March 14, 2010

MAR. 14TH 2010 (PART 3 : SPLIT & V/A)

+++ SPLIT +++

Abraham Cross / Struggle For Pride - 7" EP - Paank Levyt, 2003, Japan, 700 pressed, Extra outer sleeve, Yellow marbled vinyl, (Paank-013) - $38
Crazy ass brutal split. On this EP, S.F.P. plays some ultra intense and distorted noisecore crust like a mix of Gloom, Collapse Society, Exit Hippies, Confuse and all that fantastic NOIZE. Raw and noisy as fuck. The usual Doom/ENT/Sore Throat styled stench noise crust by Abraham Cross.

Ashes / Crowd "Hostility" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1991, Japan, (Overthrow-02) - $25
Early release by Overthrow Rec. Both are unknown but pretty good Japcore bands from Nagoya city. The Crowd side especially stands out here. Totally blazing metallic Japcore that reminds me of Burning Spirits style with a slight crust touch.

Blüdwülf / Toxic Holocaust "Speed N' Spikes Vol.1" 7" EP - Relapse, 2008, US, Ltd to 400 copies(out of 1000 total) on clear yellow/red splatter vinyl, Orig. sticker on outer sleeve, New/Unplayed, (RR-076) - $25

Crocodile Skink / Forca Macabra - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1996, Japan/Finland, 2 x insert, (D.I.Y.-EP 014) - $28

Crucial Section / Lie - 7" flexi - In Your Fuck, 1998, Japan, Ltd version of 50 copies w/ hand-numbered orange sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $28

Crude / Violence Moment "Blood Sucking Freaks IV" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, (BSR-019) - $28
Very first record release by Crude!

Delta(ex-S.D.S.) / Rocky & The Sweden / Balzac "Abstruct Madness" CD - DiwPhalanx, 2001, Japan, 600 pressed, Ltd tour-only release, Clear purple PVC package, (PX-068) - $28
Very rare 3-way split CD which was only available during the Abstruct Madness/Noise Rock 2001 tour by these 3 bands together. Delta was a short-lived band by all the ex-S.D.S. members except a drummer was ex-Iconoclast. Awesome, ultra-fast and metallic HC. Their songs sound fucking sharp and aggressive as hell. I personally like them even better than S.D.S.!!! The 1st EP was planned to be released on MCR, but sadly they broke up before releasing anything besides a few comp appearances on the Mangrove label CD, the Destroy 'zine comp 12"/CD etc. The Delta tracks on this split are "War Machine", "Sons of Distraction" and "Statik Love-Statik Loud". All of them are killer!!! Rocky does a kick-ass Japanese cover of Ultra Violent "Crime For Revenge" and one original song. Nice packaging and punkish cover artwork.

Disaffect / Sedition "Work As One" 7" EP - Nabate/Flat Earth, 1993, UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (NAB-07/FE-12) - $20

Disclose / Cluster Bomb Unit - 7" EP - MCR, 1995, Japan/Germany, 1500 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-080) - $22

Disclose / Selfish - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1996, Japan/Finland, Remastered 2nd press, Insert, (D.I.Y.-EP 003) - $22

Disfuse / Power Of Idea - 7" EP - Japankore, 1995, US/Japan, 300 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert, (JKDR-002) - $25
Dropdead members' project band Vs. Japanese political crust. Confuse rip-off sleeve artwork and logo. Includes a Crow cover by Disfuse and a Dropdead cover by P.O.I.

Edge-Ucate / Deliver Me - 7" EP - Disgruntled, 199?, US, Ltd ver. of 100 w/ handmade die-cut sleeve & numbered inner sleeve(# 1), Insert, (DR 008) - $5
Edge-Ucate = ex-Charles Bronson. Released on the Bronson member's old label Disgruntled Rec.

Exit Hippies / Tantrum - LP - New Smell, 2003, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, New/Unplayed, (New Smell 003) - $45
Completely different tracks than the 7" version.

Exit Hippies / Tantrum - 7" EP - Distort, 2004, Japan, 500 pressed, New/Unplayed, (Distort 006) - $10
Fucked up buzzsaw noisecore chaos Vs. '80s Italian influenced distorted thrash HC.

Extinct Government / Hazard "Punk Addict" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, Poster sleeve, (Overthrow-011) - $25
The first release by both bands. E. Government feat. early lineup with Minoru(ex-Lip Cream/The Comes) on bass.

Lärm / Pandemonium - LP - ????, 199?, Holland, 250 pressed, Boot, Orange vinyl, New/Unplayed, (No Cat. #) - $18

Nightmare / Concrete Sox - 7" EP - MCR, 1993, Japan/UK, Insert, (MCR-049) - $35

S.D.S. / The Hong Kong Knife "Tiger Hole Range Split 7" Series Vol.7" - 7" EP - Loft/Tiger Hole, 1998, Japan, (THRS-007) - $28

S.O.B. / Outo - Split 7" EP - Coretic, 1989(?), Japan, 1st press of 200 on black vinyl w/ pink sleeve & sliver labels, Hand-numbered label, (Coretic-01) - $35
This is the "original" 1st pressing from the late '80s(or '90?), on black vinyl with a pink-ish sleeve. Also the center labels are metallic silver. Only 200 of these "real" ones were made back then. These are rarely seen for sale nowadays. More recent reissues were pressed on various colors of vinyl with a black & white slick sleeve and the white center labels. Who knows how many copies of those recent ones were really pressed(definiately way more than 200, although almost everywhere online states so).

Total Fury / The Jury - 7" EP - Gloom, 2007, Japan/US, 500 pressed, Ltd U.S. tour press, Gray marbled vinyl, Hand-numbered sleeve(# 352), Insert, (Gloom-040) - $7


ADK Omnibus Vol.2(Neo Punk Disorderly) - 7" EP - ADK, 1984, Japan, Insert, (ADK 08E) - $110
Gasatsu(Crime Fighter) / Molugu / Gabell / Glycerin - Volume two of the legendary comp by ADK Records. Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/G-Zet/Typhus/ADK) The whole comp is awesome. The Glycerin tracks are much more raw and chaotic HC sounding than the later 8" EP on AA Records. Molugu kills.

Abikyokan - 7" EP - MCR, 1994, Japan, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, w/ sticker, (MCR-071) - $38
Accomplice / Blaze / Geshpenst / Ouda

Attack - 7" EP - Jungle Hop, 1987, Japan, Yellow sleeve w/ band logos(1st press?), (JHI 105) - $28
So What / Deadless Muss / Detroit / Fuck Geez - Compiled by Roger Armstrong(SiC/Dead Cops). 2 tracks by each, except 1 track by Fuck Geez.

Battle Of The Worst Bands - 12" - Non Commercial, 2006, US, Ltd mailorder edition of 175(out of 475 total) on coke-bottle clear vinyl, 2 x insert, New/Unplayed, (NON-06) - $15
Cider / The Darvocets / The Ruiners / Brainwashed Youth

Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil(Hold Up Omnibus) - LP - Hold Up, 1986, Japan, Insert, (HU-2501) - $65
Ghoul / Lip Cream / War Painted City Indian / United / Casbah / Saver Tiger

Don't Enforce Your Values On Me!(MCR Comp Flexi Vol.3) - 7" flexi - MCR, 1988, Japan/Germany, 1000 pressed, (MCR-014) - $8
SiC / Fuck Geez / Spermbirds / Pestilence - 2 bands each from Japan and Germany. Early MCR comp.

Final Noise Attack - 7" EP - MCR, 1994, Japan, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (MCR-070) - $48
Condemned / Defiance / Reason Why / Despair - One of the most wanted and harder to find, early Japanese crust records. Limited to only 700 copies. The title was named after the series gigs that was organized by Gloom back in the early to mid '90s. Compiles some of the best and earliest Osaka raw noise crust bands. Rare appearance by Condemned featuring Jacky from Crust War, who'd later join Gloom and Framtid. Defiance had Jhonio(Gloom/Defector), Habi(Gloom) and Kako(Warcry). None of these 4 bands have ever released anything beside the demos and being on the comp's!

Fledgeling Punx(Nouzui Omnibus Vol.1) - 7" EP - Nouzui, 1987, Japan, Poster sleeve, New/Unplayed, (NR-001E) - $30
Gagize / Re Zist / Sword / Weedy Eggs - Awesome obscure Japcore comp by the DonDon singer's old label. Re Zist and Gagize are known for their great flexi's on Half Alive Records. Sword and Gagize are also on the "Shodoku Gig" LP on Selfish. The front sleeve photo has a crowd of punks from some show and there's young Ishiya from Death Side smiling in the middle. I got my own copy in '88 and just recognized his face in the photo after 20 years.

Give Us The Time To Play! - 2 x 7" - Lifestyle Sound, 1990, Japan, Gatefold booklet sleeve, Dist. by MCR, (Soul-001) - $15
Fat Slave / Banish Arms / Gang Thrust / Half Life / Rich Materally - Late '80s~early '90s Sendai-city Japcore bands.

Go Ahead Make My Day(Smashing Oddsness 2) - LP - Oddsness, 1989, Japan, Fold-out insert, (OD-002) - $65
Bastard / Asbestos / Don Don / SiC / Complete / Sweats / Sicilian Blood / F.V.K. / Idora - All the bands' recordings are exclusive to this rare comp. The Bastard material is not even included in the official discography CD. Different version of "Wind Of Pain"!! The Sicilian Blood songs are very good on this comp., with that Gauze sounding, in-your-face Japcore style. Oddsness label was made only to release the "Smashing Oddsness" 8" EP(Deathside, Crück etc.) and this LP. Sweats featured the ex and later members of Rocky & The Sweden, Headless, Systematic Death, Idora etc.

I'll Gather Up(Musical Friend Omnibus) - 8" EP - Musical Friend, 1989, Japan, Poster sleeve, (MFR-01) - $30
Z / Crime / Same(Sāmé) / The Gestapo / Human Decay / Bronze Hell / Genocide / Lost Fights / Knock It Off / Guillotine - The Z material is the old recording from their noisecore-era!! And it's way better than the "Violence Action" flexi tracks and the sound quality is better, too! "Same" is a metallic Japcore band that had the EP out on Ikka-Shinjyu's Premium Records. I don't have any infos on rest of the bands, except Crime who put out the "Nuclear Blood" flexi in '85. I know for sure Lost Fights appeared on some unknown European comp EP from the late '80s that I can't remember the title of.
Note: There are two visible scuff marks on a vinyl, but plays fine without any skips. Just some minor surface noise.

Nobody's Fault(Sulais Omnibus Vol.1) - LP - Slice(Sulais), 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $28
Poison Arts / Nira-Kodomo / Rose Rose / Matsuji / Clod / Crisis Kill - Great late '80s Japcore comp on the Poison Arts singer's old label Slice(Sulais) Records. Sleeve artwork by Sugi. The Poison Arts and Matsuji tracks kick ass. All the Matsuji materials are so damn good!!! Crisis Kill guitarist later played in Rocky & The Sweden.

Oi Of Japan - LP - AA, 1985, Japan, Original, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (AA-016) - $55
Bad Vultures / Cracker Jacks / Cockney Cocks / SA / The Wanderers / Loo's Halloween / New Roteeka / Peate's / Bull The Dougs - The legendary Japanese Oi/Punk comp. Produced by Yosu-ko from Cobra.

Punx, The - Cassette & Book set - Jicc/Takarajima, 1985, Japan, Original, Pro-copied tape, Book-style printed PVC package, (TKR-004) - $135
G.I.S.M. / Lip Cream / Gas / Cobra / Laughin' Nose / The Willard - Insanely rare original!!! Classic Japanese Punk/HC comp. Very nice packaging. The 82-page book(paperback format) contains both full-color and B&W live photos of the bands. Each band has their own pages. Especially the G.I.S.M. and Gas photos/artworks look awesome. Also contains the "independent record discography" and an article with the photos of some bands that aren't included on the tape.

Putrid Evil - 7" flexi - No Label(Pre-Earache), 1985, Int'l, 3000 pressed, Clear red flexi, (No Cat. #) - $18
Septic Death(U.S.) / Stupids(U.K.) / Civil Dissident(Australia) - Released by Kalv from Heresy.

Smashing Oddsness!! - 8" EP - Oddsness, 1988(?), Japan, Insert, (OD-001) - $90
Death Side / Crück / Don Don / Idora / Mink Oil

Tokyo Crusties Comp E.P. - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1994, Japan, 6-page booklet sleeve, (D.I.Y.-EP-001) - $38
Abraham Cross / Collapse Society / Battle Of Disarm / Crocodile Skink - Killer compilation with some of the best '90s Japanese crust bands. Awesome noise crust & fucked up EngRish lyrics at it's best. Very first D.I.Y. Records release. Hard to find.

Tosamono - 2 x 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1997, Japan, Poster sleeve(green/black), (Dan-Doh 007) - $15
Disclose / Judgement Disorderly / Aggression / AR-15 / Galvanize Head / S.H.K. / Calf Branding / Happy Family / Kerie Bundy - Early release by Dan-Doh Records. Great comp.

Tour De Farce - 7" EP - Empty, 1986, Int'l, 2 x insert, (MT-017) - $40
Guerrilla Urbana(a.k.a. Ataque Frontal/Peru) / Guerrilla Urbana(Spain) / No Lip(Japan) / Doc Wör Mirran(Germany) / Büld(Denmark) / Armatrak(New Zealand) - Extremely rare and obscure, mid '80s compilation featuring Ataque Frontal when they were still called Guerrilla Urbana before they've changed their name in order to avoid hassle from the authorities. This is the only release by them under the name of Guerrilla Urbana, besides the '85 demo which ended up being a split tape with HHH from Spain. Also on this great comp are some good bands like Guerrilla Urbana from Spain and No Lip from Japan, with Roger Armstrong from SiC and Dead Cops.

Triple Cross Counter Tour - 7" EP - Kagai Mousou, 1989, Japan, 1000 pressed, (Kagai Mousou-013E) - $90
Bastard / Crück / Mad Conflux / Pile Driver / Bad Smells - Rare tour-only EP on Gudon's Kagai Mousou Records.

What've Ya Brought Me This Time? - 7" EP -Rotten House, 1988, Int'l, Booklet insert, (RHR-001) - $25
Barn Av Regnbuen(Norway) / Misanthropic Charity(Denmark) / Follow Fashion Monkeys(U.S.) / More Fiends(U.S.) - Obscure compilation with the legendary Norwegian HC band Barn Av Regnbuen. M. Charity had an LP out on Boston Tea Party label.

You Can Set The Dove Free...But What About The Hawk? - LP - ????, 1996, Japan, 2 x insert, (No Cat. #) - $40
Crow / So What / Jyuden-Souchi / The Sexual - Rare old boot with the four classic '80s Japcore records, incl. Crow "Who Killed Dove?" EP, So What "Injustice" flexi, Jyuden-Souchi "Deadline" flexi, and The Sexual "The Last Days" flexi. Very nicely done with the original cover artworks reprinted on the inserts. This LP is the lesser known and harder to find Japcore boot than many of the others.