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AGE (Armed Government's Error) "Inside Darkness" 7" EP - Dewa, 1997, Japan, 2 x insert, (DR-001) - $10

AGE (Armed Government's Error) "Exploding Insanity" 12" - P.A.S., 1999, Japan, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (P.A.S.-A) - $30

AGE (Armed Government's Error) "Blowing Wind" 7" EP - Underground Warder Productions, 2002, Japan, 1000 pressed, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 0474), Orig. sticker on cardboard sleeve, (UWP006) - $15

Aburadako (あぶらだこ) "S/T" 12" - ADK, 1984, Japan, 1500 pressed, Obi & insert, (ADK-17A) - $145

Aggressive Dogs "Dead Janky Girl" (a.k.a. "If You Please!") 7" EP - KPP, 1985, Japan, 1000 pressed, (KPP-003) - $35

Ai (惡AI意) "A Hope On The Concrete" LP - Blood Sucker, 2000, Japan, Insert, (BSR-058) - $45

Alex, The "Come Back Charlie" 7" flexi - Office Para, 1987, Japan, (R-002) - $28
ex-Angry Ducks and Shuffle.

Alliance "Resonant Agitate" LP - HG Fact, 2009, Japan, 700 pressed, 3-panel fold-out sleeve, w/ sticker(mail order only), (HG-259) - $28
Dark and ferocious crust with a heavy '80s/'90s UK metallic crust influence. The band consists of the members of Frigöra, Asbestos, Macrofarge(!!) and Paintbox. Amazing sleeve artwork.

Amen "Feikki" 7" EP - Crash Mag, 1991, Finland, Fold-out sleeve, (Crash-2) - $3
Classic Finnish crust from the early '90s. One of the best examples of the '90s Scandi crust bands.

Asphyxia "Wardrugs" 7" EP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, Insert, (CRUST WAR-013) - $25
Early Osaka crusties circa 1991~1993, feat. the members of Gloom, Framtid, Condemned, Defiance and Despair. Their ultra-limited '92 demo tape put to vinyl. 7 blasting trax of insanely distorted noise-crust madness drillin' up your nuclear-addicted crusty ass!!

Assfort "Egoist Guidance" VHS - Flying High, 2001, Japan, Promo-only, (No Cat. #) - $3

Barigade (バリゲイド) "Dust Hero" 7" flexi - Joker, 1985, Japan, (JRR-003) - $140
Note: There's a small tear(approx. 1/4") on the sleeve and a very common, small minor dent on the flexi that does not affect playing. No skips.

Battle Of Disarm "Chaos City" Demo Tape - Japankore/D.I.Y., 1992, Japan, Fold-out sleeve, (Japankore #7/D.I.Y.-CA-003) - $9
B.O.D.'s first or second demo, originally released by D.I.Y. Records in '92 and the U.S. version on Japankore came out in '94, I think.

Battle Of Disarm ‎"Sons Of War!-Old Resistance Days" LP - MDC, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, Portuguese release, Info insert, (MDC 003/97) - $48
This one's a bit harder to come by than most of the other B.O.D. releases as only 500 copies of this LP were made by a small Portuguese label and were poorly distributed at the time of its release back in '97. Mostly sold just in Japan and Portugal. This and their Yugoslavian released split LP with Brainstorm, which also was pressed in a small quantity, are probably the hardest to find B.O.D. records but it seems this LP is seen for sale less often than the other.

Battle Of Disarm ‎"Crust, Love And Peace" (Europe Tour 1997 Live In Slovenija) 10" - Malarie, 1997(?), Japan, (No Cat. #) - $15

Bathtub Shitter "One Fun" 7" EP - Power It Up, 2001, Japan, 1st press of 900 copies on black vinyl w/ black sleeve & black labels, (P.I.U. #3) - $3
Japanese manic grindcore veterans. 7 trax recorded in '99, including a S.O.B. cover song, a Terrorizer cover song and a live track off the "Hardcore Marathon 2" comp.

Bathtub Shitter "Angels Save Us" 7" EP - Necro Obscure Terror/Rusted Lock, 2002, Japan, 2nd press w/ black cardboard sleeve, Hand-numbered(# 0825) edition of 1000(500 on black vinyl), Label flyer, (New/Unplayed), (N.O.T. 001/LOCK 001) - $3

Beyond Description "More Power To Your Elbow" 7" EP - Desperate Attempt, 1992, Japan, Insert, w/ sticker, (D.A.R. #007) - $4
The first record release by this Japanese crust band that's been putting out tons of records.

Blind Justice "The Way Of Keep Lives" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, 1000 pressed, Label catalog flyer, (HG-028) - $4
U.S. hardcore style. This band later became Envy, changed the music style, and got pretty big internationally, but Blind Justice was heavily inspired by NYHC that played much more straight-forward, simple and fast hardcore. The band was formed in '92 and this is their 1st EP after putting out a couple of demos. "Far East Hardcore" comp track

Boris "Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol.1" 7" EP - Southern Lord, 2009, Japan, 500 pressed on black, Shrinkwrap(w/ orig. sticker) attached to heavy weight cardboard sleeve, (LORD 108) - $4

C.O.S.A. (Cache Of Strategic Arms) "Strategic" 7" EP - Self, 1992, Japan, Insert, (LM-2704) - $25
Pre-Effigy and Reality Crisis! One of the earliest Japanese crust bands from the early '90s. Dark, metallic and raging crustcore. Self-released by the band in '92, with a MCR distribution. Includes 6 trax. Some of the ex-C.O.S.A. and Effigy guys currently plain Axewield.

Chaos C.H. (Chaos Channel) "Just Say No!" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, (OVERTHROW-014) - $45

Cobra "Never Give Up" VHS - Public Red, 1989, Japan, NTSC, (PR-0001) - $20
Very rare, limited VHS-only release(never been reissued on DVD), containing the live video footage of their great '89 reunion show in Kyoto, before the band signed to a major label and got HUGE. Featuring their best ever line-up with Naoki(ex-orig. Cobra & Laughin' Nose, now plays in SA) and Pon(ex-Nashi & Laughin' Nose, now plays in L.N. again). This is such a killer live footage. Professionally recorded and packaged. Self released on the band's own Public Red label. You won't find this again.

Comes, The "No Side" LP - Dogma/City Rocker, 1983, Japan, Original, Textured sleeve, Insert, (DOG-2) - $135

Comes, The "No Outsider" (No Side + Outsider) LP - Hirohito Era Hardcore, 2009, Japan, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (HEHC-1) - $13

(Comes, The) Virgin Rocks "Shut Up!" 7" EP - Dear/Music Visions, 1986, Japan, (DEAR-002) - $25
The comes changed the name to Virgin Rocks several months after the "Power Never Die" 12" was released in March '86, on Captain/Dear Records. All the Virgin Rocks members except the drummer were the same as the "Power Never Die" recording lineup. The drummer was replaced to Tetsu M.(ex-Ghoul, and F.O.A.D. as well?) from Matsumura. Matsumura was an early drummer of The Comes until he left the band to join Gastunk in '84, which he left a year after joined back to play in The Comes again from '85 until '87. Around '90, he once again got together with Chitose to form The Wretched. Now..., by looking at the fact he was frantically(?) chasing Chitose's ass over the years, I suppose one can easily assume that he was actually far more interested in banging her than playing in the bands! Anyways, the music style played by Virgin Rocks is pretty much in the vein of The Comes from their "Power Never Die" era, powerful metal-punk with the obvious Plasmatics influences. Chitose was very much into Wendy O. Williams and Motörhead. But the late Comes and Virgin Rocks were way better than The Plasmatics! If you dig that metal-punk style they did on "Power Never Die" like I do, you probably will like Virgin Rocks as well. If that wasn't your cup of tea, well, then you won't like this EP.

Complain "Make A Mistake" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2002, Japan, (625-90) - $2
Old school goddamn HC from Sapporo, Japan. A horny review taken from the almighty 625 label info: When WxHxN played with these guys in Sapporo, I almost dropped a cum in my pants. Hardcore boner, yay! Young, fresh 'n' juicy kids, playing metallic, straight-forward Japanese HC... like the style of the old Selfish Records bands mixed with new school elements. They have great DIY ideals, are really nice people, and will crush you with how they execute Japanese hardcore boner.

Confuse "Old Master" CD - J.A.P./Crown, 1989, Japan, (JPD-410) - $58
Ultra-rare official CD from 1989. It was released on a major label(!) and for some unknown reason went out of print shortly after its release. Contains a COMPLETE, full version of the "Nuclear Addicts" 7" flexi('84, Blue Jug/Violent Party), with an outtake track "Merciless Game" from the same recording session that was omitted from the actual flexi release. Also included on this CD are the "Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie" 7" EP('85, Confuse Rec.) and tracks off the "Jisatsu Omnibus" 8"('84, Jisatsu Label), as well as the mega-rare "Neo?" LP('88, Portrait Rec.) The "Neo?" LP is an obscure Kyushu punk/wave compilation on Portrait Records(a label ran by Shinya Oé of The Roosters!) that contains a Confuse track recorded in May 1988, a year before the "Stupid Life" tracks were recorded! Even just this "Neo?" comp material alone makes this CD something special. And, the sound quality and everything is excellent, too.

Crow "A Sacrifice For The Vicious Dominant And Bloodsheded Justice" 7" EP - Prank, 2005, Japan, 500 pressed for '06 US Tour, Clear red vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (PRANK-078) - $25

Crude "European Tour 2004" VHS - Self, 200?, Japan, NTSC, (No Cat. #) - $20

D.S.B. "No Fight No Get" 7" EP - Devour/Kichigaijin, 1996, Japan, Orig. 1st press, (UNKO 01-e) - $14

Deceiving Society "Detonation Cruster" 12" - Crust War, 2001, Japan, Insert, (CRUST WAR 009) - $45

Delirium Tremens "Presagio De Muerte" 7" EP - La Vida Es Un Mus, 2008, Spain, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (MUS 20) - $4
Originally released as a demo tape in 1984. Ferociously out of control and raw, in-your-ass HC. Horny as fuck. From label info: "Rare Basque demo from 1984. 10 raging tracks of ugly hardcore punk similar to WRETCHED, RUIDO DE RABIA, EIZEN, TORTURA SISTEMATICA or early European bands of the play fast - no metal era. Totally unknown gem that remained literally unknown among Spanish Punk fanatics until a mere few years ago. Low-Fi recording of a raw abrasive sonic attack recorded in a bom-box. Not a friendly 80 reissue type but a sand-paper in the turntable one. WARNING. This recording sounds really RAW."

Demolition "Mob Of Wolves ~Estamos pandilla de lobos~" CD - E.A.S.T. Peace, 2005, Japan, Ltd to 738 copies, Obi, (EPCD-021) - $9
The U.S. vinyl reissue on a PDX-based label, Black Water in '07. This one here is the original Japanese edition which was originally a ltd. CD-only release in '05.

Desperate Children "Chaos/Fuck Day/I Love Punk" 7" flexi - Joy Riders, 1986, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $58
A bit less known but another great band from Kyushu(Nagasaki, where The S.C.U.M. is also from) that shouldn't be missed out. Not exactly in the "typical" noisecore style that the Kyushu punk bands from this era are most famous for, but still AWESOME noisy, loud, and chaotic hc/punk!!!! Self-released by the band in '86. Contains three tracks. The first two tracks on this flexi sound kinda noisecore-ish and the last song is in The Swankys vein. Would recommend this for those into The Swankys(early and late), Gai, Gess, The S.C.U.M., No Cut, Last Child, Chaos CH, Dust Noise, Expose, and the King's World and Violent Party related bands from the mid~late '80s. Listen to the songs here:

Dessert "World Of Fantasy" 7" EP - Ranch, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Promo, Clear/pink mixed vinyl, Insert & flyer, (New/Unopened), (RANCH-01/SEL-ONE) - $25
The singer Ryuji used to be in the legendary bands Disarray and Bitousha in Sendai back in the '80s. He was also the singer for Mino-5, with Chelsea(Deathside/Paintbox) and Katsuta(Tetsu-Arrey/Extinct Government), and put out the CD on Selfish Records and appeared on the "Enjoy Your Youth..." comp LP. The guitarist and bassist were/are in Sekinin-Tenka, Bradbury(G-Zet), Idiot Idolaters, Laughin' Nose, The Pogo, Kenzi etc. As you can imagine from their background, these guys know what they're doing and you can expect some quality HC from Dessert. Very traditional sounding Japcore that's similar to the Burning Spirits styled bands ala Death Side, Judgement, Crude, Nightmare, Warhead or Forward. Awesome throaty vocals by Ryuji and that solid metallic guitar riffs. They did a great Disarray cover song on the CD version of this release. This 4-track EP is a totally raging, heavy-hitting HC smasher. The vinyl and the packaging look amazingly nice, too. Must have been quite costly to make these. It's on a clear vinyl with some clear pink mixed. Comes in a glossy perforated package/sleeve. It's an unopened, old stock promo copy. A "sample" sticker is on a blank spot on the back sleeve where the standard copies normally have a stamped serial number on.

Device Change "The Vision With Total Control Is Destroy" 7" EP - Juke Boxxx, 1999, Japan, 2000 pressed, Insert, (JB-006) - $2

Disclose "Crime" Demo Tape - Self, 1992, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $90
169% original!! According to the release info stated in the "Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1" booklet, less than 100 copies of this 1st demo were ever made. The chances are you probably won't find another one in the future. I'd rather trade this gem than sell. See my updated want list. Trade preferred!!

Disclose "Demo & Live '92" Tape - Self, 1993, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $30
Contains their earliest materials incl. the "Crime" 1st demo('92) with the original singer Tsukasa on vocals and Kawakami on guitar, the "Conquest" 2nd demo('93) with Kawakami on guitar/vocals, plus the '92 live recording. Two demos and one live stuff on one tape. Very few copies of this tape were made by the band themselves. 
Note: It's the band-released Japanese edition, and not the U.S. edition put out by Japankore label/'zine.(

Disclose "Fear Of The War" Demo Tape - Japankore/Crust, 1993, Japan, Ltd. to 250 copies, Un-numbered fold-out sleeve & cassette label, U.S.-only, (Japankore #4) - $35

Don Don "Skulls" 7" EP - Adventure Family/Nouzui, 1989, Japan, Fold-out poster sleeve, (AFR-09/NR-07E(?)) - $15

Doom "Doomed From The Start - The Demo's Album" LP - Discipline/Vinyl Japan, 1992, UK, Orig. Japanese pressing w/ gatefold sleeve, (DISCLP 5) - $20
Japanese release. Compiles their three early demos from '87~'88, include the "War Is Big Business" 1st demo, plus the tracks recorded live in Italy '89.

Dread Eye "This Is For The New Breed" 7" EP - WD Sounds, 2007, Japan, Label flyer, w/ Patch, (WDSD-008) - $3
Raw, thrashin' manic HC with a heavy powerviolence/grindcore touch.

Exithippies "S/T" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, (PAANK-015) - $15

Exithippies "Acid Rain 4" 7" flexi - We Suck, 2005, Japan, Ltd. version of 100 copies(out of ??? total) on screen-printed clear 1-sided flexi, Gatefold sleeve, (We Suck IQ 02) - $17
Rare version with a green and white design screen-printed on the one-sided clear flexi. The pink and blue ones also exist. The standard version is the regular one-sided clear flexi, which is more common than this ver.

Final Bloodbath "S/T" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, Clear vinyl, (PAANK-010) - $ 25

Framtid "Reh Demo #1" Demo Tape - Crust War, 1997, Japan, (CRUST WAR 005) - $90
Original 1st demo!! I'd rather trade this gem than sell. See my updated want list. Trade preferred!!

G.J.P.B. "No Remain Behind" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, (OVERTHROW-012) - $15

Gai "1981-1985" Demo Tape - Violent Party, 1985('86?), Japan, Insert, (Violent Party No.?) - $75
Here's the original Gai tape on Violent Party, the real deal. "Violent Party" isn't actually indicated anywhere, but it is in fact the V.P. release, as stated in the zine review and the ad when the tape came out in the late '85 or early '86. The sleeve spine says "History Of GAI!". Compiles the 18 previously unreleased, various studio demo tracks dated from Nov. '81 to Sep. '85. This came out around the time "The Very Best Of Hero..." LP was released, shortly after Gai switched the name back to The Swankys.(The band originally started as The Swankys in '81, then had to change the name to Gai in May '83 due to being banned by the local venues.) This particular copy is complete with the original "Swankys History!" double-sided insert. I've had and sold another one of the same tape in the past, but with an insert appeared to be a photocopy. This one here is 100% original. Looks quite old and has some aging spots and discoloration. The cassette itself is the crappy "CVS/Echo" brand(manuf. by Echo Sonic, Japan), black cassette with a blue/white label on both sides. There are several different types of the blank tape used by Gai and the V.P. related bands for their tape releases, and this seems to be is one of the common ones. There's one song called "Yes!! Future" that's unlisted(the last track of Side B) in a track listing on the sleeve, but on the insert it is listed. Only 10 out of these 18 tracks from this tape were later officially rereleased as the "Total Control" CD by Anarchy Centre Records in '97, but oddly nearly half the tracks unincluded for some unknown reason. Weird.

Gaizi (害児) "Gakon-Fumetsu" (我魂不滅) 7" EP - Discrete, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, (DIS-016) - $45
The title translates to "My Immortal Soul". Killer traditional Japcore with a Burning Spirits taste. Definitely one of the better bands in this style from the mid '90s era. For fans of Judgement, Bastard, Tetsu-Arrey, Death Side, Forward, Crude, Accomplice, Warhead etc.(Gaizi even did a song called "Burning Spirits" on their split EP with Gaki in '95!!) For some reason this EP very rarely pops up for sale.

Gas "The Day After" 7" flexi - Jisatsu Label (自殺レーベル), 1984, Japan, w/ "Why" fold-out newsletter insert, (GL-002ES) - $85
It's a super nice copy. Everything is in a great shape. The flexi and the label newsletter insert are in Mint condition like new. The sleeve has just a few very minor wears.

Gas "Sweet Emotion" 12" - Jisatsu Label (自殺レーベル), 1986, Japan, w/ label newsletter insert, (GL-007E) - $40

Gastunk "To Fans" 7" EP - Love, 1986, Japan, Orig. 1st press(gig freebie ver., never issued w/ insert) on clear purple vinyl, Printed clear outer sleeve, (SEX 69-004) - $20
This EP contains the killer, re-recorded(and faster!) version of their early classic tunes "Devil" and "Sex" from the 1st EP(Dogma, '85), and "Fastest Dream" from the "Dead Song" LP. This original issue on clear purple vinyl was given away free to their fans during the "Heartful Melody Four Island Tour '86", and the multi-colored splatter vinyl reissue(w/ 1-sheet insert/sleeve) was later sold at the selected record shops.

Gastunk "Gastunk Box 1983-1988" Box Set - Love, 1988, Japan, Ltd. to 1000 sets, Stamped & numbered hard carton box package(# 0696), (SEX69-1222) - $125
Limited edition box set sold only at their last show in Tokyo, on Dec 22nd, 1988. The set contains the following original records and misc. items: (1) "Mr. Gazime" 7" EP, "Geronimo" 7" EP(Orig. gatefold sleeve ver.) (2) "To Fans" 7" EP(Orig. tour freebie ver. on clear purple vinyl in printed outer sleeve) (3) "Three Sex X'mas" 3 x 7" EP + "In The Fire"{Live) 7" flexi set (4) "The Vanishing Signs" 12"(Orig. clear vinyl ver. w/ full-color 1-sheet sleeve in PVC outer bag) (5) "1987.3.2. Live-Inn" VHS tape (6) "Mother Tour '88" full-color tour book (7) Sticker (8) Pin badge ...... All the records are NOT the reissue/repro made just for this set. Comes in a gorgeous, embossed hard carton box package. Each box has a serial number stamped on the back side. This particular set is #0696. The video tape contains two classic Gastunk tunes, "Sex" and "Dead Song". The carton box is made super high quality and looks absolutely amazing.

Genbaku Onanies, The (原爆オナ ニーズ) "I Will / I Don't" 2 x 7" EP - Trippin' Elephant, 2001, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (TERNG-026) - $4
The '01 ltd. double EP release by one of the longest running Japanese punk rock bands. Out of print.

Gewalt "Osozaki Kuruizaki" (遅咲き狂い咲き) Picture 7" EP - Nippon Koukaku Ongen (日本硬核音源), 1995(?), Japan, Fold-out insert, Clear PVC sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (NKO-1) - $35
Here's a powerful 6-track smasher by Gewalt. An absolute, cock-exploding Japanese HC fistfuck in your face! No wimpy bullshit here. Like the band name says it all(Gewalt = violence, power, or force or something like that? in German), this is extremely heavy, juicy and fast, metallic Japcore style that's comparable to the Burning Spirits type of bands, but Gewalt played their songs much faster and heavier. The fucking evil-sounding, gruff vocals are sick. This self-released, nice little piece o' picture disc EP contains six blistering tunes of brutal hardcore ass-fucking. Think of a cross between the traditional Burning Spirits style HC mixed with good ol' metallic Japcore ala Ghoul, Rapes, Zouo, Demolition or Dilenma. This criminal motherfucker, Shura Fujimoto, the singer for Gewalt is a pretty well-known douchebag in the Kansai area HC scene. He's been associated with a bunch of other like-minded shady thugs from the area, like the dudes from Rapes, N*ghtmare, Warhe*d, Danse Ma*abre, SAAG(ex-Crusty Hi Ch*rge), R.O.M., Dil*nma and all that musically creative folks, despite their obvious, nasty criminal background.(Pitty to the innocent Osaka crusties getting viciously bullied(no shit!) by some of them(i.e. Shintani) back in the Final Noise Attack days. Amen! I think Shura even did the vocals for Danse Macabre a couple times when Cherry was still behind the bars for 9 years. Now since Cherry's out and free that he and Shura got together in their current band called S.H.I.(However, Shura just fucks around with some kinda weird noise sampling machine or some shit, and Cherry seems to be too busy coming up with ideas to cash in on more useless crap like the official Zouo cell phone cover a.k.a. piece o' plastic shit! And, sell 'em for like 30 bucks a piece?? WTF?! This guy needs a massive bukkake cumshot on his pretty hardcore face, boooooooo!) This is a brand new mint copy that's been forgotten and sitting in my record box for years. Everything looks spanking clean. God Save Sasha Grey.

Gibbed "Eternal Life" 7" flexi - Sound Of Burial, 1990, Japan, (ULTRA FAST 4) - $28
Released on S.O.B.'s old label, Sound Of Burial Records. Ultra-brutal-as-fuck skullcrushin' grindcore for fans of S.O.B., Unholy Grave, Napalm Death, Carcass and the classic Earache stuff.

Giftgasattack "8 Track EP" 7" EP - D-Takt & Råpunk/Warsong, 2009, Sweden, 500 pressed, (New/Unplayed), (DTAKT 024/WAR 006) - $10

Grubby "No Cheap Ways" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, Label catalog flyer, (HG-036) - $3
'80s U.S. style metallic crossover thrash/hardcore.

Hellhammer "Triumph Of Death" CD - No label, 199?, Switzerland, Slipcase package, (No Cat. #) - $8
Contains the "Triumph Of Death" demo '83(13 tracks), plus bonus tracks off the "Death Fiend" demo '83.

His Hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" CD - Prank, 1997, US, (Prank 013) - $3

His Hero Is Gone "The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined" CD - The Great American Steak Religion, 2000, US, (SOM-001CD) - $3

Homostupids "The Glow" 7" EP - My Mind's Eye, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on pink marbled vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (MME 003) - $3
Lo-fi primitive hardcore from Cleveland, feat. the singer Steve from 9 Shocks Terror. So fucking what?

Human Despair "Cry Out Fist Up" 7" EP - Discrete, 1998, Japan, Laminated sleeve, (DIS-021) - $12
Cry Out, Fist Fuck! I just found out that the ex-vocalist/guitarist from Human Despair is now in Confront.(Their 7" came out in the U.S., put out by Not Very Nice and General Speech)

Index, The "Are You Ready? Only Just Go!!" 7" flexi - Index Rec./Office Index, 1988, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (OFFICE INDEX 002) - $28

Isolation "S/T" (a.k.a. "Love, Peace and Soya") 7" EP - Radical East, 1999, Japan, Orig. Japanese press w/ folded yellow sleeve & slick black insert, Label flyer, (RE-21) - $8
The Nagoya-based crust band consisted of the guitarist of Result, and the early Order member on vocals. This band is completely underrated and sadly overlooked. The music is some solid, crusty metallic HC with male/female dual vocals, in the vein of Nausea, Detestation, Reality Crisis, Antischism, Hiatus or Amebix. I bet these guys were hugely inspired by a lot of the '80s~'90s U.K. and U.S. anarcho hardcore/crust bands. The U.K. edition of this EP was also released, on Destroy Records. This one here is the harder to find, original Japanese pressing. It's really, really good, actually.

Isterismo ‎"Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto" 7" EP - Overthrow, 2008, Japan, Orig. 1st press of 500 copies w/ dark color sleeve, Insert, (OVERTHROW-044) - $40
The first pressings come with a dark brown sleeve. Only 500 copies of those were made in 2008 and sold out immediately after its release.(within a few days, I heard) The reissue/second pressings with a light tan colored sleeve were made in a larger quantity(don't know exactly how many) in May 2010.

Isterismo ‎"Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto" 7" EP - Overthrow, 2008, Japan, 2nd press w/ light tan color sleeve, Insert, (OVERTHROW-044) - $30

Jigoku-Manju (地獄まんじゅう) "Éki" (疫) 7" flexi - Hanaji Label (鼻血レーベル), 1991, Japan, 2nd edition w/ b&w sleeve, (Hanaji Label-001) - $55
Two versions of this flexi exist. The 1st edition comes with a color sleeve and the 2nd edition with a b&w sleeve. The 2nd edition is not a reissue or repress. Both editions are from the same pressing. Just when the band was out of the color sleeves, they added the b&w ones instead. Killer distorted noisecore chaos. They're on the great "Target Dictator" comp CD(w/ So What, Innocents, Disclaim etc.), put out by the Disclaim singer's label, Fight Men Records, in '91. The band also released a 7-track 3" CD that I haven't had a chance to hear. The CD was released by Crazy SKB(Kyoaku-Kyojindan)'s Satsugai-Enka Vinyl label. Listen to Jigoku-Manju here:

Judgement "Process" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1997, Japan, Ltd. gig-only release, Insert & sticker, (HG-070) - $130
Sold only at their shows. This copy with complete with a bonus sticker(feat. artwork by Sugi). 

Judgement "No Reason Why" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, Insert, (HG-071) - $45

KGS "Cutcord And Destruction" 7" EP - Blood Sucker/Rebelabel, 1998, Japan, (BSR-024/REB-005) - $4
Rough and driving Japcore with an old school U.S. hardcore edge ala Black Flag or Circle Jerks. The 2nd EP from this lesser-known, Tokyo-based HC band featuring the guitarist T.T.(ex-Extinct Government & Forward), who currently plays in a new-ish band called Eiefits, with Minoru(Lip Cream, The Comes, E.Government etc.) and some other people nobody couldn't care less about. Don't know which guy, but I know one of the other members was in early RoseRose. KGS also did a split EP with a great band from Shizuoka called H,K,(ex-Deadless Muss & The Rustler, 2 tapes out on D.I.S.) on Blood Sucker Records earlier the same year.

Kuro () "Fire" 7" EP & flexi - KPP, 1985, Japan, w/ "1984 Studio" black flexi, 16-page booklet, sticker, & printed outer envelope, (KPP-006/LM-0715/PLM-112) - $145
The version with a "1984 Studio" 7" flexi(KPP-006/PLM-111), containing the studio outtake from the "Who The Helpless" recording session. Complete set including a logo sticker that's often missing.

Kuro (白) "S/T" CD - D.T.K.(Down To Kill), 1991, Japan, (DTK-0004) - $35
The official Kuro discography CD containing their 1st flexi, "Who The Helpless" 8", "Fire" 7" and the "1983 Gig" flexi. Rare original D.T.K. Records release from '91. Most of the D.T.K. CD's are quite hard to find. I still need the Cockney Cocks CD and The Comes CD myself. Anybody has them for trade? For your info, here's a list of the known D.T.K. releases: The Zolge "Russian Roulette" CD('90, DTK-001), The Zolge "Russian Roulette" ltd. 12"('90, DTKL-9001), Poison Arts "S/T" CD('90, DTK/SLICE-0002), Cockney Cocks "Night Of The Outrage" CD('90, DTK-0003), Kuro "S/T" CD('91, DTK-0004), V.A. "Slice Selection" CD('91, DTK/SLICE-0005, No DTK cat # stated), Genoa "What A Wonderful Life! Ha!!" CD('91, DTK-0007), The Comes "Power Never Die" CD('91, DTK-0008), and Poison + Poison Arts "生死即涅槃 煩悩即菩提" double CD('03, DTK-2001~2) The label was ran by a record shop called Edison, and Slice Records(Poison Arts' label) sort of became of part of D.T.K. Records since their '90 CD release. What's "DTK-006"???

Kyaah (Kyah) (キャ→) "Slapdash" 7" EP - AA, 1985, Japan, Glossy die-cut sleeve, Insert & sticker, (AA-011) - $38
Great 2nd EP by one of the most well known all-female punk bands in Japan. Their later releases sound poppier and aren't that exciting but the first two EP's are awesome! What you get on this EP is speedy and high-energy punk that's similar to the Nurse flexi, Typhus '80 demo(w/ female vox), or Chu-Doku flexi. Guest chorus by the members from Lip Cream, Bradbury(G-Zet), and Laughin' Nose. Kyaah used to play gigs often with Nurse, Gas and The Comes. The interesting thing is that when they changed the singer prior to this EP release, Chitose(The Comes) was gonna join the band however it never happened(too bad!). Complete copy with an insert and a red sticker which is actually part of the sleeve design.(a sticker appears thru the die-cut window)

L.S.D. "Lustmord, Snatch, Death'Ein Bodie = L.S.D." LP - Schizophreniac, 2006, Japan, Hand-numbered large insert(# 22/100), smaller insert & label poster, (Schiz. #27) - $13
Incl. "Destroy" 7" flexi, "Jast Last" 7" EP, "Great Punk Hits" comp.(G-Zet track w/ Achy on vocals), studio demo, and live in Sapporo '84.

Lancelot "Eat The Dream!" 7" flexi - Stomping, 1987, Japan, (SR-004) - $30
'80s Japcore from Sendai, on the mighty Stomping Records! Sounds a lot like the late '80s Selfish Records related bands.

Last Bomb "Firing" 7" EP - Powder, 1985, Japan, (POWDER RECORDS, E-01) - $58
Rare, self-released 1st EP with the original lineup including Loony(ex-Mohawks/Baws) on vocals, Cloudy(a.k.a. Kanon, ex-G.I.S.M./Front Guerrilla) on guitar, Bear Bomb(Final Bombs, ex-Ghoul) on bass, and Misa(ex-Kyaah/Rap/Geizz/Final Bombs) on drums. This is their only release with Loony on vocals. Their later releases, the "Retro Firing" EP('86) and the "S/T" 12"('87) on Selfish Records were recorded with the second singer Bondage, who later formed the great band called Grave New World, with the Crow singer and the Asbestos drummer in the early '90s, also played in Death Comes Along and I believe currently plays the guitar in the Crow singer's another band called Kaiboushitsu.(The Stalin & ADK inspired punk. Their LP is awesome, by the way! It's like their answer to The Stalin's "Mushi" album) After Bondage left Last Bomb, they changed the music style to much more in the vein of the late Discharge style metallic HC and also changed the name to Final Bombs in the late '80s, with Bear Bomb on vocals/bass, Misa on drums, and a new guitarist named Yabu.

Last Survivors, The "Dead And Reborn..." 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2005, Japan, 700 pressed, (DAN-DOH 071) - $25

Laukaus "S/T" 7" EP - Pogo 77, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Insert, (POGO 41) - $58

Lebenden Toten "Dead Noise" 7" EP - Overthrow, 2005, US, Ltd. Japan-only edition of 350 copies on clear green vinyl w/ Japanese lyric insert, (OVERTHROW-039/LTR-002) - $30
350 copies of the limited green vinyl with insert were sold only in Japan.(The insert fet. Japanese tranlation of lyrics) The U.S. edition on black vinyl without insert were made in a larger quantity.

Lenasix-Up "The Peler Inage Of Seventh Mirror" 7" flexi - KPP, 1986, Japan, (KPP-005) - $20
This was Sugi(from Kuro)'s another band. Obscure darkwave/goth band with female vox. Released on Kuro's KPP Records.

Mess "Get Into A Mess" 7" flexi - King's World, 1986, Japan, (K.K002MA) - $20
Unlike many other Kyushu based bands from the mid '80s played noisecore and more chaotic sounding HC, Mess(in their early days) played some really good, rough and straight-forward, in-your-face HC that reminds me of the "Fuck Heads" era, early Gauze. That's what they sound like on this 1st flexi. They later moved to Tokyo in the late '80s and put out the 8" EP and also appeared on the "Get Back The Discharged Arrow" comp LP(w/ Acid, Crück & Mad Conflux) on Selfish Records in '89. Can't remember what they sounded like on those two releases but I think they were in more like typical, traditional Japcore style. They later changed their music style and released the full-length CD on Selfish Records in '91 and the LP on Bloodsucker Records in '99. Those two are in a quite different style than their earlier releases. This band is probably more known for the 8" EP and the comp LP tracks, but I think this flexi is much better. All the songs on this flexi are speedy and somewhat primitive, yet powerful. It's one of the earliest King's World Records releases.

Mobs "Projection Of Astral Body" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, Orig. 1st press, Poster sleeve, (NRR-E006) - $48

Mother Goose "Red Limit" LP - Skin Pop, 1989, Japan, Insert, (SK-001) - $28
Gothic-punk/darkwave band from Chiba, Japan. ex-Adenoid.

JAN. 20TH 2014 (PART 2 : N~Z)

(   N ~ Z   )

35% OFF EVERYTHING!! (4/26/14~)

N.O.W. (Network Of Wonder) "No Dub" Demo CD-R - Self , 2006, Japan, Oversized green pocket sleeve, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (NOW-001CDR) - $15
ex-Laukaus singer and drummer's post-Laukaus band. Sounds pretty similar to the late Laukaus stuff. Possibly, this would have been what Laukaus' music style would have evolved to if they didn't break up?! That was the impression I got when I first heard it. Great HC in a totally original style. Too bad, I don't think N.O.W. is still active.

Nausea "Smash Racism, Now." 7" EP - Boot, 1992, US, Pink sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $12
Old and hard to find German bootleg. Recorded live at CBGBs June 19, 1988. The sleeve indicates: "Parts of the profits made from the sale of this record will be donated to a local anti-fascist organization." (So fucking stupid!)

Nightmare "Footprints Of The Wind" (足跡) 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1999, Japan, Insert, (BSR-053) - $12

No Value "Peaceful Violence" 7" EP - Under The Surface, 2009, Japan, (UTS-006) - $8

Order "Kombinat" 7" EP - HG Fact, 2010, Japan, Orig. 1st press(Sold only in Japan) of 1000 copies on black vinyl, (HG-270) - $12

Paintbox "Honou / Sabaku" (炎 / 砂漠) 7" EP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Insert, (HG-101) - $20

Paintbox "Back Reporter / Gaichuu no uta" (害虫の詩) 7" flexi - HG Fact, 2000, Japan, Ltd. gig-only release, Label catalog flyer(x 2), (HG-152) - $48

Paintbox "Live! Raise The Capital" CD-R - Self, 2003, Japan, Ltd. mail order & tour-only release, Pro-printed full-color sleeve & back tray card, (No Cat. #) - $28
Pics, info and track listing:

Paintbox "Genseki" (ゲンセキ) 7" EP - HG Fact, 2009, Japan, Ltd. mail order-only edition of 300 copies(out of 1000 total) on "ore" colored vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (HG-245) - $38
Limited to 1000 copies total.(700 on black and 300 on white/black mixed colored vinyl for mail order, sold out immediately)

Poison "Doku" (毒) 7" flexi - Poison Records/Explosion, 1985, Japan, (PLM-081) - $55

Poison "Mystery Temptation" 7" EP - Extasy, 1986, Japan, Insert, (EX-002) - $48
Feat. earlier line-up with Chelsea(Paintbox, Death Side, The Execute, Mino-5, Asylum, Human Arts etc.) on guitar, and Ran-Lin(Death Side & Hikaru Genji) on drums. Produced by Yoshiki(X).

Poison Arts "Hi-Energy/Absolutely Hungry" 7" flexi - Slice, 1988, Japan, 1000 pressed, Glossy poster sleeve, Insert, (PLM-173) - $28

Poison Arts "Kick Rock" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Japan, Promo-only/freebie w/ pocket sleeve, (E-8591) - $20
Contains a re-recorded version of the killer title track tune which originally appeared on their classic "Kick Rock" LP on Selfish Records in '88. This version sounds much faster than the original!

Rap "Hysteria" 12" - Dogma, 1987, Japan, 16-page booklet(B5 size), (DOG-18) - $30
This 12" is harder to find than their previous 7" releases on Dogma Records. Comes with a nice large booklet with the band photos, lyrics and info. Check out some cool live footages: 
"Rock Magazine" (Live in Shizuoka '86)
"Chokujyou-Keikou" & "Da・Ta・I" (Live in Osaka '85)
"Masui" (Live at Antiknock, Tokyo '86)

Raw Noise "S/T" (a.k.a. "Sound Of Destruction") 7" EP - Raw Noise Recs., 1990, UK, (RAW 001) - $14
Classic U.K. crust with E.N.T. members. Self-released 1st EP.

Reality Crisis "Deformed Society" 7" EP - MCR Company, 1999, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-141) - $20
Long out of print 1st EP by one of the finest bands from the current Japanese crust scene.

Refuse "Punk Save The World???" 7" EP - Beer City, 2001, Japan, w/ paper 3D glasses, (Beer City Records-01) - $22
Lo-fi noisecore/noise-punk. The center label says "Beer Cider Noise!!!!!". Contains six filthy trax including the song titles like "Noise Never Die!" or "The Fuck Song" and a crappy version of the Gai/Swankys cover song "Little Star". This was self-released on the band's own label called Beer City, not to be confused with the U.S. label with the same name. These guys also released the "Control Noise" tape on their other label called Damaging Noise. As it says "Some copies came with a pair of 3D glasses." on Discogs, this copy is complete with a bonus 3D glasses.(Why...?!?! Some sort of a nonsense joke, perhaps?) I have no fucking clue what the 3D glasses have to do with this record, but I see on the back sleeve there's a weird photo of a bunch of guys wearing the similar glasses, and inside the sleeve there's a 3D artwork(?). 

Refuse "Punk Save The World???" 7" EP - Beer City, 2001, Japan, (Beer City Records-01) - $20

Result "Love//Hope" (愛//希望) LP - Scruffy Krust, 1999, Japan, 900 pressed on black(1000 copies total), Silk-screened sleeve, Insert & 16-page booklet, (No Cat. #) - $78
The first and only full-length LP by this amazing Japanese crustcore band featuring the singer from C.F.D.L. The guitarist later went on to form Muga. Self-released on the ban'd own label. This LP is one of the best '90s Japanese crust releases in my opinion. It's way better than the "I Can Go Die" 7" that came out a few years prior to this. Dark, metallic, and dramatic crustcore at its best. This is one killer record that shouldn't be missed out on. Nice silver "grim reaper" artwork printed on a black textured paper sleeve. Very rare!
Note: Has a very tiny chip at the blank edge of the vinyl, but it's nothing major. It's so small(about 0.1") that I didn't notice when I bought it used.

Rise From The Dead "Haraguro" (ハラグロ) 7" flexi - Bron, 1990, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (RFD-1/GIGA-1) - $17
The first and probably the best work done by this Osaka-based band consisted of Naoto(S.O.B.) on vocals, Motsu(Outo, Chicken Bowels & Half Years) on guitar, Mitchun(Outo) on bass and Taku(Crow) on drums. Formed in the late '80s. Yes, their later releases are pretty lame, I must admit that... I guess they played HC only up to the split EP('91) with Filthkick, when they still had the original line-up. I remember not liking their 1st album on Selfish Records so much when it first came out in the late '92. It still sounded HC but was kinda weird, I think. An unplayed, mint stock copy. (P.S.) If anybody wants to either sell or trade a ltd. promo/hard vinyl edition of this flexi, lemme know! I know the promo copies exist like the ones made for the S.O.B./Napalm Death split flexi.

Rocky & The Sweden "Hard Core Grasshoppers" 7" EP - Nat, 1997, Japan, Insert, (NAT-011) - $20
A long out of print, first EP.

Rocky & The Sweden "844" 7" EP - Blood Sucker/Rebelabel Planning, 1999, Japan, Insert, (BSR 046/REB 014) - $12

Rustler, The "S/T" 7" flexi - D.I.S. (Dirty Informal Section), 1988, Japan, Insert, (D.I.S.-005) - $55
The 1st flexi by The Rustler from Shizuoka, where a bunch of other fine Japcore bands like So What, Innocents(Zamza), Deadless Muss, Griffin FZ, Mental, H,K, and Swindle Bitch were from. Rare flexi on Deadless Muss' D.I.S. label. 10 tracks! This copy is in a fantastic condition. The flexi, sleeve and insert are colse to new.

SA "Youth On Your Feet" CD - Submission, 1999, Japan, Obi, (SUBM-001) - $20
This self-released CD contains the tracks off the "Oi Of Japan" comp LP(AA Records, '85), a previously unreleased demo track "No Name"('84), a live track "Confound It"('86) and the '99 re-recorded version of their classic tune "Youth On Your Feet". The '99 track is from their first recording session/studio demo that was recorded right after SA got reformed in the late '90s, when they still didn't have the permanent band members. Jun Gray(ex-Sekinintenka, Bitousha, Bradbury & Kenzi) from Dessert plays the bass on this recording. I have no clue who the other two guys are. I think this '99 version sounds way cooler than the original "Oi Of Japan" version. Although the recording is pretty rough, the rerecorded version sounds much faster, rawer and more powerful. The best thing about this CD is those unreleased demo and live tracks you won't find anywhere else. The studio version of "Confound It" originally appeared on the amazing "I Get Position" 8" flexi in '85! If you've never heard that classic flexi, you're missing out something!!! I don't remember which songs but you can hear one or two tracks off this flexi on the "Nagasaki Nightrider" boot comp LP that came out in the '90s.

S.C.U.M., The "Bouryoku-Chudoku" (暴力中毒) 7" flexi - FEI, 1986, Japan, White sleeve ver., (FEI-89028) - $170
Brilliant '80s Kyushu HC gem here. A very rare flexi by The S.C.U.M.!!(originally called Acid, no relation to the well-known Tokyo band with the same name)  This band is in the more obscure side, but the music is top notch. Their band history is a bit unclear to me. As far as I know they were originally from Nagasaki(where Desperate Children is also from) in Kyushu, then relocated to Tokyo at some point, and I think, went back to Kyushu afterwards. Their awesome CD called "Chudoku-Kanjya" was released around 1990, definitely when the band was based in Hakata, Kyushu. That's what their contact address says on it. By the way, a short band interview is printed inside the CD booklet, where the singer mentions The Swankys(early) as their biggest influence. One source tells me that the members of the original S.C.U.M. from Nagasaki, Kyushu splitted into two forms, however both continued to keep the band name, so there actually were two bands with the same name 'The S.C.U.M.' that originated from the same one band. This info is likely accurate. In that case, I can assume one of The S.C.U.M.'s relocated to Tokyo after the band was splitted into two forms. The flexi came out while they were active in Tokyo, as I can see it in the contact address printed on the sleeve. Also, I know for sure that the one that released this flexi and the one later released the CD are the same, not the other S.C.U.M. that stayed in Kyushu. It's kind of confusing, I know. Other than these two releases, The S.C.U.M. put out the two demo tapes around 1988, and I'm pretty positive those demos were done by the other one that didn't move to Tokyo. Technically the same band, I suppose. Those two demos were later compiled in one and released by King's World Records, on the pro-copies cassette(in an oversized hard box package) entitled "Inconstant"(Hardcore Box Tape) sometime in the early '90. It's listed in the King's World Records discography page here: (Translation: 暴力中毒 (Bouryoku-Chudoku) = Violence Addict!!!!!!!)
Note: Two sleeve color variations exist. The one with black artwork on white background and another with white artwork on black background. The black version is NOT the first pressing or limited ver. No pressing difference between two. They are from the same pressing.(I doubt this flexi was sold so well back in '86 that the band decided to do more than one pressing, though I could be wrong about that.) It was just released in two different sleeve color variations.

S.O.D. (Sound Of Disaster) "Lagar Och Förordningar" 7" EP - Georg Becker Schallplaten. 2005, Sweden, Black vinyl, (GBR-1415) - $6
The 1983 demo tape put to vinyl.

Screaming Damned Fossils "First EP" 7" EP - V.O.D.D., 1996, Japan, (V.O.D.D.-001/SDF 001) - $10
Fast, simple and straight-forward Japcore that sounds kinda similar to the late '80s Selfish Records stuff ala Outo, DonDon or Systematic Death, but with a slightly more metallic edge.

Sekinin-Tenka (Sekinintenka) (責任転嫁) "Alkali/Nopperabou" (アルカリ/のっぺらぼう) 7" flexi - Muzihi (無慈悲), 1982, Japan, (無慈悲 SM-01) - $170
Super-rare 1st flexi by the '80s Sendai city HC/Punk legend. This was self-released on the band's own Muzihi label in 1982(Recorded in Nov. '81), not 1985 as incorrectly stated on Discogs and some online resources. Came out prior to their "ADK Omnibus Vol.1" appearance in 1983, and the "In The Shadow" 2nd 8" flexi was release in 1984. Apparently, Muzihi later became Chicken Shit Records that's known for the Disarray release. I always thought Chicken Shit was a label ran by one of the Disarray members, but I guess I was wrong!(See this site: Anyways, this flexi is soooooo fucking goooooood!! And, yes, very rare and sought-after as well. Only contains two tracks but both songs sound VERY similar to The Stalin. If you've never listened to early Sekinintenka and hearing these songs the first time, the first thing that will occur your mind would be, like "Wait a second... Haven't I heard this on "Trash" or "Stop Jap", or isn't this "Niku"...?!?!" ...... Yeah, that's exactly what came to my mind. The first track "Alkali" even starts with the lyrics goes like "Ore wa...", which are exactly the same as the beginning of the "Niku" lyrics. Sort of like their homage to The Stalin, perhaps?? The recording on this flexi is quite raw, which makes it even cooler to listen to. So, these tracks were recorded in Nov. 1981, and that makes it their earliest studio recorded material unless they did a demo or something prior to this that I'm not aware of. In 1985, after the band was already broken up they put out the LP called "Good Luck", which compiled their previously unreleased studio and live materials from 1981~1984. There are two tracks on this LP("Alkali eki" & "Panic"), that I believe are from the same recording session as the two tracks from this flexi.(The outtake recordings?) Also, three live tracks("Barricade", "Noise" & "Dance") which are dated even earlier, June 1981. The official "1981-1984" discography CD that compiles all of their records including the "ADK Omnibus Vol.1" tracks came out a few years ago. There's also a split demo(or live?) tape with Disarray, entitled "Gyakusatsu"(= massacre, genocide), that came out sometime around 1983 exists but I haven't had a chance to hear it. Shortly after Sekinintenka broke up in 1984, the bassist Jun Gray(who also played in Bitousuha!) and the hot chick, Hiromi(Bitousha) moved to Tokyo to join G-Zet.(Changed the name to Bradbury around the same time they joined) This bassist went on to play in Kenzi, then Bad Messiah, and the Sendai HC all-star band called Dessert!(w/ Ryuji from Disarray and Kasuga from Disarray/Idiot Idolaters) Both the flexi and sleeve are in a great condition!!

Shura (修羅) Vol.9 - Zine - Shura Project, 1989, Japan, B5 size, 58 pages, (No Cat. #) - $35
From my personal collection! Ultra-rare, original Japanese zine from '89!! Shura was one of the most well known and active punk zines in the '80s Japanese punk scene. Contains lots of rare photos and interviews of the various bands. The main contents in this issue: Zoa, Ranko(The Continentl Kids/Sperma), Neurotic Doll, Chu-Doku, Mother Goose/Ex-Ans/Dip The Flag, Kokushoku Elegy, Roger Armstrong(Sic/Straight Time Prod.), Mad Conflux, Systematic Death, Outo etc. // Live report, mini interview etc.(w/ large or small pics)" Asbestos, Nira-Kodomo, Zoa, Asylum, Kuro, Sic, Aggressive Dogs, Fuck Geez, Lip Cream, Gauze, Death Side, Matsuji, Don Don, Mental, Final Bombs, Front Guerrilla, Honge Honge, Nue, Mess, Rap, The Magnets, Sqwad, Chu-Doku, Kyaah, Tetsu-Arrey, The Zolge, New Roteeka, Bardo Thodol, L-TRans, Neurotic Doll, Geil, Gastank, Keiji Haino, Ruins, Zeni Geva etc. etc. etc. etc. // Conneca Bazaar, Dead End(punk shop) etc. // Front & back covers: Morikawa(ZOA) & Ranko(The Continental Kids/Sperma)

Sieg Heil "First Demo Tracks 1984" 12" - Overthrow, 2006, Japan, 750 pressed, Insert, (OVERTHROW-041) - $78

Stalin, The "Go Go Stalin" 12" - Climax/Tokuma, 1983, Japan, Obi, (CMC-1) - $25

Stalin, The "Mushi" (虫) Picture LP - Climax/Tokuma, 1983, Japan, Orig. 1st press on picture disc w/ die-cut sleeve, Promo(orig. w/o obi), (CMC-2512) - $40
The promo copies never originally came with obi, instead there's a small "Promo"(in Japanese) sticker label at the top right corner of the sleeve. Also, "Promo"(in Japanese) is printed in white lettering at the bottom part of the record on Side B as well. Not huge differences from the standard copies, so it's nothing so special about that, I guess. But I've seen only 2~3 promo copies of this LP, including this one, within the past 25 years or so, if that matters.

Stalin, The "Dendou-Kokeshi/Niku" (電動こけし/肉) 7" flexi - SS Recordings, 2005, Japan, Ltd. reissue, Clear red flexi, Insert, (SS-5001) - $30
The official reissue of the 1st flexi, originally released on Political Records in '80. The original price of this and the "Stalinism" EP reissues were 1500 Yen each when they came out in 2005....! SS Recordings = The 'bottakuri' label.

(Stalin, The) Michiro Endo "The End" 12" - East World, 1985, Japan, Orig. sticker on shrinkwrap, (T14-1079) - $15
Michiro's first solo release after The Stalin. This came out right after the band broke up, but the songs were actually recorded while The Stalin was still active and the recording members include the guitarist Ono(ex-Allergy) from the last lineup of The Stalin. Some of the tracks on this 12" are re-recorded version of the unreleased songs by The Stalin, such as this great punk rock tune called "The Stalin"(a.k.a. "Never Mind The Bollocks", doesn't have anything to do with Sex Pistols). This song was originally recorded in 1982, intended to be included on the "Stop Jap" LP, however it remained unreleased until it was re-recorded for this solo 12" in 1985. The original '82 recorded version of this song, as well as another unreleased song called "You" that was recorded during the "Stop Jap" recording session were finally officially released on the "Stop Jap Naked" CD in 2007, when the master tape was found. "Stop Jap Naked" is the original and complete version of the classic "Stop Jap" album, include the forementioned two outtake tracks. Since the album was released on a major label(and remember, it was in the year of '82, in Japan), the band was forced to change some of the lyrics, and AFTER all the tracks were already recorded, most part of them had to be re-recorded(except the vocals).So, the "Stop Jap" LP came out with the different lyrics and different sound mixing than how the album was intended to be done(how the band wanted it to be done, obviously), the two forementioned tracks omitted, plus most of the originally recorded tracks re-recorded.(How unfortunate was it for the band?!) The '85 version of the song "The Stalin"(a.k.a. "Never Mind The Bollocks") included on this 12" sounds very much like the '82 unreleased/outtake version of the same song, with pretty much the same arrange and everything. Such a killer punk tune that I have no clue why it had to be omitted from the "Stop Jap" LP! Michiro was obviously unhappy that the band was forced to change some of the lyrics, so that the innovative, yet exceptionally intelligent lyric style Michiro has created for their next album, "Mushi"(on the same label as "Stop Jap"), was meant to be his answer to this unfortunate "Stop Jap" incident!!! OK, back to the main subject about "The End" 12". It also contains a re-recorded version of the classic tune "Aogeba Toutoshi", as well as the exclusive songs "Ing'o! 7" and "Water Sister", the total of four tracks. Such a shame, hs solo stuff is so underrated! Some of the releases especially this 12" or "Vietnal Legend" are well worth checking out if you're truly into The Stalin.

(Stalin, The) Michiro Endo "Hasan" (破産) LP - GNP(Grotesque New Pop)/King, 1985, Japan, Insert & obi, (K28A 742) - $10
Post-The Stalin solo project band(= The Gay-Nou Brothes) of Michiro with Jun Shimoyama from The Roosters(Burst City!) and some other dudes that I can't remember. The first full-length release under the concept of what he called "Grotesque New Pop", an essential mix of punk rock/new wave/post-punk, plus the usual Michiro craziness. A year after the several GNP releases, he started the two new bands Video-Stalin and Paranoia Star! While Video-Stalin was very active for about two years and released the two videos and one LP, which contains the original songs and a few re-recorded version of The Stalin tunes, Paranoia Star played only a few gigs as far as I know.

Star Club, The "Live! Hot & Cool" LP - City Rocker, 1983, Japan, Insert, (CR-00E) - $30

Star Club, The "The Very Best Of The Star Club" Picture LP - Club The Star, 1987, Japan, Orig. 1st press on picture disc w/ pink die-cue sleeve, 2 x insert, (CSR 00B) - $25
"10th Anniversary Limited Edition Album". It's a compilation of the tracks from their early releases, rare and previously unreleased materials, including the "Front Line/The Unknown Soldier" 7"('83), tracks off the "Club Take One" 7"('81), "Young Assassin" 7"('82), "Shut Up!" 7"('82), "Anoko Ni Hitomebore" freebie flexi('84), 3 tracks off the unreleased 7th and 8th 7"s, and the "Toll Gate Ahead"('80) rehearsal session. The picture disc looks very nice.

State, The "No Illusions Reunion" Tape - Take 'Em Up, 2003, US, Hand-written on chrome tape, (Take 'Em Up #1) - $2

Straight Edge Kegger "Is A Fucked Up Mess!" 7" EP - Wicked Witch, 2007, US, (New/Unplayed), (WWR-029) - $3

Surrealistic Men "S/T" 7" EP - Sur, 1987, Japan, (SUR RECORDS 001) - $25
Awesome Japanese goth/darkwave! Their self-released 2nd EP. Check out some of their songs off the 1st EP('86, Vital Plant/Explosion Rec.) and the "Process Of Evolution Vol.1" comp LP('87, POE Rec.): ("Kakuseiki") ("Dark") ("Modern Packs")

Swankys, The "Never Hero" CD - King's World, 1993, Japan, (KWCD93) - $55
Very rare! This awesome 5-track CD was put out by King's World, however, at the time of its release it was as the "UK only release" and was supposedly "exclusively distributed in Japan by King's World". That's what the label claimed this CD to be, and purposely made it looks like it was "The Swankys' first ever international release" as another joke. So, it has no indication of the actual label name anywhere on this release, but instead there's an "EMI" parody logo on it. Also, the artworks and layouts were purposely done sort of cheaply, as well as some recording/release info(such as a fake producer name) in funny English is printed on it. The artworks are pretty cool, a photo of Watch on the front cover and the usual and odd Swankys style, nazi-inspired artwork on the back, of course. Originally no tracklist credited, but the actual song titles were made public by the label. They are: "I Love Money"(a.k.a. "I Don't Love"), "Cranky", "Fuck My History", "Chaotic Life" and "I Love You". I must mention that it's one of the best materials The Swankys did in my honest opinion. Actually, possibly the best and it's definitely my favorite and I sure listened to this more than any other releases by them. I do enjoy these tracks even more than the "Very Best Of Hero" LP. Watch's vocal style here is snottier than ever it was. The laziest Watch-style vocals at its finest! You gotta hear this to know how cool he sounds on these tracks. You can hear and feel full of THAT whole "fuck off" attitude of The Swankys in these tracks, especially from Watch's vocals, if you know what I mean...! That's like what this band's existence was all about, was it?! Another awesome thing about this release is that some of the songs can be heard only on this CD and aren't available, in any version, on any of their other releases. I think that the first, third and fourth songs are completely exclusive to this CD. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they really are. I'm not sure of the exact recording date of these tracks but it's supposed to be the previously unreleased studio recording around the time that the "More Fuck" demo was done. Btw, the recording is pretty raw and rough, which makes it sound so damn rad. Oh man, seriously "I Love Money" and "Chaotic Life" are soooooooooo good! Love the sarcastic lyrics of "I Love Money", too.

Systematic Death "Flash Back" 7" EP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Standard edition w/o extra sleeve, (AMI-7006) - $75
Note: According to an old Selfish Records ad, only the limited first pressing copies came with an extra printed outer envelope sleeve.

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Force" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, 1st press on black vinyl, w/ large logo sticker(mail order only), (HG-063) - $20
This copy comes with a rare bonus sticker.(5" x 5" size, the large circled " 鉄 " logo, a small band logo + "Tokyo Hardcore") Classic 1st EP by one of the originators of Burning Spirits style Japcore from Tokyo.

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Force" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, 1st press on black vinyl, (HG-063) - $18
Classic 1st EP by one of the originators of Burning Spirits style Japcore from Tokyo.

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Tetsu-Arrey II" (鉄アレイ II) LP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Heavy gatefold sleeve, Obi & insert, (HG-100) - $40

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Hakkiri Itte Nanimo Shinyou Dekinē" (ハッキリ言って何も信用できねえ) One-sided 7" EP - HG Fact, 1999, Japan, Promo-only/freebie, (HG-150) - $130
Rare promo-only, one-sided EP. Was given away to fans at only one show in Tokyo. Translation: "Hakkiri Itte Nanimo Shinyou Dekinē" (ハッキリ言って何も信用できねえ) = "To Tell The Truth, Can't Trust The Damn Things At All"

3F=C "To-Ma-Do-I" (と・ま・ど・い) 7" flexi - R.B.F. (Rebel Brain Factory), 1984, Japan, Clear red flexi, (New/Unplayed), (RBF-108) - $40
The new wave project by Sumiko from Kyaah. She was the original singer of Kyaah on their 1st EP and the "RBF 1984" comp. I believe the guitarist of 3F=C was also a very early member from Kyaah. Rare flexi in a perfect condition.

Typhus "1980.10.28" Demo Tape - Self, 199?, Japan, Tokyo ver. w/ stamped sleeve & plain black cassette, (No Cat. #) - $40
Sort of a mysterious, official release that was put out by one of the ex-Typhus members(don't know which one) and sold at the selected shops in Tokyo(Base) and Osaka(Ignition) only. The Base version has a pink "Mangrove" stamp on the front sleeve, and the Ignition version has a completely different artwork/layout and the sleeve color is either yellow or pink. The cassettes used are different, too. This is the studio demo with some of the tracks featuring the female vocals by Miina Yasue. She was the band manager/staff for Aburadako and the early Willard, later married to Michiro Endo and managed The Stalin as a B.Q. Records staff. This studio demo contains the earliest Typhus recording(before Tam joined the band), with the original line-up: Izumi on vocals/guitar, Miina Yasue on guitar/vocals, Shin on bass and Taku on drums. Miina played the guitar on some of the tracks.

Under Beans "Roots Rock Suck" 7" EP - Stomping, 1988, Japan, 500 pressed, (SR-006) - $25
Obscure Sendai-city HC band on the awesome Stomping Records. Possibly the hardest to find out of all seven Stomping releases?(Dead Person, Lance Lot etc.) This is the only one that has the indication of "limited edition of 500" on the sleeve. I know that the "Hardcore Showcase" comp LP and the Tiffanys flexi(my fav!) are also pretty tough to come by. Super-catchy and rockin' punk like the older Sendai band The Idiot Idolaters.(they have the 7"s out on Chicken Shit and appeared on the "Shodoku Gig" comp LP, ex-Disarray) Actually, Under Beans were formed by Manabu, the ex singer from The Idiot Idolaters.

Unholy Grave "Obliterated" LP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star), 2006, Japan, 175 pressed, Stamped & numbered booklet(F.E.T.U.S. 'zine) & obi(# 068), Printed inner-bag sleeve & insert, (HMSS-CD-043) - $45
The sleeve states: "This LP is collection of original mix versions from "Crucified" album recording sessions. All unreleased takes." Looks like this also contains some extra bonus materials including the "Gezol Mix Version" of two tracks and a rehearsal track. Comes with an exclusive "F.E.T.U.S." Vol.24 fanzine with the U.G. interview in English. The zine is also individually numbered out of 175 copies.

Unholy Grave "Grind Blitz" 7" EP - H.M.S.S.(Heavy Metal Super Star), 2010, Japan, 185 pressed, Promo-only/freebie, Hand-numbered fold-out sleeve (# 042), Orig. sticker on sleeve, White labels, (HMSS-CD-102) - $40
Contains the '09 studio rehearsal tracks. The round sticker on the front sleeve indicates "X'mas Gift EP for HMSS Customers, Limited Edition 185".

United "Beast Dominates '92" CD - Howling Bull, 1992, Japan, Obi, (HBR-M0006) - $30
All the songs from the "Beast Dominate" EP('86, Hold Up/Noise Room Rec.) re-recorded with the '92 line-up, plus two bonus tracks. Long out of print, early Howling Bull Records release.

Virgin Rocks "Shut Up!" 7" EP - Dear/Music Visions, 1986, Japan, (DEAR-002) - $25
The comes changed the name to Virgin Rocks several months after the "Power Never Die" 12" was released in March '86, on Captain/Dear Records. All the Virgin Rocks members except the drummer were the same as the "Power Never Die" recording lineup. The drummer was replaced to Tetsu M.(ex-Ghoul, and F.O.A.D. as well?) from Matsumura. Matsumura was an early drummer of The Comes until he left the band to join Gastunk in '84, which he left a year after joined back to play in The Comes again from '85 until '87. Around '90, he once again got together with Chitose to form The Wretched. Now..., by looking at the fact he was frantically(?) chasing Chitose's ass over the years, I suppose one can easily assume that he was actually far more interested in banging her than playing in the bands! Anyways, the music style played by Virgin Rocks is pretty much in the vein of The Comes from their "Power Never Die" era, powerful metal-punk with the obvious Plasmatics influences. Chitose was very much into Wendy O. Williams and Motörhead. But the late Comes and Virgin Rocks were way better than The Plasmatics! If you like the style they did on "Power Never Die" like I do, you'll also dig Virgin Rocks as well. If it wasn't your cup of tea, then you won't like this EP.

Warhead "Drive It In Your Head!" 7" EP - Fast Nail, 1995, Japan, 6-panel fold-out poster sleeve, (NAIL-03) - $50

Warhead "The Lost Self And Beating Heart" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, Ltd. mail order-only edition on clear blue vinyl, (BSR-017) - $35

Wrestling Crime Master "Bigtown Calling" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, Ltd. clear green vinyl(mail order only), 2nd press w/ different center labels, (HG-029) - $3

YBO² (YBO2) "By YBO²" 7" flexi - CSV Shibuya, 1987, Japan, Promo-only, (CSV-02) - $20

Z "Violence Action" 7" flexi - Self, 1986, Japan, w/ 2 x color photo(one of them signed), Clear red flexi, (New/Unplayed), (Z Record-02) - $85
Only some copies came with one of the several different color photos(either signed or non-signed) of the band members randomly included. This particular copy comes with two different photos, one of which is signed on the back side of it. Never seen another copy of this flexi that comes with two photos... This is a brand new, mint stock copy I've had in my own collection for years.

Zadkiel "Hell's Bomber" Picture 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, 1500 pressed, Clear PVC sleeve, (PHU-1001/NRR-E011) - $45
The legendary band that G.A.T.E.S. were highly inspired by!!! Violent mix of raw thrash, hardcore/punk, Motörhead and Venom. Very original and essential sound, I'd say. Includes 4 tracks recorded circa '83/'84. Fucking loud, noisy and totally raging!! This EP was released after they broke up. Some of the members, including a super bassist Koh Morota(R.I.P.), went onto form Doom and F.O.A.D.(with Max from Ghoul & Jotaro from Mobs/Tetsu-Arrey). Great artwork on a picture disc. One of the BEST and harder to find Hold Up Records releases in my opinion!!

ZOA (Zoa) "Sad Song By Z.O.A" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1991, Japan, Promo-only, (E-8612(S)) - $8

Zouo ‎"Frustration" 7" EP - Crust War, 2011, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (CRUST WAR-043) - $28


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35% OFF EVERYTHING!! (4/26/14~)

AGE (Armed Government's Error) / The Deride "Human Tool/Hypocricy, Violence, Ego, Money" 7" EP - Self (MC Smile?), 1998, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $35
This shit's pretty hard to come by! One of the eariest AGE releases. I think it's their 2nd 7", after the "Inside Darkness" 7" came out in '97. The usual, heavy-hitting, dark metallic crustcore by AGE. Pretty nicely raw recording! This split was self-released by the bands, but the weird thing is that, on Discogs it's listed with "MC Smile" as the label name with the release number of "MC Smile-01", but I doubt that's the correct label name and the release number. I don't think this release has a number at all, and is without the actual label name. I don't see "MC Smile-01" written anywhere on the sleeve or the vinyl, not even in the matrix. There's no label name indicated either. The closest thing I see is on The Deride side of the folded sleeve, it says "M.C. Smiles, Fuck T.V."(No clue what the hell MC stands for. MC Hammer? R.I.P.) with a sloppy drawing of the TV, as part of artwork. Oh, and The Deride tracks are goddamn excellent. So sadly underrated! High-speed, rough, in-your-face HC with catchy hooks!! 3 kick-ass trax, "TV Means Money", "Invisible Violence", and "In Underground". "Full Throttle Local Energy" is what they describe their music. Never heard any of their other releases, but I like 'em much better than AGE.

Abigail / Unholy Grave "Acidiehardmaniaxe Far East" 7" EP - Captured, 2006, Japan, 500 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 189), Insert, (New/Unplayed), (CAP-003) - $15

Abraham Cross / Struggle For Pride - 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, 700 pressed, Extra outer sleeve, Yellow marbled vinyl, (PAANK-013) - $40
N-O-I-S-E O-V-E-R-D-O-S-E!!!!!! Gotta love this one if you're into the fucked-up noisy shit. On this crazy-ass brutal split EP, S.F.P. plays some ultra-intense and distorted noisecore crust like a mix of Gloom, Collapse Society, Exit Hippies, Confuse and all that fantastic NOIZE. Raw and noisy as fuuuuuuckkk!!!! The thick-ass bass line and the fuzzed-out guitar riffs are absolutely sick, despite the image and impression you get from the song title like "Summer Never Ends" and how their side of the center label says "chill out".... And, the usual Doom, Sore Throat and E.N.T.-inspired stench noise crustcore from Abraham Cross. Their material here is actually even noisier, destructive and waaaaaaaaay more chaotic than any of their earlier stuff. I'd say it's much more in the fucked-up noisecore vein than the classic U.K. crust style you hear on the "Peace Can't Combine" LP('94~'95 recordings) on Crust War. Seriously, some of the noisiest, dirtiest and the most crucial sounding crust/noise-core you'd ever come across, man... However, this one is a bit harder to find than most of the other Paank Levyt releases. (P.S.) Inside the sleeve, there's an ad for the forth-coming Paank Levyt release(which never came out) by a band called Mob 2000("Tokyo No.1 Political Thrash Punk"), entitled "Are You OK? No! I'm Åke!". Who the hell are Mob 2000, yo?!?!

Baseball Furies / The Mamat's "The Mamat's N' Baseball Furies" 7" flexi - Bēma Kikaku, 1988, Japan,
Fold-out sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (S 002) - $55

Battle Of Disarm / Hylk - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1994, Japan/Finland, Label catalog flyer, (New/Unplayed), (DIY-EP-002) - $20

Battle Of Disarm / Inkisição "50 Years Past From World War 2, But Our Sufferings Continue.../Ordem Racionalidade-Não" 7" EP - Ataque Sonoro, 1995, Japan/Portugal, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $20

Battle Of Disarm / Fleas And Lice 
- 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1995, Japan/Holland, 1000 pressed, (DIY-EP-007) - $18

Battle Of Disarm / Under Threat "Aftermath Of Human Greed" LP - People Like You/Putrid, 1999, Japan/Brazil, Brazilian release, (P.L.Y.-002/PUT-001) - $28

Blüdwülf / Toxic Holocaust "Speed N' Spikes Vol.1" 7" EP - Relapse, 2008, US, Ltd. to 400(out of 1000 total) on clear yellow/red splatter vinyl, Orig. sticker on outer sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (RR-076) - $12

Crude / Violence Moment "Blood Sucking Freaks IV" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, (BSR-019) - $20

Disaffect / Sedition "Work As One" 7" EP - Nabate/Flat Earth, 1993, UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (NAB-07/FE-12) - $10

Disclose / World Burns To Death "Dis Nightmare Still Continues" 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2004, Japan, 700 pressed, Orig. Japanese 1st press, (DAN-DOH 061) - $25

Effigy / Hellshock "USA Meets Japan" 10" - Wicked Witch, 2004, Japan/US, (WWR 025) - $25

Exithippies / Stagnation - 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2004, Japan, Green marbled vinyl, (PAANK-016) - $18
Fucking noisecore.......!!! The '80s Kyushu noisecore worship, Stagnation, has been putting out the good amount of noisy 7"s and tapes over the past 10 years or so, like the "Total Noisecore" split 7" with Control from a few years back! I believe this split with Exithippies was their first release. A must have for fans of Confuse, Gai, Disorder and Chaos UK!!! "Sex, Bee& Noise"!!!

Extinct Government / Recharge - 7" EP - Epistrophy, 1997, Japan/Germany, (EPI 019) - $5

Grimness(69) / Groinchurn "Mucsical Holocaust/Kill For The Devil" 7" EP - Ecatombe Produzioni, 2001, Italy/S. Africa, 800 pressed, Insert, (TOMB 003) - $3

Kriegshög / Dog Soldier "Howling Of The Dogs, Snorting Of The Högs" 7" EP - HG Fact, 2008, Japan/US, 1000 pressed, (New/Unplayed), (HG-225) - $28

Lärm As Fuck / Humus "Campaign For Musical Destruction" 7" EP - Wasted Youth Power, 2003, Holland, 1000 pressed, Die-cut picture sleeve w/ printed inner-bag sleeve, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (WYP 008) - $7
The 2003 demo from Lärm. Their classic tunes re-recorded. Lärm As Fuck = Lärm(Seein' Red). Humus are metallic and thrashy Dutch crustcore. Neat packaging. Long out of print.

Minch / Sloth "Parmania" 7" EP - Agromosh/My Cheap Ass Life, 2008, US, 700 pressed on black(out of 1000 total), (AGRO #027/MCAL #004) - $3

The No Futures (The ノーフューチャーズ) / Swindles - 7" EP - Punk Dischord, 2008, Japan, 300 pressed, (PUNK DISCHORD-03/PDR-03) - $40
The Swankys, Gai, CHaos CH and '80s Kyushu punk worshipped noisecore, The No Futures Vs. the mid ~ late '80s King's World Records style punk fucking rock, Swindle!(highly influenced by The Swankys, No Cut, and Last Child!!!) Very limited release by the Shizuoka based label, Punk Dischord Records that also put out the Control cassette etc. This EP sold out real fast immediately after its release. Listen to The No Futures / Swindle

Nightmare / Concrete Sox - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1993, Japan/UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-049) - $38

9 Shocks Terror / Devoid Of Faith "Fight On The Street" 7" EP - Gloom, 1997, US, Purple marble vinyl, 9 Shocks lyric insert, (GLOOM-002) - $3

Patareni / Extreme Noise Terror ‎"The Split Noiz Live EP" 7" EP - Falšanja Kol'ko'š, 1990, Yugo/UK, Green sleeve, (Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records-007) - $20
Patareni recorded live in Berlin '90 and E.N.T. recorded live in Zagreb, Croatia '88.

Patareni / Crucifix - 7" EP - Psycho Mania, 1992, Yugo/US, Orange sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $25
Crucifix tracks recorded live 2/2/1984. Patareni tracks.... who gives a shit?! An early Psycho Mania Records(Scotland) release.

Slight Slappers / Hated Principles - 7" EP - Blurred, 1996, Japan/US, 1500 pressed, (BLURRED-08) - $3

Systematic Death / See You In Hell "Backdrop Eu Tour 2010" 7" EP - Insane Society, 2010, Japan/Czech, 1300 pressed, Orig. sticker on outer plastic sleeve, Insert & label flyers, (IS 095) - $4

3-Way Cum / Another Oppressive System (AxOxSx) - 7" EP - Skit, 1996, Sweden/US, (SR-001) - $3

Toxik Trash / Heavy Water "Out Of Order" - 7" EP - Dirty Thrash/Teenage Scrap Sounds, 2004, Japan/UK, 150 pressed, Large fold-out insert(un-numbered) & label info insert, Clear vinyl, (DIRTY-3/TSS-1) - $58
Toxik Trash is an insane, fucked-up noisecore/crust with ex-Abraham Cross members. A band that totally lives up to its name! Their songs are like a cross between of '80s noisecore(Rapt, Psycho Sin, Sore Throat or Ruido De Rabia) and Japanese noise crust(Collapse Society, Zyanose or Warcry), mixed with that fucked-up, extreme rawness of some old Mexican noisecore bands like M.E.L.I. or Cagada De Perro. Good mixture of all that noisy and scummy HC stuff! 6 trax by Toxik Trash included. Love the artwork on their side of the sleeve. Heavy Water from the U.K. is consisted of ex-members of Hellbastard, Amebix etc. Punk & Destroy site described their music as the classic U.K. metal-crust style. I'd say it's sort of like Amebix and U.K. anarcho punk with a more metal tatse. An extremely limited, split release by the two Tokyo-based labels. Only 150 copies pressed and sold out immediately after its release.(Though, it was originally priced at 1800 Yen....!!) Most of copies were sold via mail order directly from the label. P&D was the only shop that sold some. Dirty Thrash is the Abraham Cross dude's label that also put out the Hellbastard "The Good Go First" ltd. LP and the Abraxas demo. Don't have any info about the other label, Teenage Scrap Sounds. One of the inserts advertises the label's forthcoming release(a 10-track EP by the unknown band called "Kibou no Ko"), however I have no clue if this actually came out. On the insert and the inner-flap of the sleeve, the parts where it says "Ltd to 150, Your # is ___ / 150" that's supposed to be numbered are left blank for this copy. Perhaps a promo. Someone posted one of the Toxik Trash tracks here:

Victims Of Greed / Scum Noise "Fight For Freedom/The Power Has No Power..." 7" EP - F.F.T. Label, 1998, Japan/Brazil, Insert & label flyer, (F.F.T.-016) - $3
Japanese Vs. Brazilian raw crust split EP that kicks major ass. I'd recommend both bands to any young and horny(and not so horny) crusties who love jerkin' off to the noise of Disclose, Framtid, Life, Doom, Besthöven, Discharge, S.D.S., Abraham Cross, Skitsystem, Totalitär, Discard, Gloom, Result, Antiauthorize and all that good 'n' juicy stuff. You know the drill.

Voĉo Protesta / Blinded Humanity "Punk Solidareco De Japano-Singapuro" 7" EP - Aktiva//Proteta, 2005, Japan/Singapore, 500 pressed, Hand-numbered, printed clear plastic sleeve(# 468), Insert, (Aktiva//Protesta Rekordo 003) - $15

Zyanose / The Separations "Fuck Split - No Communication" Demo CD-R - Self, 2006, Japan, Gig freebie, (No Cat. #) - $22
Originally given away free at one of their shows around Oct '06 in Osaka and it's supposed to be limited to 100 or so. Some copies were later sold at the P&D shop. Not sure if the band made additional copies or they were the leftover from the show. The Separations are/were Zyanose's studio side project band. Not sure if this band has ever played live. They sound like The Swankys! This is very fucking good!! Wanna hear more songs by this band if they've got anything else out. 2 tracks by each band, the total of 4 tracks. The Separations tracks aren't included on the "Noise Philia 2005-2011" LP.

   V. A.    )

35% OFF EVERYTHING!! (4/26/14~)

Apathy = Self Destruction - 7" EP - F.F.T. Label, 1999, Japan, Poster sleeve, (F.F.T.-017) - $7
Result / Order / Tomorrow / Isolation - I'm pretty sure all the materials on this compilation are exclusive to this release. Includes an early Order material with original singer!

Best Run Fast Volume 1 - 7" flexi - MCR Company, 1990, Japan, 1500 pressed, (MCR-027) - $12
Final Count / Slaver / Don Don / L.C. Pirates

Crust And Anguished Life - CD - MCR Company, 1993, Int'l, 1500 pressed, 24-page booklet, (MCR-059) - $25
Gloom / Disclose / S.D.S. / C.F.D.L. / Unwise / Disrupt / Misery / Destroy! / Dropdead / Deformed Conscience / Hell Spawn / Taste Of Fear / Concrete Sox / Sarcasm / Amen / Rytmihäiriö / Hiatus / Dischange - Rare international crust all-star comilation feat. the early Gloom tracks! Hard to find.

Cry Of Soul (魂の叫び) - 7" EP - Crow, 1997, Japan/US/Finland, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (CROW RECORDS 3/VA-1) - $25
Crow / Final Bombs / His Hero Is Gone / Selfish

Cry Of Soul (魂の叫び) - 7" EP - Crow, 1997, Japan/US/Finland, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (CROW RECORDS 3/VA-1) - $28
Crow / Final Bombs / His Hero Is Gone / Selfish

Finnish Drunks - Punks Is Hippies - LP - No label, 1995, Finland, 3 x double-sided insert, Japanese boot, (No Cat. #) - $35
Mellakka / Äpärät / Painajainen / Rutto - Gotta love the title, huh? An old Japanese boot comp of classic '80s Finnish HC 7"s. I wasn't sure of the exact release year of this LP, but according to this site it came out in '95:

God Save The Punx (VOS Special Issue: Rock File On Video 1988 Vol.2) - VHS - Takarajima (宝島)/JICC, 1988, Japan, Insert, 60 min., NTSC, (VOS-4503) - $38
Nira-Kodomo (にら子供) / The Swankys / Gasatsu (a.k.a. Crime Fighter) (我殺) / Gendou-Missile (ゲんドう ミサイル) / The Star Club / New Roteeka / Video-Stalin / Kenzi & The Trips / Lydia Cats (ex-Gess!) / Garlic Boys / Newest Model / The Wells / Loud Machine / The Strummers / The Go-Go Times / The Coinlocker Babies - Very cooooool comp video here, yeeehhhaaaaaaa, despite the cheesy title.... "VOS" was the series video magazine type of thing done by the "Takarajima" magazine, which was an awesome subculture & music mags that covered tons of punk, hc, and other underground music back in the early to late '80s. This "God Save The Punx" comp is one of the "VOS" Special Issues. The "Takarajima" mags were published monthly and believe it or not, the "VOS" videos were also coming out fucking monthly as well!!(They cost like 2800 Yen each) (If you're familiar with what the Jap economic situation was like back in the late '80s until it started to get fucked sometimes in the '90s, it's not surprising at all. Majority of punks drove the Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and shit! Even the fucking crusties could afford living in the nice home sweet home with the shower and bathtub in the middle of Tokyo!) Can't remember how many times I HAD to shoplift those damn video tapes 'cause they weren't exactly cheap for me at the time and I simply couldn't afford buying them, yet they were still so tempting whenever I saw the them at the shops!!! The monthly "VOS" VHS video series featured the exclusive(mostly) live footages and interviews by loads of great punk/hc bands, as well as some shitty ones too!!(Note: Most of "The Special Issue" videos such as this one contain only or mainly the live video clips and no interviews and such) For those who aren't familiar, the record label 'Captain Records' was run by Takarajima(published by JICC Publishing). Here, I found this amazingly extensive list of all the "VOS" and Takarajima related video releases: Most of the band names listed are written in katakana, kanji 'n' hiragana, though.(Hey, btw, anybody seen that "Solly, Japanese Only!" shit?! WTF, right?!?! Omg, omg, no Yanks or gypsies allwoed to see your site?! You, Jap Nazis?? Ouch! We'll need to have the mighty, godly Pr*fane Exxxist*nce to hunt all you bigots down. C'mon, just kidding, man. Smile. You no fun. Even Steve Ignorant slept in the porch while on Japan tour. Ret's Lock'n'Loll.) The famous cassette/booklet box set series like "The Punx" comp., Michiro Endo "Vietnam Legend", and Madame Edwarda "Illuminé" were released by Takarajima/JICC. And, the other good and well-known ones like the Lip Cream "Lip Cream Only" VHS and the "Burning Wild West" comp VHS(Rapes, S.O.B., Danse Macabre, The Continental Kids, The Genbaku Onanies etc.) are also part of the "VOS Special Issue" VHS series!! OK... enough!! Hey, quit it already! Fuck, somebody stop me typing all this useless crap, goddaaaaaaamn Mr. OCD?!?! I'm super duper hyper manic as hell and no, I'm not on anything, just lemmeeeeee go to sleeeeeeeeep, damn it!!!!! Yay!

I'm Going Ape #2 - 7" EP - No Fucking Labels, 2006, US/Holland, 500 pressed, Clear vinyl, Insert, label flyer & black die-cut inner-sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (NFL-17) - $4
Straight Edge Kegger / N.O.Y.F.B.(None Of Your Fucking Business) / Gorgonized Dorks / CSMD(Crowd Surfers Must Die)

Intentional Wars (Takamatsu City Hardcore) - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1994, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-075) - $5
Back Rush / D.D.T. / Beasted Front / Bolt / Organs Of Shose

Live Target - DVD - Coalition, 2005, Int'l, Region free(Code 0), Insert, (New/Unplayed), (LKW 075) - $5
Lärm(Live in Germany/Holland) / Seein Red(in Japan) / Das Oath(in Japan) / Tear It Up(in Holland) / The Rites(in UK) / Smackdown(in Sweden) / The Horror(in UK)

Losing Your Way Volume: 2 - 7" flexi - Skinny Dip, 1999, Japan, Folded inner-sleeve/insert(w/ band info), (DIP-002) - $7
Total Fury / Exclaim / Vivisick / Charm / Disco Kicks / Hope / Restrain / Trademarks

Natural Crust & Punk Force, Noise Making - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1996, Japan, 800 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-092) - $25
This is a killer 3-way split EP that's pretty hard to come by(and a bit expensive in Japan these days coz Order is big overthere), compared to many of the other MCR compilations from the '90s. It's one of those few older MCR 7"s that were pressed in a smaller quantity like 700~800 copies. Contains the first ever recorded material by Order, with the original singer, from when they were still playing sloppy and raw noisecore like what you hear on their great "Punk Navigation" 1st EP on Overthrow Records. Think of early Disorder, Chaos UK, Chaos CH etc. I love all the Order releases up to the "Taep'o-Dong" LP, but especially their early noisecore stuff. Their recent releases are boring and kinda lame... Some of the Mindsuck members went on to form Reality Crisis. Noisy and distorted, Japanese style crustcore. Mental Disease, you probably already know. It's a really nice, crusty 'n' filthy comp 7" with a super-crusty sleeve artwork.

Pinch And Ouch! - LP - KPP, 1985, Japan, Insert, (KPP-001) - $65
Gai / Kuro (白) / Gess / Aggressive Dogs / No-Cut / Gedon - Classic '80s Kyushu HC comp. Produced by Hide from Kuro. The first release by Kuro's KPP label that also put out the EP's by The Swankys, Kuro, No Cut, Aggressive Dogs etc. Contains an awesome Gai version of the songs later played by The Swankys. A must have LP for any fans.

Ranchiki Omnibus 2 (乱痴気 オムニバ ス 2) - 5 x 7" flexi - Ranchiki Pro./Nouzui, 1987, Japan, LP-size poster sleeve, (NR-02E ~ 06E) - $120
Jyuden-Souchi (充電装置) / Nira-Kodomo (にら子供) / DonDon / Sic / Chu-Doku (Chu 毒) / Gasatsu (a.k.a. Crime Fighter) (我殺) / Angry Ducks / CD.Synapse / Maria-A / Nora (野良) / Gymnopedia / The Wells / The's / The Blow Ups / Yagiinu (山羊犬) / 16 Tons / Goose / Church Mouse / The Nudsad / Bakudan-Kozou (爆弾小僧) / The Strummers / Tori (とり) / The Shams - Very rare!!! Here's a nice 'n' obscure, five 7" flexi set packaged in a huge fold-out poster sleeve.(LP sleeve size when folded) There was this 'zine writer chick goes by a nickname 'Bakuretsu Toshiko' from Tokyo, who did her own free monthly 'zine/newsletter type of thing called "Ranchiki", as well as setting up the local shows in the Tokyo area back in the mid~late '80s. She did two awesome "Ranchiki" compilations featuring only her favorite bands. The first one being a comp tape/booklet set from 1985, included many great bands like Poison(their very first recording!), Asylum, Nira-Kodomo, Barigade, Shuffle, Kiku, Kyoaku-Kyojindan, New Roteeka etc. This 5 flexi set is the second comp and is another excellent work of hers like the first one. Co-released by Nouzui Records.(Don Don Yoshikawa's label) Featuring the bands in wide variety of style include HC, punk rock, Oi!, and even some new wave, but mostly the HC and punk bands. Some of the bands appeared on this comp later became pretty well known. Some of the notable unknown bands that are worth mentioning here: Cd.Synapse! I like this band a lot. Speedy and metallic HC, kinda like The Execute(early), Sha-London, Ziga(Jiga), Geizz, or Molugu. Their 7"s are really good. 2 tracks appeared on this comp are pretty good too, but the "Asphyxiation" EP is their best. Another band, Maria-A. I wish to hear more songs from this band!! Their female singer was in Goddess, the band that's on the "ADK Omnibus Vol.1", and the guitarist Kazushi is from The Trash, The Clay, Chu-Doku etc. The only Maria-A track I've heard is the one on this comp. They're supposed to be on the "Dog Days Live" comp VHS(w/ Lip Cream, Outo, Aggressive Dogs etc.) and are listed on the cover, however, the actual live footage is missing from the video?! Too bad. And, the Yagiinu track is another one I really liked from this comp. I think it's better than the tracks I heard on their 8" flexi.

Shinkankakuha Omnibus Vol. 2 (新感覚派 オムニバ ス Vol. 2) - 8" flexi - Shinkankakuha Label, 1988, Japan, Clear red flexi, (新感覚派-05) - $55
Nira-Kodomo (にら子供) / Shuffle / New Drugs / The's

Shit Hits Volume Two - 7" EP - E Records, 1997, Int'l, 525 pressed, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 234), Grey marbled vinyl, (SHIT-15) - $7
Silmäosasto(Finland, ex-Tampere SS & Kuolleet Kukat) / C.S.S.O.(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)(Japan) / Wind Of Pain(Finland) / Blood(Germany) / Irstas(Finland) / Plan E(Finland) / Hemdale(U.S.) / Excess Of Cruelty(Belgium)

Shizuoka City Hardcore - 7" flexi - MCR Company, 1991, Japan, 1500 pressed, (MCR-042) - $20
Mental / The Rustler / Innocents / Nibbles - Classic Shizuoka Japcore rules!!!!!

Thrash Ahoy!! - 7" EP - Killed By Fast/One Coin/Thrash Ahoy!, 2000, Japan, Orange sleeve, (Thrash Ahoy-2) - $4
Battle Of Disarm / Social Crime / G.J.P.B. / Power Of Idea / Fuck On The Beach / Less Haze / Vivisick / Exorgrindst / F.I.O.M. / Insane'N The Brain / The Charge / Knucklehead / Boss Pitt / Dead Speakers / DxIxE / Dilate - This is "Vol. 2" of the series.

Tosamono (土佐者)  - 2 x 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1997, Japan, Poster sleeve(red/black ver.), (Dan-Doh 007) - $15
Disclose / Judgement Disorderly / Aggression / AR-15 / Galvanize Head / S.H.K. / Calf Branding / Happy Family / Kerie Bundy

Unknown Hardcore Drunkers Vol. 2 - 2 x 7" EP - MCR Company, 1991, Japan, 1500 pressed, 12-page booklet sleeve, (MCR-046) - $8
Hakuchi(白痴) / C.O.S.A.(Pre-Effigy/Reality Crisis) / Noise Distraction / Beyond Description / Hellchild / Semetary / Bad Taste / Ouch / Over Dose / Stress / Heidegger