December 19, 2008

DEC 19TH 2008 (PART 2 : SPLIT & V/A)

+++ SPLIT +++

Ashes / Crowd "Hostility" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1991, Japan, (Overthrow-02) - $28
Early release by Overthrow Rec. Both are unknown but pretty good Japcore bands from Nagoya city. The Crowd side especially stands out here. Totally blazing metallic Japcore that reminds me of Burning Spirits style with a slight crust touch.

Benitsubaki / Mentality Society "Hardcore Clash Out" 2 x 7" EP - Dynamite Rock, 1990, Japan, Poster sleeve, Insert, (DR-001) - $28
Here's a rare obscure one from the early '90s. Both bands played traditional straight-forward Japcore. Mentality Society is good but kind of average Japcore. Benitsubaki much better. In that powerful Burning Spirits style. They had another EP out also on their own Dynamite Rock label.

Breaking Power The Prisoner / Dororo - 7" flexi - Self, 1985, Japan, (E-8076) - $35
Completely unknown split release by these super-obscure bands from Osaka. Dororo might be a bit more known to a very few obsessive collectors, because they were included on the "Last Punk Osaka" comp LP(Very rare, by the way...) with early S.O.B., Outo, Brutas(Naoto's band before S.O.B.), Dither(Pre-Rapes) etc. Their guitarist went onto form Danse Macabre with ex-Zouo singer Cherry. This is their only ever release beside the comp tracks. B.P. The Prisoner did the self-released 8" flexi on or around the same year. On this split, they play some cool dark and metallic ADK-ish punk.

Coward / Gasmask - LP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (Crust War 017) - $55 (On Hold)
Limited reissue of the mega-rare flexi and EP on Skelton Records. Includes all the tracks from the original releases, plus some extra live and unreleased studio tracks as well as the "Coward + Gasmask" studio project bands Gasward and Cowmask materails. This LP was sold out fast.

Curtainrail / JBA(John Browns Army) 7" EP - Gloom, 2000, Japan/US, New/Unplayed, (Gloom-008) - $3
Crazy Jap manic thrashing madness with distorted vocals and brutal fast HC from NY. ex-Devoid Of Faith.

D.O.N.D.O.N. / Scraps "Cry of Soul" 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan/France, 1500 pressed, (MCR-022) - $15

Disclose / Hellkrucher "Why Must We Die?"(Blood Sucking Freaks III) 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1994, Japan/UK, Mailorder-only ltd clear red vinyl, (BSR-013) - $35

Disfuse / Power Of Idea - 7" EP - Japankore, 1995, US/Japan, 300 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert, (JKDR-002) - $28
Dropdead members' project band Vs. Japanese political crust. Confuse rip-off sleeve artwork and logo. Includes a Crow cover by Disfuse and a Dropdead cover by P.O.I.

Edge-Ucate / Deliver Me - 7" EP - Disgruntled, 199?, US, Ltd ver. of 100 w/ handmade die-cut sleeve & numbered inner sleeve(# 1), Insert, (DR 008) - $7
Edge-Ucate = ex-Charles Bronson. Released on the Bronson member's old label Disgruntled Rec.

Exhale / Diallo - 7" EP - Cries Of Pain, 2003, Japan/US, Ltd ver. of 100 w/ screened & hand-numbered sleeve(# 083), Insert, Flyer & sticker, (C.O.P. #3) - $18
Exhale plays blazing traditional Burning Spirits style Japcore like Death Side, Crude, Judgement etc. Dark and heavy crust by Diallo.

Extinct Government / Hazard "Punk Addict" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, Poster sl., (Overthrow-011) - $30
The first release by both. Great powerful Japcore. E.Government with an early bassist Minoru(ex-Lip Cream/The Comes) from Colored Rice Men.

Fact / Disgusting Lies - 7" EP - MCR, 1990, Japan/Poland, 1000 pressed, Insert, New/Unplayed, (MCR-136) - $3

Gudon / Warhead Junk "Blood Sucking Freaks" - Blood Sucker, 1990, Japan, (BSR-004) - $45
Warhead Junk is also a great Japcore band with two ex-Gudon members and a member from Insane Youth/Forward. Awesome split EP. Early Bloodsucker release. According to the label site, it was released in '90 and not '91.

Mad Butcher / Brainstorm - 7" EP - Keloid, 1998, Japan, 1st press of 700, Stamped & numbered sleeve/inner sleeve(# 0246), Label flyer, (K-03) - $4
Mad Butcher plays ultra-fast angry HC like early S.O.B. with some great heavy and slow breakdowns. Brainstorm is more simple sounding fast and raw HC. It's on the same label that also did the Shikabane/Agathocles split.

Majestic Four / SMOL - 7" EP - MCR, 1997, Japan/Sweden, 1000 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-110) - $3

New Roteeka / Loo's Halloween - 7" flexi - AA, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (AA-PR-002) - $18
Offering it for cheap since I have several copies. Rare promo-only freebie flexi. Perhaps the most obscure AA Records release ever. Both bands play fast, catchy and totally '80s Japanese style punk! Great split.

Raid / Sugar - 7" EP - Discrete, 1998, Japan, (DIS-022) - $30
Top-notch, killer split release by these two traditional Burning Spirits style Japcore from Shizuoka city, done exactly in the tradition of old Shizuoka bands like So What, Rustler, Deadless Muss, Innocents etc. Both bands sound very similar to Death Side as well. This EP is a bit hard to find. Sugar's only release, Raid also has the CD out on Discrete. They have two ex-members of Swindle Bitch, the band that released a split EP with Rustler.

Sewn Shut / Mind Collage - 7" EP - Sounds Of Betrayal, 1999, Sweden/Japan, Label flyer, New/Unplayed, (S.O.B. Seventh) - $4

Swat / Sawaki Kazumi "Marudo" 7" flexi - Hinokyu Ongaku Shuppan, 1983, Japan, Clear red flexi, New/Unplayed, (Honshitsu-hakkutsu 002) - $18
Offering it for cheap since I have several copies. Swat is kinda like The Stalin or Typhus style fast punk, with female vocals. One of their songs sounds a bit ADK-ish. Two tracks by Swat, with titles like "Death Boy" and "Roudousha-kaikyu"(The Proletariat). Sawaki Kazumi is from the old band called Hinokyu(or Hinomiya?), who had the 7" out on City Rocker in '84. It's his project band playing some weird ass punk on this split.


A Farewell To Arms - LP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Orig. Japanese issue, Insert, (BEL-12003) - $65
Gauze / The Execute / Lip Cream / Ghoul / Gastunk / Outo - Original Selfish Records pressing, not the '88 German re-issue on Nuclear Blast with different artworks. Needless to say, the whole comp is amazing. Contains a rare(and great!) Gastunk song "Alpha in 201" that can be only heard on this LP. They were playing this song in their early days and it's never been included on any of their other releases.

Anglican Scrape Attic - 7" flexi - No Label(Pre-Earache), 1985, Japan/UK/US, (No Cat. #) - $15
The Execute / Lip Cream / Sacrilege / Concrete Sox / Hirax - One of the very first foreign comp's that Japanese bands appeared on. Sort of a forgotten jewel of international HC history. The Execute contributed a killer tune "Your Eyes". What makes this track special is that this version is available only on this comp. The singer Turkey is on vocals. Recorded after Baki left but before the last singer Chatara joins the band in '86. Completely different line-up than the last EP & LP except Lemmy(Might be the same line-up as the "Blunt Sleazy" EP). I believe the Sacrilege track is also exclusive to this. Pre-Earache release by the future Earache founder Dig and Kalv from Heresy. Note: The Concrete Sox track skips...

Attack of 4 Tribes - LP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12030) - $28
Poison Arts / Matsuji / F.O.A.D.(Fuck Off And Die) / 666(Triangle Six of Death) - Cool 4-way split LP. The Matsuji tracks fucking kill!!! Their best material here. If you never heard of Matsuji, they've had an excellent(and VERY hard to find) EP called "Dead Voice" out on Slice Rec. Violent sounding heavy Japcore with mean as hell vocals! Nice metallic guitar riffs/solos as well. Their tracks on the "Nobody's Fault" comp LP are great, too. F.O.A.D. was a short-lived band consisted of the guitarist Max(ex-Ghoul) and Tatsuya(ex-The Stalin, Masturbation, The Star Club, Warriors etc.). The original members included Jyotaro(Mobs/Geizz/Tetsu-Arrey) and Youichi(Zadkiel). Motorhead inspired, tight and drivin' hard punk. Pretty wild and tough sound. Guest guitars by Reika(Colored Ricemen, Human Arts etc.). This is their only ever released material on vinyl. Hold Up planned to release the EP but it never happened...! Great metallic and thrashy HC from Triangle Six of Death. "Born To Die" is a true smasher! Similar to Casbah, but more HC vein on this LP. 5 tracks each by Poison Arts and Matsuji, 3 tracks each by F.O.A.D. and 666.

Bondage Maniac Vol.3 - Tape - Bondage Maniac/Slaver Office, 1992, Japan, Stamped fold-out sleeve - $20
Condemned / Despair / The Slang / Blind Justice / Nouka-Suitai / Back Rush / Warsaw / MxDxS / The Brownue / Headcase / Hot Milk - Rare tracks by Condemned, an early Osaka crust with Jacky from Famtid/Crust War. Despair and Condemned are also on the "Final Noise Attack" comp.

Dokumentti Todellisuudesta - LP - SHJ, 1988, Int'l, Large booklet(ULO zine #29) w/ band infos & lyrics - $20
Fuck Geez(Jap) / Powerage(S.Africa) / Perestroika(Fin) / Screaming Foetus(S.Africa) / Euthanasia(Fin) / Mafia(Fin) / Sabotaasi(Fin) / AKK(Fin) / Son Of Happy(Canada) / Troublemakers(Swe)

Don't Enforce Your Values On Me!(MCR Comp Flexi Vol.3) - 7" flexi - MCR, 1988, Japan/Germany, 1000 pressed, (MCR-014) - $10
SiC / Fuck Geez / Spermbirds / Pestilence - 2 bands each from Japan and Germany. Early MCR comp.

Final Noise Attack - 7" EP - MCR, 1994, Japan, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-070) - $48
Condemned / Defiance / Reason Why / Despair - One of the most wanted and rarest early Japanese crust records. Limited to only 700 copies. The title was named after the "Final Noise Attack" series gigs that were organized by Gloom back in the early to mid '90s. Compiles some of the best, early Osaka raw noise crust bands. Rare tracks by Condemned featuring Jacky from Crust War, who'd later join Gloom and Framtid. Defiance was an old band with Jhonio(Gloom/Defector) and Habi(Gloom). None of these 4 bands have ever released anything beside the demos and comp appearances.

Fledgeling Punx(Nouzui Omnibus Vol.1) - 7" EP - Nouzui, 1987, Japan, Poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NR-001E) - $35
Gagize / Re Zist / Sword / Weedy Eggs - Awesome obscure Japcore comp by the DonDon singer's old label. Re Zist and Gagize are known for their great flexi's on Half Alive Records. Sword and Gagize are also on the "Shodoku Gig" LP on Selfish. The front sleeve photo has a crowd of punks from some show and there's young Ishiya from Death Side smiling in the middle. I got my own copy in '88 and just recognized his face in the photo after 20 years.

It's All Been Said Before... - 7" EP - ????, 1992(?), Int'l, 10-page booklet sleeve - $20
Googol Plex(Jap) / Brain Death(Jap) / BGK(Holand) / Urban Waste(U.S.) / State(U.S.) / Absolution(U.S.) / Wretched(Italy) / Chumbawamba(U.K.) - Amazing old unknown boot with crazy selection of the bands. It's in the "Killed By Hardcore" vein. Can't seem to find any infos about this record...

Meaningful Consolidation - 2 x 7" EP - Blurred/D.I.Y./Icons Of Crust/Forest/Yasuo, 1994, Japan, Glossy booklet sleeve, (Blurred-05/D.I.Y.-EP-005/Icon-R-02/Shinrin-01/Battle Striker-02) - $35
Disclose / S.D.S. / Abraham Cross / C.F.D.L. / Defiance / Anti Authorize / Iconoclast - It's like the '90s Japanese crust all-stars comp. Split release by the 5 different labels. Defiance was an early Osaka crust band with Jhonio & Habi from Gloom and ex-Asphyxia guitarist.

Nagasaki Nightrider - LP - ????, 1998, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $38
Lip Cream / The Stalin / G-Zet / Outo / The Clay / Cobra / SA / Masturbation / Kuro / The Swankys / Aburadako / The Bones / The Comes / L.S.D. / Kikeiji / Systematic Death / Bitousha / The Execute / Rose Rose / Laughin' Nose - Old boot comp of Japanese Punk/HC '80~'85. Insert has the band/release infos and original cover artworks.

No Bullshit Vol.1 - 7" EP - No Way, 2006, Int'l, Insert, New/Unplayed, Out of print,(NW-03) - $5
Career Suicide(Canada) / Direct Control(Canada) / Government Warning(Canada) / Bad Dirty Hate(Japan) / Strung Up(U.S.)

Nobody's Fault(Slice Omnibus Vol.1) - LP - Slice, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, 2 x insert, (No Cat. #) - $28
Poison Arts / Nira-Kodomo / Rose Rose / Matsuji / Clod / Crisis Kill - Great late '80s Japcore comp on the Poison Arts singer's old label Slice(Sulais) Records. Sleeve artwork by Sugi. The Poison Arts and Matsuji tracks kick ass. All the Matsuji materials are so damn good!!! Crisis Kill guitarist later played in Rocky & The Sweden.

Outsider - LP - City Rocker, 1982, Japan, 6-panel poster sleeve, (CR-00D) - $85
G.I.S.M. / Gauze / The Comes / Masturbation / Laughin' Nose / Madame Edwarda / Fullx / Route 66 - The first Japanese HC/Punk comp. The front cover artwork by Sakevi(He also did the "Great Punk Hits" cover art). The back side of a huge fold-out poster sleeve is full-color and has a bunch of live pics of all the bands. The L.N. tracks are from when they were still playing some crucial distorted noise HC in their early days. I personally like this comp for the early Masturbation & M. Edwarda stuff.
Note: There's a tiny 0.2" tear/hole on the front sleeve. Not too visible. Otherwise in a superb NM- condition. The vinyl is Mint.

Patrick(Hang 'Em High) - 7" EP - Bloodberry, 1999, Japan, 500 pressed, Poster sleeve - $20
Crow / Defuse / Disgusting Void / Slub Judge

Ranchiki Omnibus 2 - 5 x 7" flexi - Nouzui/Ranchiki Pro., 1987, Japan, 1000 pressed, LP size fold-out poster sleeve, (NR-02E ~ NR-06E) - (Trade or Offer)
Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) / Jyuden-Souchi / SiC / Don Don / Chu-Doku / Angry Ducks / Gymnopedia / The Blow Ups / The Wells / Tori / The Strummers / Maria-A(ex-Gaddiss) / Nora / Yagiinu / The's / C.D. Synapse / The Shams / Bakudan-Kozou / Church Mouse / Goose / 16 Tons / The Nudsad - Insanely rare 5 flexi set compilation. Yes, the 5 flexi's packaged in a huge poster sleeve! Wide variety of bands but they're all within the Punk/HC style. While some of these bands later became well known, some of them never even had any own releases. Split release by the DonDon singer's old Nouzui label and Ranchiki Project. Ranchiki was the Tokyo based free zine done by a girl who was passing them out at the local shows. She first did the comp tape/booklet set in '86 called "Ranchiki Aid Omnibus 1" which was co-released by Ranchiki and Tainai Label and also contained some killer bands like Poison(Rare early song with Chelsea), Nira-Kodomo(Ishiya from Death Side on bass), Barigade, New Roteeka, Asylum, Shuffle etc. Maria-A had a female singer from the ultra-obscure ADK related band Gaddiss on the "ADK Omnibus" EP. I doubt there's anyone reading it actually has heard of this band, but I've been trying to get more infos about them. The only other known Maria-A material is on the "Dog Days" VHS with Lip Cream, Outo etc. Also, if you wonder, The's is the same band that appeared on the "Kill Bill" movie. Like Vol.1, this flexi set was mainly distributed locally and through mailorder. It's a sort of nostalgic comp for me as I've seen quite a few of the bands on it.

Tokyo Crusties Comp E.P. - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1994, Japan, 6-page booklet sleeve, (D.I.Y.-EP-001) - $40
Abraham Cross / Collapse Society / Battle Of Disarm / Crocodile Skink - Killer compilation with some of the best '90s Japanese crust bands. Awesome noise crust & fucked up EngRish lyrics at it's best. Very first D.I.Y. Records release. Hard to find.

Tosamono(Kochi Hardcore Comp.) - 2 x 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1997, Japan, 6-panel poster sleeve, Flyer, (Dan-Doh 007) - $28
Disclose / Judgement Disorderly / Aggression / Galvanize Head / S.H.K. / Calf Branding / Happy Family / AR-15 / Kerie Bundy

Virus Compilation(Byougentai) - LP - Jungle Hop, 1987, Japan, Insert, (EX-/VG), (JH 108) - $35
Lip Cream / Systematic Death / Mad Conflux / Don Don / SiC / FVK

Voice - LP - Japan Recs./Tokuma, 1987, Japan, Insert, Obi, (25JAL-3086) - $20
The Stalin / Aburadako / The Star Club / Laughin' Nose / Inu / Allergy / Lizard / BoΓΈwy / Zelda / Accidents / E.D.P.S.(post-Friction)

World War III? - LP - Rot, 1986, Int'l, 1000 pressed, (WW 1) - $45
Rattus(Finland) / Crude SS(Sweden) / Raw Power(Italy) / Zyklome A(Belgium) / Rovsvett(Sweden) / Threats(U.K.) / Vortex(Belgium) / Wulpse Varkens(Belgium) / Tin Can Army(Germany) / Jonee Jonee(Iceland) - Rare comp with some of the classic, well known '80s Euro HC bands as well as several ultra-obscure ones. The front sleeve says "Limited edition only 1,000 records pressed".

Yokosuka City Hard Core!! - 7" flexi - MCR, 1991, Japan, 1500 pressed, New/Unplayed, (MCR-039) - $15
Pile Driver / F.V.K. / Craze Crow / Battle Attacker - Some of the finest Japcore bands out of Yokosuka where Mad Conflux was also from. There was a pretty good scene in there back in the late '80s~early '90s. Pile Driver has never released anything beside several comp's.