March 19, 2013

MARCH 20TH 2013 (PART 2 : N~Z)

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Nausea "Smash Racism, Now." 7" EP - Boot, 1992, US, Pink sleeve, Insert, (No Cat. #) - $18
Old and hard to find German bootleg. Recorded live at CBGBs June 19, 1988. The sleeve says "Parts of the profits made from the sale of this record will be donated to a local anti-facist organization."

Nightmare "Be Put To Urge Rise In Yourself" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1995, Japan, (BSR-016) - $22

Nightmare "Footprints Of The Wind"(足跡) 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1999, Japan, Insert, (BSR-053) - $15

No Value "Peaceful Violence" 7" EP - Under The Surface, 2009, Japan, (UTS-006) - $8

Nue (鵺) "S/T" 7" EP - Self, 1990, Japan, 7" x 7" size large sticker outer sleeve(white ver.) & insert, (NR-002) - $25
Rare 2nd 7" by Nue, a super-obscure and unknown Japanese anarcho punk band that was active in Tokyo circa '86~'92. Nue was one of the VERY few anarcho/political activist punk bands, that existed in the scene over there back then, among some other similar notable bands like Real, Honey Deep Wet!, Theze, Nora or The Wanpaku Junkies, with the strong political and D.I.Y. stance and message. They were highly influenced by Crass, Conflict and the Crass Records related bands. Very closely associated with Honey Deep Wet! and the other Cage Records related bands.(Cage Records) Musically, it's mostly pretty aggressive, fast and straight-forward punk with a very HC edge to it. I've never had a chance to hear Nue's 1st flexi('88), so I don't know what that one sounds like, though. I think many of their lyrics covered the animal rights topic and such. As far as I know these two are the only things they've ever done. The EP comes in a folded sleeve with a large one-sheet extra outer sleeve. There are two different colors of the sticker outer sleeve exist, the black and white ones.(Nue info on Discogs) (What the hell is "Nue" anyway...?) Also, not from the Tokyo scene but the similar bands from some other areas include Hellnation(Jap.), Ouch, The Ballad..... and, well, I really can't think of anything else. Ouch has a 7" flexi out and appeared on the "Unknown HC Drunkers 2" comp on MCR. This long-running Osaka-based band called The Ballad is supposed to be still active these days. They've done many releases since the '80s including the flexi's, tapes and several CD's. One of which was put out by King's World Records in the early '90s, but I have no idea why and what their relation was. Out of all these early Japanese anarcho punk bands that I mentioned, Real was probably the most politically active bands, especially the singer was. Besides the band he was deeply involved in the anti-emperor movement. I remember when Hirohito, the Showa period Jap emperor, died on January 7th 1989, he was part of the riot and was arrested and all that. Those guys were probably quite similar to a bunch of anarkkkist crusties all over the world these days. I wouldn't be surprised if the people from Real, Honey Deep Wet or Nue used to get beat up by Japcore back in the '80s, just like a bunch of Osaka and Tokyo crusties did in the '90s...(the poor crusties. Say No To Punk Rock Bullying!?) Am I the only one who finds ironic how so many Japcore bands getting along with the Western political HC bands, touring together and all that truly strange things happening nowadays? Can't think of anything as ironic as this fact, can I? The Japcore dudes, especially the older ones, may not  be the smartest people, but they sure are good at pretending to be somebody they are not, or should I say that having the language barrier might actually be a good thing, so the Western political punks won't have to feel disappointed to know certain things they probably better off not knowing.... oooooooouch!

Nubile "Spyral Totem Toler Than East Poll" 7" EP - Wechselbalg Syndicate, 1984, (New/Unplayed), (WT-704) - $18

Oddball "Losing Face" 7" EP - Laboratory, 1996, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, Blue sleeve version, (Laboratory Records 008) - $5
This one is pretty good. The Kyoto-based HC band with a huge D.O.A. and early '80s U.S. hardcore influences. Featuring a Constricted member. Rockin' driving fast hardcore/thrash tunes with a cool distorted vocals. One of the songs has a Dead Kennedys parody intro. I think this band played with D.O.A. when they toured Japan. This is their first EP and they also have another EP called "Sell Out" on Mangrove Records and the LP called "Hardcore '99" with a D.O.A. "Hardcore '81" parody artwork.

Paintbox "Honou/Sabaku" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1998, Japan, Insert, (HG-101) - $20

Paintbox "Back Reporter/Gaichuu No Uta"(害虫の詩) 7" flexi - HG Fact, 2000, Japan, Ltd. gig-only release, Label catalog flyer, (HG-152) - $55

Paintbox "Live! Raise The Capital" CD-R - Self, 2003, Japan, Ltd. mail order & tour-only release, Pro-printed full-color sleeve & back tray card, (No Cat. #) - $35

Persevere "Irrationality" Demo Tape - Insane World, 2001, Japan, (Insane World Records 002) - $35

Phaidia "S/T" 7" flexi - City Rocker, 1984, Japan, (CR-00J) - $25

Poison "Mystery Temptation" 7" EP - Extasy, 1986, Japan, Insert, (EX-002) - $55
This one is slightly harder to find than most of the other Poison/Poison Arts releases, and all the songs on this EP kick ass! Featuring the early line-up with Chealsea(Death Side/Paintbox) on guitar. Amazing guitar work on all the tracks. Includes 4 tracks including their early classics like "Over Head", "Fighting Soldier" etc. The second release by Extasy Records which was an independent label ran by Yoshiki from X Japan long before they got huge. The first Extasy release was the rare X "Orgasm" EP also from '86.

Poison "Hot Rod" 7" EP - Selfish, 1986, Japan, Insert, (AMI-7011) - $40

Poison "Kick Rock" LP - Selfish, 1988, Japan, Insert, (BEL-12026) - $55

Poison Arts "Hi-Energy/Absolutely Hungry" 7" flexi - Slice, 1988, Japan, 1000 pressed, Glossy poster sleeve, Insert, (PLM-173) - $30

Poison Arts "One Hundred Dragon" CD - Captain/Bang a Gong, 1989, Japan, Obi, (GONG-6010-CD) - $38
Their second album(CD-only release) on Captain Records that came out several months after the "Kick Rock" LP. Just an additional note: Poison decided to change the name during the recording of the "Kick Rock" LP(so, technically it's a Poison Arts release) only because they thought having the same name as the U.S. hair metal band sucks.

Poison Arts "Kick Rock" 7" flexi - Rockin' F, 1990, Japan, Promo-only/freebie w/ pocket sleeve, (E-8591) - $20
Contains a re-recorded version of the killer title track tune which originally appeared on their classic "Kick Rock" LP on Selfish Records in '88. This version sounds much faster than the original!

Pinocchio (ピノキオ) "Akubyodou"(悪平等) 7" flexi - Oozake, 1995(?), Japan, 1000 pressed, 1st press w/ orig. sleeve artwork, (Oozake Record 001) - $58
Very rare, self-released 5-track flexi by this Tokyo-based band from the mid '90s. Their music is like a more chaotic and rawer vesrion of the Selfish Records-era Gauze, with that viciously violent feel of the '80s Japanese HC bands ala Kuro or Kyojinbyo. In my opinion, Pinocchio was one the best '90s Japanese bands although they're criminally unknown outside of Japan. Wish they've done a full-length LP. I know that the demo tape exists and would love to hear it. Some of the members went onto form Geshpenst and Sicks In Throat. Original 1st press with a spiky-haired punk photo on the fold-out sleeve. The 2nd press/re-issue was co-released by the record shop Base and Uramachi Records, and has a completely different artwork on the pocket sleeve. Yes, this flexi sure rips fucking hard!! All the songs are full of tension and energy. This is one defnite record you won't get bored of listening to. I would highly, totally recommend this for ALL Japanese HC fans!!!!

R.I.P. (Resolute Immortal Partizan) "Samurai Anthems" 7" EP - Discrete, 1997, Japan, 500 pressed, Insert, (DIS-18) - $58
Top-notch Japanese Oi!/skinhead from Kobe. Heavy-hitting and metallic tunes in the vein of Gruesome, Raiya, Sledgehammer, Ikazuchi or Strong Style. The whole EP is a killer, especially the third track "More And More The Fight!!" is a must hear. This is one of the hardest to find and very sough-after '90s Japanese Oi! records. Possibly the hardest to find out of all the Discrete Records releases. R.I.P. also did a split with the Osaka Japcore band R.O.M. in '02, which is also pretty decent but I think this EP is way better. Listen to R.I.P "More And More The Fight!!" etc.

Rabia "¿Por Que?" Demo Tape - Self, 1992, Japan, Fold-out sleeve & hand-written label on cassette, (No Cat. #) - $55
Original!!!!! Contains more tracks than the EP. Got this directly from Takuo Nakamura in '93 or '94.

Rabia "Pecado Contra Natura" 7" EP - Overthrow, 1995, Japan, 250 pressed, Mail order only release, (OVERTHROW-015) - $125

Rap "Rapout" 7" EP - Dogma, 1986, Japan, (DOG-14) - $20
Great 3rd EP by this all-girl punk rock band. Very catchy and punkish tunes on this 3-track EP.(Rap Official Fan Site)

Rap "Hysteria" 12" - Dogma, 1987, Japan, 16-page booklet, (DOG-18) - $35
This 12" is harder to find than their previous 7" releases on Dogma Records. Comes with a nice large booklet with the band photos, lyrics and info. Check out some cool live videos: "Rock Magazine"(live in Shizuoka '86)"Chokujyou-Keikou" & "Da・Ta・I"(live in Osaka '85) and "Masui"(live at Antiknock '86)

Raw Noise "S/T"(a.k.a. "Sound Of Destruction") 7" EP - Raw Noise Recs., 1990, UK, (RAW 001) - $17
Classic U.K. crust with E.N.T. members. Self-released EP.

Reality Crisis "Deformed Society" 7" EP - MCR Company, 1999, Japan, 1000 pressed, Insert, (MCR-141) - $25
Long out of print 1st EP by one of the finest bands from the current Japanese crust scene.

Refuse "Punk Save The World???" 7" EP - Beer City, 2001, Japan, w/ paper 3D glasses, (Beer City Records-01) - $25
Lo-fi noisecore/noise-punk. The center label says "Beer Cider Noise!!!!!". Contains six filthy trax including the song titles like "Noise Never Die!" or "The Fuck Song" and a crappier version of the Gai/Swankys cover song "Little Star". This was self-released on the band's own label called Beer City, not to be confused with the U.S. label with the same name. These guys also released the "Control Noise" tape on their other label called Damaging Noise. As it says "Some copies came with a pair of 3D glasses." on Discogs, this copy is complete with a bonus 3D glasses.(why...?!) I have no fucking clue what the 3D glasses have to do with this record, but I see on the back sleeve there's a weird photo of a bunch of guys wearing the similar glasses, and inside the sleeve there's a 3D artwork/design(well, sort of...) Perhaps some sort of a nonsense joke.

"S/T" 7" flexi - ADK, 1985, Japan, (ADK-23S) - $25
Produced, engineered and released by Tam.(The Stalin, Typhus, Middle→Class, G-Zet/Bradbury etc.) Resurrection had ex-member(s) of Hentai Club, the pre-Aburadako band with Paruo(a.k.a. Paro) from Sha-London/Sex Imagination Drugs/Incest Records.

Rise From The Dead "Haraguro" 7" flexi - Bron, 1990, Japan, (New/Unplayed), (Bron RFD-1/GIGA-1) - $20
The first and probably the best work done by this Osaka-based band consisted of Naoto(S.O.B.) on vocals, Motsu(Outo, Chicken Bowels & Half Years) on guitar, Mitchun(Outo) on bass and Taku(Crow) on drums. Formed in the late '80s. Yes, their later releases are pretty lame, I must admit that... I guess they played HC only up to the split EP('91) with Filthkick, when they still had the original line-up. I remember not liking their 1st album on Selfish Records so much when it first came out in the late '92. It still sounded HC but was kinda weird, I think. An unplayed, mint stock copy. (P.S.) If anybody wants to either sell or trade a ltd. promo/hard vinyl edition of this flexi, lemme know! I know the promo copies exist like the ones made for the S.O.B./Napalm Death split flexi.

Rocky & The Sweden "844" 7" EP - Blood Sucker/Rebelabel Planning, 1999, Japan, Insert, (BSR 046/REB 014) - $15

Rustler, The "S/T" 7" flexi - D.I.S.(Dirty Informal Section), 1988, Japan, Insert, (D.I.S.-005) - $55
The 1st flexi by The Rustler from Shizuoka, where a bunch of other fine Japcore bands like So What, Innocents(Zamza), Deadless Muss, Griffin FZ, Mental, H,K, and Swindle Bitch were from. Rare flexi on Deadless Muss' D.I.S. label. 10 tracks!

SA "Youth On Your Feet" CD - Submission, 1999, Japan, Obi, (SUBM-001) - $20
This self-released CD contains the tracks off the "Oi Of Japan" comp LP(AA Records, '85), a previously unreleased demo track "No Name"('84), a live track "Confound It"('86) and the '99 re-recorded version of their classic tune "Youth On Your Feet". The '99 track is from their first recording session/studio demo that was recorded right after SA got reformed in the late '90s, when they still didn't have the permanent band members. Jun Gray(ex-Sekinintenka, Bitousha, Bradbury & Kenzi) from Dessert plays the bass on this recording. I have no clue who the other two guys are. I think this '99 version sounds way cooler than the original "Oi Of Japan" version. Although the recording is pretty rough, the rerecorded version sounds much faster, rawer and more powerful. The best thing about this CD is those unreleased demo and live tracks you won't find anywhere else. The studio version of "Confound It" originally appeared on the amazing "I Get Position" 8" flexi in '85! If you've never heard that classic flexi, you're missing out something!!! I don't remember which songs but you can hear one or two tracks off this flexi on the "Nagasaki Nightrider" boot comp LP that came out in the '90s.

S.D.S. (Societic Death Slaughter) "Never Arise" 7" EP - MCR, 1990, Japan, 1500 pressed, Insert, (MCR-033) - $45

S.D.S. (Societic Death Slaughter) "Digital Evil In Your Life" 10" - Chelsea, 1999, Japan, Insert, Orig. shrink wrap attached, (CHELSEA-0000) - $48

S.O.D. (Sound Of Disaster) "Lagar Och Förordningar" 7" EP - Georg Becker Schallplaten. 2005, Sweden, Black vinyl, (GBR-1415) - $10
Their Oct. 1983 demo tape put to vinyl.

S.O.B. "Still Grind Attitude" CD - Toshiba EMI, 2003, Japan, Out of print, (TOCT-25147) - $30
Here's S.O.B.'s come back release with the new singer Etsushi. Contains 25 tracks. Their classic tunes from the Selfish~Toy's Factory label era re-recordeed with the new line-up. Like the title says it all, they're returned with the total grindcore style. For some reason, this CD went out of print not too long after its release and the band doesn't seem to be active lately.

Screaming Damned Fossils "First EP" 7" EP - V.O.D.D., 1996, Japan, (V.O.D.D.-001/SDF 001) - $12
Fast, simple and straight-forward Japcore that sounds kinda similar to the late '80s Selfish Records stuff ala Outo, DonDon or Systematic Death, but with a slightly more metallic edge.

Shura (修羅) Vol.1 - Zine - Shura Project, 1985, Japan, B5 size, 42 pages, (No Cat. #) - $65
From my personal collection! Ultra-rare, original Japanese zine from '85!! Shura was one of the most well known and active punk zines in the '80s Japanese punk scene. Contains lots of rare photos and interviews of the various bands. The main contents in this issue: The Comes(Chitose, 2 pages), The Star Club, The Willard, Tam(ADK), AA Records, Madame Edwarda // Live report, mini interview etc.(w/ large and/or small photos): Aburadako, Sodom, Madame Edwarda, Phaidia, Kyaah, Bradbury/Bloodberry(G-Zet), Masturbation, The Continental Kids, The Willard, Sadie Sads, Pill(Lip Cream/Bradbury), Real, Gasatsu Rude Beats, Tokyo Battle Days(Gauze, Lip Cream & G.I.S.M.: Sakevi holding a guitar and microphone), Gastunk, Laughin' Nose, Auto-Mod, Hiroshi(Aburadako/Kikeiji), Tatsu(Gastunk) & Ume(Kyaah), Outo, Gas, Cobra etc. // Ads: ADK Records(Gauze, Masturbation, G-Zet, an unreleased Bradbury EP etc.), Ducasse Records etc. // Front & back covers: Chitose(The Comes), Charmy(Laughin' Nose) & Hikage(The Star Club) 
Additional note: The correct spelling for the name of the post-G-Zet band is "Bradbury" and NOT "Bloodberry" or "Bloodveli" etc. The history/biography section of the ex drummer Pill's official site says "Bradbury":

Shura (修羅) Vol.9 - Zine - Shura Project, 1989, Japan, B5 size, 58 pages, (No Cat. #) - $45
From my personal collection! Ultra-rare, original Japanese zine from '89!! Shura was one of the most well known and active punk zines in the '80s Japanese punk scene. Contains lots of rare photos and interviews of the various bands. The main contents in this issue: Zoa, Ranko(The Continentl Kids/Sperma), Neurotic Doll, Chu-Doku, Mother Goose/Ex-Ans/Dip The Flag, Kokushoku Elegy, Roger Armstrong(Sic/Straight Time Prod.), Mad Conflux, Systematic Death, Outo etc. // Live report, mini interview etc.(w/ large or small pics)" Asbestos, Nira-Kodomo, Zoa, Asylum, Kuro, Sic, Aggressive Dogs, Fuck Geez, Lip Cream, Gauze, Death Side, Matsuji, Don Don, Mental, Final Bombs, Front Guerrilla, Honge Honge, Nue, Mess, Rap, The Magnets, Sqwad, Chu-Doku, Kyaah, Tetsu-Arrey, The Zolge, New Roteeka, Bardo Thodol, L-TRans, Neurotic Doll, Geil, Gastank, Keiji Haino, Ruins, Zeni Geva etc. etc. etc. etc. // Conneca Bazaar, Dead End(punk shop) etc. // Front & back covers: Morikawa(ZOA) & Ranko(The Continental Kids/Sperma)

Sieg Heil "First Demo Tracks 1984" 12" - Overthrow, 2006, Japan, 750 pressed, Insert, (OVERTHROW-041) - $78

So Much Hate "Seein' Red" CD - X-Mist/NNNW, 1990/1993, Norway, (WKP 02) - $5
Includes the bonus tracks from "A Day At The Station" EP and another bonus track called "Purple Haze". The orig/early pressing with the "WKP" release number like the Heresy/Meat Fly split LP.

Sodom "Breaking Glass" 7" EP - Wechselbalg Syndicate, 1985, Japan, (WT-705) - $20

Stalin, The "Go Go Stalin" 12" - Climax/Tokuma, 1983, Japan, (CMC-1) - $25

Stalin, The "Fish Inn" LP - B.Q., 1984, Japan, Original, Insert, (BQL-1) - $35
This is the original pressing on Michiro's B.Q. label, not the '86 reissue on J.A.P./Japan Records which is the remix version with extra guitars, bass and keyboard added by Bill Laswell, Sonny Sharrock etc. This B.Q. original recording and the remix version sound very different. The "Fish Inn" remix LP was the very first Japanese record Bill Laswell has ever produced. He's an well-known producer who has also worked with Motorhead, Ramones, Iggy Pop, P.I.L., Bob Marley, Mick Jaguar, Yoko Ono, Ryuichi Sakamoto etc. I personally enjoy listening to both versions, however most of the Japanese fans say that the additional instruments and over-remix work ruined the original sound. Also, the B.Q. issue has a completely different sleeve artwork than the reissue. Only the ltd. mail order copies came with a flexi and that version is harder to come by.

Stalin, The "Dendou-Kokeshi/Niku"(電動こけし/肉) 7" flexi - SS Recordings, 2005, Japan, Ltd. reissue, Clear red flexi, Insert, (SS-5001) - $35
The official reissue of the 1st flexi, originally released on Political Records in '80. The original price of this and the "Stalinism" EP reissues were 1500 Yen each when they came out in 2005....! SS Recordings = The 'bottakuri' label.

(Stalin, The) Michiro Endo "Hasan" LP - GNP(Grotesque New Pop), 1985, Japan, Insert & obi, (K28A 742) - $10
Post-The Stalin solo project band(= The Gay-Nou Brothes) of Michiro with Jun Shimoyama from The Roosters(Burst City!) and some other dudes that I can't remember. The first full-length release under the concept of what he called "Grotesque New Pop", an essential mix of punk rock/new wave/post-punk, plus the usual Michiro craziness. A year after the several GNP releases, he started the two new bands Video-Stalin and Paranoia Star! While Video-Stalin was very active for about two years and released the two videos and one LP, which contains the original songs and a few re-recorded version of The Stalin tunes, Paranoia Star played only a few gigs as far as I know.

Star Club, The "Hot & Cool" LP - City Rocker, 1983, Japan, Insert, (CR-00E) - $30

Star Club, The "The Very Best Of The Star Club" Picture LP - Club The Star, 1987, Japan, Orig. 1st press on pic. disc w/ pink die-cue sleeve, 2 x insert, (CSR 00B) - $25
"10th Anniversary Limited Edition Album". It's a compilation of the tracks from their early releases, rare and previously unreleased materials, including the "Front Line/The Unknown Soldier" 7"('83), tracks off the "Club Take One" 7"('81), "Young Assassin" 7"('82), "Shut Up!" 7"('82), "Anoko Ni Hitomebore" freebie flexi('84), 3 tracks off the unreleased 7th and 8th 7"s, and the "Toll Gate Ahead"('80) rehearsal session. The picture disc looks very nice.

State, The "No Illusions Reunion" Tape - Take 'Em Up, 2003, US, Hand-written on chrome tape, (Take 'Em Up #1) - $3

Still "Real Time" 7" EP - Strawberry, 1985, Japan, Single-sided sheet insert/sleeve & photo postcard, Clear PVC outer sleeve, (P-2006) - $20
Produced by Tsunematsu Masatoshi from Friction and E.D.P.S. Melodic darkwave with good female vocals. Featuring a Jagatara member. Reminds me of the British 4AD stuff. The singer Toshie was also a guest member for Tsunematsu's '87 solo LP, which was also released on the same label as this 7".

Straight Edge Kegger "Is A Fucked Up Mess" 7" EP - Wicked Witch, 2007, US, (New/Unplayed), (WWR 029) - $4

Suicide "Warning For The World Punks" 7" EP - Bizarre, 1984, Japan, Autographed sleeve, (BIZARRE RECORD 002/PS-4039) - $18
The Stalin and ADK influenced, obscure Japanese punk. Cool, punkish tunes with dark melody on this 2nd EP. Their later 3rd EP, which I didn't dig so much, was released on Captain Records after they changed the music style to much more like post-punk/darkwave, but the 1st flexi(produced by Atsushi Kaneko from The Stalin) and this 2nd EP are in punk style. The back side of one-sheet sleeve is signed by the band members in silver and gold markers. I've seen another copy or two of the same 7" with the signed sleeve, but also a few other copies that aren't. Additional note: I just found this out recently. Bizarre Records was the label ran by 
Atsushi Kaneko(orig. guitarist of The Stalin) and his wife.

Swankys, The "Never Hero" CD - King's World, 1993, Japan, (KWCD93) - (Trade or Offer)
Very rare! This awesome 5-track CD was put out by King's World, however, at the time of its release it was as the "UK only release" and was supposedly "exclusively distributed in Japan by King's World". That's what the label claimed this CD to be, and purposely made it looks like it was "The Swankys' first ever international release" as another joke. So, it has no indication of the actual label name anywhere on this release, but instead there's an "EMI" parody logo on it. Also, the artworks and layouts were purposely done sort of cheaply, as well as some recording/release info(such as a fake producer name) in funny English is printed on it. The artworks are pretty cool, a photo of Watch on the front cover and the usual and odd Swankys style, nazi-inspired artwork on the back, of course. Originally no tracklist credited, but the actual song titles were made public by the label. They are: "I Love Money"(a.k.a. "I Don't Love"), "Cranky", "Fuck My History", "Chaotic Life" and "I Love You". I must mention that it's one of the best materials The Swankys did in my honest opinion. Actually, possibly the best and it's definitely my favorite and I sure listened to this more than any other releases by them. I do enjoy these tracks even more than the "Very Best Of Hero" LP. Watch's vocal style here is snottier than ever it was. The laziest Watch-style vocals at its finest! You gotta hear this to know how cool he sounds on these tracks. You can hear and feel full of THAT whole "fuck off" attitude of The Swankys in these tracks, especially from Watch's vocals, if you know what I mean...! That's like what this band's existence was all about, was it?! Another awesome thing about this release is that some of the songs can be heard only on this CD and aren't available, in any version, on any of their other releases. I think that the first, third and fourth songs are completely exclusive to this CD. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they really are. I'm not sure of the exact recording date of these tracks but it's supposed to be the previously unreleased studio recording around the time that the "More Fuck" demo was done. Btw, the recording is pretty raw and rough, which makes it sound so damn rad. Oh man, seriously "I Love Money" and "Chaotic Life" are soooooooooo good! Love the sarcastic lyrics of "I Love Money", too.

T.U.S.K "S/T" 7" flexi - Overthrow, 1990, Japan, Fold-out insert, (OVERTHROW-001) - $35
Overthrow Records-001

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Force" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, 1st press on black vinyl, w/ large logo sticker(mail order only), (HG-063) - $22
Classic 1st EP by one of the originators of Burning Spirits style Japcore from Tokyo. This copy comes with a rare bonus sticker.(5" x 5" size, the large circled " 鉄 " logo, a small band logo + "Tokyo Hardcore")

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Force" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1996, Japan, 1st press on black vinyl, (HG-063) - $18
Classic 1st EP by one of the originators of Burning Spirits style Japcore from Tokyo.

Tetsu-Arrey (鉄アレイ) "Hakkiri Itte Nanimo Shinyou Dekinē"(ハッキリ言って何も信用できねえ) One-sided 7" EP - HG Fact, 1999, Japan, Promo-only/freebie, (HG-150) - (Trade or Offer)

Typhus "1980.10.28" Demo Tape - Self, 199?, Japan, Tokyo ver. w/ stamped sleeve & plain black cassette, (No Cat. #) - $45
Sort of a mysterious, official release that was put out by one of the ex-Typhus members(don't know which one) and sold at the selected shops in Tokyo(Base) and Osaka(Ignition) only. The Base version has a pink "Mangrove" stamp on the front sleeve, and the Ignition version has a completely different artwork/layout and the sleeve color is either yellow or pink. The cassettes used are different, too. This is the studio demo with some of the tracks featuring the female vocals by Miina Yasue. She was the band manager/staff for Aburadako and the early Willard. Later married to Michiro Endo and managed The Stalin as a B.Q. Records staff. This studio demo contains the earliest Typhus recording(before Tam joined the band), with the original line-up: Izumi on vocals/guitar, Miina Yasue on guitar/vocals, Shin on bass and Taku on drums. Miina played the guitar on some of the tracks.

Under Beans "Roots Rock Suck" 7" EP - Stomping, 1988, Japan, 500 pressed, (SR-006) - $28
Obscure Sendai-city HC band on the awesome Stomping Records. Possibly the hardest to find out of all seven Stomping releases?(Dead Person, Lance Lot etc.) This is the only one that has the indication of "limited edition of 500" on the sleeve. I know that the "Hardcore Showcase" comp LP and the Tiffanys flexi(my fav!) are also pretty tough to come by. Super-catchy and rockin' punk like the older Sendai band The Idiot Idolaters.(they have the 7"s out on Chicken Shit and appeared on the "Shodoku Gig" comp LP, ex-Disarray) Actually, Under Beans were formed by Manabu, the ex singer from The Idiot Idolaters.

United "Beast Dominates '92" CD - Howling Bull, 1992, Japan, Obi, (HBR-M0006) - $35
All the songs from the "Beast Dominate" EP('86, Hold Up/Noise Room Rec.) re-recorded with the '92 line-up, plus two bonus tracks. Long out of print, early Howling Bull Records release.

Vorkriegsphase "Auf In Den Tod" LP - Boot, 200?, Germany, (No Cat. #) - $20

Waltz "Vanish/Childish Quarrel" 7" flexi - MCR Company, 1990, Japan, 1000 pressed, (MCR-006) - $15
Speedy HC/Punk with a slight metallic edge that when first heard it the bands like Poisonous Cross Gibbet, Sex Complex Class, Re Zist(the flexi not the 2nd EP) or Molugu came to my mind. Pretty solid stuff.

Warhead "Cry Of Truth" 7" EP - Self, 1991, Japan, Orig. 1st press, Fold-out sleeve & insert, (Ⓐ-001) - $65
Hard to find, original pressing that the band put out by themselves. 3 different pressings of this classic 7" exist and they all have different sleeve, layout and/or vinyl color. Only this original pressing comes in a fold-out sleeve with the war cloud artowk inside, and also comes with an insert. As for the reissues, the 2nd press('91, black or clear vinyl) is on Amok Records from Germany and the 3rd press('01, clear red vinyl) is on Devour Records.

Warhead "The Lost Self And Beating Heart" 7" EP - Blood Sucker, 1996, Japan, Ltd. mail order-only edition on clear blue vinyl, (BSR-017) - $38

Warhead "Drive It In Your Head!" 7" EP - Fast Nail, 1995, Japan, Large fold-out poster sleeve, (NAIL-03) - $55

Willard, The "Lightning Scarlet" 2 x 7" EP - Eastworld, 1986, Japan, Gatefold sleeve, (T65-1096/97) - $10
Great 4-track double EP containing the two studio tracks and the exclusive live version of their early classic tunes, "Punx Sing A Gloria" and "Outlaw". The studio version of those two songs originally appeared on their 2nd and 3rd 7"s that are pretty tough to find. Very nice packaging in a heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve. While The Willard was temporary broken up sometime in '84, their singer Jun joined The Stalin as a guitarist and the drummer Kyoya played in The Execute.

Willard, The "Mercy For The Rabbit" 12" - Eastworld, 1988, Japan, Insert, (T18-5013) - $8
One of my favorite Willard releases from the late '80s era. Great songs and great sleeve artwork.

Wrestling Crime Master "Bigtown Calling" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, 1st press on black vinyl, (HG-029) - $3

Wrestling Crime Master "Bigtown Calling" 7" EP - HG Fact, 1995, Japan, Ltd. clear green vinyl(mail order only), 2nd press w/ different center labels, (HG-029) - $3

Yumefuda (夢札) "Kurutta Yume No Hatemade..."(狂ッタ夢ノ果テマデ...) 7" EP - Cut Up, 1998, Japan, Full-color 3-panel fold-out sleeve & black die-cut inner sleeve, (CUT UP-001) - $20
169% raging '80s style trad Japcore smasher. All female members.(and they look BAD ASS!) These freaky, glue-sniffin' Japcore chicks were associated with the rough "problem" kids from the shabu-addicted Tokyo HC bands(a.k.a. criminals) like Accomplice, Geshpenst, Pinocchio, Veihaiz, Tetsu-Arrey etc. So, yeah.... you know what to expect from Yumefuda's music, some wonderful kakuseizai(shabu)-fueled, Burning Spirits HC straight outta Fuchū prison! Nice! This is their only release besides the Japankore Omnibus comp LP tracks. The nicely produced, self-released 4-track EP with a cool full-color artwork and photos on a glossy fold-out sleeve. Check it out here.

Zadkiel "Hell's Bomber" Picture 7" EP - Hold Up/Noise Room, 1986, Japan, 1500 pressed, Clear PVC outer  sleeve, (NRR-E011) - $45
The legendary thrash band that G.A.T.E.S. were highly inspired by!!! Violent mix of raw thrash, hardcore/punk, Motörhead and Venom. Very original and essential sound, I'd say. Includes 4 tracks recorded circa '83/'84. Fucking loud, noisy and totally raging!! This EP was released after they broke up. Some of the members, including a super bassist Koh Morota(R.I.P.), went onto form Doom and F.O.A.D.(with Max from Ghoul & Jotaro from Mobs/Tetsu-Arrey). Great artwork on a picture disc. One of the best and harder to find Hold Up Records releases. If you're into all those recent metal-punk stuff like G.A.T.E.S., Doraid, Sex Messiah, Syphilitic Vaginas, Metal Skull, Bludwulf or Toxic Holocaust and haven't heard Zadkiel, you're missing out big time!!!!!!!!

Zenryoku Onanies, The (全力オナニーズ) "Onanies At First" 7" EP - Alchemy/Wild West, 1989, (VG/EX+), (AWWR-005) - $5
The Genbaku Onanies parody, Beat Crazy Records-related punk rock band from Kyoto. Their songs are not The Genbaku Onanies covers.