March 14, 2010

MAR. 14TH 2010 (PART 1 : A~M)

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A~M +++

Acid Reflux "S/T" 7" EP - No Way, 2007, US, Ltd mailorder issue of 300 on clear yellow vinyl(out of 1000 total), 1st press w/ pink sleeve, Insert, New/Unplayed, (NW-12) - $5
Early '80s U.S. styled hardcore from NY, featuring a Limp Wrist member.

Ai (AI) "Arming Rebellion With The Sounds Of Hearts" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, (BSR-038) - $35

Ataque Frontal "S/T" 7" EP - New Wave, 1987, Peru, Original 1st press w/ full-color sleeve, Insert, (NW-025) - $45

B-Strife "S/T" 7" EP - Skeleton, 1985, Japan, New/Unplayed, (S.R.-002) - $25
Released on the legendary Osaka based label Skeleton Records that also put out the Coward and Gasmask 7"s. Ultra-raw and primitive HC with that '80s violent Japcore feel. They were planned to be on the unreleased Skeleton Records comp 8"("Sieg Heil Skeleton") with Gasmask, Crime, and Woodpeckers. 4 tracks incl. "Fuck The Clumsy Metal", "Tears Of '56" etc. These guys must have really hated metal as the chorus part on the song "Fuck The..." goes like "Metal kids, fuck off!!". Rumors that this song is about Randy Uchida from G.I.S.M.

BC Lemons, The "Super Single" 7" EP - Fantin Latour, 1985, Japan, (FLR-03) - $25

Balzac "13 Ghost/Psycho In 308" 3" CD - Evilegend, 2001, Ltd Fiendish Club freebie, New/Unplayed, (EVFC-001) - $3

Barn Av Regnbuen "Det E'kje Nåkka Artig Længer" 7" EP - X-Port Plater, 1985, Norway, Poster sleeve & booklet insert, (X-005) - $68
Classic Norwegian HC. Rare 1st EP on the legendary X-Port Plater label.

Barn Av Regnbuen "Helter Og Skurker!" 7" flexi - Barneplater, 1987, Norway, (VG/EX-), (Burneplater 001) - $18 Classic Norwegian HC. Self-released flexi.
Note: The flexi has two usual dents that do not affect playing(note: arm pitch adjustment may be needed on some turntable though).

Bayonettes, The "S/T" Demo CD-R - Self, 2004, Canada, (No Cat. #) - $10

Bones, The "In A Sick Society!" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, 1200 pressed, Poster sleeve, (NRR-00) - $58
ex-S.O.B. and War Painted City Indian! Great drivin' fast Japcore. Both vinyl and sleeve are in Mint condition like new!!

Burst "Burst In Here" 7" EP - Uramachi, 1998, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (UR-001S) - $8

C.F.D.L.(Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life) "Live Bootleg" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1992, Japan, 700 pressed, (Overthrow-004) - $30

C.T.S.(Chronic Thrash Syndrome) "Macabre" 7" EP - Underestimated, 2005, US, Ltd Chicago Fest edition of 50 copies, Hand #'d sleeve(# 08), Insert, (UER-33) - $5

Chaos "Revolution!" 7" EP - Downer Recordings, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Stamped & # 'd poster sleeve(# 264), Logo stamped inner sleeve & label, (DOR-CH-001ep) - $38
Commented by Ishiya(Forward/Death Side) on the sleeve. Awesome, distorted noise HC from Oita, Kyushu. Distorted vocals and fuzzed-out guitars over the crashing HC tunes. Very limited and hard to find 1st EP by this long-running band. Sounds totally different from their past materials like the "Oita City HC" comp tracks on MCR. Although their songs aren't exactly in the noisecore vein, I'd recommended this EP to fans of any noisy distorted Japanese HC or early Disorder/Chaos U.K.

Chaotic Dischord "Shitsubou"(Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You!) LP - VAP, 1984, UK, Rare Japanese press, Liner-notes by Sakevi(G.I.S.M.), Insert, (35115-25) - $48

Cobra "1984" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, Poster sleeve, (AA-008) - $40

Colt Turkey "Christmas Sucks!" 7" EP - Crucial Response, 1990, Holland, New/Unplayed, (CRR 011) - $5
Post-Larm project band. Colt Turkey went onto become Manliftingbanner. Lightning fast Dutch hardcore with funny lyrics. Check it out if you like Larm.

Comes, The "No Side" LP - Dogma/City Rocker, 1983, Japan, Textured sleeve, Insert, (DOG-2) - $145
Both vinyl and sleeve are in great condition! Very clean copy.

Crass "Reality Asylum" 7" EP - Japan Recs./Tokuma, 1981, UK, Very rare Japanese issue, Poster sleeve, (RT-12) - $48

Crow "Kontonshin"(Gods Of Chaos) 7" EP - Crow, 1998, Japan, 800 pressed, Poster sleeve, (Crow-02) - $40

D.O.F. "Bad Ass Ultra Man!!" 7" EP - Bigstone, 1989, Japan, (BSR-002) - $8
U.S. '80s influenced Japanese hardcore. Recommended for fans of SiC, F.V.K., Dread Yankees, Scumbag etc. Self-released 11 track EP. Gudon, SiC, Rose Rose, T.D.F., Genoa are listed on the thanks list.

Dead Person "S/T" 7" flexi - Stomping, 1987, Japan, New/Unplayed, (S.R.-003) - $40

Deadless Muss "860 Seconds Cooking" 7" EP - Selfish/Dynamite, 1987, Japan, Insert, (AMI-7014/DON DON-006) - $45

Death Side "All Is Here Now" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1994, Japan, (HG-015) - $65

Descontrolados "S/T" CD - Latin Core/Resistencia, 200?, Ecuador, (LCR 006) - $5
Official discography CD by the first Ecuadorian punk band formed in '86. Contains the '88 demo and the "Piedad" EP.

Desperate Children "Chaos/Fuck Day/I Love Punk" 7" flexi - Joy Riders, 1986, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $58
Another unknown but killer '80s band from Kyushu. Not exactly in the "typical" noisecore style that came out of the Kyushu area, but still AWESOME noisy chaotic HC/Punk!!!! The first two songs sound kinda noisecore-ish and the last song is in The Swankys vein. Highly recommend for fans of early Swankys, Gai, Gess, Gedon, No Cut, Chaos CH, Dust Noise or early Disorder/Chaos UK. You know the drill. Very rare self-released flexi.

Dessert "World Of Fantasy" 7" EP - Ranch, 1998, Japan, 1000 pressed, Clear vinyl w/ clear pink mixed, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 461), Insert, Flyer, New/Unplayed, (Ranch-01/SEL-One) - $28
The singer Ryuji used to be in the legendary bands Disarray, Bitousha and also this great obscure band Mino 5 with Chelsea(Deathside/Paintbox) and Katsuta(Tetsu-Arrey). The other Dessert members were/are in Sekinin-Tenka, Bloodberry(ex-G-Zet), Idiot Idolaters, Laughin' Nose, The Pogo, Kenzi & The Trips etc. As you can imagine from their background, these guys sure know what they're doing and you know what to expect from Dessert. 120% Burning Spirits style traditional metallic Japcore ala Death Side, Judgement, Crude, Nightmare, Warhead, Forward etc. Awesome throaty vocals as well. They did a great Disarray cover on the other release. This 4-track EP is a totally heavy-hitting smasher. The vinyl looks amazing, too. It's on a clear vinyl with some clear pink parts mixed. Comes in a glossy perforated package/sleeve(unopened).

Dirge "Scarred Forever" 12" - Crust War, 2006, UK, Japanese release, Booklet, (Crust War-029) - $5
Thrashy and dark '80s UK Anarcho hardcore/crust. The studio demo and live materials on vinyl. Really great obscure band.
Note: There's a scratch on the first track that makes some popping noise.

Disclose "4 Track E.P." 7" EP - Overthrow, 1997, Japan, (Overthrow-020) - $30

Dislike "Shock E.P." 7" EP - Pogo 77, 1997, Japan, 1st press w/ insert, (Pogo 7) - $28

Disrupt "Millions Die For Money Making" 7" EP - Boot, 1998, US, (No Cat. #) - $10
Originally released as the demo in '88. Old Swedish boot.

Disturb "For The Live" 7" EP - Discrete, 199?, Japan, 500 pressed, (DIS-015) - $25

Dødsdømt "Løgny" 7" EP - Against The Grain, 1992, Norway, Poster sleeve, insert & printed inner-bag sleeve, (ATG-0.5) - $15

Doku-Buta(Poison Pig) "Go! Go! People" 7" flexi - Self, 1985, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $48
Think of a cross between Aburadako, Kikeiji, and The Stalin. If you like these bands, you'll love Doku-Buta! Another unknown but awesome ADK/The Stalin worshipped hard punk here. They even stole part of The Stalin lyrics and used it in one of their songs called "Egoist". The band bio printed on the sleeve says Doku-Buta is ex-Byogentai. I wonder if it's the same Byogentai that the L.S.D. singer was in! Includes 7 tracks. Very rare!! Here's a review taken from an old MRR issue: "Translating as "Poison Pig," I expected a bit more weirdness than supplied, but this slab of plastic contains some neat tracks. They can do thrash, punk, proto-punk -- all with verve and gnarly-ass vocals and guitar. Reminds me a bit of early PERE UBU."

Ease, The "Saiki" 8" flexi - Akafuku Organization, 1984, (AKA-04) - $30
Ultra-obscure rarity here. The Ease was a female fronted punk band from Nagoya and the singer was doing this well-known zine called "Me-Her" that often covered The Stalin and Masturbation. I'd recommend this flexi for fans of the '80s Japanese dark psychic punk bands such as Kikeiji, Aburadako or Sekinintenka. Another unknown ADK styled band which ended up putting out only one flexi and disappeared.

Execute, The "The Antagonistic Shadow" LP - Selfish/13 Grave/XXX, 1988, Japan, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (BEL-12001/Grave-3301/XXX-12001) - $55

Exit Hippies "S/T" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, 700 pressed, (Paank-015) - $28

Expose "S/T" 7" EP - Self, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (VG-/EX), (Expose Records-01/ECR-001) - $15
Total early Disorder/Chaos UK/Swankys/Gai worshipped noisecore. Distorted, fast, sloppy & chaotic! Fucking ace!!!
Note: The vinyl is warped. Plays completely fine.

Exterminate "Find Out" 7" EP - MCR, 2003, Japan, 1100 pressed, Clear red vinyl, (MCR-180) - $8
Ripping Japcore from the Nagoya area. Featuring the Reality Crisis and Hazard members.

Face Of Change "1990 Demo" 2 x 7" EP - 625 Thrashcore, 2000, Japan, Insert, (625 #55) - $4
'80s U.S. styled hardcore from Sapporo-city circa '88~'90.

Ferocious X "Befria Från Vånda" - Overthrow, 2006, Japan, 700 pressed, (Overthrow-040) - $68

Final Bloodbath "Dead or Alive" 7" EP - Crust War, 2002, Japan, Insert, (Crust War-015) - $35

Final Bloodbath "S/T" 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, Clear vinyl, (Paank-010) - $30

Final Bombs "Very Fragile Thing" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1997, Japan, (Overthrow-021) - $25
ex-Last Bomb. Long-running metallic Japcore band featuring Bear Bomb(ex-Ghoul) on guitar/vocals.

Follow Fashion Monkeys "S/T" LP - Clymer, 1985, US, Insert, (CLY 001) - $18
16 trax of fast and furious hardcore. The song titles like "Hardcore Rules", "TV Religion" and "Degeneration X", you know what to expect. They're on the Mystic Records comp and their later 7" was produced by Ian MacKaye. Here's the review taken from an old MRR issue: "Surprise, surprise, surprise! Full-on melodic thrash, varying speeds, and Keith Morris-type vocals creates an interesting combination of early DC and SoCal HC. Lyrics rant, rave, and communicate thought-provoking ideas and attitudes. Both refreshing and inspiring, all packed into 16 songs. Recommended."

Framtid "Under The Ashes + 8 Track EP" CD - Self, 2004, Japan, Insert, (VCTM 1) - $20

Freedom "Last Revolution" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, 1000 pressed, Poster sleeve, (AA-005) - $55

Friction "I Can Tell/Pistol" - Pass, 1980, Japan, (PAS-204) - $45
One of the most important bands in Japanese punk history among the other bands from the Tokyo Rockers era like Mirrors, Lizard, Mr. Kite, Boys Boys, Aunt Sally, SS, Ultra Bide etc. Rare 2nd EP on the legendary Pass Records. Both songs are good but especially the B-side track "Pistol" is an awesome loud punk rock tune.

Fucked Up "Generation"(Mix Tape Vol.1) Cassette - Self, 2005, Canada, Ltd to 500 copies, Insert, New/Unplayed, (No Cat. #) - $10
The insert says: A self-released tape-only project. A compilation of live, exclusive, rare and unreleased tracks from Fucked Up and FU-World bands.

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, Ltd 1st press w/ hard carton box package, No sticker, (LUV-514) - $78

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, 2nd press w/ slipcase package, (LUV-514) - $78

Gai "Extermination" 7" flexi - Violent Party/Blue Jug, 1985, Japan, (Violent Party E.P. 001) - $68

Gara "Manifest" 8" EP - Explosion/Vital Plant, 1985, Japan, Textured sleeve, (EXP-VPL121) - $30
One of my all-time favorite Japanese goth/darkwave bands from this era. Recommended for fans of the bands like Madame Edwarda, Phaidia, Auto-Mod, Sadie Sads, G-Schmitt etc. Very rare EP by this great band featuring the later Auto-Mod members.

Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) "Rude Beat" 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, 1500 pressed, (ADK-19E) - $45
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Rec.) 1st EP by this Tokyo based band that was on the "ADK Omnibus 2" the same year. The drummer also played in L.S.D.(on their 1st flexi) and another member was in Nira-Kodomo. Contains the 9 tracks(!!) of rough and speedy Punk/HC tunes.

Gastunk "Dead Song" LP - Více/Crown, 1985/86, Japan, Insert, (25EC-1010) - $38
This is the rarer Více Records pressing with white insert. Much harder to find than the more common Love Records pressing.

Gastunk "Mr. Gazime" 7" EP - Love, 1985, Japan, Insert, (SEX69-1) - $25

Gastunk "Wild Times(Live)" 7" flexi - Pusmort/Více, 1987, Japan, (AME-I) - $10
Originally came with the limited first press/mailorder copies of the "Under The Sun" LP(Pusmort) that's sold in Japan. Rare to find a complete copy with the bonus flexi. Some copies of this flexi were also sold at their shows.

Gastunk "Gastunk Box 1983-1988" Box Set - Love, 1988, Japan, (SEX69-1222) - $150
Limited box set sold only at their last show in '88. Contains the "Mr. Gazime" EP, "Geronimo" EP(Orig. gatefold sleeve ver.), "To Fans" EP(Orig. clear purple/gig freebie ver.), "Three Sex X'mas" 3 x EP + flexi set, "The Vanishing Signs" 12", "1987.3.2. Live-Inn" VHS, sticker, and a large size button. All of these come in a gorgeous hard carton box with an awesome artwork. The VHS tape is exclusive to this set and contains their early songs. The carton box is made super high quality and looks amazing.

Gayrilla Biscuits "Hung Queens Can Suck It" 7" EP - Buddyhead, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Pink vinyl, (Buddyhead 19) - $10

Genoa "We Got A Bomb" 7" flexi - Strange, 1990, Japan, (TLIS-01) - $7

Genoli "No Identity" 7" EP - Self, 198?, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $20
Aburadako influenced twisted punk from Tokyo. Quite obscure stuff. The only ever release by this band.

Gloom "Mentally Achronistic 2000" 7" EP - MCR/Crust War, 2000, Japan, (MCR-152) - $38

Gloom "Noise Attack Devastating Tokyo City" Picture LP - MCR, 2001, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (MCR-161) - $58

Griffin FZ "Retaliation" 7" flexi - Self, 1989, Japan, (Otoko-001) - $75
Pre-Zone!! Obscure Shizuoka-city Japcore band. This flexi is very rare and hard to come by. The only ever release by them besides a great split demo with Exdead. Heavy-hitting, speedy and metallic Japcore in the tradition of those great '80s Shizuoka-city bands(Deadless Muss, So What, Rustler, Innocents etc.)

Guillotine Terror "No God" 7" EP - Battle Planning, 1991, Japan, Insert, (BP 91-01) - $18

HCP(Hard Core Poznan) "Anti Drugs" 7" EP - Resistance Productions/International Hardcore Movement, 1989, Poland, 1000 pressed, Hand #'d poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RIP 027) - $20
Fucking killer band!!! Pre-Apatia. Definitely one of my favorite '80s Polish HC records. Ultra-raw, noisy and brutal HC with intensely distorted guitar like early Brazilian or Finnish bands. This should appeal not only to Polish HC fans, but also to those who dig any Scandinavian, Italian, Brazilian and Japanese HC/Crust as well!! Man, this is seriously some powerful ripping shit!! Released on a Swiss label. Unplayed old stock copy of this rare obscure EP.

Heartwork "S/T" 7" EP - Dewa/Cadmium Sick, 2002, Japan, (DR-007) - $3

Hell Driver "Monday Quaterback" 7" EP - Axxe, 1990, Japan, (AXEP-2) - $25
Fast and straight-forward, Shizuoka-city Japcore in the vein of Outo or Systematic Death. Late '80s Selfish Records type. On the same label that also put out the So What/Rustler split EP the same year.

Homostupids "The Glow" 7" EP - My Mind's Eye, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on pink marbled vinyl, New/Unplayed, (MME 003) - $8
Lo-fi primitive hardcore from Cleveland, feat. the singer Steve from 9 Shocks Terror.

Innocents "Masho" 7" EP - D.I.S., 1989, Japan, Insert, (D.I.S.-004) - $58
ex-Deadless Muss. One of the best Shizuoka city Japcore bands among with So What, Rustler, Deadless Muss, Griffin FZ(pre-Zone), Mental etc. Rare and hard to find 8-track EP on Deadless Muss' label D.I.S. Records.

Kruw "The Punx" 7" EP - Partners In Crime, 2004, Japan, Insert, Out of print, (PIC-023) - $8

Kuro "Revival Of Death" 7" EP - Kings World, 1996, 666 pressed, (KWAP-001) - $45
Contains the 4 killer tracks exclusive to this release, incl. the previously unreleased songs "Black Empire" and "Hell Dive" plus the re-recorded studio and live version of their classic tune "No More No". These tracks sound so damn aggressive and violent, the way Kuro should be!! Recorded in 1996 when they got back together for a short period. There was a plan on releasing the album but it never happened. This EP is much better than the "Fire" EP in my opinion. One time only limited pressing of 666 copies. Top-notch release by these Japanese HC legends!!!

Kyaah "Slapdash" 7" EP - AA, 1985, Japan, Die-cut sleeve, 2 x sticker & insert, (AA-011) - $40
Great 2nd EP by one of the most well known all-female punk bands in Japan. Their later releases sound poppier and aren't that exciting but the first two EP's are awesome! What you get on this EP is speedy and high-energy punk that's similar to the Nurse flexi, Typhus '80 demo(w/ female vox), or Chu-Doku flexi. Guest chorus by the members from Lip Cream, Bloodberry, and Laughin' Nose. Kyaah used to play gigs often with Nurse, Gas and The Comes. The interesting thing is that when they changed the singer prior to this EP release, Chitose(The Comes) was gonna join the band however it never happened(too bad!). Complete copy with an insert and two red stickers which is actually part of the sleeve design(a sticker appears thru the die-cut window).

Kyojinbyo "Fukkatsu" 7" EP - Museum, 1987, Japan, (HC-900106) - $35

L.S.D. "Destroy" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 2nd press w/ different sleeve artwork, (ADK-07S) - $100
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Rec.)

L.S.D. "Jast Last" 7" EP - LSD Record Company, 1986, Japan, (LP-0523) - $110

Ladies Room "Swapping Party" 7" EP - Extasy, 1988, Japan, (EXE-001) - $10
Ultra catchy, speedy and melodic '80s Japanese metal on X's Extasy Records, the same label that released the Poison "Mystery Temptation" EP.

Last Bomb "S/T" LP - Selfish, 1987, Insert, (BEL-12022) - $48
Featuring Bear Bomb from Ghoul, Cloudy(a.k.a. Kannon) from G.I.S.M. and Bondage(a.k.a. Loony) from Baws on vocals!! Great 1st LP.

Last Survivors, The "Dead and Reborn..." 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 2005, Japan, 700 pressed, New/Unplayed, (Dan-Doh 071) - $20

Laughin' Nose "When The Laughin' Nose Go Marchin' Inn!" 7" flexi - AA, 1985, Japan, Promo-only/freebie, (No Cat. #) - $25
One of the most well known crazy events ever occured in Japanese punk history: Laughin' Nose announced the "flexi giveaway" held near the Shinjuku train station and the 1200 punks showed up. To avoid the panic and troubles from the cops, the singer had to lead everybody to the Loft where they played 2 shows the same night and the flexi's were given away there instead. This incident later became the legend. What's offered here is one of those flexi's from that time. Has a great catchy punk rock tune and a cool ass sleeve artwork, too.

Laukaus "Ollan Punk Nuorisoo..." 12" - Putrid Filth Conspiracy, 2004, Japan, Insert, New/Unplayed, (PFC-039) - $25

Lebenden Toten "Death Culture Deprivation" 8" EP - Overthrow/Lebenden Toten, 2007, US, 400 pressed, Ltd Japan-only edition on clear vinyl & lyrics translation printed on poster sleeve, w/ pin badge(mailorder-only), New/Unplayed, (Overthrow-42/LTR-004) - $35

Less Haze "Break The Law" 7" EP - Skull, 1991, Japan, (Skull-01) - $8
Straight-forward fast Japcore in the similar style as DonDon, Gil, Outo and some of the late '80s Selfish Records stuff. Self-released 1st EP.

Mannequin Neurose "S/T" 7" flexi - R.B.F., 1983, Japan, (RBF-103) - $45
The Stalin worship!! Excellent release here. This 1st flexi(w/ orig. singer) sounds completely different from their later releases(which suck badly...) on City Rocker etc. What you get here is The Stalin influenced, hard, solid and speedy punk with awesome sharp guitars. This flexi is VERY rare and hard to find(actually took me quite a while to get myself a copy, too). If you like the bands like The Stalin or Typhus, you'll love this.

Masturbation "Shinigao" 7" flexi - Abnormal, 1984, Japan, (Abnormal P-01) - $68
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK Rec.) The self-released 2nd 7" featuring their best lineup with Tatsuya(The Stalin, The Star Club etc.) and Tatsushi(Kikeiji).

Merrygoround "Outside Punx" 8" flexi - Merry, 1985, Japan, Clear red flexi, (EX+/VG-), (Merryru-001) - $20

Merrygoround "No War/Go To Hell" 7" flexi - Merry, 1986, Japan, Clear red flexi, (Merryru-002) - $20

Misfits "Walk Among Us" LP - Ruby, 1982, US, Printed inner-bag sleeve, Water damage on sleeve bottom, (VG/VG-), (1-25756) - $10

Motor-Vation, The "Not For Sale" 7" flexi - Self, 1987, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $10
'80s Japanese style punk rock ala The Star Club etc. Completely unknown band...