12" on the Friction-related, legendary and one of the earliest Japanese punk/wave labels, Pass Records.

Unholy Grave "Terror" 7" EP - Blurred, 1997, Japan, Ltd. clear red vinyl, (Blurred-12) - $9

United "Destroy Metal" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, Orig. 1st press on black vinyl w/ poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NRR-E003) - $25
The 1st EP from their pre-thrash metal era. Very HC influenced Japanese metal. It's like a perfect mix of old school speed metal and the Gastunk/Ghoul/Poison/Mobs-like metallic HC sound. United was also on the legendary Hold Up Omnibus LP. Max from Ghoul and The Trash are listed on the Special Thanks list. If you dig that metal-punk sound of the G.I.S.M. "M.A.N." LP, you probably will enjoy this as well. Unplayed old stock copy!

Violent Pain "Feel For New Age" 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 1100 pressed, Fold-out sleeve(tiny sticker tear), (MCR-093) - $3

War Crimes "The True Face of Bombings" 7" EP - Blood Sucker/Pikadon, 1993, Japan, 500 pressed, Poster sleeve, Stamped & numbered plain inner-sleeve(# 363), (BSR-009/PIKA-01E) - $40
War Crime was the very first crust styled HC band from Hiroshima. Great mix of Scandi-styled crust and traditional Japcore. Split release by Bloodsucker Records and the band's own Pikadon label. This 7" almost never pops up for sale nowadays. Awesome sleeve artwork by Sugi!

Warhead "The Lost Self and Beating Heart" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, (BSR-017) - $30

Waves "The Vagrancy Of The Hell" 7" EP - Human Stench, 2002, Japan, Insert, (Stench 11) - $3

Willard, The "Lightning Scarlet" 2 x 7" EP - Eastworld, 1986, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (T65-1096/97) - $15
Awesome 4-track double EP includes the exclusive live version of their early classic tunes "Punx Sing A Gloria" and "Outlaw". Very nice packaging as well. The singer Jun joined The Stalin as a guitarist and the drummer Kyoya played in The Execute while The Willard was temporary broken up in 1984.

Willard, The "Run Cindy Run" 12" - Eastworld, 1986, Japan, Never issued w/ insert, (T98-104) - $8

Willard, The "Silly Games" 12" - Eastworld, 1987, Japan, Insert, (T12-106) - $8

Willard, The "Mercy For The Rabbit" 12" - Eastworld, 1988, Japan, Insert, (T18-5013) - $8
One of my favorite releases by The Willard from the late '80s era. Great songs and great sleeve artwork.

Willard, The "Rose Or Lose" 12" - Eastworld, 1988, Japan, Insert, (T12-110) - $8
Includes a killer Motorhead cover song "Over Kill"!!

World Downfall "S/T" 7" EP - Agromosh, 2003, Japan, 900 pressed on black vinyl, Flyer, Small sticker tear on back sleeve, (Agromosh-011) - $3

Z "Violence Action" 7" flexi - Self, 1986, Japan, 500 pressed, Clear red flexi, w/ color photo(non-autographed), (Z Record-02) - (Trade or Offer)
Intensely raw, primitive and chaotic noise-core, but it's more in the vein of stuff like early Gudon, Tranquilizer or State Children than those U.K. inspired Kyushu noise-core bands. The 3" spiked studded leather masks, raw as fuck recording and teenage fucked-up noisy HC craziness from the countryside of Japan 23 years back... I've heard that the recording for this flexi was done with some crappy cassette recorder in somebody's room. Some copies came with a random bonus color photo of the band members. This is the first one that I've seen without an autograph. Note: The band name is pronounced "Zétto" in Japanese.

Zadkiel "Hell's Bomber" Picture 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, 1500 pressed, Clear PVC sleeve, (NRR-E011) - $45
The legendary band that G.A.T.E.S. were highly inspired by!!! Violent mix of raw thrash, hardcore/punk, Motörhead and Venom. Very original and essential sound, I'd say. Includes 4 tracks recorded circa '83/84. Fucking loud, noisy and totally raging!! This EP was released after they broke up. Some of the members, including a super bassist Koh Morota(R.I.P.), went onto form Doom and F.O.A.D.(with Max from Ghoul & Jotaro from Mobs/Tetsu-Arrey). Featuring great artwork on a picture disc. One of the BEST and harder to find Hold Up Records releases.

Zyanose "Crossing" 7" EP - Guerrilla, 2006, Japan, 700 pressed, Insert, (Guerrilla-02) - $55

OCT 19TH 2010 (PART 3 : SPLIT & V/A) & (PART 4 : MISC. STUFF)

+++ SPLIT +++

Anarchy Condoms / Raw Ride - 7" EP - Hamakko, 2000, Japan, (Hama-002) - $15
Wow, this is an amazing split of two completely unknown bands from Yokohama city. Anarchy Condoms plays totally intense, heavy, and noisy Japcore with full of distortion. The funny thing is that their band logo is a Gauze logo rip-off. Raw Ride is in the vein of Gauze(4th LP), NK6, or Hammer, but their songs are even faster. High-speed, thrashin' Japcore that is an absolute smasher here. The screaming vocals are awesome, too. Awesome tunes on this split, with some unbelievablly terrible sleeve artwork. It's a drawing of a samurai with the Anarchy Condoms logo mark on his back chopping the head off of a mohawked samurai... One of the worst I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure this 7" is long out of print and quite hard to find as I've never seen another copy.

Ashes / Crowd "Hostility" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1991, Japan, (Overthrow-02) - $25
Early release by Overthrow Records. Both are unknown but pretty good Japcore bands from the Nagoya area. The Crowd side especially stands out here. Totally blazing metallic Japcore that reminds me of the "Burning Spirits" style with a slight crust touch. Another underrated band?

Battle Of Disarm / Brainstorm - LP - No Time To Be Wasted, 1993, Japan/Serbia(ex-Yugo.), 400 pressed, Insert, Screen-printed sleeve, Japan-only extra lyrics translation insert, (NTTBW-005/005 HELL) - (Trade or Offer)
This is B.O.D.'s first vinyl release and is probably their rarest, even harder to find than the "Sons Of War" LP which normally sells for $60+. One-time limited pressing of only 400 copies, on a small Serbian label that also did a few other ultra-limited Yugo HC records like the Distress 7", 2 Minuta Mržne 7", Brainstorm 7" etc. Pretty much everything on this label is really hard to come by. This split LP wasn't well distributed at the time of its release and most of the copies were sold in Japan and Eastern Europe.

Blüdwülf / Toxic Holocaust "Speed N' Spikes Vol.1" 7" EP - Relapse, 2008, US, Ltd. to 400 copies(out of 1000 total) on clear yellow/red splatter vinyl, Orig. sticker on outer sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RR-076) - $25

Blüdwülf / Barbatos - 7" EP - Hells Headbangers, 2009, US/Japan, Ltd. Die Hard edition of 111 copies on green/black colored vinyl, Hand-numbered sticker on sleeve, Insert, (HELLS EP 036) - $38

Coward / Gasmask - LP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, Insert, (Crust War-017) - $40
The official reissue of these mega-rare Skeleton Records releases from the mid '80s. Includes the unreleased tracks by the studio-only projects of both bands' members called Gasward and Cowmask.

Crocodile Skink / Forca Macabra - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1996, Japan/Finland, 2 x insert, (D.I.Y.-EP 014) - $25

Crucial Section / Lie - 7" flexi - In Your Fuck, 1998, Japan, Ltd. version of 50 copies w/ hand-numbered orange sleeve(# 12/50), (No Cat. #) - $28

Crucified By The System(Kä-Kami) / Insane Youth A.D. "Wild Things" 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1999, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Dan-Doh 025) - $20
Crucified By The System(a.k.a. Crucified By Kä-Kami) was a Scandi styled noisy D-beat HC project band consisted of Kawakami(Disclose), Otto(Selfish/Forca Macabra), and some Insane Youth dude. Insane Youth sounds more like raging trad. Japcore and had a guitarist from Forward.

Crude / Violence Moment "Blood Sucking Freaks IV" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, (BSR-019) - $25
The first ever record release by Crude!

Delta(ex-S.D.S.) / Rocky & The Sweden / Balzac "Abstruct Madness" CD - DiwPhalanx, 2001, Japan, 600 pressed, Ltd. tour-only release, Clear purple zippered PVC package, (PX-068) - $25
Very, very rare 3-way split CD which was only available during the Abstruct Madness/Noise Rock 2001 tour by these 3 bands together. Delta was a short-lived band by all the ex-S.D.S. members except a drummer was ex-Iconoclast. Awesome, ultra-fast and metallic HC. Their songs sound fucking sharp and aggressive as hell. I personally like them even better than S.D.S.!!! The 1st EP was planned to be released on MCR, but sadly they broke up before releasing anything besides a few comp appearances on the Mangrove label CD, the Destroy 'zine comp 12"/CD etc. The Delta tracks on this split are "War Machine", "Sons of Distraction" and "Statik Love-Statik Loud". All of them are killer!!! Rocky does a kick-ass Japanese cover of Ultra Violent "Crime For Revenge" and one original song. Nice packaging and a cool punkish cover artwork on the sleeve.

Disaffect / Sedition "Work As One" 7" EP - Nabate/Flat Earth, 1993, UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (NAB-07/FE-12) - $17

Disclose / Homomilitia "Attack The Enemy/Milczenie = Śmierć" 7" EP - Scream, 1995, Japan/Poland, New/Unplayed, (SR-004) - $20

Disclose / Cluster Bomb Unit - 7" EP - MCR, 1995, Japan/Germany, 1500 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-080) - $18

Disclose Cluster Bomb Unit - 7" EP - MCR, 1995, Japan/Germany, 1500 pressed, Poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (MCR-080) - $20

Disclose / Selfish "No More Pain!" 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1996, Japan/Finland, Remastered 2nd press w/ silver & black center labels, Insert, (D.I.Y.-EP 003) - $18

Disfuse / Power Of Idea - 7" EP - Japankore, 1995, US/Japan, 300 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert, (JKDR-002) - $20
Dropdead members' project band Vs. Japanese political crust. Confuse rip-off sleeve artwork and logo. Includes a Crow cover by Disfuse and a Dropdead cover by P.O.I.

Edge-Ucate / Deliver Me - 7" EP - Disgruntled, 199?, US, Ltd. version of 100 w/ handmade die-cut sleeve & numbered inner sleeve(# 1), Insert, (DR 008) - $3
Edge-Ucate = ex-Charles Bronson. Released on the Bronson member's old label Disgruntled Records.

Exit Hippies / Tantrum - LP - New Smell, 2003, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, New/Unplayed, (New Smell 003) - $30
Fucked up buzzsaw noisecore chaos Vs. '80s Italian influenced distorted thrash HC. Completely different tracks from the later split 7" on Distort Records.

Gakimusha-Rousoku(a.k.a. Distorted Samurais) / Pipyu - 7" flexi - Bleeding Heart, 1985, Japan, Insert, Screen printed sleeve, Clear red flexi, (Bleeding Heart Records 012) - $35

Gas / Nikudan "Reikai/Ryojin-Nikki" 8" EP - Jisatsu Label, 1984, Japan, Poster sleeve version(1st press) w/ label newsletter printed inside, (GL-004E) - $48

Lärm / Pandemonium - LP - Boot, 199?, Holland, 250 pressed, Orange vinyl, New/Unplayed, (No Cat. #) - $18

Liberate / Selfish "The Only Thing Between Life And Death...Is You!" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1999, Japan/Finland, Label flyer, (HG-111) - $9
The Selfish tracks were recorded during their Japan tour and were produced by Chelsea(Death Side/Paintbox). He also plays guitar solo on one of their tracks "Tight-Ass", which is a great song about those close-minded PC dickheads(a.k.a. B.O.D. or P.O.I.) from Tokyo, yeah!!

Order / Mindsuck / Mental Disease "Natural Crust & Punk Force, Noise Making" 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 800 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-092) - $30
This 3-way split is actually quite hard to come by(and expensive in Japan coz Order is fucking big now overthere). This is one of those few old MCR 7"s that were pressed in smaller quantity like 700~800 copies. Contains the first ever recording by Order, with original singer, from when they were still playing early Chaos UK/Disorder/Chaos CH influenced, sloppy and raw noisecore like what you hear on their "Punk Navigation" 1st EP on Overthrow Records. I love all the Order releases up to the "Taep'o-Dong" LP, but especially the early stuff though. Their recent 7"s are kinda lame... Some of the Mindsuck members went onto form Reality Crisis. Noisy distorted crustcore. Mental Disease, you probably already know. Really nice 'n' crusty comp. 7" with a super-crusty sleeve artwork that you can actually smell it.

Repos, The / Fourteen Or Fight - 7" EP - Gloom, 2004, US, 1100 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert, New/Unplayed, (Gloom-031) - $5

S.D.S. / The Hong Kong Knife "Tiger Hole Range Split 7" Series Vol.7" - 7" EP - Loft/Tiger Hole, 1998, Japan, (THRS-007) - $22

S.O.B. / Outo - Split 7" EP - Coretic, 1989(?), Japan, 1st press of 200 on black vinyl w/ pink sleeve & sliver labels, Hand-numbered label(# 111/200), (Coretic-01) - $35
This is the "original" 1st pressing from the late '80s(or '90?), on black vinyl with a pink-ish sleeve. Also the center labels are metallic silver. Only 200 of these "real" ones were made back then. These are rarely seen for sale nowadays. More recent reissues were pressed on various colors of vinyl with a black & white slick sleeve and the white center labels. Who knows how many copies of those recent ones were really pressed(definiately way more than 200, although almost everywhere online states so).

Total Fury / The Jury - 7" EP - Gloom, 2007, Japan/US, 500 pressed, Ltd. US tour press, Gray marbled vinyl, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 352), Insert, (Gloom-040) - $7

Zyanose / The Separations "Fuck Split" Demo CD-R - Self, 2006, Japan, Gig freebie, Hand-written disc, (No Cat. #) - $30
Originally given away free at one of their shows and it's supposed to be limited to only 100 copies. The Separations are the studio side project of Zyanose.


ADK Omnibus Vol.2(Neo Punk Disorderly) - 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (ADK 08E) - $90
Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) / Molugu / Gabell / Glycerin - Volume two of the legendary compilation by ADK Records. Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Records). The whole compilation is awesome. This record went sold out in less than 3 weeks from its release. The Glycerin tracks are much rawer and more chaotic HC sounding than their songs on the later 8" EP that came out on AA Records in '87. Molugu simply kills.

A Farewell To Arms - LP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Orig. Japanese press, Insert, (BEL-12003) - $60
Gauze / Lip Cream / The Execute / Ghoul / Gastunk / Outo - Original Selfish Records pressing, not the '88 German re-issue on Nuclear Blast with different artworks. Needless to say, this whole compilation is amazing. Contains an exclusive Gastunk song called "Alpha In 201" that can be heard only on this LP. It's one of their earliest songs and has never been included on any of their other releases. Any fans should have it as it's a great tune.
Note: There's some visible discoloration around the top right part of the sleeve.

Abstruct Madness - CD - DiwPhalanx, 2001, Japan, 600 pressed, Ltd. tour-only release, Clear purple zippered PVC package, (PX-068) - $25
Delta(ex-S.D.S.) / Rocky & The Sweden / Balzac - Very, very rare 3-way split CD which was only available during the Abstruct Madness/Noise Rock 2001 tour by these 3 bands together. Delta was a short-lived band by all the ex-S.D.S. members except a drummer was ex-Iconoclast. Awesome, ultra-fast and metallic HC. Their songs sound fucking sharp and aggressive as hell. I personally like them even better than S.D.S.!!! The 1st EP was planned to be released on MCR, but sadly they broke up before releasing anything besides a few comp appearances on the Mangrove label CD, the Destroy 'zine comp 12"/CD etc. The Delta tracks on this split are "War Machine", "Sons of Distraction" and "Statik Love-Statik Loud". All of them are killer!!! Rocky does a kick-ass Japanese cover of Ultra Violent "Crime For Revenge" and one original song. Nice packaging and a cool punkish cover artwork on the sleeve.

All Crusties Spending Loud Night '97(Crust War Presents) - VHS - Crust War/MCR, 1998, Japan, Ltd. to 1000 copies, NTSC format, (No Cat. #/MCR-123) - $25
Disclose / Gloom / Life / Crocodile Skink - Produced/released by Crust War and distributed by MCR.

Answer Records Compilation - 2 x LP - Answer, 1998, Japan, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 0951), 36-page large booklet, Long out of print, (ANS-005) - $45
S.D.S. / Result / Reality Crisis / Order(early noisecore-era w/ orig. singer) / Tomorrow / Demolition / Unholy Grave / Nice View / Flash Gordon / J.U.U.M.(Reality Crisis member) / Mental Disease / Out Of Touch(C.F.D.L. & Future Now! members) / System Kills / Ferocious Attack / Catch 23 / Rotary Beginners / Boss Pitt / Cigaretteman / Common Bond / Device Change / Endeavors / Furious About / Insane'n The Brain / Juno / Kiba / Maniac High Sence / Maten's / Navel / New Dawn / Scratch Tomorrow / Screw Up / Short Length / Stab 4 Reason / Strike Out / United '97 - Rare and killer comp. with massive amount of crust and HC bands from the Nagoya/Aichi area. Most of the tracks appeared here are exclusive to this release.

Apathy = Self Destruction - 7" EP - F.F.T., 1999, Japan, Poster sleeve, (F.F.T.-017) - $25
Result / Order / Tomorrow / Isolation - I'm pretty sure all the materials on this compilation are exclusive to this release. Includes an early Order material with original singer.

Battle Of The Worst Bands - 12" - Non Commercial, 2006, US, Ltd. mailorder-only edition of 175 copies(out of 475 total) on coke-bottle clear vinyl, 2 x insert, New/Unplayed, (NON-06) - $10
Cider / Darvocets / The Ruiners / Brainwashed Youth

Cry Of Soul - 7" EP - Crow, 1997, Japan/US/Finland, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (Crow Records-3/VA-1) - $35
Crow / Final Bombs / His Hero Is Gone / Selfish

Darkest 4, The - Tape - No label, 2003, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $25
Effigy / Acrostix / Zoe / Disturd - Rare tape-only release. Contains exclusive tracks by each band. Only a limited copies of this tape were made and sold out quickly. Disturd shares the singer and guitarist with Death Dust Extractor!

Flash Out! Poland - 8" flexi - Aspirin, 1982, Japan, Extra outer back sleeve, (JCA 207) - (Trade or Offer)
Real / A-Musik / Karehazai / Mugensuiro - On Aspirin Records! If you collect the Aspirin or related releases, you should already know how damn rare this is. So, I'm not gonna go on. This "flexi" is made with some super hard and thick material that's almost like the regular hard vinyl record. Kinda cool. Never seen anything like this before.

Go Ahead Make My Day(Smashing Oddsness 2) - LP - Oddsness, 1989, Japan, Fold-out insert, (OD-002) - $65
Bastard / Asbestos / Don Don / SiC / Complete / Sweats / Sicilian Blood / F.V.K. / Idora - All the bands' recordings are exclusive to this rare comp. The Bastard material is not even included in the official discography CD. Different version of the classic tune "Wind Of Pain"!! The Sicilian Blood songs are very good on this comp., with that Gauze sounding, in-your-face Japcore style. Oddsness label was made only to release the "Smashing Oddsness" 8" EP(Deathside, Crück etc.) and this LP. Sweats featured the ex and later members of Rocky & The Sweden, Headless, Systematic Death, Idora etc.

Hang The Sucker Vol.2 - LP - Kagai Mousou, 1989, Japan, Insert, (Kagai Mousou-012L) - $60
Death Side / Gudon / Half Years / Mad Conflux - The legendary Japcore 4-way split LP on Gudon's Kagai Mousou label. Half Years were the short-lived project band consisted of Zigyaku(Gudon/Bastard/Judgement), Motsu(Chicken Bowels/Gudon/Rise From The Dead), and Tunk(Outo/S.O.B./KGGM).

Japan Bashing Three - 2 x 7" EP - Public Bath, 1991, Japan, 1000 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 839), Insert, (PB 7) - $35
Hanatarash / Hijo Kaidan / Masonna / Solmania

Johann's Face & Dumpsterland Present - 7" EP & Zine - Johann's Face/Dumpsterland, 2004, US, (JFR 012) - (Trade or Offer)
The Rejected / The Mushuganas / No Empathy / Oblibion / Small Unfriendly Rodents - Here's a SUPER-RARE Chicago punk/hardcore comp. 7" with Dumpsterland zine # 7. The Rejected was Mark McCoy's band before Charles Bronson. A very obscure band indeed. It's probably their only recording ever. The Mushuganas had Ebro from Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, MK-Ultra, Punch In The Face, Ruination etc.

Konton Damaging Ear Massacre - LP - Crust War, 2005, Japan, 1000 pressed, Poster sleeve(huge!), New/Unplayed, (Crust War-028) - $45
Framtid / Ferocious X / Defector / Laukaus / Poikkeus / Zoe / Kruw / Adixion

Last Monarcho Punk Austria - LP - Noize Art, 2006, Austria, 500 pressed, Insert, (Noize 03) - $10
Shock Troop / Sotatila / Kurwa Aparata / Böslinge / Jugend Der Apathie / Amnesie Antinational / Furie / Deadline

Live Target - DVD - Coalition, 2005, Int'l, Region free(Code 0), Insert, New/Unplayed, (LKW 075) - $9
Lärm(Live in Germany/Holland) / Seein Red(in Japan) / Das Oath(in Japan) / Tear It Up(in Holland) / The Rites(in UK) / Smackdown(in Sweden) / The Horror(in UK)

Meaningful Consolidation - 2 x 7" EP - Blurred/D.I.Y./Icons Of Crust/Forest/Yasuo, 1994, Japan, Glossy booklet sleeve, (Blurred-05/D.I.Y.-EP-005/Icon-R-02/森林-01/Battle Striker-02) - $35
Disclose / S.D.S. / Abraham Cross / C.F.D.L. / Defiance / Anti Authorize / Iconoclast - It's like the '90s Japanese crust all-stars compilation with an amazing line-up! Split release by the 5 different labels. Defiance was an early Osaka crust band with an ex-Asphyxia guitarist and the members of Gloom, Defector etc.

Natsu-No-Kyoukou - VHS - Uramachi, 1997, Japan, Ltd. to 300 copies, Booklet, Slipcase package, Copy protected tape, (No Cat. #) - $60
Ai (AI) / Gaizi / Crusty Hi Charge / Pinocchio / Liberate / The Trash / Complete Exclude / Rancid Cocks / Burst / Sledge Hammer - This is a superb comp. video release by the Pinocchio members' label. It's like a documentary live video of Pinocchio and Gaizi's summer tour, with the excellent live footages of the various Japanese bands they played with during this tour. Most of these bands have never released any official video materials. Professionaly made and packaged. Comes with a nice booklet. Very limited edition of only 300 copies, sold mainly at the shows and via mailorder. The VHS tape is copy protected. The title "Natsu-No-Kyoukou" is kinda hard to translate into English though. It means something like "Violent Crime Of The Summer".

Natural Crust & Punk Force, Noise Making - 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 800 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-092) - $30
Order / Mental Disease / Mindsuck - This 3-way split is actually quite hard to come by(and expensive in Japan coz Order is fucking big now overthere). This is one of those few old MCR 7"s that were pressed in smaller quantity like 700~800 copies. Contains the first ever recording by Order, with original singer, from when they were still playing early Chaos UK/Disorder/Chaos CH influenced, sloppy and raw noisecore like what you hear on their "Punk Navigation" 1st EP on Overthrow. I love all the Order releases up to the "Taep'o-Dong" LP, but especially the early stuff though. Their recent 7"s are kinda lame... Some of the Mindsuck members went onto form Reality Crisis. Noisy distorted crustcore. Mental Disease, you probably already know. Really nice 'n' crusty comp. with a super-crusty sleeve artwork that you can actually smell it.

Patrick(Hang 'Em High) - 7" EP - Bloodberry, 1999, Japan, 500 pressed, Poster sleeve, (Bloodberry Records-027) - $20
Crow / Defuse / Disgusting Void / Slub Judge

Smashing Oddsness!! - 8" EP - Oddsness, 1988, Japan, Insert, (OD-001) - $75
Death Side / Crück / Don Don / Mink Oil / Idora

Tour De Farce - 7" EP - Empty, 1986, Int'l, 2 x insert, (MT-017) - $40
Guerrilla Urbana(a.k.a. Ataque Frontal/Peru) / Guerrilla Urbana(Spain) / No Lip(Japan) / Doc Wör Mirran(Germany) / Büld(Denmark) / Armatrak(New Zealand) - Extremely rare and obscure, mid '80s compilation featuring Ataque Frontal when they were still called Guerrilla Urbana before they've changed their name in order to avoid hassle from the authorities. This is the only release by them under the name of Guerrilla Urbana, besides the '85 demo which ended up being a split tape with HHH from Spain. Also on this great comp are some good bands like Guerrilla Urbana from Spain and No Lip from Japan, with Roger Armstrong from SiC and Dead Cops.

Transcendency - 3 x 7" EP - Discrete, 1996, Japan, 500 pressed, Booklet sleeve, (DIS-013) - $35
Gaizi / Extinct Government / Raise Cain / Dooms Day / Complete Exclude / Daston / Zone / Beyond Description / Kamui / F.I.O.M. / Spike Shoes / Self Destruct

Triple Cross Counter Tour - 7" EP - Kagai Mousou, 1989, Japan, 1000 pressed, (Kagai Mousou-013E) - $88
Bastard / Crück / Mad Conflux / Pile Driver / Bad Smells - Rare tour-only EP on Gudon's Kagai Mousou Records.

What've Ya Brought Me This Time? - 7" EP -Rotten House, 1988, Int'l, Booklet insert, (RHR-001) - $18
Barn Av Regnbuen(Norway) / Follow Fashion Monkeys(U.S.) / Misanthropic Charity(Denmark) / More Fiends(U.S.) - Obscure compilation with the legendary Norwegian HC band Barn Av Regnbuen. Misanthropic Charity had an LP out on Boston Tea Party label from Denmark.

(OCT 19TH 2010 LIST: PART 4)

After The Massacre "The End" 7" EP - Wasted Dream, 2004, US, 500 pressed, Hand-numbered mini insert(# 435), Insert & patch, (RAW 1) - $5

Agoraphobic Nosebleed "PCP Torpedo" 6" EP - Hydra Head, 1998, US, 1100 pressed on black, Insert, (HH666-36) - $9

Anal Intruder "Napalm Rain" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2000, Finland, Clear green vinyl, Japanese release, (Paank-008) - $6

Anal Massaker "Ka-Ka!!" 7" EP - Schnauf, 1991, Germany, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 619), (S-03) - $15
Rare 1st EP by this long-running German noise grind band(since '89).

Antischism "S/T"(Discography) CD - Prank, 1998, US, (Prank 047) - $5

Assholeparade "Student Ghetto Violence"(Discography) CD - No Idea, 1999, US, (No Idea 73) - $5

BRB(Barbarossas Rhabarber Barbaren) "Rendezvous Der Sinne" 7" EP - Perverted Taste, 1993, Germany, 500 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 430), Clear green vinyl, (MOMO 001) - $9
The first and only vinyl release by this old German noisecore/grindcore band. A 23-track EP includes an Anal Cunt cover!

Bomberegn "S/T" 7" EP - Kick N' Punch, 2006, Denmark, (KNP 20) - $5
Raw D-beat HC from Denmark. For fans of Scandinavian crust/HC.

Bombraid "Elegies From A Closed Chapter" 7" EP - Crash Mag, 1994, Sweden, (Crash 4) - $5
The 1st EP by this Swedish D-beat crust band. The original vinyl pressing on Crash Mag Records. A year after it was re-issued on the 3" CD format by Profane Existence Far East in Japan.

Bombstrike "Livets Låga Slocknar" 7" EP - Yellow Dog, 2004, Sweden, (YD 032) - $4

Charles Bronson "Complete Discography" 2 x CD - Youth Attack/625 Thrashcore, 2000, US, w/ CD-Rom video, (YA10CD/625 029) - $12

Christian Science A.D. "Handsome Seven Inch Figure Of Christ" 7" EP - Fugly, 1995, US, 2nd press, (FR 001) - $2

Collapse, The "S/T" 7" EP - Endless Blockades, 200?, Australia, Insert, (Endless Blockades #3) - $3

Crucial Attack "S/T" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2002, US, 1200 pressed, Booklet, (625 #82) - $3

DS-13 "Aborted Teen Generation" 7" EP - Havoc, 1998, Sweden, 1st press of 2500 on purple marbled vinyl, (HC-7017) - $3

Death Sentence "Ryan, Thanx For The Support" 7" EP - Boot, 1998, Australia, (WN 1) - $8
Originally released in 1985. Killer Australian intense thrash HC!!

Deathreat "Runs Dry" 7" EP - Prank, 1997, US, 1st press of 1500 on black vinyl, Insert, (Prank 015) - $4

Deathreat "S/T" CD - Partners In Crime, 1999, US, (PIC-003) - $5

Destroyer "S/T" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2003, Germany, Insert, (625 #126) - $3

Discarga "S/T" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2000, Brazil, (625 #42) - $4

Disrupt "Unrest" CD - Relapse, 1994, US, 1st edition w/ orig. cover artworks, (RR 6906-2) - $10

Down In The Frames "Start The Fucking Fire" 7" EP - Gloom, 2000, US, Record release show edition(?), Clear red vinyl, Insert, (Gloom-011) - $3

Drunk John Lennon "Wanna Hold Yer Gland/Hey Toe" 7" EP - Noiseville, 1993, US, 300 pressed, (Noiseville/Shitsville 16) - $3
Fucked up parody versions of The Beatles tunes...!! The center label says "Noiseville 16" but the sleeve says "Shitsville 16". The same shit.

Dumbstruck "If It Ain't Broke... Don't Fix It" 7" EP - Deranged, 2001, UK, (Deranged Youth-29) - $4
In your face, fast HC from Bristol, U.K. Featuring ex-members of Heresy, Ripcord and Cracked Cop Skulls. Originally released by Blind Destruction Records in '99.

ExTxA(Epileptic Terror Attack) "We Are The Attack" 7" EP - Deranged, 2002, Sweden, Insert, (Deranged Youth-31) - $5

Earwigs, The "Really Short And Unofficial August 1990 Rehearsal Tape" One-sided 7" EP - Fuck Music Productions/Disorderly Domain, 2007, US, (FMP-01) - $3

Evolved To Obliteration "S/T" 7" EP - Clean Plate, 1996, US, Grey marbled vinyl, (CP-11) - $5
Ultra-raw and harsh powerviolence from CA. Max from 625, Spazz, Plutocracy, Capitalist Casualties, WHN? etc. on vocals.

Floor "Heather" 7" EP - Noise Vacuum, 1994, US, Mounted photo on textured sleeve, Stamped & numbered on back sleeve(# 0892), Label stamped inner-sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $20

Floor "Madonna" 7" EP - Bovine, 1994, US, (# BO 18) - $25

Grinning Kids "Meine Hand" 7" EP - Amok, 1989, Germany, (Amok-001) - $5 Late '80s old school German hardcore.

HxKxK "Damned!" 7" EP - Reviera, 2000, Germany, (HKK 01) - $5
Top-notch thrashin' hardcore like Reproach or Dead Stop! Really good band but I can't seem to find ANY infos on this band or release.

Häväistys "Saamme Vain Sen Minkä Pystymme Ottamaan" 7" EP - Semmoset Levyt, 200?, Finland/Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (SL-001) - $5

His Hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" CD - Prank, 1997, US, (Prank 013) - $5

His Hero Is Gone "The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined" CD - The Great American Steak Religion, 2000, US, (SOM-001CD) - $5

IabhorHer(a.k.a. Cattlepress) "Crowskin" 7" EP - Slap A Ham, 1994, US, Insert, (Slap A Ham #20) - $12
This band is basically Cattlepress, with Dave Witte from Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Black Army Jacket, Exit-13, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Burnt by the Sun etc. They are on the "Cry Now, Cry Later Vol.2" comp.

In Nomine Christi "S/T" 7" EP - Bucho Discos/Dekadent, 2001, Germany, Insert & booklet, (Dekadent Records 004) - $3

Insane 'n The Brain "S/T" 7" EP - Thrash Ahoy!/One Coin, 1998, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $5

KLU(Kids Like Us) "Truth Alone Triumphs" 7" EP - Commitment, 1999, Norway, (COM 11) - $4
Norwegian sXe hardcore ala Uniform Choice, Minor Threat, Judge or Gorilla Biscuits.

Kepone "295" 7" EP - Alternative Tentacles, 1994, US, (Virus 144) - $4

Mad Rats "Speed Kills" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2002, Portugal, (625 #84) - $3

N.N. "Pasivos Muertos" 7" EP - Lengua Armada, 2009, US, (LA-60) - $4

Plutonium "Forest Is Crying" 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1998, Japan, (Dan-Doh 015) - $5
Fucking pissed-off, brutal and chaotic Japanese thrash HC!!!

Reagan SS "Hail The New Dawn" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2002, US, (625 #89) - $3

Reptar "S/T" 7" EP - Homewreckords, 2008, US, 200 pressed on blue marbled vinyl(out of 300 copies total), Insert, (HWR-01) - $4
Thrashin' sXe hardcore from Albany, NY. These guys are now called Coughing Fit, I think.

Scarver's Calling "Killed" 7" EP - Metal Enterprise, 2006, US, Blood red vinyl, (No Cat. #) - $6
This band is known for their '99 split EP with Corrupted. The bands first full length 7" released by Metal Enterprise(Jim Sadist of NunSlaughter's label) with repulsive full color glossy artwork!! Features serial killer vokillist Rick Phelgming of the godly EMBALMER & members of APARTMENT 213!! Scarver's Calling play old school death / grind mostly comparable to AUTOPSY, and old MACABRE (with exception to the vokills) and will appeal to fans of REPULSION, NUN SLAUGHTER, EMBALMER, old-MACABRE, AUTOPSY, PUNGENT STENCH, old-NAPALM DEATH, etc.

Severed Head Of State "Anathema Device" CD - Hardcore Holocaust, 2003, US, (HHR 011) - $5

Shadows Fall "To Ashes" 7" EP - Ellington, 1997, US, Label catalog flyer, (Ellington No. 004) - $3

Spite "Last Orders" 7" EP - Blind Destruction, 1996, UK, Insert, (BDR 7001) - $4
Ripcord/Heresy styled hardcore from Bristol, U.K. with two members from Ripcord and an ex-Chaos UK member.

Stalin's Daughter "Oktoberfest" 7" EP - IE, 1988, US, Insert, (IE 003) - $7

State Of Fear "Discography 1994-1996" CD - Fired Up!, 2001, US, (Fired Up 006) - $7

Stitches, The "Talk Sick" 7" EP - Vinyl Dog, 1997, US, (VD-008) - $5

Straight Edge Kegger "Is A Fucked Up Mess" 7" EP - Wicked Witch, 2007, US, New/Unplayed, (WWR 029) - $5

Street Trash "Five Dirty Fingers" 7" EP - My War, 2003, US, Insert, (MWR-09) - $5

Street Trash "S/T" 7" EP - Kangaroo/Way Back When, 2004, US, (No Cat. #) - $5

Tear It Up "S/T" 7" EP - Havoc, 2000, US, Grey marbled vinyl, (HC 7024) - $3

Unwise "You Gonna Make It Or You Never" 7" EP - MCR, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-128) - $4

Vaseline "Ick Wees Von Nischts!" 7" EP - T.V.G., 1994(?), Germany, 500 pressed, Grey vinyl, 2 x sticker, (TVG 2) - $5
Early T.V.G. Records release. A review taken from the In Noise We Crust blog: First 7" of retarded German noisecore/grind/punk blaha. Much sloppier than their great split with Yacopsae, but still a lot of charm. Released on the great TVG label, back when you could count on all of their releases being great. 13 trax of short, fast and furious. This is fucking raw.

Violent Pain "Feel For New Age" 7" EP - MCR, 1996, Japan, 1100 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-093) - $3

Weasels, The "Beat Her With A Rake" 7" EP - Siamese, 1978(?), US, Reissue(boot?) w/ black sleeve & blank center labels, (PM 002 SR) - $5

Until The End "S/T" 7" EP - Equal Vision, 2000, US, Insert, (EVR 58) - $3

Argue Damnation / Coche Bomba - 7" EP - Bad Card/Revolution, 1997, Japan/France, Insert & label catalog flyer, (BAD 010) - $6

Armed & Hammered / Suckerpunch - 7" EP - No label, 1993, Canada, Clear red vinyl, (AS001) - $3
Both bands are from Toronto. The Armed and Hammered bassist Kieran later moved to the U.K. and played in The Varukers and The Restarts.

Auktion / Vamsinne / Kadaver(Dislickers) / Gemenskap "4-Way Split" 7" EP - ID-Beat/KilleRobot, 2005, Sweden, Dislickers mini insert, (DIS-666) - $5

Code 13 / DS-13 - 7" EP - Havoc, 2000, US/Sweden, 3rd press of 2000 on black vinyl w/ new sleeve artwork, (HC-7023) - $3

Death Sentence / Cthuwulf "The Rosetta Stone" 7" EP - Give Praise, 2006, Australia/US, White vinyl, (GPR: 06) - $3
The D.S. tracks were taken from the unreleased "51st State Of America" LP('88) and the "If Pain Mends My Mind" 12"('86). Great Australian thrashcore. The west coast noize orgasm maniax Cthuwulf has the legendary Seanocide "Bukkake Pimp" Hogan on guitars! Sexy!

Earth Today / Positive Bastards - 7" EP - Northern Hardcore Massacre/The Mess/United Shoebrothers/Hostile Regression/Hasselhoff, 2003, Finland, Insert, label flyer & stickers, (NHM-002/MESS-001/SHOE-003/HORE-013/KITT-2) - $3

Fact / Disgusting Lies - 7" EP - MCR, 1990, Japan/Poland, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-136) - $3

Final Exit / New York Against The Belzebu "Dealers Traficantes" 7" EP - Nat/Total Question, 1996, Japan/Brazil, Blue marbled vinyl, (NAT???-003) - $8

Gerogerigegege, The / CSMD - 7" EP - Maxi Noise Sensation/No Fucking Labels, 2001, 500 pressed, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 076), (NFL #3) - $8
There's a review/detailed infos about this crazy unusual Gerogeri release here:

Gerogeritarashi, The / The Earwigs - 7" EP - Fuck Music Productions, 2008, US, 200 pressed, (FMP-02) - $3

Grimness(69) / Groinchurn "Mucsical Holocaust/Kill For The Devil" 7" EP - Ecatombe Produzioni, 2001, Italy/South Africa, 800 pressed, Insert, (TOMB 003) - $5

Grinders, The / The Messy Hairs - 7" EP - Paco Garden/Soda Jerk, 199?, Label catalog flyer, (PGR-005/SJR-008) - $3

Minch / Sloth "Parmania" 7" EP - Agromosh/My Cheap Ass Life, 2008, US, 700 pressed on black(out of 1000 total), (AGRO #027/MCAL #004) - $5

Napalm Suck / N.O.Y.F.B.(None Of Your Fucking Business) - 7" EP - Constant Pain/Agitate 96, 2002, US, 300 pressed, Glued labels, Insert, (Constant Pain #5/AG96 #69) - $3

New York Against The Belzebu / Purulence "Going The Putrid Reality" 7" EP - Total Question(Jap.)/Rotthenness, 1995, Brazil, Insert, (RDCD-013) - $7

New York Against The Belzebu / Final Exit "Dealers Traficantes" 7" EP - Nat/Total Question, 1996, Brazil/Japan, Blue marbled vinyl, (NAT???-003) - $8

Public Execution / Dana Sixty and The Pistol Grips - 7" EP - No label, 1999, US, (No Cat. #) - $3
Two HC bands from Ohio. The Public Execution tracks are from their '87 demo. Crossover thrashcore. The Dana 60 tracks were recorded in '99.

Reign Of Bombs / Arcatera - 7" EP - Obituary, 2005, Sweden, Insert & label flyer, (Obituary 001) - $4
Reign Of Bombs play noisy and driving D-beat HC and Arcatera is more in the metallic crustcore vein.

Ruido De Odio / K.K.F. - 7" EP - T.V.G., 1995, Ecuador/Germany, 800 pressed, Clear orange vinyl, (TVG 3) - $5

Shikari / Phoenix Bodies - 7" EP - Electric Human Project, 2004, Holland/US, 1000 pressed, Clear red vinyl, (EHP 0.24) - $3

Smartbomb / Prevail Within - 7" EP - Mightier Than Sword, 2007, US, 500 pressed, Multi-color/clear splatter vinyl, Insert, (Mightier Than Sword 002) - $3

Violent Headache / Positi Caustico "El Resultado Final De Una Introspeccion" 7" EP - No label, 1993, Spain, (PCUM-01) - $9

Violent Headache / Proyecto Terror - 7" EP - Mala Raza, 1996, Spain, Booklet sleeve, (MR-012) - $6

Chicago's On Fire Again - 7" EP - Lengua Armada, 2001, US, Insert, (LA-24) - $5
Los Crudos / Charles Bronson / MK-Ultra / Kung Fu Rick / The Killers / Dangermouse / Authority Abuse / Trepan Nation / Billy Builders / Strength In Numbers / Landmine

Drum Machine Madness - One-sided 7" EP - Robotic Empire, 2003, US/Canada, 273 pressed on green marbled vinyl(out of 1120 total), Semit-transparent sheet sleeve, (ROBO 014) - $8
Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Wadge / Nemo / Pilgrim Fetus / Alien Crucifixion

I'm Going Ape # 2 - 7" EP - No Fucking Labels, 2006, US/Holland, 500 pressed, Clear vinyl, Insert, label flyer & black die-cut inner-sleeve, (NFL-17) - $5
Straight Edge Kegger / N.O.Y.F.B.(None Of Your Fucking Business) / Gorgonized Dorks / CSMD

Please Stop - 7" EP - Unite & Fight, 1991, US, 1000 pressed, Unnumbered copy, Insert, (Unite & Fight Records #1) - $3
Media Children / Demise / Officer Friendly / Tonka - Early '90s U.S. anarcho hardcore/punk comp.

Shit Hits Volume 2 - 7" EP - E, 1997, Int'l, 525 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 234), Grey marbled vinyl, (SHIT-15) - $10
C.S.S.O.(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)(Japan) / Wind Of Pain(Finland) / Silmäosasto(Finland, ex-Tampere SS & Kuolleet Kukat) / Blood(Germany) / Irstas(Finland) / Plan E(Finland) / Hemdale(U.S.) / Excess Of Cruelty(Belgium)

Uppsala Crust Compilation - 7" EP - Your Own Jailer, 1996, Sweden, Booklet sleeve, Stamped labels, (JAH-008) - $7
Diskonto / Aparat / Dismachine / Noisbojs / Times Square Preachers / Dishonest / Harass / Abuse / Downward Spiral / Råskit