February 7, 2012

FEB. 7TH 2012 (PART 1 : A~M)

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A~M +++
AA Records Book #1 - Zine - AA/Pony Canyon, 1991, Japan, Full-color covers, Pro-printed, (No. Cat #) - $25
These were the limited promo/freebie zines given away to those who pre-ordered the "AA Records, We're Back!" series reissue CD's in 1991. Doesn't actually say "AA Records Book" anywhere on it but I remember that's what it was called in the old Doll magazine ad and the zine originally in a sealed bag with a little sticker on it which had "AA Records Book" printed on it. Contains mostly the reprints from the first issue of "P.O.W." and just a few rare early AA Records ads.

AA Records Book #2 - Zine - AA/Pony Canyon, 1991, Japan, Full-color covers, Pro-printed, (No. Cat #) - $25
This second one is much nicer than the other one because it has more AA Records ad reprints besides the reprinted pages from the second issue of "P.O.W."

AGE "Inside Darkness" 7" EP - Dewa, 1997, Japan, 2 x insert, (DR-001) - $25

AGE "Exploding Insanity" 12" - P.A.S., 1999, Japan, Printed inner-bag sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (P.A.S.-A) - $40
New/unplayed stock copy!

Aburadako (あぶらだこ) "S/T"(a.k.a. "Ao-ban") LP - Self, 1986, Japan, Clear blue vinyl, Booklet sleeve, PVC sleeve & clear blue outer poly sleeve, (ABURA 1) - $35
This is their second full-length album that came out a year after the "wood" cover album which was released by J.A.P.(Tokuma Japan) Records in '85. This LP was self released by the band. I know, not so many people outside of Japan actually pay so much attention to Aburadako's post-ADK releases. But I must say that, at least a few early ones are well worth checking out if you're a fan. All their releases are entitled "Aburadako" except one single called "Yokujitsu", so each one of the albums have sort of a nickname to it, like the one with the wood design is called "Ki-ban"(the Wood album), this one here is "Ao-ban"(the Blue album) and the one with the picture of a turtle on the cover is "Kame-ban"(the Turtle album) etc. I'd say that any Aburadako fans should check out the "wood" and the "blue" ones. These LP's are simply amazing and contain many of the classic tunes that they still play live and are loved by the long-time Aburadako fans in Japan. And, I don't think these LP's sound that far from the style you hear on their ADK stuff. But anything that came out after this LP(the next one is the "turtle" LP from '89), I wouldn't recomemnd them if you're strictly into only punk and hardcore music. The song stracture of most of the songs written since the "turtle" LP came out until now are extremely complicated(although their music has never been so simple from the beginning anyway!) and I guess you can say that they're too "progressive", and are definitely way too far from the early releases up to the mid '80s. I personally enjoy anything they put out even the recent stuff though. These guys are seriously some kinda musical genius and the music they create is just so insane and nothing ordinary. Also most of their lyrics are way too complicated that I hardly ever get a clear idea of what they the fuck they are about. Oh, but the single that came out in '04 called "Yokujitsu" is highly recommended. It contains a crazy, 25 minute-long live version of the song from the "wood" LP. It's the CD reissue of the rare limited CD-R that was self released and sold by the band at their shows in '02. If anybody wants a CD-R copy of it, let me know.

Acid "Shock Troop" LP - Selfish, 1989, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12034) - $45 (Sold)
This 1st LP is much better than the "Grey Earth" LP in my opinion. U.K. influenced raw & metallic noisecore crust at its best. These guys played this particular style earlier than many of the other Japanese bands. An absolute Killer!!

Acrostix "S/T" Demo Tape - Self, 2002, Japan, Stamped & numbered sleeve(# 302), (No Cat. #) - $20

Aggressive Dogs "If You Please!"(a.k.a. "Dead Janky Girl") 7" EP - KPP, 1985, Japan, 1000 pressed, (KPP-003) - $35

Ai (惡意) "Arming Rebellion With The Sounds Of Hearts" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1998, Japan, (BSR-038) - $40
Oi! The name of this band is "Ai" and not "A.I."!!!!

Aka (赤) "Gisouai" 7" flexi - Jisatsu, 1984, Japan, (GL-006ES) - $30
Another total ADK Records and The Stalin worship from the mid '80s. Produced by Zombie, the bassist from Gas. Released on Gas' Jisatsu Label which tried to focus on putting out the records by the lesser known bands from the non-major cities at that time, such as this band, Nikudan, Ziga, The Sexual, Confuse on the Jisatsu Omnibus. Don't miss this great flexi out if you dig this particular style of '80s Japanese bands like Kikeiji, Aburadako, Masturbation, The Stalin, Sekinin-Tenka, The Sadist, Shoujo-Ningyo etc. "Aka" is a Japanese word for "red".
Note: The flexi has a dent that does not affect playing at all.

Allergy (アレルギー) "J.B. No Yume" 7" EP - City Rocker, 1984, Japan, (CR-00H) - $25
For those who aren't familiar with this essential, highly influencial band, Allergy was very well known in the early Japanese punk scene. The music isn't HC, but they often played the shows with a bunch of HC bands in Tokyo like GISM, Gauze, The Execute, The Comes, Aburadako, The Stalin etc. The very first GISM show at the Tokyo University Red Gate was with Hentai Club(pre-Aburadako) and Allergy. The guitarist is Masayuki Ono from The Stalin. The music wise, they sounded more in the vein of dark and wavey punk with the British feel. They also put out an amzing 12" entitled "Allergy Process" on City Rocker in 1983 and the "El Dorado" LP on Japan Records(Tokuma) in 1985. Those two are probably even better than this 7". There's also a killer live(at Loft in '84) album that came out in 2004. If you like some of those dark and mid-paced tunes by The Stalin, you might enojoy Allergy as well.

Amebix "Who's The Enemy" 7" EP - Spiderleg, 1982, UK, (SDL 6) - $48

Amen "Feikki" 7" EP - Crash Mag, 1991, Finland, Fold-out sleeve, (Crash-2) - $9
Classic Finnish crust from the early '90s. One of the best examples of the '90s Scandi crust bands.

Anti Septic "First-Last" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, Full-color poster sleeve, (NRR-E008) - $148
According to the comment by Max(of Hold Up/Noise Room Rec. & Ghoul) in the label discography/article from a '85 issue of the Doll magazine, this EP was technically self released by the band, but he just let them use the label name for this release to support this then-new and unknown band. It's possibly the hardest to find Hold Up/Noise Room release. Not really sure why, but I don't see this one for sale very often(the last two copies I saw on ebay sold for $163 and $203). Perhaps it was pressed in a smaller quantity than the label's other releases.

Assfort "Egoist Guidance" VHS - Flying High, 2001, Japan, Promo-only, (No Cat. #) - $5

B-5 (Punk's Not Dead!) - Photo Book - Sanwa Shuppan, 1985, Japan, Paperback, Full-color covers, 100 pages, B5 size, (No Cat. #) - $75
Extremely rare and totally amazing live photo book featuring lots of classic '80s Japanese Punk/Hardcore bands as well as a few obscure ones. 2~4 pages by each band. Color and B&W photos taken circa '83~'84. The front and back covers are The Stalin. Kuro(4 pages), The Stalin(4 pages + covers), Aburadako(4 pages), Sodom(ADK-era!!!), Bradbury(a.k.a. Bloodberry, Tam's last band!!! = G-Zet + ex-Bitousha/Rebel/Sekinintenka members), The Star Club(5 pages), Kyaah, Kenzi, The Willard, Zelda, P-Model, Malin Conia, The Continental Kids, Cock C'nel, Machizo Machida(Inu), Sadie Sads, Bunretsu etc. A lot of these photos have never been published elsewhere. Full-color covers and glossy pages. Also contains the fantastic 3-page ADK Records article/discography(incl. detailed pressing infos & release month/year) with Tam's comments, and some zine reviews. Probably the best thing about this book is that it has the ultra-rare(and awesome looking!) live photos of early Sodom from their early HC era, and ofcourse Bloodberry!!(Hiromi looks fucking hot!!) If you're a serious ADK fan/collector, you know these bands are the very important part of the Japanese HC/Punk history and how hard to even find their photos. These are some of the very few existing official photos by them. Killer large color live shots of Bloodberry's female singer Hiromi(ex-Rebel & Bitousha) and a few small shots of Tam, which must have been taken right before he disappeared(or died?). Never actually seen their photos or early Sodom photos elsewhere, and especially since Bloodberry got to play only a very few shows after changing the name from G-Zet, I doubt so many live photos of them even exist. This book was published by a small publisher that mainly did the underground sub-culture and porno magazines(a.k.a. "ero-hon"). Oddly, there used to be good amount of non-major porno mags covering the Punk/HC stuff in Japan back then. They were not widely distributed and you could buy them only from the porno vending machines(!!) often seen in Japan back in the '80s or some sleazy porno shops, definitely not from the regular book stores. Well known fact that Michiro Endo used to work for those companies as a part time model/actor and appeared in some of the mags and videos before The Stalin got on a major label. They're worth a lot of $$$ nowadays and The Stalin/Michiro collectors(in Japan) are looking for 'em.

Balance "Why Answer Is Still Missing" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1999, Japan, (BSR-052) - $17
A long out-of-print EP on Bloodsucker Records. Awesome, heavy-hitting Burning Spirits style Japcore from Hakodate city. Like the other bands from the same area, Crude, Mustang or Etae, this band rips hard with some pissed-off, in your face HC tunes and killer metallic guitar solos ala Death Side, Poison Arts, Judgement, Blowback, Accomplice etc. Balance is probably one of the best bands that play this particular style of traditional Japanese HC. Way better than many others that have the similar sound. This EP fucking rules! Click here to listen to Balance!

Barigade (バリゲイド) "Dust Hero" 7" flexi - Joker, 1985, Japan, 500 pressed, (JRR-003) - (Trade or Offer)

Battlescard "Absolute Mayhem" Demo Tape - Self, 2007, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $7

Bayonettes, The "S/T" Demo CD-R - Self, 2004, Canada, (No Cat. #) - $3
Catchy, female-fronted punk rock from Canada. Have the 7"s out on Deranged Records.

Beyond Description "More Power To Your Elbow" 7" EP - Desperate Attempt, 1992, Japan, Insert, w/ Sticker, (D.A.R. #007) - $15
The very first release by this Japanese crust band that's been putting out tons of records. This one is pretty hard to find nowadays.

Blanquisme "Get Out, Killerrrr..." 7" EP - Truth, 1989, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $45
Powerful smasher here. Speedy and rockin' traditional Japcore with a slight metallic touch. Totally obscure and unknown, but a pretty good band that's worth checking out. I know nothing about this band except they were from Kanazawa city(Ishikawa pref.) and I can't think of any other bands from this area of Japan. It's more in the countryside and these four punks in the color photo shown on the back sleeve look very countryside-ish. The music is great, so it's all good, but still... they look plain awful! A really nice, self-released 4-track 7" and it's probably the only thy've ever done.

Blaze "But Nothing Ever Change" 7" EP - Sakuragi, 1992, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (SR-01) - (Trade or Offer)

Blowback "S/T" 7" EP - Rolling Shit On, 1999, Japan, Textured gatefold sleeve w/ metallic logo, (R-01) - $20

C.O.S.A. (Cache Of Strategic Arms) (pre-Effigy/Reality Crisis) "Strategic" 7" EP - Self, 199?, Japan, Insert, (LM-2704) - $28
This EP was actually self released by the band and MCR just did a distribution. No actual MCR catalog number stated anywhere on this release and also it's not listed on the label discography page either. Effigy started under the name of C.O.S.A.(Cache Of Strategic Arms) with some later Reality Crisis members as well. Dark, metallic, and raging Japanese style crustcore. Awesome 6-track EP. Some of the songs are from their demos. Pretty hard to come by these days. The ex-C.O.S.A. and Effigy guys now play in a new band called Axewield.

Cobra "Never Give Up" VHS - Public Red, 1989, Japan, Ltd. to 555 copies, (PR-0001) - $38
Super-rare and hard to find, self-released limited VHS-only release(never been reissued on DVD) containing their great reunion show in Kyoto, before the band signed to a major label and got HUGE. Featuring their best line-up ever with Naoki(ex-orig. Cobra & Laughin' Nose, now in SA) and Pon(ex-Nashi & Laughin' Nose, now in L.N. again). Totally killer live footage. Professionally recorded and packaged. You won't find this again.

Collapse Society "S/T" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1994, Japan, Ltd. mail order-only edition on clear yellow vinyl(100~200 pressed?), Yellow sleeve, (Overthrow-008) - $45

Comes, The "Power Never Die" 12" - Captain/Dear, 1986, Japan, Insert, (CAP-0033-M/DR-001) - $40
Well worth getting it for Chitose's picture on the front sleeve alone! And, who said this album is bad?! Really heavy, aggressive and metallic punk. It's defintely not a "bad metal record"! It's just in a different style from what they sounded like earlier. I dig this album.

Comes, The "No Outsider"(No Side + Outsider) LP - Hirohito Era Hardcore, 2009, Japan, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (HEHC-1) - $17

Confuse "Spending Loud Night" 7" EP - Kings World, 1987, Japan, (Confuse 6/KK 1001C) - $55 (Sold)
Their earliest recording from 1983(possibly from their 1st demo), even before the "Indignation" demo and the "Nuclear Addicts" flexi. Kings World Records put it out the four years after. These tracks are ultra-raw and noisy. Classic Kyushu noisecore at its best.

Confuse "Indignation" CD - Confuse/Anarchy Centre Recordings, 1997, Japan, (Chaotic: CD-008) - $35
This is the Official CD reissue of their '84 demo tape.

Crow "S/T" 12" - Grind//Crust, 1990, Japan, Insert, (Grind//Crust 004) - $75

Crow "Kontonshin" 7" EP - Crow, 1998, Japan, 800 pressed, Poster sleeve, (CROW-02) - $35

Crow "Hametsu No Haoto" 12" - Crow, 2007, Japan, 1000 pressed, Orig. 1st press, (CROW-05) - $45

D.S.B. "Pure Cultivation" CD - Discrete, 2002, Japan, Obi, (DIS-033) - $10
Original Japanese edition on CD format. Later reissued on the 7" EP on two different labels in the U.S. and Europe.

DxSxUx "Faster Than You Will Ever Live To Be" Demo Tape - Self, 199?, Denmark, Pro-copied cassette, (No Cat. #) - $7

The title says it all. Ultra-fast, raging and angry as fuck, thrash hardcore from Denmark. For fans of Amdi Petersens Arme, Vitamin X, Incontrollados, DS-13, E.T.A., Lokum, Punch In The Face, Septic Death, Siege, Heresy, Larm etc. Fucking intense shit.

David Stormer "Limit" 7" EP - Circle, 1998, Japan, Insert, tour flyer & sticker, (CC-001) - $5

Ultra-fast and manic thrashcore with harsh insane vocals. The music is tight as hell. For fans of Crucial Section, Razors Edge, Total Fury, Jellyroll Rockheads, Lie, Flash Gordon etc.

Dead Cops "Kill The Cops" 7" flexi - ADK, 1984, Japan, 1500 pressed, (ADK-12S) - $68

Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/Typhus/G-Zet/ADK Records). The only ever release by this Japanese HC band featuring JhaJha(Lip Cream/Judgement), Tatsu(Gastunk/Gas/Nurse) and Roger(Sic).

Deadless Muss "5 Years Imprisonment" LP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, (BEL-12029) - $75

Deadlock "Fear Will Continue" 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1994, Japan, (NM+/VG+), (D.I.Y.-EP-004) - $20
One of the lesser-known, early D-beat raw crust bands from Tokyo, for fans of Battle Of Disarm, Crocodile Skink, Disclose, Life, Final Bloodbath, Abraham Cross, Framtid etc.Deathreat "S/T" CD - Partners In Crime, 1999, US, (PIC-003) - $4

Deceiving Society "Detonation Cruster" 12" - Crust War, 2001, Japan, (Crust War-009) - $48

Def. Master "The Fear Of God" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1993, Japan, Poster sleeve, (HG-005) - $3

Deride "F.T.L.E.(Full Throttle Local Energy)" 7" EP - Mangrove, 1999, Japan, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (ROOT-017) - $4
High-energy Japanese HC from Niigata. Long out of print 1st EP. They also have the EP's out on Underground Warder and Kangaroo.

Descontrolados "S/T" CD - Latin Core/Resistencia, 200?, Ecuador, (LCR 006) - $5
Official discography CD by the first Ecuadorian punk band formed in '86. Contains the '88 demo and the "Piedad" EP.

Disclose "Crime" Demo Tape - Self, 1992, Japan, Orig. 1st demo!!!, (No Cat. #) - (Trade or Offer)
169% original!! According to the release info in the "Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1" CD booklet, less than 100 copies of this demo were ever made. Probably most copies were distributed in the local Kochi area. Trade prefered!

Disclose "Demo & Live '92" Tape - Self, 1993, Japan, (No Cat. #) - $45
Contains their earliest materials incl. the "Crime" 1st demo('92) with the original singer Tsukasa on vocals and Kawakami on guitar, the "Conquest" 2nd demo('93) with Kawakami on guitar/vocals, plus the '92 live recording. Two demos and one live stuff on one tape. Very few copies of this tape were made by the band themselves.

Disclose "Fear Of The War" Demo Tape - Japankore/Crust, 1993, Japan, Ltd. to 250 copies, Unnumbered sleeve, (No Cat. #) - (Trade or Offer)

Disclose "The Aspects Of War" Cassette EP - Crust War/Chaos Of Destruction, 1997, Japan, Ltd. to 200 copies, Pro-printed & hand-numbered sleeve(# 142), (Crust War 004/Chaos Of Destruction 001) - (Trade or Offer)
Very limited, tape-only release on Crust War Records and Kawakami's old label Chaos Of Destruction Records. It was a split release by these two label. One of the toughest to find Disclose and Crust War releases for sure. Really nice one.

Disclose "Apocalypse Of Death" 12" - Dan-Doh, 2002, Japan, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on 12" format, Label catalog flyer, (Dan-Doh 047) - $40

Disclose "The Sound Of Disaster" Tape - Distort/Game Of The Arseholes, 2003, Japan, Ltd. to 500 copies, Pro-copied cassette & pro-printed sleeve, (No Cat. #) - $15

Doom "Doomed From The Start-The Demo's Album" LP - Discipline/Vinyl Japan, 1992, UK, Orig. Japanese pressing, Gatefold sleeve, (DISCLP 5) - $35
Long out of print, Japan-only release. Compiles their three early demos from '87 and '88(incl. "War Is Big Business" 1st demo), plus live in Italy '89.

Dooms Day "Nowhere To Run" 7" flexi - For The Deaf, 1989, Japan, Clear red flexi, (FDE-001) - $48

Down By Law "Anti ..." 7" EP - Voice Of A Generation, 1991, Japan, Mini insert, (Voice Of A Generation 002) - $30
Alright, this is Down By Law from Japan, not the boring ass Epitaph band from the U.S. with the same name. Almost nobody knows about this band, but this EP rips hard as hell. Fast and heavy, straight-forward Japcore with great noisy guitar!! Great cover artwork, too. Could easily be on Selfish Records if it came out a few years earlier. Some of their songs remind me of Outo. Down By Law existed from the late '80s to early '90s. As far as I know, this is their only ever vinyl release by them.

Effigy "Evil Fragments" 12" - Dark Age, 1999, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (Dark Age-001) - $45
New/unplayed stock copy!

Esperanza Viva "Inside Of People's Head" Demo Tape - Jugueto Disco, 2005, Japan, w/ Patch, (JxDx 001) - $5

Evance "Fucker! Fucker! Fucker!" 7" EP - Fast Nail, 1998, Japan, Insert, (NAIL-02) - $25
Rare 3rd EP on Fast Nail Records, the old label ran by Zigyaku who plays/played in many bands like Judgement, Bastard, Gudon, Asylum, Germicide, Ogreish Organism, Half Years(and what else?) It's one of the only three releases that was put out by this short-lived but killer label. The other two are the Warhead and Forward EP's. The Forward EP is fairly easy to find here since the band sold some copies during their first U.S. tour, but for some reason the Warhead EP and this one are hard to come by. Anyways, what you get here is some top-notch Burning Spirits style, traditional Japcore in the vein of Judgement, Nightmare, Warhead, Forward, Crude, Bastard, Death Side etc. Done exactly in the way Japcore was meant to be. Fucking brilliant!!

Expose "S/T" 7" EP - Self, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (Expose Records-01/ECR-001) - $35
Total early Disorder/Chaos UK/Swankys/Gai worshipped noisecore. Distorted, fast, sloppy & chaotic! '82 in '97! Fucking ace!

Eyesore "S/T" Tape - Hardcore Survives, 2008, Japan, Ltd. to 300, 1st edition w/ red obi, Pro-copied, (Tape-003) - $7

Fairfuck "S/T" 7" EP - Kick N' Punch, 1999, Norway, Logo stickered sleeve, Insert, mini poster & stamped inner sleeve, (KNP 01) - $9
Kick ass Norwegian hardcore! This 7" was later reissued by Underestimated Records in the U.S., with a different photo on the front sleeve, but this one is the original pressing and is the first release by the now defunct label Kick N' Punch Records from Denmark.

Forward "Act Then Decide" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1997, Japan, Insert, 1000 pressed, Orig. 1st press on black vinyl, (BSR-022) - $17

Forward "Feel The Core Of Self" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1997, Japan, Poster sleeve, (HG-080) - $17

Forward "What Are You Gonna Get?" 7" EP - Fast Nail, 1998, Japan, 500 pressed, (NAIL-01) - $22

Framtid "Reh Demo #1" Demo Tape - Crust War, 1997, Japan, Original!!!, (Crust War 005) - (Trade or Offer)
Their first ever demo tape/recording. Very few copies made. One of the earliest Crust War Records releases. I'd rather trade this gem than sell it. Check out my want list that's posted in a separate page.

Framtid "8 Track EP" 7" EP - Crust War, 1999, Japan, Orig. 1st press, (Crust War-008) - $58

Frigöra "Dance Of The Plague-Bearer" LP - Overthrow, 1998, Japan, (Overthrow-022) - $85

Friction "I Can Tell/Pistol" - Pass, 1980, Japan, (PAS-204) - $65
One of the most important bands in Japanese punk history among the others from the Tokyo Rockers era, like Mirrors, Lizard, Speed, Mr. Kite, Boys Boys, Aunt Sally, SS, Ultra Bide etc. Rare original, self-released 2nd EP on the legendary Pass Records which was one of the earliest punk/wave labels and was ran by the Friction member. Both songs are great but especially the B-side track "Pistol" is an awesome loud punk rock tune that stands out.

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, Orig. 1st press, Ltd. edition w/ hard carton box package & CD-size logo sticker, (LUV-514) - $90

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, 2nd press w/ slipcase package, (LUV-514) - $75

G.I.S.M. "SoniCRIME TheRapy" CD - Beast Arts, 2001, Japan, 1200 pressed, Ltd. 3rd press w/ new label design(by Sakevi) & slipcase package, (New/Unplayed/Sealed), (LUV-514) - $60

Gai "Damnation"(Gai 2) Demo Tape - Violent Party, 1984, Japan, Original!!, 1st(or early) edition on plain black cassette, Red sleeve, (Violent Party No.2?) - $65

Gai "Extermination" 7" flexi - Violent Party/Blue Jug, 1985, Japan, 1000 pressed, (Violent Party E.P. 001) - $75
According to the Blue Jug label site. 1000 copies each of the Gai, Confuse and Kuro flexi's were pressed.

Gaizi (害児) "Gakon-Fumetsu"(My Immortal Soul) 7" EP - Self, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, (No Cat. #) - $55
Killer traditional Japcore with a Burning Spirits taste. Definitely one of the better bands in this style from the mid '90s. For fans of Judgement, Bastard, Tetsu-Arrey, Death Side, Forward, Crude, Warhead, Nightmare etc. This EP almost never pops up for sale for some reason. Gaizi also had a split EP with Gaki and that one is also kinda hard to come by.

Gas "Sweet Emotion" 12" - Jisatsu Label, 1986, Japan, Label newsletter insert, (GL-007E) - $48

Gastunk "Dead Song" LP - Love, 1985/86, Japan, Insert, (SEX69-000) - $30

Gendou-Missile (ゲンドウミサイル) "Attarimeeyo" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, (NRR-E012) - $20
Really cool, hard drivin' Japanese punk with gruff vocals! This is a very good EP and is possibly the best work done by this band in my opinion. Cool, yakuza-themed lyrics as well. Although they're super well known in Japan, sadly almost nobody has heard of them elsewhere. In fact this is probably the least known and overlooked Hold Up/Noise Room release. Max from Ghoul is listed on the Special Thanks list. Gendou-Missile used to play with both HC and punk rock bands in the '80s.

Genoa "We Got A Bomb"(Thrash Live In Savegery Special) 7" flexi - Strange, 1990, (TLIS-01) - $10

Ghoul "Jerusalem" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1985, Japan, (NRR-E007) - $50
Gil "S/T"(a.k.a. "Jado") 7" flexi - Self, 198?, Japan, w/ Sticker, (PLM-143) - $48

Gil "To Us Conflict Is Not Important" 7" EP - Self, 1988, Japan, Poster sleeve, LP-size folded insert, (LM-2010) - $38
This EP sounds waaaaay more HC and much better than their 1st flexi. Just in my opinion, although I think the flexi was great as well, and I'm sure some fans might dig that one better. Anyways, it seems that every release they put out, their music got harder, faster and more aggressive. What you get here is 169% raging, late '80s Selfish Records style, traditional Japcore at its best. Really powerful songs here. No wimpy shit. This 2nd EP is pretty hard to come by and is rarely seen for sale outside of Japan.

Gil "Rock Is Not What You Think" CD - Random/Outlaw's Rocker, 1991, Japan, (BLRM 0004) - $40
The first full-length release by this long-running but criminally underrated HC band from Tokyo. Formed in 1984 and still going strong. This was the CD-only release, by the way. It's probably much harder to find than their 7"s that came out in the late '80s. Includes 10 tracks of non-stop, blazing and pure hardcore Japanese fist fuck. Gil put out another CD(5 tracks) called "Hard Core"(a.k.a. "Junk Life w/o Hard Core") in 2002 but as far as I know they once broke up or stopped playing sometime in the '90s, then got back together with that 2002 CD release.

Griffin "The Phantom Of The Shocker" 7" EP - Kagai Mousou, 1988, Japan, Orig. 1st press on black vinyl w/ insert, (Kagai Mousou 011E) - $40
Rare original pressing on Gudon's Kagai Mousou Records. It's their 1st EP from when they were still playing dark and metallic HC. Early lineup with Osamoon from Nightmare. Griffin's early stuff sounds completely different from their later punk rock style. Back then they were playing gigs with the other local bands from Osaka like S.O.B., Outo, Nightmare, Rapes, Danse Macabre etc.

Griffin FZ "Retaliation"(a.k.a. "Stain Pollution") 7" flexi - Self, 1989, Japan, (Otoko-001) - $40
Pre-Zone!! Obscure Shizuoka-city Japcore band. This flexi is extremely rare and hard to come by. The only ever release by them besides a great '87 split demo with Exdead. Heavy-hitting, speedy and metallic Japcore in the tradition of those other great '80s Shizuoka-city bands ala Deadless Muss, So What, Rustler, Innocents, Mental etc. Completely unknown, but an awesome band!

Gudon (愚鈍) "Hikashibou" 7" EP - Kagai Mousou, 1986, Japan, (Kagai Mousou 003) - $45

Gudon (愚鈍) "Howling Communication" 7" EP - Selfish, 1987, Japan, Insert, (AMI-7023) - $40

Hakuchi "Gods Disturb" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1993, Japan, Insert, 600 pressed, (Overthrow-006) - $40
Top-notch dark metallic crust from Niigata. Great EP by this pre-AGE band. One of the eariest Japanese crust bands. Hakuchi also had a split LP with Disclose. This is the hard to find, early release by Overthrow Records.

Headwasher "Guinea Pig" 7" flexi - Satsugai Enka Vinyl, 1989, Japan, (ONO-444) - $35

Hellbastard "The Good Go First" LP - Dirty Thrash, 2000, UK, Ltd. to 200 on blue vinyl(out of 500 total), Japan-only release, Gatefold sleeve, (DIRT-002) - $55
Rare, limited Japanese release on the Abraham Cross member's label Dirty Thrash Records. Contains the "Hate Militia" demo('87) tracks and a special bonus track called "12.12.81" recorded in '96. Only 500 copies were pressed and sold in Japan. This is the limited version of 200 copies on blue vinyl. Comes in a nice, heavy gatefold sleeve.

Hellchild "The Scent Of Summer Rain" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, US tour release, (HG-040) - $8

Hellhammer "Triumph Of Death" CD - No label, 199?, Switzerland, Slipcase package, (No Cat. #) - $12
Contains the "Triumph Of Death" demo '83(13 tracks) plus 4 bonus tracks off the "Death Fiend" demo '83.

His Hero Is Gone "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" CD - Prank, 1997, US, (Prank 013) - $3

His Hero Is Gone "The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined" CD - The Great American Steak Religion, 2000, US, (SOM-001CD) - $3

Homostupids "The Glow" 7" EP - My Mind's Eye, 2006, US, 500 pressed, Orig. 1st press on pink marbled vinyl, (New/Unplayed), (MME 003) - $7
Lo-fi primitive hardcore from Cleveland, feat. the singer Steve from 9 Shocks Terror.

Jerry's Kidz "S/T" 7" EP - Test Site, 1983, US, 2nd press w/ different artwork on oversized sleeve, (TSR-023) - $55
This is Jerry's Kidz from NM, not the Boston one. Completely underrated, but great early U.S. hardcore. This version never came with an insert. This 7" normally sells for the higher prices, actually. Both pressings are equally rare!

Judgement "Just Be..." CD - HG Fact, 2000, Japan, (HG-127) - $20
Long out of print, original Japanese issue on CD format. This one is pretty hard to find these days. Not so cheap in Japan either.

Kathabuta (瘡蓋) "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out" 2 x 7" flexi - Blood Sucker, 1990, (VG+/EX), (BSR-002) - $35
Rare, early Bloodsucker Records release. This is the first record released by the label, since the first one is a comp tape called "Nightmare Continues"(w/ all Hiroshima bands like Gudon, Kathabuta etc.) Speedy, raging Japcore that sounds similar to early Nightmare, Bandit or Crück! The metallic, thrashy guitar riffs rule. This band also put out the 3 demos, one of which is a pro-copied tape on Bloodsucker), and appeared on the classic "Starving Dog Eats Master" comp. Click here for the download link & review or Listen to Kathabuta on Youtube
Note: These flexi's are very thin and have a usual, minor dent around the edge that do not affect playing. Played fine on my record player without skipping or anything.

Kikieiji "Plastic Scandal" 7" EP - ADK, 1983, 1000 pressed, Printed glossy inner-bag sleeve & insert, (ADK-06E) - $110
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/
Typhus/G-Zet/ADK Records). Very rare and awesome 2nd EP by this legendary ADK band from Tokyo. All four songs in different styles with totally unique lyrics. Man, I love all the their releases. Such a great band. Kikeiji featured the members from some other great bands like Aburadako, G.I.S.M., Masturbation, Sister Ray, Psychi etc.

Kikieiji "Pressure" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 1500 pressed, Clear red flexi, 2 x insert, (ADK-10S) - $75
Produced, engineered and released by Tam(The Stalin/Typhus/G-Zet/ADK Records).

Kikeiji (奇形児) "Hello-Good Bye" 7" EP - Ducasse, 1985, Japan, Insert, (ID-002) - $30
The last and great EP by this classic ADK punk band. The band members include Hiroshima(G.I.S.M./R.U.G.), Yasu(Sister Ray/Psychi), Tatsushi(Masturbation/Baws) and Hiroshi(Masturbation/Transformer). The weird ass liner-notes written by Sakevi(G.I.S.M.) on insert. This label Ducasse Records later became S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet Records.

Kimaira "S/T" 7" EP - Skeleton, 1985, Japan, (VG+/VG), (S.R-003) - $15
One of the only four releases by the legendary Osaka-based HC label, Skeleton Records that also put out the 7"s by Gasmask, Coward and B-Strife. Kimaira kinda reminds me of Danse Macabre(of course they're much better though). Dark and metallic, hard punk. I actually like this much better than the B-Strife EP. This soungs are pretty cheap and primitive sounding, but the razor-sharp, metallic guitar riffs stand out. The cover artwork sucks and the band member look fucking crazy in the photo. Can't remember well, but either this band or B-Strife was planned to be included on the "Sieg Heil Skeleton" comp 8"(w/ Gasmask, Crime and I think some band called Woodpeckers) that never came out. There's even the sleeve artwork for this compilation printed on the Skeleton Records ad in one of the P.O.W. magazines. Wish that one came out.
Note: Some moisture damage on the sleeve(more on the back side) and the vinyl looks a bit warped, too. The record plays perfectly.

Kuro (白) "Who The Helpless" 8" EP - Blue Jug, 1984, Japan, Original, Insert, (M-/VG+), (BJR-001) - $145

Kyaah (キャ→) "S/T" 7" EP - R.B.F., 1984, Japan, Signed(by drummer) on glossy envelope-style sleeve, Insert, (RBF-202) - $55
Rare!! This is their 1st EP that's much harder to find than the 2nd EP on AA Records, with the original singer who left the band shortly after this release. Killer speedy Japanese punk with all girl members!!

Kyaah(キャ→) "Slapdash" 7" EP - AA, 1985, Japan, Die-cut glossy sleeve, Insert & sticker, (AA-011) - $40
Great 2nd EP by one of the most well known all-female punk bands in Japan. Their later releases sound poppier and aren't that exciting but the first two EP's are awesome! What you get on this EP is speedy and high-energy punk that's similar to the Nurse flexi, Typhus '80 demo(w/ female vox), or Chu-Doku flexi. Guest chorus by the members from Lip Cream, Bloodberry, and Laughin' Nose. Kyaah used to play gigs often with Nurse, Gas and The Comes. The interesting thing is that when they changed the singer prior to this EP release, Chitose(The Comes) was gonna join the band however it never happened(too bad!). Complete copy with an insert and a red sticker which is actually part of the sleeve design(a sticker appears thru the die-cut window).

Kyoaku-Kyojindan (恐悪狂人団) "Devilish Hurry/Extinguish" 7" flexi - Joker, 1984, Japan, 500 pressed, (JRR-00I) - $32
The first record release by this violent HC band featuring The Crazy SKB on vocals. Self-released on Joker Records(pre-Satsugai Enka Vinyl label). This short-lived label also put out the Ningen-Hormone flexi and super rare Barigade flexi.

Kyoaku-Kyojindan (恐悪狂人団) "Catastrophe" 7" EP - Climax, 1989, Japan, (MAX-4102) - $25

L.O.X. (Lip Cream, Orange & X) "Shake Hand" CD - S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet, 1990, Japan, Obi, (SS-006) - $30
"L.O.X." stands for Lip Cream, Orange, and X. The project band by Naoki(Lip Cream), Act(Orange) and Yoshiki(X, the legendary metal band). Act also played a bass for Axe-Bomber in the early '80s and S.K.V.(Sakevi solo project) in '95. Orange was a punk rock band from Tokyo that I don't know much about. Originally called Masami & L.O.X., with the ex-Ghoul singer on vocals. Their '88 live recording with him is included on the rare Masami 3CD & 7" box set on Sunshine Sherbet. He obviously hasn't done anything else with L.O.X. afterwards as he was in a coma since '89 til his death in '92. L.O.X. was such an unique project that featured several different Japcore singers doing vocals for them both live and studio. There's a kick-ass boot live video with Tokurow(Bastard/Judgement) singing for them exists(search "LOX Yoshiki" on Youtube). On this 7-track album, the each song has a different singer(except Toshi on the 2 songs). The main vocalists are Ishiya(Death Side), Butaman(Tetsu-Arrey), Toshi(X), Ranko(The Continental Kids), Koh Ito(Fools) and even Naoki sings on an entire song! Yes, Naoki from Lip Cream doing vocals & guitars. Mix of wide variety of music style from hardcore, punk, metal, thrash to rock'n'roll. It's the only ever release(besides that weird track on the Masami/Ghoul tribute CD) by them and is on a great label S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet that also put out the Tetsu-Arrey 1st LP/CD, Masami solo LP, The Gaia 1st CD, Nickey & The Warriors 12", The Continental Kids LP's etc. Here's some more useless(?) infos for few obsessive collectors out there. This label was ran by the same dude from Ducasse Label(Kikeiji, Real EP's etc.) and Wechselbalg Records, who also runs I.D.N.(Inner Directs/I.D. Japan) which is a large distributor that has a HUGE tie to Sakevi, and exclusively distributes the G.I.S.M./Beast Arts releases. If you're bored, take a look the credits on your Beast Arts, Ducasse or OK Records stuff.

L.O.X. (Lip Cream, Orange & X) "Shake Hand" CD - S.E.X./Sunshine Sherbet, 1990, Japan, (SS-006) - $25

L.S.D. "Destroy" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 1st press w/ orig. sleeve artwork & lyrics printed inside, (ADK-07S) - $120

L.S.D. "Destroy" 7" flexi - ADK, 1983, Japan, 2nd press w/ different sleeve artwork, (ADK-07S) - $85

Lärm "Untalented After All These Years" Tape - Bad Luck Tapes, 1989, Holland, Original!!, Red sleeve & hand-written labels, (BLT #7) - $25

Last Bomb "S/T" 12" - Selfish, 1987, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12022) - $48
The first and the only 12" release by this long-running Tokyo-based HC band featuring Bear Bomb(ex-Ghoul) on bass and Cloudy(ex-G.I.S.M.) on guitar. Recorded with the second singer Bondage on vocals. The original singer was Loony(ex-Mohawks & Baws) and the original drummer was Misa(ex-Rap & Geizz, later played in Final Bombs). The band changed the name to Final Bombs in the late '80s, with Bear Bomb on vocals and bass.

Laughin' Nose "Get The Glory" 7" EP - AA, 1983, Japan, 1000 pressed, Poster sleeve, (AA Records 001) - $120
Super-rare 6-track 1st EP from when they were still playing ultra-raw and chaotic noisecore. An absolute killer! This was also the very first AA Records release. Sold out within 2 days(!!) when it first came out. Includes the songs like "How To Kill", "Death Trap", "No War" etc. Both the vinyl and sleeve are in a mint, like new condition!!

Laukaus "S/T" 7" EP - Pogo 77, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Insert, (Pogo 41) - $75

Life "The World Lies Across Them" LP - Punk Bastard, 1999, Japan, 500 pressed(?), (PB-002) - $55

Lip Cream "Night Rider More Than Fight!" 7" EP - AA, 1984, Japan, 1500 pressed, Poster sleeve, (AA-007) - $90

Lip Cream "Close To The Edge" LP - Selfish/Dynamite, 1988, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12027/DONDON-007) - $75

Lip Cream "Kill Ugly Pop!" CD - Captain, 1986/89, Japan, (CAP-1014-CD) - $55
This is the rare original Captain Records pressing, not the recent reissue CD. Most of the CD releases on Captain Records(like this one, the Gas "Reincarnation" CD, The Willard CD etc.) are much harder to find than the original LP's, as the label didn't press so many copies of their later CD or vinyl releases right before the end of the label around 1990 or so. Just a few additional infos about this label, since not much is known about them outside of Japan: Their LP releases have been repressed so many times and tons of copies of most of the LP's were made during 1985~1988. Captain was definitely the independent punk label, however was quite big like, let's say, the almost-major label like Epitaph. The label was part of the magazine publisher called JICC that was making this great monthly sub-culture magazine called "Takarajima"(Treasure Island) which was one of the very few "major" mags(among others like Doll or Fool's Mate) featuring a lot of the underground punk/hc/wave bands back in the '80s(later turned into the porn mag in the '90s...) For those who might or might not care, the sarcastic joke lyrics for The Swankys song "ノーギャラ"(a.k.a. "Pop Rocker", a killer tune by the way) is about Captain Rec./Takarajima, and one line goes: "Senzuri magazine, Takarajima~~~♪♪!!"(The wankin' magazine, Takarajima~~~♪♪!!) Yes, some bands and fans thought the bands on Captain are "sell out". The funny thing is that this Swankys song is on the obscure Kyushu punk comp LP called "In The Panties" which was released on..... Captain Records!Lip Cream "Lip Cream Only" VHS - JICC/Takarajima, 1988, Japan, Original!, (VOS-4511) - $58

Mad Machine "First Damaged" 7" EP - LSS, 2004, Japan, (LSS Records 01) - $4
Raw and heavy ass, crashing Japanese HC with a slight metallic edge. I couldn't find any info and don't know anything about this band other than they're from Tokyo. Not to be confused with a Japanese metal band with the same name. Includes 3 tracks, Change, Go Mad Yourself and Distortion.

Magnets, The "Plunk Boy" 7" EP - Office Para, 1988, Japan, Orig. 1st press w/ insert, (R-020) - $25
The Magnets were the first band of a super drummer Iron-Fist Tatsushima, who later played in the various bands including G.I.S.M., Crow, Scamp(remember the Discharge tribute?), Die You Bastard!, SSORC, Puppets, D.C.R. etc. The young Tatsushima wears a cool(funny) hand-painted Gauze logo t-shirt in the sleeve photo. The music is speedy, aggressive and hard-hitting '80s Japanese style punk with drivin' guitar! Their songs are ctachy and seriously good. One of my all-time favorite bands since '87. Saw them live twice at the original Loft in Tokyo. This EP is a total killer!! Check out the title track "Plunk Boy" and some of the songs from their other releases on Youtube: The 1st flexi and the 1st LP on Captain Records are also fucking great too, but this EP is probably their best. Actually I love all their releases like the early demo tapes, the other two albums called "Insane Terrorist" and "Culture Sluts", and all the comp tracks as well. This one I have for sale is the original pressing on the Tokyo based label called Office Para, with an insert and a glossier pocket sleeve. After this sold out shortly after its release, the reissue(without insert) was done by themselves on The Magnets Records later the same year.

Mirrors "Out Of Order" 7" EP - Gozira, 1979, Japan, (GZ 888) - $130

Mobs "Diabolism" 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1984, Japan, Poster sleeve, (NRR-E001) - $65

Mother Goose "Red Limit" CD - Skin Pop/E.R.C., 1990, Japan, (SKD-002) - $25
Killer Japanese gothic-punk/darkwave with the heavy British influence! Their songs are somewhat punkish. Mother Goose were very active in the late '80s to early '90s Tokyo underground scene, put out the flexi, this album and appeared on a few obscure compilations. Some of the members used to be in Adenoid, the band that was on the "Ningen Omnibus" Chiba city HC comp flexi with Kyojinbyo, and later changed the style to goth/darkwave and did an excellent EP. The ex-Mother Goose drummer now plays in the legendary Auto-Mod. This CD is very rare. Check out some of their great tunes "Biss, "Red Star" and a few live videos: &