September 11, 2009

SEP. 11TH 2009 (PART 1 : A~M)

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A~M +++

Advance Vol.1 - Zine - Advance, 1987, Japan, 43 slick pages, (No Cat. #) - $35
Very rare unknown zine done by the Mobs singer. Advance Records was their own label. Articles, interviews and photos(both small & large) of Mobs, S.O.B., Sodom, The Continental Kids, Outo, Sex Android, Masami(Ghoul), Tatsu(Gastunk), Lov-In(ex-Sodom), Marie Louise(ex-Madame Edwarda), Rap, Gendou Missile etc. The best thing in this zine might be a rare live photo of Sakevi(G.I.S.M.) + Jojo Hiroshige(Hijokaidan). It's a small photo with a gig review, but I've never seen another one like this. It possibly be the only one in existence or might not be... Sakevi screaming right next to Jojo playing the guitar. It must be from around the time Sakevi and Jojo released the "Mammalia" LP together.

Aggressive Dogs "Dizzy Life" 7" flexi - More, 1985, Japan, (More-2) - $28

Aka "Gisouai" 7" flexi - Jisatsu Label, 1984, Japan, (GL-006ES) - $38 (On Hold)

Angry Ducks "S/T" 7" flexi - Office Para, 1987, Japan, (R-004) - $48

Asta Kask "Live" LP - Rosa Honung, 1986, Sweden, (ROSAXP 27) - $25

Ataque De Sonido "S/T" 7" EP - ADS, 1990, Colombia, Oversized sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $68

Atrocious Madness - Japan Tour Packet - Self, 2001, US, Ltd to 100, Incl. "Nuclear Violence" tour EP(clear blue vinyl w/ hand #'d sleeve), 5" flexi, 2 x booklet, stickers & insert in screened/numbered envelope, (Atrocious Release: 003~004) - (Trade or Offer)

B-Strife "S/T" 7" EP - Skeleton, 1985, Japan, (S.R.-002) - $25

Balzac "13 Ghost/Psycho In 308" 3" CD - Evilegend, 2001, Ltd Fiendish Club freebie, New/Unplayed, (EVFC-001) - $5

Balzac "Out Of The Blue" Picture 7" EP - G-Force, 2003, Japan, 2308 pressed, Stickered black sleeve, New/Unplayed, (GF015) - $5

Bastard "Controled In The Frame" 7" EP - Boot, 199?, Japan, (FTB-01) - $10

Blood & Guts "Up Wards" 7" flexi - Smash, 1987, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Smash Records 004) - $25

Blood Feast "War In A Babylon" 7" EP - Discrete, 1995, Japan, 500 pressed, Poster sleeve, (DIS-010) - $30
Crashing heavy traditional Japcore mixed with some noisy metallic crust!! Pissed-off vocals and distorted guitars. Great band!!!! Both their EP's are pretty hard to find nowadays.

Blood Feast "Out Of Control" 7" EP - Discrete, 1998, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (DIS-019) - $28

Boys Boys "Monkey Monkey/Control Tower" 7" EP - Pass, 1980, Japan, (PAS-201) - $45
One of the earliest all-female Japanese punk bands that's related to the "Tokyo Rockers" movement. Early release by the legendary Pass Records. The guitarist later played in Friction and Chance Operation. This is their only and highly sought-after EP that contains a killer, catchy & driving beat punk rock tune "Control Tower". The other song is very cool too, however "Control Tower" is so damn good and stands out that it didn't get to play as much on my turntable!

Braces, The "Banner Of The Victory" 7" EP - Hata-Age, 199?, Japan, 500 pressed, White vinyl, Stamped inner dust sleeve & label insert, New/Unplayed, (Hata-002) - $45

Breakfast "Eat Rice" 7" EP - Badman/625 Thrashcore, 2001, Japan, (BAD 007/625 #46) - $3
Early '80s U.S. style Japanese thrash hardcore.
ex-Exclaim and O.A.C.

Breakfast "Eat Rice" 7" EP - Badman/625 Thrashcore, 2001, Japan, Poster insert, (BAD 007/625 #46) - $4

Breaking Power The Prisoner "Break Way" 8" flexi - Idol Life, 198?, Japan, (Idol Life-1001) - $35
Very unique mix of Rapes, Zouo, Ghoul style metallic Japcore and ADK-ish dark punk. Awesome gruff vocals and sharp metallic guitar solos. Much better than their split flexi with Dororo. Pretty good unknown band.

CD. Synapse "Asphyxiation" 7" EP - 1.2.3 Record, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (1.2.3 R-001R) - $48
What a great band... Metallic, heavy and straight-forward HC with a killer dark melody. Reminds me of The Execute, Geizz or Ghoul. Really sharp and solid, yet aggressive and chaotic sounding HC. The gruff vocals are awesome, too. From Osaka and had the two EP's and one flexi out on the band's own label. That's all I know about this band but the music is very essential. All their records are very rare. I managed to score an unplayed old stock copy somewhere in the countryside of Japan. Nice sleeve artwork:

CD. Synapse "No.3" 7" EP - 1.2.3 Record, 1988, Japan, Small insert, New/Unplayed, (1.2.3 Record-003R) - $48
Sounds more punkish than the 1st EP and 2nd flexi. This one is probably even better!

C.O.S.A. (pre-Effigy/Reality Crisis) "Strategic" 7" EP - MCR(?), 199?, Japan, (LM-2704) - $30
This is one of the harder to find MCR releases. The weird thing is that it doesn't have the regular MCR label catalog # anywhere on this release and the label site's discography page doesn't seem to have this EP included either. It might have been actually released by the band and MCR just did distribution. I don't know. Anyways, Effigy started under the name of C.O.S.A.(Cache Of Strategic Arms) with some later Reality Crisis members as well. Great dark metallic crustcore.

C.T.S.(Chronic Thrash Syndrome) "Macabre" 7" EP - Underestimated, 2005, US, Ltd Chicago Fest edition of 50 copies, Hand #'d sleeve(# 08), Insert, (UER-33) - $15

Casbah "Russian Roulette" 7" EP - No Poser, 1986, Japan, (NPR-001) - $30

Chainsaw "Set Me Free!" Demo Tape - Self, 199?, Japan, Red sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $10

Chaos "Revolution!" 7" EP - Downer Recordings, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Stamped & # 'd poster sleeve(# 264), Logo stamped inner sleeve & label, (DOR-CH-001ep) - $40
Commented by Ishiya(Forward/Death Side) on the sleeve. Awesome, distorted noise HC from Oita, Kyushu. Distorted vocals and fuzzed-out guitars over the crashing violent HC tunes. Very limited and hard to find 1st EP by this long-running band. Sounds totally different from their past materials like the "Oita City HC" comp tracks on MCR. Recommended for fans of Chaos CH, Dust Noise, Chaos U.K., Disorder or '80s Kyushu noisecore bands like Gai, The Swankys, Confuse etc.

Chaos U.K. "Just Mere Slaves" LP - Selfish, 1986, UK, Orig. Japanese press, (BEL-12001) - $48
Rare Japan-only release. The songs were recorded with Mower on vocals during their first Japanese tour in '85. The studio and live tracks on each side. Gauze, Sakevi, Lip Cream, Ghoul, Execute, Outo, Gastunk are credited in the thanks list.

Charm "Hito" One-sided 7" EP - Coalition, 2000, Japan, Yellow vinyl, 2 x insert, Dutch import, (LKW-026) - $3

Chu-Doku "S/T" 7" flexi - Museum/Blue Complex, 1985, Japan, (BM-87301) - $35
All-female obscure punk band, sounds very similar to early Nurse or the female vox-era Typhus. Their later stuff sounds more different and poppier, but this 1st flexi is a killer. Released on the same Chiba-city based label that put out the Kyojinbyo 7"s.

Cobra "1984" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, Poster sleeve, (AA-008) - $50

Cobra "Bad Night Merry X'mas" 7" flexi - Office Cobra, 1985, Japan, Gig freebie/Promo-only, (Office Cobra 001) - $65
Very sought-after and rare promo-only flexi that was given away at a X'mas show in Osaka. Never been for sale or available elsewhere. This is for sure the hardest to find Cobra release of all. The front sleeve says "Not For Sale". Self-released by the band's own label. Contains an unreleased song "Bad Night Merry X'mas" and an unlisted bonus track. Both tracks are exclusive to this flexi and have never been included on any of their other vinyls. Comes in a blue pocket sleeve with cool artwork & layouts. Only a few hundred copies made.

Cobra Noir "S/T" 7" EP - Dead City, 2004, Canada, Ltd to 200 on white vinyl, Insert, Label flyer, Stickered poly sleeve, (DCR 002) - $4
Dark and heavy, metallic D-beat crust/hardcore with a Scandinavian touch. The whole EP is fucking excellent. Includes a great Venom cover "Live Like An Angel(Die Like A Devil)"!!!

Cockney Cocks "Wonderful Wold" 7" EP - Beat Crazy, 1989, Japan, (BCR-11) - $28

Colt Turkey "Christmas Sucks!" 7" EP - Crucial Response, 1990, Holland, New/Unplayed, (CRR 011) - $5
Post-Larm project band. Colt Turkey went onto become Manliftingbanner. Lightning fast Dutch hardcore with funny lyrics. Check it out if you like Larm.

Confuse "Indignation" 12" - Confuse/Anarchy Center, 1997, Japan, 1500 pressed, Insert, (Chaotic: LP-008) - $45
Official limited vinyl issue of the legendary 13-track demo tape from '84. Recorded prior to the 1st flexi. One of the best Confuse materials for sure. Self-released on the band's own Anarchy Center and Confuse Records. Killer band photos/artworks on the sleeve!

Crass "Reality Asylum" 7" EP - Japan Recs./Tokuma, 1981, UK, Very rare Japanese issue, Poster sleeve, (RT-12) - $58

Crime "Nuclear Blood" 7" flexi - Uma-Oi, 1985, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Uma-Oi Records-001) - $35
Violent sounding '80s Japcore with gruff vocals and a slight metallic touch. In the vein of Kuro, L.S.D., Gasmask, Headless, Ghoul etc. This band was planned to be on the Skeleton Records comp 8"(w/ Gasmask, B-Strife etc.) which never came out.

Crow "Shuen no tobira"("The Door Of The End") 12" - Crow, 1999, Japan, 600 pressed, Blue vinyl, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 408), (Crow-04) - $75

Crow "Hametsu no haoto" 12" - Crow, 2007, Japan, 1000 pressed, Sealed copy(vinyl color??), New/Unplayed, (Crow-05) - $50

Crude "Change Everything From Into You First"(a.k.a. "1999") LP - Straight Up, 1999, Japan, Orig. Japanese press, Insert, (SUR-044) - $35

Curtainrail "Fast & First" 7" EP - Nat, 1996, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (NAT-005) - $4
Ultra-fast intense Japanese fastcore/power-violence. 9 tracks of insane thrashing madness.

D.O.F. "Bad Ass Ultra Man!!" 7" EP - Bigstone, 1989, Japan, (BSR-002) - $10
U.S. '80s influenced Japanese hardcore. Recommended for fans of SiC, F.V.K., Dread Yankees, Scumbag etc. Self-released 11 track EP. Gudon, SiC, Rose Rose, T.D.F., Genoa are listed on the thanks list.

DxRxY "Shoot Up Death" 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 199?, Japan, (625 #32) - $3

D.S.B. "No Fight No Get" 7" EP - Devour/Kichigaijin, 1996, Japan, Original press, w/ sticker, (UNKO 01e) - $20

D.S.B. "Radical Sharp Shot" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1999, Japan, Insert, (Overthrow-024) - $20

D.S.B. "Wings Continue To Strive With Unchanged Mind" LP - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, Heavy gatefold sleeve, (BSR-030) - $35

Datsustora "Of Final" 7" flexi - Lunatic, 1986, Japan, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 0897), (TD-002) - (Trade or Offer)
Ultra-obscure project band featuring the singer Elle a.k.a. Achy from L.S.D.!!! Very ADK Records-ish dark punk with an avant-garde/darkwave touch that sounds similar to Byogentai, another band he did around the same time as L.S.D.(the Byogentai demo version of the L.S.D. song "Jast Last" and the live tracks were included on the L.S.D. discography CD/LP. Hear Byogentai songs: I didn't even know that Datsustora was his band until I saw a few Lunatic Records(Achy's own label) ads in the old Japanese zines. Apparently he also had another similar project band called Criminal Party. There are several cassette-only releases by these bands and an awesome comp 7" entitled "Lunatic"(Datsustora, Criminal Party + 2 others). All the Lunatic Records releases are supposed to be very rare and sought after in Japan. This is the second copy of the Datsustora flexi that I've ever seen/obtained. The songs were recorded in 1981~1986. Cool, Sakevi/G.I.S.M.-ish collage artwork.

Deformed "Sacrifice!!" 7" EP - Boston Tea Party, 1983, UK, Clear red vinyl, Poster slv., New/Unplayed, (Hø Hø 8) - $30
Hard to find EP by these U.K. 666 punks. Pre-Cress!! Amebix influenced, dark and metallic crust punk. It's the same band that was on the "Bullshit Detector 2" comp. Very rare and sought after 1st EP on Boston Tea Party label from Denmark, known for their releases like "Noget Pa Dansk" and "Lorteland". Unplayed old stock copy!

Deformed "Sacrifice!!" 7" EP - Boston Tea Party, 1983, UK, Clear red vinyl, Poster sleeve, (NM/VG+), (Hø Hø 8) - $28
Note: The sleeve has a 3" mark from peeling of a tape at the bottom part and a few tiny thumbtack holes, otherwise in EX- condition. It doesn't really look that bad at all.

Descontrolados "S/T" CD - Latin Core/Resistencia, 200?, Ecuador, (LCR 006) - $7
Official discography CD by the first Ecuadorian punk band formed in '86. Contains the '88 demo and the "Piedad" EP.

Dessert "World Of Fantasy" 7" EP - Ranch, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Clear vinyl w/ clear pink mixed, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 461), Insert, Flyer, New/Unplayed, (Ranch-01/SEL-One) - $30
The singer Ryuji used to be in the legendary bands Disarray, Bitousha and also this great obscure band Mino 5 with Chelsea(Deathside/Paintbox) and Katsuta(Tetsu-Arrey). The other Dessert members were/are in Sekinin-Tenka, Bloodberry(ex-G-Zet), Idiot Idolaters, Laughin' Nose, The Pogo, Kenzi & The Trips etc. As you can imagine from their background, these guys sure know what they're doing and you know what to expect from Dessert. 120% Burning Spirits style traditional metallic Japcore ala Death Side, Judgement, Crude, Nightmare, Warhead, Forward etc. Awesome throaty vocals as well. They did a great Disarray cover on the other release. This 4-track EP is a totally heavy-hitting smasher. The vinyl looks amazing, too. It's on a clear vinyl with some clear pink parts mixed. Comes in a glossy perforated package/sleeve(unopened).

Dessert "Soul Searching" Picture LP - Ranch, 199?, Japan, Clear PVC sleeve, Insert, (Ranch-03/SEL-Six) - $35
Awesome artwork by Usugrow!!!

Destroy "S/T" 12" - Self, 1996, Japan, Insert & flyer, (Destroy 01) - $25
Completely unknown band. I know nothing about this band except this self-released 6-track 12" came out in '96 and the music is raging. Heavy-hitting Japcore with a dark metallic crust feel. The vocals are pissed off and throaty. All the lyrics are in Japanese. Think of the late '80s traditional Japcore mixed with some modern '90s metallic crust-core. One unique thing about this release is that the band recorded the songs while they're missing a drummer, so the drum machine was used. The sound matched their dark crusty tunes pretty well though. Comes with a flyer ad that has their phone # and says "The drummer wanted".

Dilenma "S/T" 7" EP - Armored Brain, 1995, Japan, (ABR-002EP) - $38
Fucking amazing band!!! In that good ol' dark metallic Japcore style ala Ghoul, Zouo, Rapes, G.I.S.M., Geizz or A.T.-Det, but Dilenma played their songs much faster with more thrashy, razor-sharp guitar riffs. Think of late Ghoul, Demolition or Rapes. Killer gruff vocals reminds me of Masami. The special thanks list includes Rapes, The Gaia, ex-Freedom singer etc. Definitely one of my top 10 favorite '90s Japanese HC records! Yes, I personally dig this style so much.

Disclose "4 Track E.P." 7" EP - Overthrow, 1997, Japan, (Overthrow-020) - $25

Disclose "No More Pain" LP - Your Own Jailer, 1998, Japan, Insert, (JAH-010) - $12

Disclose "Yesterday's Fairytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare" LP - Game Of The Arseholes, 2004, Japan, (GOTA-06) - $10

Dislike "Shock E.P." 7" EP - Pogo 77, 1997, Japan, 1st press w/ insert, (Pogo 7) - $35

Dislike "Shock E.P." 7" EP - Pogo 77, 1997, Japan, 2nd press w/o insert, (Pogo 7) - $30

Doccoi (Doc-Oi) "Cold Rain" 7" EP & flexi - Animal House, 1986, Japan, (Doc-03 & 04) - $28

Doll #27 - Magazine - Doll, 1985, Japan, Paperback format, Color covers, 112 pages, (No Cat. #) - (Trade or Offer)
The photos/interviews of The Stalin, Gastunk, The Star Club, Allergy, Gudon, Vid-Sex, The Willard, Hiromi(Bloodberry) & Narumi(Gas), Chitose(The Comes), Hanatarash, Samurai, Conflict, Potential Threat, Poison Girls, MRR reprint(NY scene), and the ads: The Execute, Skeleton Records(Gasmask, B-Strife, Kimaira, unrel. Skeleton Omnibus), More Records(A.T-Det, State Children, Headless, A. Dogs), P.O.W., The Willard, MCR, Line Records(Rose Rose, PCG, New Walls), Dogma/City Rocker(G.I.S.M., Gastunk, The Comes, R.U.G. etc.), The Stalin, The Punx.... and probably the best thing to see in this issue: a full-page ad for ADK Records, advertising the forthcoming Gauze LP and a few records that never actually came out, like the ADK Omnibus Vol.3, Typhus LP, and Bloodberry EP. The whole ad looks cool and it's very rare. This is an ad from right before Tam disappeared! The front cover is Conflict.

Down By Law "Anti ..." 7" EP - Voice Of A Generation, 1991, Japan, Small insert, New/Unplayed, (Voice Of A Generation 002) - $45
Allright, this is Down By Law from Japan, not the boring ass Epitaph band from the U.S. with the same name. Almost nobody knows about this band, but this EP rips hard as hell. Fast and heavy, straight-forward Japcore with great noisy guitar!! Great cover artwork, too. Could easily be on Selfish Records if it came out a few years earlier. Some of their songs remind me of Outo. Down By Law existed from the late '80s to early '90s. As far as I know, this is their only ever vinyl release by them.

Dread Yankees "Killer" 7" flexi - Adventure Family/Luv, 1989, Japan, Label mailorder flyer, (LUV-I) - $5
Very cool, fast and melodic U.S. style hardcore with the F.V.K. singer. Recommended for fans of SiC or F.V.K.

Dust Noise "Healthy Filthy Noise Attack" 7" EP - Self, 1998, Japan, 300 pressed, (DustNoise-Aargh 1) - $95

Eastern Youth "Kaze no naka" 7" EP - Sakamoto Shouten, 1995(?), Japan, (Sakashou-10) - $20

Evance "If Tomorrow..." 7" EP - Tomorrow, 1997, Japan, (Tomorrow 001) - $30
Self-released 1st EP on the band's own Tomorrow Records. Top-notch Burning Spirits style traditional Japcore in the vein of Judgement, Nightmare, Warhead, Forward, Crude, Bastard, Death Side etc. Done exactly in the way Japcore was meant to be. Fucking brilliant!!

Exclaim "Keep Things Evolving Positively" 7" EP - Deranged, 2001, Japan, Insert, (Deranged Youth-14) - $4
Originally released on Straight Up Records in '99.

Execute, The "The Antagonistic Shadow" LP - Selfish/13 Grave/XXX, 1988, Japan, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (BEL-12001/Grave 3301/XXX 12001) - $45

Extintos "¡Caos Non Musica!" 7" EP - Overthrow, 2008, Japan, 300 pressed, Yellow sleeve ver., w/ pin badge(mailorder only), Insert, (Overthrow-043) - (Trade or Offer)

Face Of Change "1990 Demo" 2 x 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2000, Japan, Insert, (625 #55) - $5
Obscure '80s U.S. style hardcore from Sapporo-city circa '88~'90.

Final "Grow Strong/Empty" 7" EP - Crust War, 2004, Japan, Insert, (Crust War-025) - $5
ex-Final Bloodbath. Discharge/Broken Bones inspired HC with the metallic and thrashy, Bones style guitars. Good!

Final Count "S/T" 7" flexi - Self, 1987, Japan, Insert, (Final-01) - $35

Flash Gordon "Troma City Pollution Attack!" LP - Answer, 2001, Insert, (ANS-008) - $8

Freedom "Last Revolution" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, 1000 pressed, Poster sleeve, (AA-005) - $58

G-Zet "S/T" 12" - ADK, 1984, Japan, Never issued w/ insert, (ADK-14A) - $100
The legendary band featuring Tam(The Stalin, Typhus, ADK Records), Pill(Lip Cream) and Keigo(The Stalin, Masturbation, The Star Club, Warriors). G-zet had the various singers including Achy from L.S.D. and Hiromi from Bitousha/Rebel(after changing the name to Bloodberry). All the three members do the vocals on this 12". Killer Mötorhead influenced, high-energy violent HC. Fucking brilliant.

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, Ltd 1st press w/ hard carton box package, No sticker, (LUV-514) - $90

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, 2nd press w/ slipcase package, (LUV-514) - $90

Gai "1981-1985" Cassette - Violent Party, 1985, Japan, "Swankys History!" 2-sided insert included, (Violent Party No.?) - $60
Insanely rare and nearly impossible to find, cassette-only release. It's the original, the real deal. The sleeve spine says "History of GAI!". Came out around the time the "Very Best of Hero..." LP was released right after Gai changed back the name to The Swankys(Gai actually started as The Swankys in '81, then had to change the name to Gai in '83 due to being banned by the local clubs). Comes with a "Swankys History!" insert where Sieg-Heil is also mentioned. Not all copies came with one. Compiles the 17 various studio demo tracks, plus 1 unlisted bonus(?) track which is supposed to be called "Yes! Future". Some of the songs are completely unreleased and can be only heard on this tape. Also, as far as I know, all the tracks are unreleased, exclusive version to this tape and wern't taken from the other demos or the flexi. The "Damaging Noise" demo(Violent Party No.1) is from '83, so I'm guessing that some of the tracks on this tape were recorded even earlier and possibly their oldest materials. Violent Party was Gai's own label that also put out their other demos, Sieg-Heil, No Cut, Gess demos, "Violent Party Omnibus" etc. It was also reffered to the group of a bunch of local punks around Gai organizing the gigs in Kyushu(Hakata area), among with SS Company and Kuro's KPP Records.

Gai "Damnation" 12" - Kings World, 1996, Japan, 1000 pressed, Obi, (KWLP-5003) - $58
Limited official vinyl issue of their 2nd demo tape, originally released by Violent Party Tapes in '84. Nice production with a heavy sleeve and an obi. Totally killer sleeve artwork as well.

Gas "Reincarnation" LP - Captain, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CAP-0014-L) - $45
This LP was originally planned to be released as their 1st full length. However the band broke up before they finished recording the whole thing and it ended up being a compilation of the tracks from the split 8" with Nikudan('84, Jisatsu), "Sweet Emtion" 12"('85, Jisatsu) and the 4 new songs recorded just for this LP in '85. These 4 exclusive tracks are NOT included on the "1982-1986" discography LP/CD. Liner notes written by Narumi herself.

Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) "Rude Beat" 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, 1500 pressed, (ADK-19E) - $48
Produced, engineered & released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK). 1st EP by this Tokyo based band that was on the "ADK Omnibus 2" the same year. The drummer also played in L.S.D.(on their 1st flexi) and another member was in Nira-Kodomo. Contains the 9 tracks(!!) of rough and speedy Punk/HC tunes.

Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) "Border Line" 7" EP - Neo Family, 1986, Japan, (Neo Family 009) - $35
This 2nd EP is actually harder to find than the 1st EP on ADK Records.

Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) "Border Line" 7" EP - Neo Family, 1986, Japan, New/Unplayed, (Neo Family 009) - $38

Gastunk "To Fans" 7" EP - Love, 1986, Japan, Orig. 1st press, Gig freebie issue on clear purple vinyl, Printed clear plastic outer sleeve, (SEX 69-004) - $18
Killer re-recorded(faster!) version of their early classics "Devil" and "Sex" from the 1st EP(Dogma, '85) and an alternate version of "Fastest Dream". Cool packaging. Given away during their Heartful Melody Tour. Consisted of the ex-members of The Execute, Lip Cream, The Comes and Dead Cops.

Gastunk "To Fans" 7" EP - Love, 1986, Japan, 2nd press for mailorder, Multi-colored splatter vinyl w/ picture sleeve insert, Printed clear plastic outer sleeve, (SEX 69-004) - $15
Originally released as a gig freebie-only EP. This is the 2nd pressing on multi-colored splatter vinyl w/ an extra picture sleeve insert. Sold through mailorder and at selected shops after the tour.

Gauze "Equalizing Distort" LP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12002) - $78 (On Hold)

Gauze "Equalizing Distort +" LP - Bouchou, 1999, Japan, Booklet insert, (ZYL 002) - $18

Gendou Missile "Attarimeeyo" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, (NRR-E012) - $25
Awesome hard drivin' Japanese punk with gruff vocals! Fucking great band, great EP. Cool yakuza-ish lyrics as well. This is probably the least known Hold Up/Noise Room release outside of Japan. Max from Ghoul is listed on the Special Thanks list. Gendou Missile used to play with both Japcore style and punk rock bands.

Ghoul "Jerusalem" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, w/ mailorder-only sticker & flyer, (NRR-E007) - $60
Only the limited quantity of the mailorder copies came with a color sticker(band logo & mohawked skull) and/or a t-shirt mailorder flyer insert. The ones that's complete with both are pretty rare. Classic 2nd EP by this legendary Japcore band.

Gil "To Us Conflict Is Not Important" 7" EP - Self, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, LP-size folded insert, (LM-2010) - $45
This EP is much, much better and sounds waaaaay more HC than their 1st flexi. Can't believe it's the same band... What you get here is 120% raging, late '80s Selfish Records style Japcore at it's best!! Really powerful stuff. This 2nd EP is pretty hard to come by, and is rarely seen for sale.

Griffin "The Phantom Of The Shocker" 7" EP - Realdeal, 1989/1997, Clear vinyl, Dist. by MCR, (RDR 07-01) - $10
Ltd reissue of the 1st EP, originally released on Gudon's Kagai-Mousou Records in '89. Early line-up with a Nightmare member! Unlike their later stuff, this EP is from when they still sounded raw and metallic HC. They used to play shows often with the other Osaka bands like S.O.B., Nightmare, Outo, Rapes, and Danse Macabre. 6 tracks incl. "Kick & Blood", "Human Soup, Human Steak, Human Burger", "Go For Block" etc.

Griffin "Rockers Daylight" 7" EP - H.O.L., 1994, Japan, 500 pressed, (HOL-002) - $38

Griffin "Flabby Bastard!" 7" EP - Positive Productions, 2003, Japan, 500 pressed, (HMSE-0001) - $30

Gruesome "Atavus" 7" EP - Ebisu/Sun Grab, 1995, Japan, 800 pressed, Clear orange vinyl, (EBS 004/SGE 102) - $35

Gruesome "Atavus" 7" EP - Ebisu/Sun Grab, 1995, Japan, 800 pressed, Clear orange vinyl, Ltd mailorder issue w/ rare insert, (EBS 004/SGE 102) - $50

Gudon "Hikashibou" 7" EP - Kagai-Mousou, 1986, Japan, (Kagai-Mousou 003) - $40

Guillotine Terror "No God" 7" EP - Battle Planning, 1991, Japan, Insert, (BP 91-01) - $25

Gunfrontier "Araya" 7" EP - XXX, 1997, Japan, Insert, (XXX-7-13) - $35

HCP(Hard Core Poznan) "Anti Drugs" 7" EP - Resistance Productions/International Hardcore Movement, 1989, Poland, 1000 pressed, Hand #'d poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RIP 027) - $20
Fucking killer band!!! Pre-Apatia. Definitely one of my favorite '80s Polish HC records. Ultra-raw, noisy and brutal HC with intensely distorted guitar like early Brazilian or Finnish bands. This should appeal not only to Polish HC fans, but also to those who dig any Scandinavian, Italian, Brazilian and Japanese HC/Crust as well!! Man, this is seriously some powerful ripping shit!! Released on a Swiss label. Unplayed old stock copy of this rare obscure EP.

Hakuchi "Gods Disturb" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1993, Japan, Insert, (Overthrow-006) - $48
Top-notch dark metallic crust from Niigata. Great EP by this pre-AGE band. One of the eariest Japanese crust bands. Hakuchi also had a split LP with Disclose. This is the harder to find, early release by Overthrow Records.

Heartwork "S/T" 7" EP - Dewa/Cadmium Sick, 2002, Japan, (DR-007) - $3

Homostupids "The Glow" 7" EP - My Mind's Eye, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on pink marbled vinyl, New/Unplayed, (MME 003) - $10
Lo-fi primitive hardcore from Cleveland, feat. the singer Steve from 9 Shocks Terror.

Hooligan "Low Position" 7" EP - Self, 1985, Japan, New/Unplayed, (H-001) - $30
MRR #33('86) review --- "Melodic early British punk influence. Two songs, both with upbeat tempos and singalong chorus. The vocals are done with a perfect sluring technique which gives this record a lowdown part punk feeling. Good."

Human Despair "Cry Out Fist Up" 7" EP - Discrete, 1998, Japan, 500 pressed, Glossy coated sleeve, (DIS-021) - $18
Noisy and fast, traditional Japcore with a slight metallic crust touch. If you did "Burning Spirits" style Japcore, check this out. Killer 2nd EP and it's on Discrete Records, so you know what to expect.

Humpty Dumpty, The "Death To Appearances" 7" EP - Human, 1995, Japan, Clear vinyl, Insert, Dist. by MCR, (Human 3) - $40
Hard to find 1st EP by this long-running, awesome metallic HC band with a Constricted member. One of my favorite '90s~current Japanese bands. Highly influenced by the '80s Scandinavian & U.K. metallic HC. Fucking great EP! Too bad, no so many people know how good this band is.

Iconoclast "Demo//Live" Demo Tape - Icons Of Crust, 1993, Japan, "Ltd 200 Copies" on the sleeve, (ICON-T-01) - $15

Insane Youth "Breakthrough Blockbuster" 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1996, Japan, (Dan-Doh 001) - $28
Rare 1st EP and this is the very first Dan-Doh release. Featuring Souichi(Forward, ex-Gudon) on vocals/bass. This EP is much better than their tracks on the split with Disclose or any of the later releases.

Insect Powder "Rip Van Win-Kle" 7" flexi - Chicken Shit, 1985, Japan, New/Unplayed, (CS-3) - $30
Greeeeeaaaaaat!! Another fine obscure band from Sendai city, where a bunch of good '80s bands like Disarray, Sekinin Tenka, Rebel, Bitousha, Idiot Idolaters, Lance Lot, Dead Person were from. Rare release on Disarray's Chicken Shit Records. Speedy, tight and metallic Japcore with really awesome drivin' guitar that stands out. Good gruff vocals, ofcourse. Their songs also got some very catchy parts as well. Totally original style. Don't be fooled by the silly band name and title. Unplayed old stock copy!

Izumo Punks "S/T" 7" flexi - Izumo Punk, 1988, Japan, w/ sticker, New/Unplayed, (Izumo Punk Records-0001) - $25
I bet nobody has ever even heard of them. I myself discovered this great unknown band very recently. According to the band biography printed inside the sleeve, these teenage punks from Izumo city, Shimane prefecture, decided to do the recording just a day after(!!) forming the band on Aug. 30th '88 and release this flexi the following month even before playing the first gig on Oct. 2nd '88. What you get here on this gem is the 100% pure, raw, fast-paced, powerful yet catchy-as-hell, hard drivin' '80s Japanese style punk rock. When you listen to these songs, you can kinda imagine how these young punks with full of energy just wanting to start out something "new" in the shitty country side where there wasn't a big scene, grab the instruments and start screaming the same day they thought of it. What I heard is that these guys were active locally and invited the bigger name bands from the major cities like Lip Cream, Death Side, Tetsu-Arrey, Gudon, S.O.B. to their small town to play the gigs there. I know nothing about the Izumo punk scene except there's one of those old MCR city comp's called "Izumo City HC". The first time I heard this flexi, I just fucking loved it. The silly ass drawings on the cover artwork and bonus sticker too. I was lucky enough to have my friend get in touch with a friend of an ex-band member's and obtained several remaining old stock copies that they tried to get rid of(Took me a while and lots of work during this process though). Once these are gone, they're gone for good.

Judgement "No Reason Why" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, Insert & sticker(mailorder only), (HG-071) - $48

Judgement "Haunt In The Dark" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1997, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (HG-085) - $40

Junk Schizo "Crime of Existence" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, 6-panel poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (AA-010) - $25

Kikeiji "Hello-Good Bye" 7" EP - Ducasse, 1985, Japan, Insert, (ID-002) - $30
The last and great EP by this classic ADK punk band. The band members including Hiroshima(G.I.S.M., R.U.G. etc.), Tatsushi(Masturbation) and Hiroshi(Masturbation). Liner-notes on an insert written by Sakevi(G.I.S.M.) Ducasse Label(pre-S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet Records) also put out the Real 8" and Mannequin Neurose 7".

Knugen Faller "Skellefte Stadshotell" 7" EP - Cage Match Federation/Wasted Sounds, 2004, Sweden, Clear red vinyl, (CMF 013) - $10

Kontraŭekzisto "Rezisto Kontraŭ Totalismo" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 199?, Japan, Pink marbled vinyl, Small label address insert, (Paank-009) - $18
I have absolutely no infos on this band but they were supposed to be a studio-only side project of the ex-Frigöra member(s). Ultra-noisy, raw and primitive noisecore crust from Tokyo that reminds me a lot of Frigöra and Collapse Society, with that totally distorted, fuzzed-out guitars like Confuse or Gai. Fucking intensely noisy and awesome. All the lyrics are sung in Esperanto, like Liberação(pre-Frigöra) did.

Kriminela 83 "S/T" 7" EP - Pogo 77, 1997, Japan, 2 x insert, (Pogo 4) - $20
Review taken from the Damaging Noise blog: " '90s-ish speedy Jap noisecore. I'm pretty sure they preferred Gai to S.O.B., but this gets pretty fast."

Kuro "Revival Of Death" 7" EP - Kings World, 1996, Japan, 666 pressed, (KWAP-001) - $35
Contains the 4 killer tracks exclusive to this release, incl. the previously unreleased songs "Black Empire" and "Hell Dive" plus the studio and live version of their classic tune "No More No". Recorded in 1996 when they got back together for a short period. There was a plan on releasing the album but it never happened. This EP is much better than the "Fire" EP in my opinion. One time only limited pressing of 666 copies. Top-notch release by these Japanese HC legends.

Kyaah "Slapdash" 7" EP - AA, 1985, Japan, Die-cut sleeve, Insert & sticker, (AA-011) - $40
Great 2nd EP by one of the most well known all-female punk bands in Japan. Their later releases sound poppier and aren't that exciting but the first two EP's are awesome! What you get on this EP is speedy and high-energy punk that's similar to the Nurse flexi, Typhus '80 demo(w/ female vox), or Chu-Doku flexi. Guest chorus by the members from Lip Cream, Bloodberry, and Laughin' Nose. Complete copy with an insert and a sticker which is actually part of the sleeve(a sticker appear thru the die-cut window).

Kyoaku-Kyojindan "No!" LP - Taiyo, 1988, Japan, Insert, (LEO-051) - $55
Very, very rare and awesome 1st LP by this cult Japanese HC band. They play dark, aggressive and violent HC/Punk with a definite The Stalin("Mushi"-era) or some ADK influence on this 19-track album. Intensely noisy tunes and crazy lyrics, too. This LP is way better than any of their other releases for sure. Featuring Crazy SKB who runs Satsugai Enka Vinyl and also was/is in the bands like Headwasher, Hi-Technology Suicide, QP Crazy etc. Amazing insane artwork by the legendary manga artist Suehiro Maruo(!!!), who also did The Stalin "Mushi" artwork. Guest appearance by Machizo Machida from Inu and Juntaro Yamanouchi from Gerogerigegege.

Kyojinbyo "Fukkatsu" 7" EP - Museum, 1987, Japan, (HC-900106) - $35

L.S.D. "Destroy" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 1st press w/ orig. sleeve artwork & lyrics printed inside, (ADK-07S) - $120

(L.S.D.) Datsustora "Of Final" 7" flexi - Lunatic, 1986, Japan, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 0897), (TD-002) - (Trade or Offer)
Ultra-obscure project band featuring the singer Elle a.k.a. Achy from L.S.D.!!! Very ADK Records-ish dark punk with an avant-garde/darkwave touch that sounds similar to Byogentai, another band he did around the same time as L.S.D.(the Byogentai demo version of the L.S.D. song "Jast Last" and the live tracks were included on the L.S.D. discography CD/LP. Hear Byogentai songs: I didn't even know that Datsustora was his band until I saw a few Lunatic Records(Achy's own label) ads in the old Japanese zines. Apparently he also had another similar project band called Criminal Party. There are several cassette-only releases by these bands and an awesome comp 7" entitled "Lunatic"(Datsustora, Criminal Party + 2 others). All the Lunatic Records releases are supposed to be very rare and sought after in Japan. This is the second copy of the Datsustora flexi that I've ever seen/obtained. The songs were recorded in 1981~1986. Cool, Sakevi/G.I.S.M.-ish collage artwork.

Last Survivors, The "Chaos Is Here" 7" EP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, (Crust War-016) - $15

Last Survivors, The "Dead and Reborn..." 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2005, Japan, 700 pressed, (Dan-Doh 071) - $25

Laukaus "Mikä On Tuolla?" 7" EP - Distort, 2002, Japan, 500 pressed, (Distort 001) - $30

Laukaus "S/T" 7" EP - Pogo 77, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Insert, (Pogo-041) - $40

Lenasix-Up "The Peler Image Of Seventh Mirror" 7" flexi - KPP, 1986, Japan, (KPP-005) - $18
Feat. Sugi from Kuro! Obscure female fronted darkwave band from Kyushu. Rare release on Kuro's KPP Records.

Lenasix-Up "The Peler Image Of Seventh Mirror" 7" flexi - KPP, 1986, Japan, w/ sticker, New/Unplayed, (KPP-005) - $20

Less Haze "Break The Law" 7" EP - Skull, 1991, Japan, (Skull-01) - $10
Straight-forward fast Japcore in the similar style as DonDon, Gil, Outo and some of the late '80s Selfish Records stuff. Self-released 1st EP.

Liberate "The Proof Of Survival Here It Is" LP - Blood Sucker, 1997, Japan, Insert, (BSR-023) - $20
Excellent straight-forward traditional Japcore with an ex-Acid & Macrofarge singer.

Lifes Halt "We Sold Our Soul For Hardcore" 7" EP - Youngblood, 1998(?), US, 2nd press of 925 copies, Yellow sleeve, (YB-04) - $10

Lip Cream "Kill Ugly Pop!" LP - Captain/Dynamite, 1985, Japan, Poster insert, (CAP-0016-L/DONDON-002) - $75

Lip Cream "9 Shocks Terror" LP - Selfish/Dynamite, 1987, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12013/DONDON-005) - $75

Loo's Halloween "It's All Right" 7" EP - R.B.F., 1986, Japan, (RBF-208) - $35
Catchy, speedy and straight-forward punk rock in the vein of Cobra. This EP is really good and recommended if you're into this style. They've had a split flexi with New Roteeka on AA Records.

Magnets, The "Plunk Boy" 7" EP - Office Para, 1988, Japan, Original, Insert, (R-020) - $30
The first band by a super drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima, who later played in G.I.S.M., Crow, Scamp(remember the Discharge tribute?), Die You Bastard! etc. The young Tatsushima wears a cool(funny) handmade Gauze t-shirt in the photo. Great, fast, aggressive and hard-hitting '80s Japanese style punk with drivin' guitar! One of my all-time favorite bands since '87. Saw them live twice at the original Loft in Tokyo. This EP seriously rips hard. The 1st flexi and LP on Captain Records are fucking great too, but this one is probably their best. Original press on Office Para label, with an insert & glossier sleeve(The Magnets Records reissue didn't come with one).

Magnets, The "Plunk Boy" 7" EP - Office Para, 1988, Japan, Original, w/o insert, (R-020) - $25

Mamat's "S/T" 7" flexi - Self, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $35

Mamat's "S/T" 7" flexi - Self, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, Printed inner-bag sleeve, New/Unplayed, (No Cat. #) - $40

Manbiki Chocolate "Soloban" CD - Maruyama-Sangyo, 199?, Japan, (KIME-00001) - (Trade or Offer)
Yes, this band actually still existed in the '90s. Extremely rare and obscure CD-only release. This is not the CD reissue of their "Manbiki Densetsu" 8" flexi from the late '80s. Completely different recording, but in the similar style of the songs. Fast and raging traditional Japcore. Self-released on their own Maruyama-Sangyo label just like the flexi.

Miburo "Jounetsu" 7" EP - Straight Up, 1998, Japan, Orig. Japanese press, (SUR-025) - $28

Mobs "Resurrection" LP - Advance, 1987, Japan, Insert, (AVR-L001) - $30
In the vein of their 2nd and 3rd EP's, except it's more metallic but still with gruff vocals. Recommended for fans of Gastunk, The Execute(late), Poison Arts etc.