August 26, 2012

AUG. 26TH 2012 (PART 3 : SPLIT & V/A)

(   SPLIT   )

Asbestos / Sabbat "731 Green Cross/Tokyo Genocidemonslaught" 7" EP - Metal Crusade Productions, 2005, Japan, 300 pressed, Unnumbered edition(promo) w/ non-glossy thin sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $45

Ashes / Crowd "Hostility" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1991, Japan, Insert, (Overthrow-02) - $20
Early release by Overthrow Records. Both are unknown but pretty good Japcore bands from the Nagoya area. The Crowd side especially stands out here. Totally blazing metallic HC that reminds me of the "Burning Spirits" style, traditional Japcore bands but with a slight crust touch. Another underrated band?

Battle Of Disarm / Hylk - 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1994, Japan/Finland, Label catalog flyer, (New/Unplayed), (DIY-EP-002) - $25

Battle Of Disarm / Fleas And Lice 
- 7" EP - D.I.Y., 1995, Japan/Holland, 1000 pressed, (DIY-EP-007) - $25

Blüdwülf / Toxic Holocaust "Speed N' Spikes Vol.1" 7" EP - Relapse, 2008, US, Ltd. to 400(out of 1000 total) on clear yellow/red splatter vinyl, Orig. sticker on outer sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (RR-076) - $15

Charles Bronson / Straight Edge Kegger "Live" 7" EP - Thats Dumb, 2008, US, 99 pressed(!), Hand-numbered label(# 72/99), (New/Unplayed), (Thats Dumb #1) - (Trade or Offer)

Death Side / Chaos U.K. - CD - Selfish, 1993, Japan/UK, Never issued w/ obi, (BELCD-12058) - $120
Extremely rare and hard to find, original CD on Selfish Records. This album was originally released only on CD format in '93, but later bootleg on vinyl in '98. Here's your chance to own the real thing. It was the last Selfish Records release, and as some of you may be aware that majority of the CD-only releases they put out right before the label ended in the early '90s were made in the much smaller quantity and are harder to find than the earlier vinyl releases that the label did during the '80s up to around '90. Like this CD, also the Assfort "5 Knuckle Shuffle", "Final Bombs "Dooms Day", Don Don "Borderline", Ogreish Organism "Oni", Rise From The Dead "Rock Fan Dead" or both the original Death Side albums on CD are rarely seen for sale.

Disaffect / Sedition "Work As One" 7" EP - Nabate/Flat Earth, 1993, UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (NAB-07/FE-12) - $12

Disclose / Insane Youth "Kochi-City Hardcore" 7" EP - MCR Company, 1993, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-063) - $55

Disclose / Hellkrusher "Why Must We Die?"(Blood Sucking Freaks III) 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1994, Japan/UK, (BSR-013) - $30

Effigy / Äpärät "We Knows Our Guilty/Lama On Loppumassa" 7" EP - Forest, 2001, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (森林-13) - $30
This Äpärät is from Japan, not the Finnish or Swedish ones with the same name. Scandinavian style raw crust with the lyrics in Finnish, featuring the Battle Of Disarm members. Unplayed stock copy! We Knows Our Guilty!!! Oh yeaaah! WTF??

Effigy / Hellshock "USA Meets Japan" 10" - Wicked Witch, 2004, Japan/US, (WWR 025) - $35

Extinct Government / Recharge - 7" EP - Epistrophy, 1997, Japan/Germany, (EPI 019) - $7

G.I.S.M. / Sic "Live" 7" EP - Coretic, 2000, Japan, 200 pressed(?), Hand-numbered label(# 121/200), Pink vinyl, (No Cat. #) - $18

Gakimusha-Rousoku (餓鬼武者蝋燭) (a.k.a. Distorted Samurais) / Pipyu - 7" flexi - Bleeding Heart, 1985, Japan, Flyer insert, Screen printed sleeve, Clear red flexi, (Bleeding Heart Records 012) - $30
OK, both bands here are completely unknown. However, one of the bands on this split, Gakimusha-Rousoku(a.k.a. Distorted Samurais) is somewhat known to the older punks from Japan, mainly for their other flexi release with some crazy ass title and sleeve artwork. It's got the Japanese title, "Fuck No Suki Na Souridaijin", which transalates to "A Prime Minister Who Loves to Fuck". The front sleeve features a drawing of Yasuhiro Nakasone(the Jap prime minister at that time) flipping off and behind him there's Princess Diana smiling:
I remember seeing a stack of that flexi sold at every single punk record shops in the Tokyo and Yokohama area back in the late '80s. Pretty hard to forget such a ridiculously cool title and artwork. For this reason, at least just the name of the band is known for some people over there. However, to be honest, their music fucking sucks....!!! It's like some kinda crappy, lo-fi melodic punk rock that's more in the vein of powerpop or some sort... Not sure what exactly this shit is. On another side, Pipyu, another obscure band almost nobody has heard of. This flexi is well worth getting just for this band! Unlike the worthless piece o' chinkasu rock played by Gakimusha-Rousoku you hear on Side A, Pipyu(what kinda name is it anyway?) plays some nice, solid sounding dark ADK Records style punk that I often enjoy. Both their songs are pretty decent, actually. They're titled "Requiem For My Death" and "Dog In My Head". The second track has the cool English lyrics that go like "Dog in my head is runnin' away, dog in my head needs your love, needs your blood, wants to love you. I wanna die like a dog. I wanna die!!" Yeah, I have no fucking idea what the hell these lyrics are about. I found a couple of Japanese blogs talking about this band and one of them described their sound like "ADK type hard punk with a slight HC feel" and I agree. The guitar riffs are a bit metallic but the songs aren't anything like heavy metal. Very punkish, slightly like Kikeiji but more upbeat tunes you hear on the Pipyu side of this split. The sleeve artwork looks really cool. I'm not very familiar with either of these bands but I know they both appeared on the MCR international comp LP called "This Is The Life" that came out in '87. I've never heard the tracks on that comp, so I have no idea if their music style is the same as what I hear on this flexi though. I think Pipyu put out another flexi and at least one demo before this. Also I remember seeing their name in some old Japanese comp tapes as well.

Grimness(69) / Groinchurn "Mucsical Holocaust/Kill For The Devil" 7" EP - Ecatombe Produzioni, 2001, Italy/South Africa, 800 pressed, Insert, (TOMB 003) - $5

Hellchild / Gigatic Khmer "Maniac Psycho Abyss" 7" flexi - Strange, 1990, Japan, (TLIS-05) - $10
A long out of print, early Japanese death metal split release on Genoa's label, Strtange Records. The Gigatic Khmer singer/bassist Masami Chiba later played in Shellshock and Doom. This is their only release besides the demo called "A Fetus" that came out in the late '80s. It's also the very first record         release of Hellchild after a few demos. One of their earliest recorded materials is on this split.

Lärm As Fuck / Humus "Campaign For Musical Destruction" 7" EP - Wasted Youth Power, 2003, Holland, 1000 pressed, Die-cut picture sleeve w/ printed inner-bag sleeve, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (WYP 008) - $15
The Lärm reunion release with their classic tunes re-recorded in 2003. Humus are metallic and thrashy Dutch crustcore. Neat packaging. Long out of print.

Minch / Sloth "Parmania" 7" EP - Agromosh/My Cheap Ass Life, 2008, US, 700 pressed on black(out of 1000 total), (AGRO #027/MCAL #004) - $5

Nightmare / Concrete Sox - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1993, Japan/UK, 2000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-049) - $40

9 Shocks Terror / Devoid Of Faith - 7" EP - Gloom, 1997, US, Purple marbled vinyl, Insert, (Gloom-002) - $5

Repos, The / Fourteen Or Fight - 7" EP - Gloom, 2004, US, 1100 pressed, Clear red vinyl, Insert, (New/Unplayed), (Gloom-031) - $5

S.D.S. / Misery "The Future Stay In The Darkness Fog/Pain In Suffering" Split LP - MCR Company, 1992, Japan/US, 1100 pressed, Insert, (MCR-050) - $85
This is one of the hardest to find releases by both bands. A top-notch combination these two influencial crustcore bands.

S.D.S. / The Hong Kong Knife "Tiger Hole Range Split 7" Series Vol.7" - 7" EP - Loft/Tiger Hole, 1998, Japan, (THRS-007) - $20

3-Way Cum / AxOxSx (Another Oppressive System) - 7" EP - Skit, 1996, Sweden/US, (SR-001) - $5

Slight Slappers / Hated Principles - 7" EP - Blurred, 1996, Japan/US, (Blurred-08) - $7

So What / The Rustler - 7" EP - Axxe, 1990, Japan, Poster sleeve, (AXEP-1) - $35
A fine split between two classic Japcore bands from Shizuoka city where lots of great Japcore bands came out of during the '80s to the '90s, such as Deadless Muss, Innocents, Mental, Griffin F.Z., Zamza, Zone, 8000, Swindle Bitch, Sugar, Raid etc.

Tantrum / Easies "Alcohol Life... Drunks Till We Die" 7" EP - Depression, 2007, Japan, Insert, (DEP-006) - $10

Toxic Noise / Shoka-Furyo (消化不良) "Much Ado About Nothing" 7" flexi - New Age Core, 1991(?), Japan, Orig. 1st press, (VG/NM+), (New Age Core-001F) - $10
Not so well known fact that there are two different version of this release exist. The first edition is on New Age Core label, has a B&W sleeve with a folded inner flap featuring the band photos. The second/later pressing is on J.S.R. Records(most likely the same label, changed the name) and has a red sleeve without a folded inner flap. Another release by J.S.R. is a pretty cool and fairly obscure comp CD called "Missionary Brings Of Cataclysm" from '90 or '91. By the way, I always liked this unknown band Shoka-Furyo since I first heard their 1st flexi(self-released in '87, very hard to find). I can't seem to find any info regarding them though...
Note: The flexi has a several visible dents but mostly on the blank surface near the center part that no music is recorded on, and they don't affect playing. Played fine on my turntable. The sleeve is in a great shape.

Victims Of Greed / Scum Noise "Fight For Freedom/The Power Has No Power..." 7" EP - F.F.T., 1998, Japan/Brazil, Insert & label flyer, (F.F.T.-016) - $10
Japanese Vs. Brazilian raw crust split EP that kicks major ass. I'd recommend both bands to any young and horny(and not so horny) crusties who love jerkin' off to the noise of Disclose, Framtid, Life, Doom, Besthöven, Discharge, S.D.S., Abraham Cross, Skitsystem, Totalitär, Discard, Gloom, Result, Antiauthorize and all that good 'n' juicy stuff. You know the drill.

   V. A.    )

Apathy = Self Destruction - 7" EP - F.F.T., 1999, Japan, Poster sleeve, (F.F.T.-017) - $12
Result / Order / Tomorrow / Isolation - I'm pretty sure all the materials on this compilation are exclusive to this release. Includes an early Order material with original singer!

Attack of 4 Tribes - LP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12030) - $38
Poison Arts / F.O.A.D.(Fuck Off And Die) / Matsuji (まつじ) / 666 (Triangle Six of Death) - This is an awesome 4-way split LP. The Matsuji tracks are the fucking killer!!! Even better than their EP. If you never heard Matsuji before, they did an excellent(and VERY hard to find) EP called "Dead Voice" on Poison Arts' old label Slice Records and also appeared on a great "Nobody's Fault" comp LP on the same label. Violent sounding, heavy Japcore with the mean-as-hell vocals! Nice metallic guitar riffs and solos that sure will appeal to those who dig the Poison Arts or Gastunk style guitar style. F.O.A.D. was a short-lived band consisted of Max(ex-Ghoul), Jotaro(Tetsu-Arrey, ex-Mohawks, Mobs, Geizz and Whip Brain), Youichi(ex-Zadkiel!!!) and Tatsuya Nakamura(ex-Masturbation, The Stalin, The Star Club, Nickey & The Warriors, Oxydoll, The Genbaku Onanies etc. Currently plays in Friction) The Motorhead-inspired, tight and drivin' metal-punk! Pretty wild and tough shit. Guest guitar appearance by Reika(Colored Ricemen, ex-Mess, JhaJha & Reika, Human Arts etc.) This is their only ever released material on vinyl. Hold Up(Noise Room) Records planned to release their EP and also include them on the "Hold Up Omnibus" Vol.2 EP that never came out. Those were noted in some of the label ads in the old Japanese zines but unfortunately never been released....!! The guitarist Max reformed the band with a totally different line-up in the early '90s and released a CD which sucked so badly. They turned into some kinda generic hard rock band. They got back together once again sometime in the early 2000's and their music got even worse. I don't know what the fuck went wrong in the mind of that original guitarist from the legendary Ghoul. As far as I know he started to play some sort of the Korn or Limp Bizkit type "nu-metal" shit in the newly reformed F.O.A.D. I guess he just wanted to use the same name for a completely different band. Another band on this LP, 666(Triangle Six of Death) might not sound familiar to the punk fans, but they played killer thrash metal in the vein of early Casbah. Very HC influenced, skull crushing thrash metal. Those who dig the '80s crossover hardcore/thrash bands might enjoy their songs too. One of their tracks, "Born To Die" is a total smasher!! Besides this comp., they only released the two demo tapes. Check out some of their songs and the live videos on the ex member's site here: Overall this is an excellent compilation. Includes 5 tracks each by Poison Arts and Matsuji. 3 tracks each by F.O.A.D. and 666. Oh, and all the Poison Arts tracks here are really, really good, of course.

The Bottom Rise Up The Top - 8" flexi - Devilish, 1989, Japan, (Devilish Records f-003) - $40
Asbestos / Juntess / Slaver / Yellow Label - Rare late '80s Japanese HC comp with an early Asbestos material. These tracks kick ass!! I don't think Yellow Label had any own releases, just the tracks appeared on this one, the "Kakumei" comp LP and a few others. Their tracks on this flexi are really good, too!

Corruption - LP - For The Deaf, 1988, Japan, Insert, (A-23890) - $75
Deadless Muss / So What / Jyuden-Souchi(充電装置 ) / Dooms Day / Deathly Terror Gills / Cheeky - Very rare comp with some of the classic and a few obscure '80s Japcore bands. For The Deaf Records did only two other releases, the Dooms Day flexi and the "Intensive Care Unit" comp LP.

Cry Of Soul (魂の叫び) - 7" EP - Crow, 1997, Japan/US/Finland, 700 pressed, Poster sleeve, (Crow Records-3/VA-1) - $28
Crow / Final Bombs / His Hero Is Gone / Selfish

Everybody Is Afraid Of Death (Fast-One HC/Punk Compilation Tape 2) - Tape - Fast-One, 1990, Japan, (OP-002F) - (Trade or Offer)
Z / S.D.S. / Don Don / Dooms Day / Beyond Description / Jhishin-Kajoh(自信過剰) / Bullshit / Fuck Geez - What makes this tape awesome is that it contains the rare Z tracks recorded in 1986 and 1988 when they were still playing raw-as-fuck noisecore. The '86 track might be from the demo tape that came out prior to the "Violent Action" flexi('86). The other track "Not Dead" should be completely unreleased elsewhere. The comp tape itself was released in 1990, but their tracks are older recordings. Their split EP tracks from 1991 sounded pretty different and aren't as good as the earlier stuff. That one doesn't seem so popular among fans. The "I'll Gather Up" comp 8" also has the late '80s material by Z. This tape also has some of the earliest S.D.S. materials which aren't included on any of their other releases. This is the rare original copy with the labels on both sides of the cassette. I think it was put out by the Z member. 

Game Of Death - LP - Slice, 1989, Japan, Poster sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $50
Death Side / Ghoul / Poison Arts / Final Bombs - This is the second compilation by Poison Arts' old label. 4~5 tracks by each band. The best thing about this release is probably that a rare exclusive Death Side track called "Going My Way" is on it. Oddly this song isn't included on their official discography double CD for some reason. Anyway, this whole LP rips hard!!!

Go Ahead Make My Day (Smashing Oddsness 2) - LP - Oddsness, 1989, Japan, Fold-out insert, (OD-002) - $55
Bastard / Asbestos / Don Don / SiC / Complete / Sweats / Sicilian Blood / F.V.K. / Idora - All the bands' recordings are exclusive to this rare comp. The Bastard material is not even included in the official discography CD. Different version of the classic tune "Wind Of Pain"!! The Sicilian Blood songs are very good on this comp., with that Gauze sounding, in-your-face Japcore style. Oddsness label was made only to release the "Smashing Oddsness" 8" EP(Deathside, Crück etc.) and this LP. Sweats featured the ex and later members of Rocky & The Sweden, Headless, Systematic Death, Idora etc.

I'm Going Ape #2 - 7" EP - No Fucking Labels, 2006, US/Holland, 500 pressed, Clear vinyl, Insert, label flyer & black die-cut inner-sleeve, (New/Unplayed), (NFL-17) - $5
Straight Edge Kegger / N.O.Y.F.B.(None Of Your Fucking Business) / Gorgonized Dorks / CSMD

Intentional Wars - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1994, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-075) - $7
Back Rush / D.D.T. / Beasted Front / Bolt / Organs Of Shose

Johann's Face & Dumpsterland Present - 7" EP & Zine - Johann's Face/Dumpsterland, 1994, US, (JFR 012) - (Trade or Offer)
The Rejected / The Mushuganas / No Empathy / Oblibion / Small Unfriendly Rodents - Here's a SUPER-RARE '90s Chicago punk/hardcore comp. 7" with Dumpsterland zine # 7. The Rejected was Mark McCoy's band before Charles Bronson. A very obscure band indeed. It's probably their only recording ever. The Mushuganas had Ebro from Los Crudos, Charles Bronson, MK-Ultra, Punch In The Face, Ruination etc.

Kobe City Hard Core - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1996, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-095) - $5
Argue Damnation / Big One Gum / John Holmez - Featuring another shitty artwork by the Argue Damnation dude. Just fuking quit drawing already! Oh man, I dunno why but something about his childish artwork irritates me, and I'm probably not the only one gets the urge to wipe an ass with 'em...

Last Monarcho Punk Austria - LP - Noize Art, 2006, Austria, 500 pressed, Insert, (Noize 03) - $9
Shock Troop / Sotatila / Kurwa Aparata / Böslinge / Jugend Der Apathie / Amnesie Antinational / Furie / Deadline

Live Target - DVD - Coalition, 2005, Int'l, Region free(Code 0), Insert, (New/Unplayed), (LKW 075) - $7
Lärm(Live in Germany/Holland) / Seein Red(in Japan) / Das Oath(in Japan) / Tear It Up(in Holland) / The Rites(in UK) / Smackdown(in Sweden) / The Horror(in UK)

Losing Your Way Volume: 2 - 7" flexi - Skinny Dip, 1999, Japan, Insert, Folded inner-sleeve/insert, (DIP-002) - $10
Total Fury / Exclaim / Vivisick / Charm / Disco Kicks / Hope / Restrain / Trademarks

My Meat's Your Poison - LP - Kagai Mousou, 1987, Japan, (Kagai Mousou 008L) - $75
Lip Cream / Gudon / Systematic Death / S.O.B. / Outo / Chicken Bowels - Killer classic Japcore compilation on Gudon's Kagai Mousou label. Probably one of the best and harder to find releases on this label. If you wonder why most of the copies of this LP you see for sale don't havethe insert, what I heard is that it was originally issued with no insert but the label later added one to some of the remaining copies and/or the people previously bought the LP could obtain one from the label or the bands. Like the copies I've seen on ebay rarely has the insert and this is the reason why. My personal copy comes with a large folded insert, so I can include a photocopy of it in this one I'm selling.

Must Get To The Power Of The Defence For.... - 7" flexi - MCR, 1989, Japan, 1000 pressed, (MCR-020) - $40
S.D.S. / Atrocity Exhibition(pre-C.F.D.L.) / Naüsea - An absolutely killer compilation of some of the best early Japanese crust bands(all from Nagoya). It's a pretty hard to find flexi. C.F.D.L. used to be called Atrocity Exhibition. Often confused, but their 1st EP was actually released under the name of A.E. and "Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life" is the EP title. The S.D.S. tracks are some of their first recorded materials. What makes this flexi really special is the rare appearance by the Japanese crust legend Naüsea, featuring the later Unholy Grave singer Takaho Komatsu. Ultra-harsh and brutal metallic crustcore ala Doom, E.N.T., Sore Throat, Abraham Cross etc. Naüsea only had tracks on a couple of obscure comps, I think.

N.O.S. (Nativity Of Stimulus) - CD - SSE Communications, 1995, Japan, (NG-001) - $45
S.K.V.(G.I.S.M.) / Chelsea(Death Side/Paintbox) / Hiyori / Ogreish Organism(Pill and Minoru from Lip Cream, and Zigyaku from Gudon/Bastard/Judgement) / Shinji Kuroki(ZOA) Knob / Aya /Hiroshi Sekiguchi(Aburadako/Kikeiji) / Gazelle(Asylum) / Yanma & Ohshima - Very rare and obscure CD-only release featuring Sakevi's infamous side project S.K.V., the only ever solo material by Chelsea with the guest recording members like Mukachin from Death Side, Judgement etc. Chelsea did the main vocals(!!) and guitars on this amazing 20-minute long track. Ogreish Organism was the band consisted of Pill(Lip Cream/G-Zet/Asylum),Minoru(Lip Cream/The Comes) andZigyaku(Gudon/Bastard/Judgement/Asylum). Contains the three S.K.V. tracks, with the guest recording members include Act(L.O.X./Orange) on bass, Noboru(Virus/Asylum) on guitars/bass, as well as the members from Tetsu-Arrey, Geshpenst and Accomplice. By the way, Noboru's old band Virus played some awesome, HC sounding thrash metal!!(Check 'em out on Youtube)

Natural Crust & Punk Force, Noise Making - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1996, Japan, 800 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-092) - $30
This is a killer 3-way split EP that's pretty hard to come by(and a bit expensive in Japan these days coz Order is big overthere), compared to many of the other MCR compilations from the '90s. It's one of those few older MCR 7"s that were pressed in a smaller quantity like 700~800 copies. Contains the first ever recorded material by Order, with the original singer, from when they were still playing sloppy and raw noisecore like what you hear on their great "Punk Navigation" 1st EP on Overthrow Records. Think of early Disorder, Chaos UK, Chaos CH etc. I love all the Order releases up to the "Taep'o-Dong" LP, but especially their early noisecore stuff. Their recent releases are boring and kinda lame... Some of the Mindsuck members went on to form Reality Crisis. Noisy and distorted, Japanese style crustcore. Mental Disease, you probably already know. It's a really nice, crusty 'n' filthy comp 7" with a super-crusty sleeve artwork.

Ningen Omnibus Vol.1 (人間オムニバスVol.1) - 7" flexi - Ningen, 1987, Japan, Poster sleeve, (Ningen Records-001) - (Trade or Offer)
Kyojinbyo(狂人病) / Adenoid / Hard Less / The Splash - VERY FUCKING RARE & OBSCURE COMP FLEXI!!!! TRADE PREFERED.

Oita City Hard Core (Punk & Noise Core & Hard Core Compilation ExPx) - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1996, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-102) - $10
Chaos / Carcass Grinder / Corrosion / Goddamn Bull - I'd say this is one of the better ones out of all the "~ City HC" series comp's or, of all the MCR released comp's for this matter, as we all know that 90% of the compilations put out by MCR are just a bunch of mediocre piece o' shit....(c'mon, let's be honest) Corrosion plays some good ol' Kyushu style noisecore and Goddamn Bull has the Burning Spirits Japcore sound. I've always liked Chaos, and cheers to Carcass Grinder for often using the Evangelion artworks on their releases(incl. this 7") as I'm a big Eva fan! The music on this 7" is pretty good overall, but the best thing about it is the sleeve design, though. Love that killer artwork. Whoever drew this has got talent. Somebody needs to make the t-shirt with this design on it.

Outsider - LP - City Rocker, 1982, Japan, 6-panel poster sleeve(designed by Sakevi), (CR-00D) - $85 (Sold)
G.I.S.M. / Gauze / The Comes / Masturbation / Laughin' Nose / Madame Edwarda / Fullx / Route 66 - The first Japanese HC/Punk comp. The front cover artwork by Sakevi(He also did the "Great Punk Hits" cover art). The back side of a huge fold-out poster sleeve is full-color and has a bunch of live pics of all the bands. The L.N. tracks are from when they were still playing some crucial distorted noise HC in their early days. I personally like this comp for the early Masturbation & M. Edwarda stuff.

Punx, The - Cassette & Booklet box set - JICC/Takarajima, 1985, Japan, Pro-copied tape, Book-style printed PVC package, 82-page booklet, (TKR-004) - $125
G.I.S.M. / Lip Cream / Gas / Cobra / Laughin' Nose / The Willard - Mega rare original!!! Classic Japanese Punk/HC comp tape with a very neat packaging. The 82-page booklet(paperback format) contains both full-color and B&W live photos of the bands. Each band has their own pages. Especially the Gas and G.I.S.M. photos and artworks look awesome. Also contains the "Independent Record Discography" section and an article with the photos of some other bands that's not included on this compilation.

Pusmort Sampler - 7" EP & flexi - Pusmort, 1987, US/Japan/Canada, w/ bonus 7" flexi, (Pusmort 007-02/007-02F) - $45
Ghoul(Jap.) / Septic Death(U.S.) / Corruption Of peace(Jap.) / Final Conflict(U.S.) / Negative Gain(Can.) / Fratricide(Can.) / S.O.B.(Jap.) / Outo(Jap.) / Ghoul Squad(U.S.) - All the members(except the singer) of C.O.P. are ex-Gas!

RAD - CD - BMG/Ariola, 1993, Japan, (BVCR-1403) - $58
S.K.V.(Sakevi of G.I.S.M.) / 
Tetsu-Arrey / Brainshakes(ex-Ghoul/G.I.S.M.) / Doom / Hellchild / Multiplex / Ruins / Def Master / Cocobat / Jesus Save / Scrap Tambourine / Coaltar Of The Deepers - This unknown CD-only release is rare as hell and REALLY hard to come by. Killer band line-up with wide variety of music including hardcore/punk, grindcore, thrash/death metal, industrial, noise/avant etc. A crazy compilation, indeed. What makes this CD special is that the rare appearance by Tetsu-Arrey, S.K.V. and Brain Shakes. S.K.V., the G.I.S.M. frontman Sakevi's infamous noise/avant/experimental project. The name stands for Swastika Kozmic Victorz, She Killed Vicoius, or Slug Kidney Vivisection. Contains S.K.V.'s first recorded material and on this recording Jojo Hiroshige from Hijokaidan(king of noise!) plays the guitar!!!(yes, you heard it, right. Jojo on guitar. Sakevi + Jojo = !?!?!?) The S.K.V. page in the booklet features another twisted and weird collage art with some hidden political theme done by Sakevi-chan. I wonder if the guy Carlos that's listed in his thanx list is the singer from Jesus Save. Sakevi/GISM are/were very close to Genoa and those Strange Records and Stinky Records related thrash bands. Yes, I pay attention to such a small detail. Kinda geeky, I know... Besides this one and "The War" CD('04), there's another compilation called "N.O.S."('95) that S.K.V. appeared on. Tetsu-Arrey with one of their earlier recorded materials and their track here is an absolute smasher! Really powerful and thrashy. The guitar riffs sound a bit more metallic than any of their other stuff I've heard. The guitarist who played on this recording is different from the one on the 1st LP and is not Jotaro either. I think it's the only recording with this guitarist. The song "Starting Over" was later re-recorded for their 1st EP with a different lineup(w/ Jotaro on guitars) in '96, however this '93 original version sounds quite different from the EP version and is much, much better. Brain Shakes was a short-lived, Motörhead lovin' band by Ghost(ex-Ghoul & G.I.S.M. bassist). He does the vocals and plays the bass on this CD. Not so many people even heard of them but they have a full-length CD called "Go Go Brainshakes"(Strange Rec., '93) out under the name of Ghost, with the guest guitarists and drummers from Gauze, City Indian, Casbah etc.

Shit Hits Volume 2 - 7" EP - E Records, 1997, Int'l, 525 pressed, Hand-numbered fold-out sleeve(# 234), Grey marbled vinyl, (SHIT-15) - $10
C.S.S.O.(Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)(Japan) / Wind Of Pain(Finland) / Silmäosasto(Finland, ex-Tampere SS & Kuolleet Kukat) / Blood(Germany) / Irstas(Finland) / Plan E(Finland) / Hemdale(U.S.) / Excess Of Cruelty(Belgium)

Shizuoka City Hard Core - 7" flexi - MCR Company, 1991, Japan, 1500 pressed, (MCR-042) - $25
The Rustler / Innocents / Mental / Nibbles - Classic Shizuoka city Japcore bands rule!

Shodoku Gig (消毒Gig) - LP - Selfish, 1987, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12018-L) - $85
Gauze / Lip Cream / So What / Deadless Muss / Systematic Death / Outo / Gudon / S.O.B. / Chicken Bowels / Gazize / Sword / Exclaim / Idiot Idolaters / Gutter Snipe / Dis Pad - One of the harder to find Selfish Records releases. Really cool comp with a bunch of classic bands as well as a few obscure ones. I'd say this LP must've been a sort of good document of the mid '80s Japanese HC bands from all over the country at that time.

Smashing Oddsness!! - 8" EP - Oddsness, 1988, Japan, Insert, (OD-001) - $65
Death Side / Crück / Don Don / Mink Oil / Idora

Tosamono (土佐者)  - 2 x 7" EP - Dan-Doh, 1997, Japan, Poster sleeve, (Dan-Doh 007) - $17
Disclose / Judgement Disorderly / Aggression / AR-15 / Galvanize Head / S.H.K. / Calf Branding / Happy Family / Kerie Bundy

Uppsala Crust Compilation - 7" EP - Your Own Jailer, 1996, Sweden, Booklet sleeve, Stamped labels, (JAH-008) - $5
Diskonto / Aparat / Dismachine / Noisbojs / Times Square Preachers / Dishonest / Harass / Abuse / Downward Spiral / Råskit

Utsunomiya City Hardcore - 7" EP - MCR Company, 1993, Japan, 700 pressed, Fold-out sleeve, (MCR-067) - $8
Cassandra / Harmful Insect / Earth Quake - Wow, this band Cassandra is really fucking good! An unknown Japcore band that I can't seem to find any info of. Not to be confused with a Japanese thrash metal band with the same name from the "Thrash Sanctuary" comp also on MCR. This one is a bit harder to find than many of the other "~ City Hardcore" series comp's due to the smaller pressing.